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GC V4C88

(088) Libra’s star visit

Translator: Tseirp

” ……… Goddess … sama.”


Looking at the person in front of me, I guessed that it’s really her.

She was the girl who I thought looked the most like a Goddess among the 6 Goddesses I saw at the church.


And she was in front of my eyes.


“If you wish to, you can invite all your companions as well. Just now, I looked through your Book of Heaven and Earth Creation.”


Book of Heaven and Earth Creation …?

Is it the name of this book?

I glanced at the fallen book through the side of my eye as I listened to her.


“With the permit, you would be able to invite your companions.”

“You … for what reason did you come here? I can’t invite my companions without knowing your aims.”


Goddess of Order and Equilibrium, in other words, the Goddess who governs the balance of the world.

Regardless of Koshmar-sama’s authorization, my job called Jobless and its skill is more than enough to break the balance of this world.

In the worst case, I would have to fight — no, there’s a possibility that I would die without being able to fight so there’s no way I would call the 3 of them.


“I did not come here to punish you. I’m working in order to reveal the full picture of your Jobless skill that shouldn’t originally exist. Koshmar-senpai and Torerul have the same opinion. I came in order to set constraints on your this world.”


Those words made me feel relieved.


“Okay. Then — ”


I changed my jobs to Magic-orientated jobs and created permits after my MP increased.

The permits were something like seals. They all had 「★」 marks drawn on them.

Libra-sama looked at it and explained to me that it probably will show it’s effect when I affix the seal on whichever part of the body I like. Meaning that it would not work if I affix it on clothes.

I made permits for 3 people’s share all at once so 300 of my MP was consumed in 1 go and I was hit with fatigue.

I took a deep breath and readjusted my breathing.


“Well then, see you later.”


I placed my hand into the spatial rift and returned to the inn.


Returning to the inn, it seemed like the 3 of them were patiently waiting for me.


“Thanks for waiting. It seems like you all will be able to enter if you paste this seal onto whichever part of your body.”


I passed the star-shaped seals I had on my fingertips to the 3 of them.

Haru pasted it on the back of her hand while Carol pasted it on the top of her foot.

Once pasted, they melted into the skin like paint seals.


“If it’s like that, will you be able to peel it off easily?”

“Er, yes, it seems like I can peel it off easily if I want to peel it off. But it will not fall off even with intense hand movements.”


Haru once again pasted the seal that she peeled off and shook her hand but it didn’t show any signs of falling off.


“Rather, oi, Marina, why are you pasting the seal there?”


For some reason, that girl pasted the seal on her own left cheek.


“Umu, I actually wanted a seal like this.”

“Totally feeling fashionable huh.”


Well, either way, it’s not a seal that would warrant trouble even if it’s seen.


“Then, let’s go. Once you reach that side, there’s a previous guest so properly greet her okay.”


The 3 of them seemed suspicious towards the ‘previous guest’ words I mentioned.




Once they reached the other side, Haru and Carol both gave their greetings without fail. Or rather it was closer to prostrating.

They were on both their knees with their heads lowered.


“Hou … interesting, a Goddess.”

” … Ei.”


I leaked out a cute voice and snatched Marina’s mask.

As soon as that happened, Malina’s complexion became ghastly pale and she admirably decided to prostrate herself.

If I was scoring her, it would be a score close to full marks.


“These would be all the members, Libra-sama.”

“Thank you for the hard work, Ichinojo-san.”

“Er … Libra-sama. It’s been bothering me since before and it doesn’t really matter since it’s already been such a long time but my name is Ichinosuke instead of Ichinojo so is it possible to correct it?”

“No, your name is Ichinojo. It is an unexpected matter on this side but it is apparently related to the customs of your world. That’s right, please ask Minerva about that. Since she’s the expert on it.”


“The Goddess of Magic, Sorcery, and Witchcraft.”

“Would I be able to meet her?”

“Let’s see, there are a couple of her labyrinths in the southern continent. I’ll make arrangements such that you will be able to meet her when you visit there.”


It doesn’t seem like it’s an error that my name is Ichinojo instead of Ichinosuke.

She couldn’t tell me the reason why but well, lately I’ve really been thinking that it doesn’t really matter so I guess it’s fine.


“Well then, Ichinojo-san. And your companions. It is strictly forbidden to reveal anything said here to any other people. Understood?”


The 3 of us gave affirmations to Libra-sama’s question.

Malina was nodding her head so much to the point that it was about to fall off.


“Ichinojo-san, regarding this space you made using the skill called ‘Hikikomori’ — ”


Malina’s gaze directed towards me upon hearing Libra-sama’s speech.

Yes, I was putting on airs. I lied saying that it’s called My World. Yes, I’m a Hikikomori.


“This space is the same type as our Goddess domain.”


I was not very surprised at those words.

Since after looking at the sky and the spread out pure white space, well, I thought that it resembled the God’s world.


“Thankfully, because Ichinojo-san added a restriction by performing Star Creation immediately, the world regained balance and this space was disconnected from the God’s domain. That was something delightful to me. For you and for us Goddesses.”

“Wait a minute, eh? For this to be the same type as the God’s domain, it wasn’t an advanced skill in the space-time magic like the item bag?”

“Does Ichinojo-san know the capacity of an item bag?”

“N, no.”

“Otherworld … it is 1% of the planet you are on.”

” … Eh?”


1% of a planet, doesn’t that mean it’s practically infinite?


“But, this world — this world that you made has no limit. It’s a universe on its own.”

“One … universe?”

“Yes. Compared to this world, the capacity of the item bag is equal to zero.”


What Libra was saying was probably how 1/∞ and 1oo trillion/∞ is still equals to zero.


“So, does that mean master has become a God?”


Haru asked with a tensed expression. But, Libra shook her head.


“No, the person who created this world is not Ichinojo-san. The one who messed with the Jobless skill and constructed a chance for the Jobless skill to connect to this world was another being. What Ichinojo-san did was merely create the door. Even this star is not something created by Ichinojo-san.”


Libra gave a smile at that point,


“Although, Ichinojo-san, this star already belongs to you. You can do whatever you want with it. Using my power, I will extend a barrier over this star to not only protect you from the real creator of this world but also make it such that you can use that Book of Heaven and Earth Creation as you have been using it until now. In exchange — ”


She extended her hand. A wand appeared and the tip pointed at a place that had nothing.

When that happened, a pure white observatory-like building suddenly appeared there.


“I will create a base for me to observe this world. I will occasionally drop by so I hope that you will accept just this request.”

“Understood. Thank you.”

“No, I should be the one who should be thanking you. Thank you for cooperating, Ichinojo-san.”


Libra-sama said as she began walking away, her figure gradually became more transparent and finally, she disappeared.

The nervous Haru and Carol stood up after 10 seconds.

Malina … was unconscious.


Author’s note:

Goddess’s secret base construction complete.

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