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(081) Epilogue

Translator: Tseirp

Author’s note:

Since this chapter would be an epilogue and there wasn’t much need for any more postscript, the Side Story will be included with the main text.

I beg for your understanding.


I booked 2 double rooms in the inns and Malina and I were in one of those rooms.

There, I had Malina let me read her letter.


【To my beloved hopeless child Malina.】


I gave a wry grin at the sudden diss even though she called her her beloved child.


【By the time you read this letter, I’m probably no longer in this world.】


I scanned further down after seeing words like it was a last will.

Naturally, that was a lie.


【You’d be shocked if I said that right? Surprised? The truth is that I want to enjoy a leisurely trip on my own free from worldly cares. In other words, I am already entering Arundel. Some troublesome work dropped in unexpectedly and since it is a work that requires me to be inconspicuous, I would be troubled if Malina was around. I’ve decided to leave you in that man’s care for a while. Don’t worry, judging by the looks on the 2 girls’ faces following him, it’s surely a workplace with good treatment so be at ease. Of course, if you don’t like that, you can always go to the son of the border town chief. He would surely entertain you in various meanings of the word.】


Don’t selfishly leave her in my care on your own accord.

And isn’t she completely just threatening her by asking her to go to the chief’s son if she doesn’t like it?


【Postscript. The memories of my journey with you will stick with me forever. Thank you.】


Guessing that it’s probably all with this postscript, I folded the letter and returned it to Malina.


“Malina, what are you going to do? Kannon said it like that but even if you don’t come along with me, you can probably survive as Marina the Street Performer in this country and why not I just release you from slavery here? Since we seem to be from the same country, I’ll even give you one month’s worth of lodging fees.”


Malina, who was still continuing to cry with her eyes bright red, shook her head.


” … My mask please.”


And asked for her mask.

I returned the mask to Malina.

Malina put on the mask and stood up straight before sitting down beside where I was seated.


“Ichino. I’ll tell you one thing. I am — Marina is an illusion created by Malina. Something like Multiple Personality Disorder.”

“I feel that it’s slightly different though.”

“Don’t mind that. We share the same memories but I want to love Malina like my mother while protecting her like my child. My true wish is for there to no longer be a need for me and for me to disappear.”


Marina spoke as if deprecating herself.

Suicidal thoughts … no, it’s different huh?

Desire to disappear.

So she wishes for Malina to grow such that she is no longer required and that she can disappear huh?

That’s like a mother praying for the child to leave the nest.


“Ichino. So, I do not really intend to be all friendly with you. Since saying farewell would be tough. To be honest, I also drew a line with Kannon too. That’s why she only wrote Malina’s name in the letter while there was no message for me?”

“That seems to be the case if you say it that way.”

“Hence, I won’t fall in love with you. I’m a heroine that is impossible to capture.”

“I’ve never even once thought of you as a heroine.”

“Even though I’m like an older beauty?”

“I’ve also never once thought of you as someone older.”

“It’s sufficient as long as you think of me as a beauty.”

“Shit, so it was a leading question.”


I muttered and then laid down on the bed and laughed.

Haru and Carol are both good people and they are existences that are more precious than my own life.

But, it’s only possible to have such idiotic conversations with Marina.


“Ichino, I have one request.”


Marina looked down towards me as I was lying on the bed and said.


“What is it?”

“I’ll be in your care from now on too.”

” … Ah, best regards.”


I said as I placed my arm forward while still lying on the bed.

Marina strongly gripped that hand.


I announced to Haru and Carol that Marina would once again continue with us in our adventure and the 4 of us enjoyed dinner together.

The dishes cooked using the magic sword kitchen knife was extremely tasty and it blew away the fatigue from yesterday’s outdoor camping.


In that manner, the night in Dakyat grew late.




~Side story  Prelude to the destruction of Dakyat~


“「Slash」! 「Grand Cross」! 「Lion’s Roar」!”


Suzuki’s techniques hit the monster herd directly.

But, the number of monsters didn’t show any signs of decreasing.


“The situation will gradually get worse if this continues. 「Slash」 … tch, my MP … it’s going to be bad soon. Miles, please.”


After Kyanshi released the 「Slash」, she suddenly felt dizzy. She was about to run out of MP.

She requested for Miles to charge her MP.


“「Mana charge」!”


Miles doubled her own MP and sent it to Kyanshi.

It’s one of her trump cards that she was bestowed as a bonus for conquering a labyrinth.

However, Miles was also an Apprentice Practitioner but her MP was definitely not a lot and she only had 3 mana potions.

Her words that the situation was going to gradually worsen was right on target.


” … Curse of Thorns.”


By Schreyl’s voice, shrubs with thorns appeared at the foot of the entrance to the labyrinth.

The thorny shrub entangled the monster’s feet and prevented the monsters from exiting the labyrinth.

But, the monster herd climbed over the monsters that could no longer move with their feet tangled and escaped from the cave.

They were clearly moving towards the Southeast — aiming towards the direction of Ferruit.


“Kyanshi, ride on Pochi and inform the town of the danger.”

“But —”

“Please! We’ll also try to halt them here until the very last minute before escaping.”

” … I understand.”


Schreyl’s 「Curse of Thorns」 was somewhat effective to stop the monsters in their tracks and Miles was required to replenish her MP.

Kyanshi understood that she was the most unnecessary one there.

That was extremely mortifying but she knew that someone had to go warn the town.


She straddled the Wyvern called Pochi who was standing by behind them and flew into the night sky.


Author’s note:

Marina who’s titled in the volume unexpectedly announces that she’s an impossible to capture heroine. And I finished the somewhat dangerous development in 3 chapters of the Side Story.

Even so, I want to allow the protagonist to continue his heartwarming journey.

I apologize for the slight increase in characters but I’ll upload the Character Introduction and Status later today and plunge into Volume 4 tomorrow.

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