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IS B8C142

Chapter 142: Sorting of feelings

Translator: Tseirp

Two days after shopping at Ryina’s shop, I came to Lumina-san’s personal room.


“So what did you want to talk about?”

Face-to-face with Lumina-san who served red tea to me, I seriously conveyed my current feelings in words.


“Yes. If you’ll allow me to say it in a straightforward manner, the gratitude kiss that time … I was extremely happy. Especially these 6 years, I’ve not gone through even the ‘L’ of love in dating so even if it was to convey your gratitude, I was seriously delighted to receive it from somebody like Lumina-san.”

“It’s embarrassing to hear that combined with your sudden visit.”

Looking at her slightly dyed cheeks, it can’t be helped that I honestly felt that she was cute.


“Sorry. But, I thought that I should properly tell you … I respect Lumina-san. I hold good feelings towards you.”

” … Should I take that as you like me?”

I felt that I saw some anxiety and something else in Lumina-san as she stared into my eyes but I won’t deceive her.


“Yes … however, to be honest, I cannot judge if it is due to the feeling of love or that of respect and trust as a companion.”

” … So?”

“I don’t know what Lumina-san feels about me but I would like time to face what my feelings for Lumina-san are.”

That’s my honest feelings.

There’s a possibility that it’s just a misunderstanding but I want to be sincere towards Lumina-san so there’s no helping it.


“Fufu. Luciel-kun is still as earnest as before. I didn’t imagine that you would come report about it in detail.”

“I think it would have been fine if I remained in the Church Headquarters but I’ll be heading to Meratoni to relearn various things under Shisho so …”

“I see … since that is the case, it’s fine for you to firmly train yourself. If you win against me then I’ll listen to what you say.”

My delusions surged but if my goal would be to win then I have a feeling that I can’t waste a single second.


” … My expedition this time is planned to take 2 months so I’ll visit when I come back.”



Lumina-san who was smiling with a slightly bashful expression was fascinatingly beautiful.

I saved Lumina-san’s expression in my brain and this time headed towards Pope-sama’s personal room.


I obtained permission to enter Pope-sama’s personal room and Pope-sama spoke the same time the people finished leaving the room.

“So I believe you’re here this time regarding Lumina? I think it’s fine but I wonder what the spirits think.”

While feeling disheartened that that was the first words she spoke, I told Pope-sama about the reason I visited this time.


“I didn’t come to talk about love, I plan to head to Meratoni tomorrow so I came to greet Pope-sama before that.”

“What, why so serious? So boring.”

“Where did you hear that topic from?”

“That’s a secret.”

“I see. Yesterday, together with Rosa-san, my retainers and I went shopping and she mentioned that she bought gifts for Pope-sama as she has been in your care every day …”

“Ha~ okay. Yesterday, Rosa-san came by after returning from shopping with Luciel and others.”

“Well, I guessed so.”

I thought that it was the top brass of the Knight Corps, Catherine-san, who brings such reports to Pope-sama’s ears but in fact, it is Rosa-san who manages the hygiene and health of the Knight Corps who does such work.

It was Cathy and Kefin who grasped the information that she apparently visits Pope-sama’s personal room to hand in such reports.


” … I’ll seriously spend some time and think about Lumina-san. To go out or not to go out together is given but it likely involves danger to life from here on out so …”

“You’re seriously earnest … Fine, I’ll handle the procedure for the entry to Independent Magic City Nelldal.”

“Really? Thank you.”

I felt my tension rise.

There’s the desire to go to a city in the sky but the desire to learn attack magic was stronger.

With that, it will make it even harder for me to die.

Just by having that thought, some leeway was born in my heart.

It was such a feeling.


“I’ll be troubled if you die off easily and if it goes well, you may be able to become an existence similar to my father, that’s what my intuition tells me.”

Pope-sama said so with a laugh as she looked at my state and I also thought that Pope-sama was beautiful as well … I felt like the effects of once again drinking Object X was beginning to surface.


” … I will devote myself to the task. I’ll contact Pope-sama when I arrive at Meratoni. I plan to return to the Holy Capital 2 months later but I’ll report in if I would be late.”

“Umu. Be careful.”


I completed my simple greetings and left Pope-sama’s personal room.


Next, I headed to the training grounds where Catherine-san was looking beaten up.

“Lionel, aren’t you overdoing it?”

“Cathy was the one who did that. It seems like Catherine-dono and Cathy’s ability are close. Since Cathy is as you can see.”

” … Totally beat up huh. Eh? Where did Kefin go?”

“He left in a hurry to call for a Healer.”

Just how much does Kefin worry for Cathy …


I drew a magic circle with 「Magic Circle Chant」 and activated 「Extra Heal」.

“To be able to control it so precisely from this distance … you’ve sure placed in considerable effort.”

“Effort huh … I merely didn’t want to die at that time. That was all that I thought about. So it might be more accurate to say I was pressed due to necessity instead of effort.”

“It’s because Luciel-sama has the talent for putting in effort and for persevering.”

Lionel said to me with a smile but I could endure only because I was supported by my 「Proficiency Appraisal」.

I answered with that only in my heart.


“Please help me convey that we’ll be departing tomorrow after the morning training is over and we’ve had our breakfast.”


I informed Lionel and began walking towards the Labyrinth.


The monsters that came out in the Labyrinth of Tribulations returned to starting from zombies.

The number of monsters has decreased to the extent that even if I walked around the first floor, I might or might not encounter any monsters.

“It looks like it will be alright for any healer capable of chanting purification magic to serve as the exorcist.”

I proceeded deeper into the labyrinth.


The number of monsters I encountered in the 10th-floor boss room was in double digits but there weren’t any monsters that grouped up.

“I’m able to instantly clear the boss room with purification magic but … if it’s like this then there’s a possibility that the same thing will happen again.”


They may not know that I cleared the labyrinth while I was level 1 but the knights from the Knight Corps know of my ability.

In the mock battles with Priest Knights and Paladins, I would win if magic is allowed but for pure technique matches, it would go either way.


If a person like me can clear it solo, with preparation against the smell, miasma and mental interference from the Wraiths, without the bosses every 10 floors, the labyrinth may be conquered once again.

When that happens, who would be able to stop it … my troubles didn’t look like they would run out.

I decided to not clear the labyrinth and I turned back after reaching the 30th floor.


I collected the magic stones from the defeated monsters and there was a person at the shop when I left the labyrinth.

What’s surprising was that Granhart-san was the replacement for Catherine-san.

Granhart-san also likely didn’t know that I was there and I felt like he made an unpleasant face for an instant.

“Thank you for your hard work. Why is Granhart-san at this shop?”

“This is my current duty. I could only think of this location when trying to investigate the individuals who went missing right before Luciel-sama cleared the labyrinth lately.”

“I see. I entered up to the 30th floor but I didn’t meet anybody. Do you need me to make a pledge?”

” … There’s no need. I have already performed an investigation on you … how much hard work you put in to reach that position or what you achieved after reaching there, I’ve investigated everything.”

I lightly withdrew from Granhart-san who said that with a snort and rode on the magic-driven elevator after bidding goodbye.

“It’s scary in various meanings but if that person remains in that position, I should be able to go back with a peace of mind.”

While feeling relieved, I had dinner with Lionel and the others and to have a restful sleep just for today, I used Angel’s Pillow to sleep.

The next morning, we departed for Meratoni.


Author’s note:

Thank you for reading.


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