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Just in case people forgot, Instructor Broad is read as Broad Shisho in Japanese and Shisho sounds nicer when Luciel omits Broad’s name so I’ll go with Shisho instead of just Instructor.

Chapter 148: Strength of a different dimension

Translator: Tseirp

The next day after the drinking party called a kickoff party, Instructor Broad and Grulga-san stopped me as I was about to drink Object X.


“Luciel, I’ll tell you honestly, it won’t be strange if your level increases by a lot. The monsters this time are that strong.”

“Object X is certainly effective but for Luciel who has been continually drinking it, it shouldn’t be that effective anymore?”

“That’s true but because my level has not been increasing since around the time I defeated the Red Dragon.”

It would be easy to ignore their advice but the 2 of them have once walked the sluggish level growth path where I was struggling on so there was value in listening to them.


“Relax, your level will definitely increase. This time, whether it’s magic strength or magical power amount, Luciel will have to continuously heal us after all.”

He didn’t tell me anything special but I somehow felt that my level would indeed rise.


But, at the same time, I could also read his thoughts.

” … I’ll also have to maintain some reserve of magical power right?”

“Sorry but yes.”

There was a determination in Instructor Broad’s eyes.

“I understand. Well, please suppress the enemy so that I will not be targeted.”

“Leave it to me.”


We boarded the horse carriage and departed together with the other adventurers for the mine country border that has been lost.

“The vanguard will be Kefin and Instructor Broad, the second row will be Lionel and the third row will be Cathy and me as well as Estia, while the last row will be Grulga-san.”

” … Is there a purpose for that setup?”

“Yes. I believe Shisho will not fall behind even against monsters that are fast while Kefin is able to detect and disarm traps.

Lionel specializes in close to middle-range attacks and his defense is tough too so he will be my guard in front of me.

To my left and right will be the quick-footed Cathy and Estia who is able to search for enemies whereas even if enemies come from behind, they will be more than enough to support Grulga-san.

With Grulga-san at the back, he will be able to view the overall balance of the whole party and I think that is the safest configuration for me.”

” … It’s amazing how you are able to assert that so refreshingly. Good grief, your true nature never changes.”

Shisho’s cheek muscle was twitching slightly.

Since there weren’t any objections from my surroundings, maybe they have given up but I’d like to think that they felt that those were the best positions for them.


“That’s right, Instructor Broad. Because I still don’t want to die yet. Moreover, this is the best combat formation so that nobody dies.”

“Hou. You’ve become capable of making a good expression.”

He patted my shoulder while giving a different smile from just now and it felt like some other emotion was placed into that hand.


“That’s because I’ve been strictly training him for this one year in place of Whirlwind.”

Lionel declared confidently and it was clearly a provocation.

“Sen’oni, I believe I’ve already mentioned yesterday that I was the one who laid the foundation.”

For some reason, their competition about their disciple had been going on since yesterday.

I bet they’re on good terms with each other.

That’s what I thought.


It would probably take some time before this ends so I decided to ask what I wanted to ask first.

“Now then, we ended up not talking about monsters much yesterday so in the end, do the monsters that overflow out of the labyrinth transform into magic stones after they are defeated?”

“They won’t. Of course, the corpses would remain so there would be magic stones but it’s better to think of them as regular monsters.”

Even though they come from the labyrinth? Is something else needed for it to happen?

Or does the labyrinth give birth to monsters from within the memories of Galdardia? I’m getting more and more confused.

If other people were transferred too … I thought up to that point before sealing that thought within myself.

I had a cryptic premonition that it would really become true if I voiced it out in words.


” … But if the monsters are defeated outdoors, won’t the smell of blood excite monsters and more and more would gather from a wide area?”

“We have no choice but to burn herbs from the Herbalist Guild to scatter the smell …”

It seemed like he had something come to mind.

Even so, I was wondering why the Magician Guild did not develop a magic to do that.


” … I’ll purify the site when I reach there. I’ll treat the injured next and annihilating the enemies will come after that … if the enemies would wait for me though.”

I prayed that nobody would die even if people get injured as I swayed along with the carriage.


However, there weren’t any indications of us arriving at all.

“Incidentally, how long would this journey take?”

“Oh. It would take about half a day at this speed.”

I made light of the distance thinking that it would be unexpectedly near seeing the carriage move at a leisurely pace but I should have confirmed the fact beforehand.

I told everyone to get off after I heard that.

“It was the right choice to clarify my doubt early. We’ll proceed after we transfer to another carriage.”

“It should be the same regardless of what carriage we ride.”

“You’ll understand after we transfer. I may not like to go to dangerous places but I also hate to let others die for no good reason.”

Shisho and Grulga-san were puzzled at my words but they were immediately convinced after we exchanged the carriage for the one we usually rode on.


After that, we ended up pulling ahead and left the other adventurers behind but human lives were at stake so I didn’t compromise either.

Well, the destination didn’t change so it shouldn’t be a problem.


“Wouldn’t it have cost quite a sum of money to construct something like this?”

Shisho and Grulga-san looked anxious but it’s indeed true that it would be expensive if I ordered it normally from Dolan.

While imagining so, I honestly replied Shisho who was paying an undue amount of attention to it and Grulga-san who was slightly concerned too.


“It requires magic stones but this was something built by the Technology Development Department of Luciel Company so the cost was only magic stones and Treant trees.”

” … In addition to being a Healer and the Representative for Ienith, you’ve been doing various other stuff too?”

“Well, it’s the result of the natural course of events and good luck after getting entangled in situations.”

I replied with a laugh as Shisho gave a surprised expression.

I didn’t show any other expressions apart from that.


As if we transferred from a local train to an express train, we could proceed without stopping and approached the mine in about 3 hours instead of half a day.

“Make a carriage like this for me too after this.”

“Sure. But we’ll be walking from here.”

I could see flying objects approaching from afar.


We immediately descended from the carriage and Shisho and Grulga-san were shocked when I collected the carriage and stored the horses in the Hermit’s Stable.

“That’s the Hermit Series!?”

“Even though we only found 1 after our long years of adventuring, to have already found one, you sure possess strong luck.” It’s not strong luck but Great Luck though.

“Well, I was lucky.”

“Luck … if that’s the case then you should hold on to this.”

It was a worn out key.


“Shisho, this is?”

When I held out the key that Shisho was grasping in surprise, Shisho told me the name of the key.”

“It’s the Hermit’s Coffin from the Hermit Series.”

Coffin? Coffin?!


“It somehow sounds like a cursed name though?”

“Kukuku. Well, that’s how it is. You can only put people who have lost consciousness in here.”

Because it’s a coffin?


“Unconscious? Meaning even in the middle of sleep?”

“Yes. But once their consciousness returns, regardless of the situation outside, the key would open and they would be expelled out.”

Meaning it is an item either for brain dead or paralyzed people or to allow people to suddenly appear while fighting bosses?

But if that’s the case, would time stop if I store it in the item bag?

No, the Hermit’s Stable is fine even if I place it in the item bag but I’ll need to verify what would happen if I did so with this key.


” … Have you used it before?”

” … Only once. But, I just can’t think of a way to make use of this. That’s why I’ll entrust it to you Luciel. If it’s you, you’ll be able to use it well. That’s what I think.”

It felt like Shisho pushed the key to me in a way such that he could not see it but I didn’t understand why.


” … Understood. I’ll humbly use it.”

“Yeah. Well then, shall we shoot that flying monster down?”



Looking at the flying lion that was right before our eyes, I immediately activated 「Area Barrier」 and everyone moved all at once.

“Luciel-sama, please give me a spear that is alright to toss.”

Reacting to Lionel’s words, I tossed him the Holy Silver Spear, Lionel grabbed it and threw it at the flying lion in almost no time at all.

It flew with amazing momentum but because there was some distance, the flying lion evaded it … and its wing was cut and it fell down.

For a moment, I could see Shisho’s figure but it disappeared immediately, Lionel swung his Flame Greatsword and a vortex of flame fell on the lion at once, the instant it had a direct hit, the flames disappeared along with a blast and the lion’s head and body separated.

“Well, it’s something like this? Sen’oni, I see you’re quite capable at subjugating monsters.”

“You’re speed and sword technique doesn’t seem to have rusted either, Whirlwind.”

Both of them showed the strength of a different dimension but there was something that caught my eye.

“Lionel, you’ve become stronger way too suddenly. You weren’t that strong during the fight with the Red Dragon or the Demon?”

“During the Red Dragon battle, I was not in my regular condition and there was also the worry of breaking the equipment. The other day, there was a possibility that I would destroy the village if I released my full strength but there wasn’t any such restriction this time.”

” … Do you feel pain in your body?”

“There’s no pain.”

That kind of movement was possible because his intent to not lose to Instructor Broad overrode his brain’s restriction on movements in fear of injuries.

That might be the reason.

It’s as if he’s on the verge of awakening to become a person who hates to lose.


“Luciel, you have no comments for me?”

“I already recognize Shisho as an inhuman person. However, I wonder just what kind of enemy would be able to inflict injuries on Shisho who is so strong.”

It was Grulga-san who answered my question instead of Instructor Broad.


“Three Chimeras which are stronger than the Manticore that has fallen down over there appeared. Even Broad can’t fight at full strength while protecting the adventurers.”

“And yet Grulga you were also bravely volunteering your body to act as a wall to help the adventurers which was why you were at death’s door so who are you to comment.”

Maybe because he didn’t intend for it to be exposed to me, they were finding faults in each other like in a children’s fight.

It seems that rather than the strength of the enemy, these 2 were injured to that extent because they were protecting the adventurers.

Even so, have the adventurers not been given Object X to drink lately?

“Instructor Broad and Grulga-san drank Object X in the past right?”

My remark caused the air to solidify.

Then, for some reason, the 2 began to exchange eye contact but I understood that they wanted to avert the topic so I reluctantly asked something else simpler.


” … I feel that it would have been solved instantly if you 2 subjugated it while other high-rank adventurers gave support but was that not possible?”

” … Chimeras are sly so they aim for the weak. Moreover, it would have been all right if those were the only monsters but, we also only knew about it a little later, there were quite a number of monsters that cause status abnormalities. The adventurers were needed to suppress those monsters.”

I honestly felt that it would be best to quickly reach that dangerous site and secure the safety of the area.

As far as I know, there isn’t any enemy that the strongest Shisho and his rival the awakened Lionel can’t defeat.

I genuinely thought so.


“Then, shall we quicken the pace?”

Without being able to hold down my high spirits, I stored the Manticore in my magic bag and began running.


However, their pacing was quicker than mine so they immediately lined up with me and formed the formation I designated.

I continued running while laughing.

10 minutes later, we reached the entrance to the mine but I found that the ground at only that location had disappeared as if it had sunken in.


I discovered as we gradually approached that what awaited me was not monsters but a large sealed door.


Author’s note:

Thank you for reading.


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