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(087) Unexpected rare guest

Translator: Tseirp

” ……… Haha, ha ….”


The Swordsman gave a bitter laugh.

It was when we sold the monsters through Haru.


I’m not sure if I can say it’s as expected or within assumptions, or that I thought perhaps it wouldn’t happen the 4th time after we’ve been through it 3 times already but, a single Swordsman came to find fault with us.

The reason was simple.

It’s not the time to hunt monsters during such an abnormal situation and everyone was doing reconnaissance and defense preparations for the sake of protecting this town.

He told us reasons like that.


It was troublesome so I ignored him and asked the guild receptionist lady if we could carry the birds placed outside the guild that was being guarded by Marina and Carol into the guild.

Then, we transported the birds.


10, 20, 30 … we begin to attract everyone’s attention when the number surpassed 40.

50, 60, when it exceeded 70, the Swordsman who tried to pick a quarrel with us laughed bitterly and could no longer look directly at reality.

80, 90, 100, 110, 120, 130 birds and to top it off, fruits.


“So much, did you hunt them all from the forest to the east?”


The slightly over 30 years-old female receptionist asked for confirmation and I nodded.


“Well, if it’s only this degree … although I don’t want to deem this as just ‘this degree’, I don’t think that the ecosystem will collapse if it’s just this degree but it might be better if we implement a no hunting period for a while. We’re currently in an emergency situation so this helps a great deal but please do not hunt to this degree normally.”

“Yes, we’ll keep that in mind.”


Giving a reply just for the sake of replying, 1 bird earned us 30 sense, 133 birds totaled 3990 sense and together with the price for the fruits we received 4500 sense.

1100 sense per person … about 110000 yen huh? (TL: Just a reminder for those who don’t want to think of exchange rate, remember that 1 sense is about 1 US dollar)

Even so, most of it was earned by Haru and Marina.


“So, Swordsman uncle. Do you have any business with us?”

“N, no, it’s nothing. Ferruit will be peaceful if there are Hunters like you guys around. Haha, hahaha.”


The man said that as he backed away slightly and left the guild.

Within that time, the female receptionist finished the procedures,


“Congratulations, with this request, Haurvatat-sama has advanced from F to E-rank.”

“Thank you.”


Haru lowered her head with an expressionless face. Her tail was wagging so she’s probably happy.

The Adventurer ranks are from G to SSS and apparently Haru rose to F-rank while she was still a slave before meeting me.

That’s probably why she accepted escort requests even when she was still a rental slave.

With a higher rank, one would be able to obtain information the Adventurers Guild possess and will be able to accept higher difficulty requests.


Leaving the guild, I told Carol and Marina that Haru had promoted and the 2 of them congratulated her too.


“This time, shall we have something like a party for Haru’s promotion? Although it would be a bit tough to have it today.”

“Since the town is in this state.”


There were still many people moving about the town but there was a sense of restlessness.

It’s a world with no internet and radio. Information was earned on foot.

It seems like everyone is also desperate to obtain information.

In that sense, I’ll have to be grateful for Carol.


We returned to the inn.

The dining hall was deserted.


Within it, the aunt from the inn and, if I remember correctly, the uncle from the tavern below were having some conversation.


“That Sutchino, I bet he’s probably with that Julio.”

“It seems like Julio-kun has not returned home since yesterday too. The town is in such a state too so I’m worried if they were attacked by monsters.”

“Don’t worry, he’s not a kid anymore. Although I’ll have to whack him once he returns.”


It seems like these 2 are husband and wife and it’s a topic where their son has not returned.

Apparently, it’s usually not a problem but the town is in this state so they were worried.


It didn’t seem like they noticed us so I called out to them.


“Good evening.”

“Ara, welcome back. Preparation for food has already been completed.”

“Then, we’ll have it now, please. It’s fine with everyone right?”


I asked and everyone agreed.

The meal was a dish with meat as the main ingredient but the amount was smaller compared to yesterday.


“Sorry, it’s because of this period. The country is pressuring us to save food. In exchange, I’ll refund you a portion of the amount you paid.”


She handed me 12 sense in change.

I obediently received it.

The amount was smaller but it was still very tasty.


“Landlady-san, did you receive any information on the monster herd? From the conversations I’ve heard, the subjugation corps is being organized and will sortie tomorrow.”

“I’ve also only heard of similar information. According to the people who went to scout, it’s true that the monsters are overflowing from the labyrinth. Seriously, the monsters are probably overflowing because our country’s Mr. Important went and monopolized it without opening it to the public. However, the 3 adventurers who defended against the overflowing monsters have also evacuated so I believe the subjugation squad will clash with the monsters tomorrow night.”


The aunt spoke as we finished our meal and carried the dishes to wash.

Then, we gathered in a room for now.


In order to verify the power of 「My World」.


“Well then, I’ll be going for a little bit. 「My World」”


A rift in space appeared and I entered.

By the time I notice, I was in the usual land with red soil.

The white sky shined down upon me.


There was an arrow stabbed into the ground in front of my eyes.

Evidently, I’ll arrive at this location regardless of where I enter from.


In other words, if I make a house here, I’ll be able to return home no matter where I am?

Next, should I try making something like a water spring?

Just as I had that thought — it was caught in my vision.


In the land of red soil where there shouldn’t be anything … no, there shouldn’t be anyone.

There was a beautiful girl with long hair that was blue like the early morning sky.

It’s still a girl that I don’t remember seeing.

No, I feel like I’ve seen her somewhere before.

But where did I see her?


” ……… !?”


I recalled where it was — and I gasped.


“Nice to meet you, Ichinojo-san.”


She was a beauty dressed in a white dress and she gave off a bewitching atmosphere.

She appeared transient and far away.

Her atmosphere was like that, so was her real body.

The first time I saw her was at the church.


“I am Libra. The Goddess of Order and Equilibrium.”


Why is the girl that is a splitting image of the beautiful Goddess statue next to the statue of Setolance-sama in my world?

So a Goddess can enter and exit without permission huh, that was the moment I found a large defect in the Hikikomori skill.

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