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Luciel does what he does best … get dragged into more situations for our reading pleasure xD

Chapter 147: Second home

Translator: Tseirp

I didn’t really have any important reason for coming to the Healer’s Guild but I felt that my luck was good for being able to quickly capture the scam group that was using my name.

After a short while, Krull returned but I could easily tell from her face that she was abnormally excited.

“Welcome back, Luciel-kun.”

Krull-san’s radiant smile made me feel nostalgic in some respects.


“I’m home … rather, is it alright for you to be here?”

“Of course. So, who are these people?”

She scanned through Lionel and the others once before her smile grew wider when she stopped at Estia.


“These are my retainers Lionel, Cathy, and Kefin as well as my subordinate Estia.”

“Luciel-kun has changed after all. Guys, various things will happen and it will be easy to get involved in them when you are around Luciel-kun so please be careful.”

Was it because there were beastmen inside my party? Or was it because there wasn’t a single person wearing the armor of Priest Knights or Paladins or robes? I couldn’t tell.


“Krull-san … you’re not my mother and you even say it like it’s my nature to drag people into trouble.”

When I refuted with a weak smile, she made a slightly angry expression and glared at me.


“I’m still an Oneesan okay. If you say such words when our age is just over 10 years different, you still have to grow through various experiences in the world. Besides, can you claim that you aren’t dragged into troubles?”

That was strangely persuasive so I could only apologize.


I reset my mind and decided to explore the current situation.

Even though a person assuming my name appeared, as long as this town is peaceful, I have at least 2 months of training time.

“Has anything strange happened in Meratoni lately? Limited to those that I don’t know within this past slightly more than a year duration?”


“There has been. Since it is Luciel-kun, I think you would find out when you go to the Adventurer’s Guild later but lately, there seems to have been an excessive amount of adventurers complaining about injuries and status abnormalities.”

There’re so many wounded? Doesn’t that mean something pretty bad is happening?

” … But there are enough Healers right?”

“There are. Even so, it’s still insufficient… apparently, monsters with poison, paralysis and petrify abilities appear regularly.”

The numbers have been increasing year by year and there are people to properly instruct them but they still have a shortage of manpower … just how unfavorable is the situation?

I wanted to exclaim that but I realized that even Instructor Broad would be on site if the situation was bad so I felt uneasy.

But, I’ve not really heard about monster attacks that cause status abnormality in Meratoni.

I recall that the number of poisoned patients I treated was a small enough number to be counted … now that I think about it, it was limited to the time when I treated Bazzan and the others in the past.

If that’s the case, did the monsters come from the direction of the mines?


” … Did they come from the direction of the mines?”

“Yeah. You knew about it? I’m told that beyond that mine lies the Labyrinth Nation Grandol and apparently, they are coming from there.”

Krull-san gave a surprised expression when I asked and she nodded many times.


” … By any chance, have I already been dragged into the trouble?”

“If it’s Luciel-kun, you’ll be able to convert that into your own strength right?”

“What over evaluation! Leaving that aside, since the Healers have been healing every day, their skill level should have risen right?”

For some reason, Krull-san was looking at me with a joyful smile as if having found hope.

… I understood that she was a woman with a strong backbone who was getting rid of her anxiety through me.

As I gave a sigh, I enquired on the Healers’ ability to respond and the reply was troubling.


“That’s true but if 「Recover」 is cast, it would treat poison or paralysis or sleep curse but it’s not as if it is effective to all of them right? I believe Luciel-kun knows that too?”

“What’s with that defective magic?”

Even the Healers that I brought along to Ienith should be able to treat all status abnormalities together at once.


” … If it’s because they are not using it correctly, then the main problem would be the lack of a proper mentor. In the first place, even Luciel-kun’s 「Area High Heal」 that I’ve heard rumors of is treated as heresy among the Healers.”

Heresy? Certainly, it’s thanks to the God of Healing’s blessing but treating it as heresy doesn’t sound nice at all.

Despite that, Krull-san was finding something amusing as she was smiling the whole time.

” … I don’t get it. Ha~ are there any other strange happenings?”


“If you count the number of kids coming here to become Healers decreasing this year as a strange happening? Although, due to the influence of Luciel-kun, a large number of people came to register as Healers in Meratoni these few years.”

“Is that so? … If that’s the case, maybe I’ll perform some healing at the Adventurer’s Guild underground area tomorrow and guide the Healers at the same time?”

“Really? That’s why I love you.”

She looked like she was about to kiss me on my cheek so, this time, I evaded.


“As expected, Lumina-sama’s kiss is better right?”

“?! How did you know?”

It’s quite a recent event.

It hasn’t even been at least 10 days and the word regarding the Knight Corps expedition shouldn’t even be out yet.


“You shouldn’t underestimate the Healer’s Guild’s maiden network.”

Krull-san’s triumphant wink shaved away at my mental strength.


Since the conversation had roughly ended, I requested for her help with arranging for an inn.

“I thought of stopping at an inn after this but could I ask for your help?”

“Sure. Is an inn where it is near the Adventurer’s Guild and where Priest Knights stayed previously okay?”

“Yes. Thank you in advance. I’ll head to the Adventurer’s Guild now.”

“Okay. Also, please provide me with a lot of interesting topics.”

“Hahaha I’ll do my best.”

I gave a weak laugh and left the Healer’s Guild.

If Krull-san was an inn proprietress, I’m sure the inn would thrive.

My thoughts ended up drifting in that direction.


When we left, surprisingly, the first one to speak was Estia.

“It seems that everyone likes Luciel-sama. That woman just now too … I feel somewhat envious.”

“Krull-san? If Estia talked, she would have probably conversed with you kindly. I’ll allow you to take independent action so would you like to go and talk to her?”

” … I’m fine with if we meet next time.”

She faced away as if trying to conceal her slightly reddened face.

Maybe she wants to be spoiled to make up for not having the chance to be spoiled by parents.

It seemed vaguely so.


“Well then Lionel, do you really want to meet Instructor Broad while remaining as a slave?”

If it’s against an old combat rival, wouldn’t it be better to hold on to his former general title? That’s what went through my mind.


” … Yeah. I have sent a letter to him and he should understand my thinking. Furthermore, I am satisfied with my position as Luciel-sama’s retainer.”

Being told that, I ended up feeling delighted and couldn’t say anymore.


“When did you send a letter … oh well. As what we’ve heard just now at the Healer’s Guild, if the adventurers are struggling right now, I don’t know if you would be able to have your mock battle immediately. Even so, I want to see the mock battle between the 2 of you so I’ll do my very best.”

“Sen’oni (War Demon) and Hayate (Gale) … sounds amazing.”

“I’ve not seen it before too so I’m looking forward to it nya.”

Kefin said both their nicknames with a childish smile so he probably researched their past.

I could feel Cathy’s intent to witness it as a warrior.

Only Estia was restlessly surveying the city of Meratoni.


While calming the gradually rising tension, we entered the Adventurer’s Guild that was directly beside the Healer’s Guild.


However, what awaited me was an unexpected scene.

That’s right. Because Meratoni’s Adventurer’s Guild was overflowing with injured people.


The exhausted adventurers looked at our direction but nobody realized it was me.

Why’s that even though my face didn’t change nor did my armor?

However, observing carefully, there were only young adventurers there and there weren’t any adventurers that I knew.

And the canteen looked like it was not open either.

“Let’s go to the reception.”

I told Lionel and the others and walked over to speak to a young receptionist that I only have an impression of maybe or maybe not greeting her once before.


“Excuse me. I’m E-rank Adventurer Luciel but is Broad-san or Garba-san or Grulga-san or Nanaera-san or Mirina-san or Melneru-san around?”

I judged that I would be able to understand the current situation in detail if I meet with any of them.


“Erm sorry but with the current situation now, the executives told us to not have anyone bother them …”

Without knowing my identity, she looked like she was firmly performing her job.

But I was surprised when she could not continue half-way through after she succumbed to the bloodthirst pressure emanating from Lionel from behind.

It looked like it would take some time so I decided to use my trump card.


“Then, could I request that you tell Instructor Broad that S-rank Healer Luciel has arrived?”

“I, I’ll be right back.”

The receptionist girl ran down to the underground training ground in a hurry.

Then, when the appraising gazes from the adventurers intensified, Instructor Broad appeared like a gale.

“Luciel, nice timing. Quickly come treat the people downstairs.”

The slightly sweaty Instructor Broad grabbed me and tried to drag me underground but Lionel stopped him.

“Whirlwind, wait a moment.”

“Ou. So Sen’oni really became Luciel’s retainer. It doesn’t matter now so let’s go down.”


His excessively high tension and desperation looked like he wanted to prevent somebody’s death.

It transmitted to me that the situation had reached the point where he was grasping at straws.

I nodded at everyone and hurried to the training ground after Instructor Broad.


“This is the first I’ve seen something like this since Ienith. There are petrification and paralysis … there’s even weakened state?”

A couple of Healers were around but the recovery amount was not sufficient.


“Instructor Broad, please divide the people into those injured and those who have abnormal status. Of course, I’ll be charging a fee.”

“I understand. Sorry but please treat Grulga.”


Grulga-san got injured?

I couldn’t wrap my head around it.

For Grulga-san who boasts of his defense of steel to get injured …

His body was carbonized as far as my eyes could see to the point that it was a mystery as to how he was still alive.

For the time being, I properly confirmed that he had his limbs and hummed the chant for 「High Heal」 and 「Extra Heal」 before activating 「Dispel」 and 「Recover」 at the same time.

A vortex of light rapidly wrapped around Grulga-san before his carbonized arms and the slashes on his body completely healed in no time.

After confirming that the recovery was complete, I used purification magic to remove the solidified blood and returned him to a clean condition when tremendous cheers resounded across the training ground.

“It’s because Grulga-san is my life benefactor. Now then, Instructor Broad, please help me with what I requested just now. Also, please gather the healers. Before that.”

I applied the same 4 magic that I applied on Grulga-san onto Instructor Broad.

” … Luciel … thank you.”

Immediately after I heard those words said in a whisper, Instructor Broad’s voice echoed across the Adventurer’s Guild.


“Those who want to be saved please line up properly. Those with injuries and those with abnormal statuses please line up separately. For Healers, apparently, the S-rank Healer would provide guidance on healing.”

After he announced only that, the lines began to form all at once.

“The person capable of organizing adventurers … is that low-profile person who refused to be an officer huh.”

Lionel muttered with a weak smile as he looked at Instructor Broad and he looked slightly happy.


I began treating from those who looked like they were about to die whereas for the injured people, there weren’t anyone else who needed treatment after 5 times of 「Area High Heal」.

“I’m supposed to do this the day after tomorrow but since there are many among you who do not understand the model to treating abnormal statuses, I will tell you all the image I use. If you memorize it by repetition after this, you’ll be able to reach Holy attribute magic skill level X even while you’re still young. So please learn it properly.”

Many of the ones I was teaching were young Healers and while they were overflowing with motivation, their skill level was low.

Even so, perhaps it’s been a long time since I’ve carefully taught people, unexpectedly, I might have also wanted to have this kind of time as well.

While having such thoughts, around the time I finished treatment, I felt like I was about to reach magical power depletion for the first time after a long time but I somehow held out.


“Luciel, thank you for the hard work. You truly helped me this time.”

Returning to his original bear-like Wolf beastman appearance, Grulga-san gave me words of appreciation while looking healthy and well.


“We help one another out in times of need. Leaving that aside, are you fine getting up so soon?”

“Yeah. Since my sturdy body is my only selling point.”

Normally, one should not be able to remain standing after losing that much blood but I realized that Grulga-san was a superhuman after all.


” … Even so, for Grulga-san to suffer from that degree of injuries, wasn’t it actually quite a crisis?”

“Well, yeah. Well, I’ll make a feast to celebrate our reunion so stay for a meal before you leave.”

“Okay, I’ll take up your offer … by the way, Instructor Broad, what’s the reason for the unusual amount of injuries?”

I turned from Grulga-san to Instructor Broad.

For the 2 of them to suffer from this degree of injuries is not normal at all.

It reminded me of our battle with the Demons.


” … Monsters are overflowing from the labyrinth at Grandol. There are high ranking adventurers there so it was calm for a moment but the ripples reached Meratoni.”

“It doesn’t seem to be limited to that though?”

” … Yeah. For some reason, the mines lead to Grandol so monsters flow towards here day after day with no end in sight.”

It was like saying the mines disappeared and Grandol came invading.

If it’s not dealt with properly, instead of the Empire, Grandol might wage war against Saint Schull’s Allied Nations. With that fact as a shield, I could imagine that the attack from Grandol would be a great opportunity for the other countries who lie about their allegiance.


“I only came to watch Lionel and Instructor’s mock battle though …”

” … Can I request of you?”

Instructor and the others were defeated because there wasn’t anyone to heal them.

Without that problem, there probably aren’t any enemy they can’t beat.

Thinking about safety, with Instructor Broad and Lionel forming a united front, I instantly realized that the risk I would face would nearly be zero.

“I’m not a disciple who will reject Instructor’s request. Furthermore, this place is a special city to me. However, if Instructor and Lionel don’t properly protect me, I won’t be able to heal you all.”

“Alright. Let’s have a kickoff party that will last until tomorrow.”

Thus, naming it as a kickoff party instead of a combat strategy meeting, we tasted Grulga-san’s dinner while drinking mead to prepare our bodies for tomorrow’s adventure.


Author’s note:

Thank you for reading.


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