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Luciel reaches one of the benchmark of a famous person. It’s funny to see Luciel own someone with words haha XD

Chapter 146: S-rank healer Luciel

Translator: Tseirp

When I finally caught sight of Meratoni, my tension gradually began to rise.

Normally I wouldn’t be so tensed but Fornoir’s condition wasn’t well so I was currently in the carriage.

Lionel rode in front as the escort while Cathy and Kefin sat in the coachman seat but they didn’t speak a single word.

Estia was looking down the whole time as if she did not want to see the outside and she only react when I spoke to her, but even then, the conversation did not bounce back.

I’m sure it’s not bad of me to wish for this strange atmosphere to end.


Perhaps because we were approaching the gate, Lionel was corresponding with them but the outside gradually became noisy.

“What’s wrong?”

“Apparently, an imposter using Luciel-sama’s name had passed by just now.”

” …… ”

I got off the carriage in silence and called out to the gate soldier.

“Good afternoon. I’ll be going to the Healer’s Guild and Adventurer’s Guild from here so you can come along. That’s right! I should walk once in a while.”

I was worried about Estia but her complexion became better when she got off the carriage so I decided to continue walking like that.

I stored the carriage and ushered the horses into the Hermit’s stable before displaying my Healer’s Guild S-rank card just in case and walked towards the Healer’s Guild.


“Luciel-sama, please treat me again.”

“Please teach the healers.”

“You should have contacted me if you’re coming back. I’ll prepare clothes as present the next time.”

“Luciel-kun, are you able to drink alcohol now?”

“A new restaurant has opened you know.”

Seeing my figure, everyone on the streets of Meratoni called out to me.

It’s a nice thing to be welcomed like this.

It felt like I’ve been treated gingerly lately so I was honestly pleased.


The complexion of the gate soldier from earlier was changing from blue to white but I walked without paying attention to it.

Kefin reluctantly asked the gate soldier about information on my imposter but for me, rather than that, my joy was welling up from being able to walk and view the townscape.

From buildings built with magic to those expanded by Dwarves, it was very fun to see this city that seemed like it gradually expanded by using any method available.

But, it’s unfair for me to be the only person feeling refreshed so I first headed towards the Healer’s Guild.


If possible, I hoped to meet a pushy person like Krull-san who would be able to blow away this atmosphere.


“Luciel-sama, that’s the one. The one that entered Meratoni city using Luciel-sama’s name.”

I could see with just a glance what a splendidly decorated carriage it was.


“What a luxurious carriage. Well, it’s possible that we have the same name so for now, let’s enter the Healer’s Guild.”


When I smiled at everyone, Lionel and the others also gave mischievous smiles.


I felt the atmosphere return to usual.

It looks like the owner of the carriage did a good job of blocking the road.

Is it alright for me to overlook the usage of my name if it’s like this?


“Do you think if there’s anybody in the carriage.”

“There are 3 people including the coachman.”

“What do we do?”

I decided to leave it to the 3 of them.


“Let’s see … what do they intend to do by using Luciel-sama’s name.”

“Luciel-sama and Lionel-sama are watching nya.”

Cathy and Kefin charged into the carriage.


“What are you thinking stopping a carriage in such a location nya?”

“What do you intend to do if we get injured!!”

Looking at the 2 of them act out the role of B-grade movie scoundrels totally picking a fight, I almost burst out laughing but I withstood the urge.


A lady from inside the carriage and a man sitting on the coachman seat retorted.

“Lowly beasts!! Present in this carriage is the S-rank Healer Luciel-sama. If you beasts are making noise, are you looking to be punished?”

The man that got off from the coachman seat acted like he was about to draw his sword but I could only see him as a small-time delinquent.

“Ha~ that’s why I hate the barbaric beasts. Luciel-sama with his broad heart will definitely forgive them. Be ashamed of your own foolishness and go home.”


I wonder why? I’m feeling super irritated.

Are they part of the human supremacy group?

“Lionel, can such a thing be found everywhere?”

“I think so. In the past, I recall cutting down people who did the same thing.”

Even if we don’t include his followers, people will come for this person’s head if he looks down on people that much.

But, this time, the ones who set the trap were Cathy and Kefin so I won’t intervene.

“That’s right. I’ll need to interrogate him as to why he would need to impersonate me. Moreover to do so in this important place that is like a second home to me.”

I was stopped from approaching them.

“There are witnesses here so let’s watch for a little longer.”

I was saved by Lionel’s composure.


“Is this your atonement for dropping the bomb on those 2?”

“Yes. For some reason, I was impatient at that time.”

Perhaps the undulations of Darkness showed its effect.

I decided to ask the Darkness Spirit the next time it showed up.

” … Alright. Just in case, Lionel, be wary of any people who might have entered the Healer’s Guild.”


We cut our conversation and looked ahead as the situation gradually heated up but the 2 of them looked extremely happy.

“They’re a good combination huh?”


While we remained as spectators, beside us, the gate soldier was trembling.


Soon, the man who drew his sword sliced at Kefin.

Then, the woman in front of Cathy boasted.

“That’s why I warned you … this is what happens when beasts defy the great human race. Right?”

” …… ”

“What are you dazing out for. Make this cat the rust on your sword too ?!”

Cathy’s figure had already disappeared by the time the woman’s eyes returned to her.

“She fled huh … this corpse is a nuisance.”

The man leaned back towards the woman as if entrusting his body.

“Hey, don’t get conceited.”

The man who was leaning towards the side crashed onto the ground.


The next instant, Cathy’s knife hand struck the base of the woman’s neck from behind and she lost consciousness.”

“No big deal nya.”

“Are the guards of the S-rank Healer small fries?”

“The one inside, move the carriage out of the way nya.”

Perhaps he could not endure the provocation from the 2 of them, a man alighted from the carriage.


“Aren’t you 2 considerably strong. Are you guys new adventurers who just entered this city? To go showing off your ability, perhaps you 2 want to become my followers?”

A lanky man came out.


“He would certainly resemble me if he didn’t train but … why is he so confident?”

” … His height and hair color are similar but his face looks different too so it’s a wonder how he impersonated you in Meratoni.”

Lionel and I were astonished by his nerves.

It was no wonder why we were curious why he didn’t get exposed.

“If he’s been performing fraud then I should properly gather intelligence …”

It was becoming a headache for me but as expected, perhaps due to the noise, people were beginning to gather.


“So why did you stop your carriage here nya?”

“Because I am an S-rank Healer. Naturally, you know of my name right?”

“Nope, I don’t.”

“This is exactly why stinking beasts are troublesome. I am the S-rank Healer Luciel.”

He boastfully named himself.


” … It’s subtly different and various aspects are distorted. Even so, there’s no way he can be an S-rank Healer.”

“Shall I capture him?”

“No, I’ll go over. Lionel, don’t let anyone who comes out of the Healer’s Guild get away.”


“Gate soldier, come along with me too.”

“Ye, yes.”


When we approached, perhaps Cathy and Kefin were still amusing themselves, they gave vassal homage to me.

“What’s this? You’re the man who trains these beasts? Who do you think I am? I am the S-rank Healer. Your beast did this to my retainers. Originally, your head would have instantly left your neck but I am broad minded so I will let you off with just 10 white gold coins.”

“I see. If that’s the case, let’s make a pledge.”


“Words that are sworn to the Gods?”

“Of course I know that. I’m asking what do you intend to pledge.”

“Please prove that you are an S-rank Healer. If you do so, I will pay you 10 white gold coins as compensation. However, if you are not the real one but a fraud, then I will have you compensate for all the deceit you’ve done for your whole life.”

“Hmph. Alright. But, do you actually hold 10 white gold coins … “『Jingle』

“As you can see, I do have it. So, please make your pledge.”

“Alright. If I am not an S-rank Healer, I will compensate for my sins.”

He loudly swore.

“There you go. So, I’ll leave the rest to you?”

“Yes! I am terribly sorry for this occasion.”

“You, what are you doing?”

“Luciel-dono, nice to meet you, I am Saint Schull’s Allied Nations S-rank Healer affiliated with the Church Headquarters, Luciel. It seems that I am not the only S-rank Healer in this world.”

The surrounding onlookers cheered for me and they hooted the guy who named himself Luciel.


“Wha, the real deal!!”

“Yes. Later, I believe you will be interrogated together with your accomplices. So please be captured without worries.”

Thus, the man hung his head in resignation as the soldiers who came running as support captured him together with his accomplices and transported them to the guard station.


“I didn’t expect an imposter of Luciel-sama to appear nya.”

“To have your name impersonated, Luciel-sama can now be considered famous.”

“It’s fine if I’m famous for good deeds but it’s not gratifying to be impersonated.”

The atmosphere improved and their smiles had returned.

Thus, I got even with him for impersonating my name and it would be fine if he just compensates for the frauds he performed.

With this, I’ll be able to concentrate on Lionel and Instructor Broad’s mock battle.


Then, Estia surprisingly spoke.

“Luciel-sama is popular in this city too.”

“Is that so? It would be great if that’s true. At any rate, this city is something like my second home.”

” … I’m envious.”

Estia had a somewhat lonely expression despite her smile and it would be great if she found her foothold somewhere.

As I thought about that, we entered the Healer’s Guild and there was a man tied up in a bundle with Krull-san stepping on him.

While feeling my face cramp up due to the sudden shock, I somehow squeezed out a greeting.

“Good afternoon Krull-san. If you’re busy I can go out and come back in again?”

“Eh?! If it isn’t Luciel-kun. Don’t tell me this person is?”

“That’s the accomplice of some man called Luciel. He was just arrested.”

“That’s great. I’ll go deal with this for a bit so please wait a while. Hohoho.”

Krull-san lifted the man up and left the Healer’s guild.

“Who was that lady?”

“She should be the Guildmaster of this branch but … I wonder what’s her position now?”

I could only reply Lionel’s question with a question, even though I had achieved the initial goal of regaining the usual atmosphere, we waited at the Healer’s Guild resting room without feeling relaxed for some reason.


Author’s note:

Thank you for reading.


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