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(085) Carol’s request

Translator: Tseirp

With her cheeks dyed red like apples, I could see my stiffened smiling expression reflected in Carol’s pupils as she looked up towards me.

The wind blowing through the forest gently stroked the trees as well as her purple hair, causing my reflection within her eyes to be hidden by her hair so I was released from my bindings and my brain began to spin at full speed as if reflecting on the pause in all thought processes just now.



That kiss?

Or is it the Sillago japonica fish called Kiss? (TL: Bad pun)

Will the DT (virgin) hero (Suzuki) finally have a turn?


That’s not it! It’s as if I am the virgin here with this kind of reaction.

I’ve graduated from my virginity okay, yup.

So, I’ll face it like an adult —


Seeing Carol keep her eyes closed while pushing her lips out slightly, I slammed my head against a tree.




Carol cried out in shock.

Hahaha, my vision is red. Blood is soaking into my eyes.

But, thanks to that, my head is clear now.




I applied healing magic on my head to seal the wound.

Yup, when I think about it calmly like this — Carol is generally cute.


However, think about it.

I have Haru.

I’ve gone to the full lengths with Haru and we love each other.

To place my hand on Carol here would most likely be cheating.


“Ichino-sama … is it impossible after all?”


Carol said with teary eyes.

My feeling of guilt was welling up.


“I’ve already told Haru-san though.”

“Eh? Haru gave her permission?”

“Yes. Since it is a custom among the White Wolf race for strong men to have many wives. The number of women a husband has becomes her status of sorts.”

“But, I feel that Haru has quite a jealous side to her though.”


There was once where a weird switch of hers was pressed when she thought that I was more pleased with Malina than with her when I was bullying Malina.

“The women in the White Wolf race place importance in ranking. I believe she would no longer get jealous of me if I declare that I am below Haru-san. She’ll be jealous if I become too intrusive though.”


That is … the difference in culture huh?


“Haru-san said that Ichino-sama will definitely be gentle. I don’t mind being below Haru-san. Please — ”

“Haa … I feel bad towards Haru.”

“As I said, Haru-san — ”


I sealed Carol’s mouth with a finger.


“I find it bad to kiss anybody other than Haru, 10% because of a man’s responsibility and 90% because I really care for Haru.”

“Yes, Ichino-sama thinks the world of Haru-san — ”

“Yeah, Haru is the most important in the world to me. More important than my own life. In comparison, Carol is — ”


I bend forward a little,


“Carol is also the most important in the world to me. More important than my own life too. This might be overly self-conscious but I think I care for Carol and Haru as much as how you 2 care for me. I just felt bad about how Haru places importance in the ranking.”


I said that as I stared at Carol and overlapped those lips with my own.

Even though she was shocked, Carol entrusted her body to me.

I enjoyed the temporary soft and sweet sensation.


After that — no, well, that was all.

The continuation will take place after Carol reaches 18-years-old.




Also, there was one matter that we had completely forgotten about.


“Is it agreeable to you that we are the winners for the competition?”

“Yeah, it’s our crushing defeat.”


It was already too late when we remembered along the way, by the time we caught 10 birds, Haru and Marina had already taken care of 120 birds.

I could tell that Marina’s complexion was ghastly pale even with her mask on so I could guess how it went.


“I’m beaten, to think that it would be such an overwhelming difference.”


Incidentally, the level up announcements during the hunting time were as below.

【Ichinojo Leveled up】

【Apprentice Spearman skill: 「Two-stage Thrust」acquired】

【Magic Swordsman skill: 「Grant Magic」has skilled up to「Grant Magic II」】

【Artist skill: 「Portrait Painting」acquired】

【Artist skill: 「Woodcarving technique」acquired】

【Recipes acquired】


「Portrait Painting」 is a skill that makes my portrait drawings better.

「Woodcarving technique」 is apparently a skill that allows me to create various items using woodcarvings.

I acquired some strange skills.


Carol also mentioned that she level upped as a Harvester.


I told them that I would fulfill their reward when we return to town so I stored all 120 birds for now.

Because Carol and I slacked off, we could not reach our 200kg goal but it was still quite a considerable amount.


In addition, we also harvested plenty of fruits.

By the time we left the forest, the sun was already sinking far off into the west.

It seemed like it would be night time soon.


We should return to town as soon as possible.

Just as I thought that,


“Hn? The presence of monsters — ”


Looking up into the sky, there were 2 birds flying.

They were fairly large birds so it would be lucky for us if we could shoot those down to mark the end.


“「Petit Stone」!”


I threw a stone.

The stone hit the bird flying above and it tangled up with the bird flying below and they tumbled downward.


That was precisely killing 2 birds with 1 stone.

… Even though it was by accident.


“As expected of Ichino-sama.”

“Not at all, it seemed like the birds didn’t notice us.”


The birds died when they fell to the ground so,


【Ichinojo Leveled up】

【Jobless skill: 「Hikikomori」acquired】(TL: Hikikomori is a term used to describe people who are reclusive and have chosen to withdraw from social life.)


… I stared at the skill I acquired when I reached Jobless Lv80 and,




involuntarily raised my voice.

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