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IS B8C141

Chapter 141: Empire’s Reincarnated individual

Translator: Tseirp

The girl Ryina who I predict to be a reincarnated individual.

I stepped towards the magic tool shop she operated … but the shop itself was no longer there.


One needs to pay taxes if they are in the Holy Capital. But, they would hardly demolish a whole shop just because you don’t pay your taxes.

Furthermore, with how much I’ve contributed by buying her products, I don’t think that her shop would go bankrupt.

Since that’s the case, a possible reason would be that she didn’t think that there was any further need to continue staying here.


“The magic tool shop that I frequent should be here but …”

As I intermittently let out those words, Kefin immediately went out to gather information and he returned within just a few minutes after confirming her whereabouts.


“Apparently she felt that this place was too cramp and shifted. Her current location seems to be within the Holy Capital as well and I’ve confirmed the location so shall we go?”

“Ah, please lead the way … I’ll ask since nobody seems like they are going to tsukkomi it but why are you grinning like that?”

I could tell just by looking that he’s talked with several people.

But, this was the first time I’ve seen Kefin grin like that.


“I’ve been taught while growing up that beastmen are detested in the Holy Capital. Even more so when one’s a half-breed. I thought that I would be causing Luciel-sama inconvenience when I’m together with you. However, the people on the street know that I’m Luciel-sama’s retainer and they’ve listened to me since a while back and told me to come back to them if I have any troubles.”

I didn’t think in the slightest that Kefin would think about such a thing.

Is this what they meant by being thick-headed? …

I was angry at myself for forgetting about that aspect, even though I knew that people’s pain are not limited to superficial injuries.


“Sorry. I didn’t take that into consideration. It’s great that Kefin did not get discriminated against.”

“Please don’t apologize. I’m regarded favorably definitely because of Luciel-sama.”

“Thank you.”


Not only Kefin, even Cathy who was listening to the conversation smiled similarly.

Feeling that I was saved by Kefin’s positive attitude, I conveyed my gratitude.


Proceeding along the path Kefin heard of, we were led to not the slums district but a corner of the main street.

I honestly thought that it was a considerably good location where rich people are likely to gather.


“It looks like this is the place.”

” … The lot area is roughly about 2 times larger and it’s more prominent compared to before but she’s just using the original building? Well, it doesn’t matter.”

I also thought: Didn’t I do quite a good deed since the shop’s grade rose due to the amount I invested previously?


Lionel entered the shop first. The figure of the speaking golem I saw the previous time I visited was there as well.

Lionel poised himself when he saw that but it wasn’t an object that would be alright to break so I asserted myself.

“There’s no need to ready yourself to destroy it. This golem was in the shop the previous time I visited as well. Well, it’s considerably cleaner compared to the previous time I was here.”


『Welcome to the Magic Tool Shop Commedia.』

Although the broken robot speech didn’t change at all, looking around, the line-up of products have changed drastically and there were plenty of new products on display.


“Welcome. Welcome to the Magic Tool Shop Commedia.”

I heard the voice from the back and I saw that there was a shop assistant present to assist customers.

There weren’t many but it also looked like there were shoppers as well.


“It looks like it’s flourishing compared to before. Incidentally, all the magic tools that I’m using like the magic stove were all bought from this shop.”

“Hou. If that’s the case then it might be a treasure trove inside huh.”

“Depending on how they are made, Paula and Rician might be able to make them nya.”

“Let me know if there’s anything you want to buy. I’ll buy it.”


… I heard 4 voices overlap.


While I was shopping around the shop looking for products that interested me, the girl that attended to the customers came over.

“Welcome. May I know what are you looking for?”

“Yes. However before that, is the owner … Ryina-san if I remember correctly? In?”

Her look changed to an inquisitive look upon doing so.

Does she oppose to me calling the owner?



“Yes. I have something that I must ask her so …”

” … Please wait a moment.”

I said with a smile.

The shop assistant glanced at me dressed in my white robe before opening a door with an ‘Authorized personnel only’ sign and entering.


“Do you have something to do here?”

“Yeah. There’s a little something I must investigate. Well, it’s not anything dangerous though.”


After a while, the shop attendant girl and a bespectacled girl dressed in white and with a changed hairstyle of semi-long hair from her previous shortcut, Ryina, appeared.

“Welcome. What can I help you with? … Eh? The church personnel who bought a lot of my products in the past?”

“Yeah. I’ve returned after about a year to the Holy Capital so I came to visit thinking if there are any new magic tools.”

Perhaps because she was wondering if it was somebody else instead of me but her grim expression transformed into a soft expression.


“It’s a rude topic but have any church personnel visited until now?”

I erased my smile and tried asking to gather information.

“Yes. But church personnel are not all good people.”

… Was she threatened?

Or extorted?


“Is that so? I apologize if I made you recall unpleasant memories.”

“Ah, please raise your head … because the people behind you are very scary.”

Lionel and the others were releasing their intimidating aura.

I felt that it was really amazing that they could read what would be desirable to me even more than myself.

She might have her own interest in mind when she said that but maybe I should report this to Pope-sama.


“Ah, sorry. I resulted in causing you to feel ill at ease instead.”

When I lightly bowed and continued to the main topic, she looked like she also felt the same way and asked.

“So what business do you have today?”


“I would like to have a description of a single item, or a written description if it is hard to explain, it’s this item, do you know anything about it?”

I said that and handed Ryina a ring.


“Ah, that is … Sir, roughly what position do you hold within the church?”

Although the owners are already dead, if a common man did such a thing, wouldn’t they become an enemy of the world?

If it’s a means to protect herself from threats then did she ask to properly understand and manage the risk?

“Position huh … well, something like there’s nobody above me apart from Pope-sama?”

” … If that’s the case, I have a request.”

After she confirmed my words while touching her spectacles, she looked relieved and came out with a request.

It was most likely equipped with the function of a lie detector.


“What is it?”

“Please make it such that those people can’t come to this shop.”

I felt that she was seriously asking given her expression of appeal.


“I understand. However, I have an exchange condition. Could you tell me what this is?”

” … That is an item that increases tolerance to abnormal status in exchange from continuously expending magical power. However, it was robbed from me when it was still at a prototype stage.”

“That’s unfortunate.”

I returned 3 of the ring of increased resistance to abnormal status to her.

I’ll keep the remaining 4 for the time being.


“Are you sure you can return this to me?”

“Yeah. Well then, to pull ourselves back from this dreary topic, do you mind giving me an explanation for all your products?”

“Okay. Where would you like to start?”

“I’ll leave the order to you. But, I intend to buy everything that I need so please explain all the products without leaving any out.”

After I said that, Ryina and the shop attendant looked at each other and the product tour began as they alternately gave explanations.

“Thank you very much. Well then, we’ll immediately start with this …”


Immediately after Ryina began explaining about a product, I recalled and asked.

“Now that I think about it, weren’t you working on spectacles that could use the appraisal skill? Did you complete it?”

“I couldn’t. It seems like my effort is still not enough.”

“I see. Well, I just thought that it would be convenient if we had that … please continue with the explanations.”

Thus the explanations resumed and I steadily decided on the items to purchase.

I informed the shop attendant-san of the number of the items I wish to purchase but there was one person who was purely enjoying this shopping experience.

It was Estia.

During the product explanations, unlike her usual thin presence, she was standing in front and asking questions.

Then, I was stunned by Estia’s bombshell remark when her tension was raised.


That question was suddenly shot out when we were about to finish shopping.


“Amazing. They’re all items that I have heard of before. Perhaps Ryina-san is a reincarnated person or an existence that can be called a transferred person?”

Ryina who was talkatively describing her products until a while ago completely stiffened.


“About 5 to 6 years ago in the Empire’s facility, a certain Alice-neesan came by and told me that she was a transferred person who obtained a new body.”

” … Where’s that person now?”

” … She was killed. That’s why I didn’t want to stay in the Empire anymore.”

The spoken fact didn’t only impact me and Ryina, Lionel who was a general and Cathy who was a spy at that time also doubted their ears.

She openly spoke about the fact about her being a reincarnated person.

Rather than that, why didn’t the empire make use of the information from a reincarnated person?

Even though they have such strong financial power and treatment technique.


“I see. She was killed …”

Even I could see Ryina’s disappointment.


“Alice-neesan told me various things. Things like large bundles of metal that fly in the sky and boxes that one can use to immediately find information. Many of the other things that she explained to me are similar to the products here so … I thought that perhaps Ryina-san is also the same.”

Airplanes and … PC? It’s the first time I’ve heard of the death of a reincarnated individual but it is quite taxing mentally.

Ryina was trembling slightly.

” … I see. Certainly, I might be a transferred person but what about it? Does that knowledge change anything?”

The sudden question and talk about reincarnated individuals were rare in its own way so I also listened intently.


” … She told me that in that world, there exist many books written with stories. She told me that among those, there were some that drew about love between men and forbidden love but it was the world view of the world.”



The serious atmosphere up until then completely changed.

Was Alice-san perhaps a fujoshi?

Or maybe her level in that field was high?

I ended up feeling like I don’t really want to think about it.


“Because Alice-neesan told me that, I became interested in that world’s world view …”

” … That’s not the norm.”

I completely agree.


“Is that so …”

“Yes. There certainly are people who love to read those stories but it is too high a hurdle for regular people.”

“I see … If that’s the case, Ryina-san knows about the flying mass of metal and horseless carriages and can make them?”

A sudden bombshell.

Answering this question would be the same as saying you’re a reincarnated individual.

She’s either a natural airhead or maybe she just acts that was normally but,

as expected, Estia is a mystery.

” … I don’t know if I can make them but the idea sounds interesting.”

“You’ve not made them yet?”

“Yes. In the first place, my skill level is still not enough to make such things that come out in fairytales.”

Even if Ryina is a reincarnated individual, can’t I also capitalize on her technique and imagination?

Even though I should only be thinking about that, I asked before I realized.

“Is Ryina-san interested in developing products? Do you have any goals or aims for the future?”

Looking at me, she answered without hesitation.

“Yes. I do.”

From then on, I ignored Estia and continued the conversation.

“Could you tell me about it?”


I only spoke to her a little after that.

Then, without revealing to her that I was a reincarnated individual, I resolved to win her over to become my companion as well.


Author’s note:

Thank you for reading.


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