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Another element GET! 😀 And some foreshadowing for our damsel in distress

Chapter 149: Request

Translator: Tseirp

Adventurers, Garba-san and Warabis who I honestly didn’t consider capable of contributing as combat strength were exterminating the monsters.

We plunged into the monster horde as if intending to run through them and while I didn’t touch anything at all, a mountain of corpses was formed.

The adventurers worked together to collect the mountain of corpses.

The scene was so terribly smelly that I wished for rain to fall and wash away everything but clear weather was spread across the skies so my expectations were dashed.

Therefore, I advanced while applying purification magic but, as to be expected, I couldn’t help but hold my head from the thoughts of the effort required to erase the unusual mountain of corpses and its smell at the very front line.


“Grulga!! You’re safe?”

Garba-san passed by in front of my eyes before I knew it and hugged Grulga-san.

Since he found out that his younger brother was on the verge of death immediately after he returned from Ienith, I believe many of the monsters suffered from terrible deaths.

It was obvious from the deathly expression on Warabis’s face.

He most likely kept Grulga-san’s slave Warabis around so that he would know when Grulga-san dies.

I could see that his thorough personality has been further polished since Ienith.

“Yeah. I was kept alive by Luciel.”

Garba-san reacted to Grulga-san’s words and looked over here as he thanked me with a smile.

He was worried about Grulga-san to the point that he did not notice my face just now.

“Luciel-kun, thank you so much for helping Grulga.”

“We help each other out in times of need. I was indebted to you in Ienith.”

He was making a seriously delighted expression but I felt that he was a really dutiful person as Grulga-san is my benefactor after all.


“That’s right. Everyone was sad that you couldn’t send us off. You did well to grasp the hearts of that many beastmen.”

” … That’s because of the help I received from the 2 of you.”

I confirmed the situation while still regretting bringing up the topic that I didn’t want to touch.

However, Garba-san looked at Instructor Broad with a sharp glint in his eyes.

“Moving on from that, Broad, it’s good that the Chimera was defeated but stop neglecting command and plunging into the fray to defeat it like that. It’s a nuisance.”

“You don’t have to glare at me like that. So, what’s the current situation?”

Shisho too … he most likely snapped when his companion Grulga-san became a bloody mass but I suppose that is a disqualification as a commander.

Well, I could immediately tell that Garba-san was not seriously mad.

Since I totally couldn’t sense any bloodthirst or anger.

Instructor Broad also understood that and quickly confirmed the situation.

As far as I could see in our surroundings, the people were no longer fighting monsters but seemed to be stripping off materials.


“Monsters are gathering from the surroundings but there aren’t any monsters that are that strong and the monsters that crawled out from the mine afterward weren’t anything special apart from their status abnormality attacks.”

It looked like the situation had mostly calmed down but are they still planning to remain in this location?

I complied to Instructor Broad’s commands and watched over the location.

“I see. So then, was that raccoon dog useful?”

“Uh huh … slightly?”

Warabis’s ability was to transform but he ends up instantly reverting to his original form.

I couldn’t understand how that would be useful so I interrupted the conversation.


“I desperately burned herbs that would dissipate the smell pu~. I didn’t want to be scolded anymore pu~.”

… Warabis who’s personality hadn’t changed much replied.

“Warabis, how is life as a slave?”

“There no way slave life would be comfy … wait, why is Saint-sama here pu~?”

Warabis trembled just from the words I spoke.

I was shocked as to why he trembled to that extent.

“I’m not a Saint, my term in Ienith ended so I returned to Meratoni.”

“It’s a nightmare pu~. Immediately after Garba returns, even the pale light emitting demon also appears …”

I couldn’t pick up on what Warabis muttered like a whisper but apparently Kefin and Cathy heard it and they directed sharp gazes at him.

I decided to stop devoting any more time and emotions into Warabis.


Then, I found the sealed door that I saw from a distance.

Why is it on a flat ground … I really couldn’t wrap my head around why it was outdoors as I confirmed the situation.

” … When did the monsters withdraw from this site?”


Instructor Broad and Garba-san reacted to my words and Instructor Broad replied me.

” … I wonder, the monsters came from Grandol so perhaps the adventurers there annihilated the monsters that were excited? The strong monsters from the mine have been defeated so I think this place will be calm for now.”

It can’t be helped that I asked as I don’t want to die.

Leaving that aside, what do we do about that?

There was only one choice for me to choose.


“For now, there’s no need to go around for healing duty right?”

“Yeah. It looks like somehow there aren’t any who suffered from any severe injuries. Why do you ask?”

“There’s a large door there but is there anyone who can see it?”

Everyone looked in the directed I pointed at but the reaction was extremely weak.


“Luciel-sama, don’t tell me?”

Kefin was the first to realize.

Lionel and the others also looked at me with surprise but I wanted them to know that I was the one who was the most surprised.

“Yeah. A sealed door.”


“Luciel, what’s there? What sealed door? Please explain in detail.”

I thought that as a guildmaster, Instructor Broad would know but apparently not.

I thought that it was fine to explain if it’s Shisho and I was about to speak but I saw Estia and Warabis so I stopped my explanation.


” … Firstly, I won’t talk with Warabis here. I can’t talk about this other than to people I trust.”

“I guess it’s a grave topic? If that’s the case, I’ll grab Warabis and leave.”

“Sorry Garba-san. Sorry, but Estia, could you leave too?”

“Yes. Understood.”

Garba-san grabbed the scruff of Warabis’s neck and left and Estia left following that.

I still didn’t think that I would not be betrayed by Estia.


I planned to convey to them official information besides information on the sealed door.

Before that, I decided to use pledges that I prepared in advance.

“Not only Instructor Broad and Grulga-san, I want everyone to pledge. The compensation is a few minutes of memories starting from now. You will instantly lose these memories if you try to tell this to anyone in any way.”

“Understood. I have a right to know as a guildmaster.”

Instructor Broad said that and everyone took the pledge.


After the pledges ended, I began explaining.

“The sealed doors are doors that connect to the location where the dragons are sealed at. After I dispel the seal on the dragon, a large magic stone will appear around here. Please promise that absolutely nobody will touch it. If you don’t keep that promise, everyone will die.”

” … I don’t really get it but is there a curse placed on that magic stone or is it something extremely important to Luciel?”

It’s indeed true that it can’t be helped if they think of obtaining the magic stone.

I would have had the same thoughts if I did not see that scene in the past.


“No … It’s just that the Evil God will appear and everything around the magic stone will turn into undead. That’s all.”


Including Lionel and the others who knew about the circumstances, everyone could not hide their shock when I affirmed that.


“If that’s the case, wouldn’t it be alright if we just leave that sealed dragon alone? If we do so then it will end with nobody dying right?”

“I’ve thought of that too but unfortunately, if we do so, the world would be overrun by demons and monsters before the hero is born.”

I knew that Instructor Broad is a good person but precisely because he is a good person that I had to put a lid on his wish to escape from the door in front of him.

I’ve also considered not talking about this to Lionel and the others.

Astonishment once again gripped the air as I gave a weak smile.

” … Why are you stepping into such a dangerous place?”

“Only because I dispelled the seal on a dragon during a natural course of events. From then on, I moved within the range of what I am capable of doing.”

I patted my chest and smiled.

” … I see. You’ve become a real adventurer without me noticing.”

“If this is a real adventurer, I very much wish to be a fake one by all means.”

I felt that Instructor Broad made some kind of resolve but it only lasted for an instant before it transformed into a smile.

“I see … all right. Leave this place to me.”

“Please do so. Nevertheless, everyone, if anybody else approaches it, please cut them down to the extent of not killing them. Since I’ll just heal them after that.”


“Well then, before I purify the place, I’ll promptly dispel the seal.”

I announced as I began walking towards the sealed door.

There weren’t any monsters around the door and it felt like it was waiting for my arrival.


“I don’t want to touch it but I have no choice. I pray that it’s a meek dragon if possible.”

I placed a prayer as I touched the door and it began to suck in my magical power.

“Gushing yellow? Meaning it should be a Thunder Dragon?”

As that thought ran through my head, a pattern emerged and the door began to open.

Even when I turned back to confirm, I could tell from their faces that all of them could not see it after all.

I dived into the door with a single hand held up and the door slowly closed, causing my exit to disappear completely.


Unlike the usual flight of stairs, down the aisle, I could see a dragon lying on its side while discharging blue, yellow and black lightning.

“If this is a trap, I’m confident that I would easily die multiple times.”

I gingerly but surely advanced forward, as I was about to reach the range of my magic circle, a voice rang out in my brain.


《Liberator who dispels the seal of the Evil God. Having dispelled the curse on Holy Dragon, Flame Dragon and Earth Dragon, have you come to dispel my seal this time?》

It seemed like the voice belonged to the Thunder Dragon.

Leaving that aside, it’s strange.

“You’ve retained consciousness despite being sealed?”

《Because I was the last of the dragon race to be sealed, it’s troublesome but I have some time.》

Indeed, as far as I could see, there was no muddy black miasma covering its body.

I felt slightly at ease as this meant that I would probably not be attacked.

Since I had this chance, I tried asking some questions.

“I see. Then would it be all right if I asked some questions?”

《Sure. The Liberator has the right to know everything.》

The Thunder Dragon looked like it was lazy but it was apparently willing to answer my questions and turned to face me.


“Then I’ll jump right into it, how many seals are there?”

《There are 8. Once you release me, there would be 4 remaining seals.》

“Meaning Light, Darkness, Water and Wind?”

《Yes. Furthermore, there are 6 Spirits. That is necessary information for becoming a Sage.》

” … You know about it?”

If the condition to become a Sage is to have the blessings from all Spirits and Dragons, I would definitely not want to do so though …


《We reincarnation dragons know everything.》

“If that’s true, what should I do so that the Evil God will not appear from the magic stone that is left after the dragons are released?”

Now, I am certainly going to confront it but I thought that if I could overcome it, it would be great that no other undead would be born anymore.

However, the Thunder Dragon instantly told me that it could not be done so easily.


《What’s left in the deepest part of the labyrinth is not a magic stone but the nucleus of the labyrinth. Touching it will call the administrator of the labyrinth.》

… What an unreasonable world.

“Are there no countermeasures? Like letting the other Gods know about the Evil God’s movements to stop it.”

《The labyrinth will disappear the moment the nucleus is brought to the outside.》


“What would happen to this place then? The mine has sunken in so the sealed door is outdoors.”

《? That’s strange. This Labyrinth of Traps in Grandol shouldn’t have collapsed.》

“I entered this door from the ruins of the mine that leads from the City of Meratoni in Saint Schull Allied Nations to Grandol.”

《 … If that’s the case, this presence … Quickly resolve my seal and head to the labyrinth in Grandol.》

The Thunder Dragon suddenly stood up and his electrical discharge was going off here and there.

As expected, I didn’t think that I would be able to prevent electrical shocks so I somehow laid down flat.

“Uwa!! That’s dangerous. What are you doing so suddenly?”

Luckily, I was not grazed by the discharge and I successfully evaded them.


《If this continues, the Priestess will be in danger. Hurry.》

It gave a heartbreaking cry.

It was as if a voice of worry towards one’s beloved family.

” … Where would I appear if I exit here?”

《You should return to the original location. Quickly go to the Grandol labyrinth, dive into the Labyrinth of Traps and save her!!》

Electrical discharge once again surged as the Thunder Dragon’s tension rose.

“Like I’ve said it’s dangerous!! I’ll go home without releasing you, you know.”

《Do not stop the gear of fate. You have to save the Priestess.》

The gear of fate … it intends to move some kind of gear but I’ve decided to do what I am capable of.

As one might expect, I felt that a world where adventurers hold sway over the world would be easier to live in compared to a world where demons and monsters hold sway over the world.

” … I can’t promise you but I will do my best.”

《Show me that you are capable of overcoming the difficulties.》

I activated 「Sanctuary Circle」. It should be going through considerable pain but looking at the unperturbed Thunder Dragon, I felt that I was lucky it ended without a fight as the black lightning discharge gradually disappeared.


“Kukuku. Liberator, I will entrust to you my blessing and my strength. Take out that cane on your waist.”

When I held out the Illusionary Cane, light from the Thunder Dragon was absorbed into the Illusionary Cane.


” … I’m sorry for dragging you into this. Please protect the Priestess’s future.”

“So it is possible for dragons to appeal for help.”

“Luciel, you are our knight. Now, protect the world’s equilibrium. I have fulfilled my pledge … Rafiluna … ”

Just as I somewhat heard the Thunder Dragon mutter some kind of name, pain ran through my body.

“GuaaAAA 「High Heal」.”


After the Thunder Dragon collapsed, lightning ran through the entirety of the room.

” … I truly thought that I would die.”

As I almost died from the omnidirectional lightning souvenir, as reparation, I collected all the items from the Thunder Dragon’s room.

There were items and gold there but I held my head at the thought that it was the management room of the labyrinth and jumped into the magic circle that appeared.

As I was wrapped in light, the usual mechanical voice announced my acquisition of a title.


Ping 【Title: Thunder Dragon’s Blessing acquired.】


I opened my eyes when the light faded.

It seemed like I was transferred to a location slightly away from where the door was at.

As I was assessing the situation, Shisho and Lionel and the others came running over.

“Did you safely defeat the dragon?”

“Luciel-sama, welcome back.”

Without answered the 2 voices, I moved to keep my promise with the Thunder Dragon.


“We will head to Grandol’s labyrinth immediately. Shisho, Lionel, everyone, please lend me your strength.”

Everyone was daunted for a moment by my sudden remark but replies immediately came.

“Quickly bring out the carriage. It seems like you’re in a hurry?”

“We are Luciel-sama’s retainers so we will accompany you.”

“Truly, thank you.”

Garba-san and Grulga-san remained at the site while the remaining people accompanied me.

“We’ll try to return quickly if possible so please wait for us.”

“If it is possible, it will be great if you conquer that labyrinth.”

“There are bento inside here so eat them later.”

Thanking Garba-san and Grulga-san for their kindness, together with my reliable friends, we departed for the Labyrinth Nation Grandol.


Author’s note:

Thank you for reading.


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