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As eluded by this chapter, the labyrinth name will be changed to Labyrinth of Traps. The kanji’s original meaning still means plot/trick/conspiracy/scheme but can be conjugated with action verbs to refer to falling into a trap etc.

Chapter 150: Labyrinth Nation Grandol

Translator: Tseirp

We lightly cut through the vacant mine site and entered Grandol territory.

Normally, we would have to make a huge detour and go through the checking station for the entry procedure but this time, the Grandol operation was organized by the Adventurer’s Guild headquarters so I decided to use the shortest route.

I made my decision after the backing of Instructor Broad.


“Because I, as a guildmaster, am around, there won’t be any problems. Moreover, it’s an emergency right? If it’s for that then I’ll just write a written explanation.”

While feeling grateful for Shisho’s words, I also presumed upon his kindness.

It was great that we would enter Grandol territory following this but a single problem surfaced.


” … It’s a little late now but, does anyone know where the Labyrinth of Traps is located at?”

“I don’t. I was an adventurer in the past but I was more of a complete requests type of adventurer than a labyrinth diving kind.”

Receiving Shisho’s reply, I looked at my surroundings and saw that all of them were not familiar with labyrinths so I suggested for us to go to the nearest village or town to ask.

“Let’s ask about labyrinths around this area.”

“It’s true that there should be multiple labyrinths in large and small sizes in Grandol but … there shouldn’t be any nearby.”

So we have no choice but to run in a straight line and hope to reach a highway huh?

” … Sorry for rushing everyone. I also don’t really know why I am in such a hurry but let’s first look for a highway.”

Everyone quietly nodded with a smile but I couldn’t help but think that those eyes were like gazes from parents watching the growth of their child.


Currently, Cathy and Kefin were the carriage drivers but we decided that if we see any buildings or people, Shisho will take over as the coachman and Lionel will act as the escort as a single horse rider.

After riding the carriage for about an hour from the ruins of the mine where we departed from, we finally found a highway.

However, the same time we gazed at where the highway would lead to, we confirmed the presence of a fort-like construction far off to the right side.


” … Hey hey. That was way too much of a shortcut.”

It seemed like Shisho was familiar with the fort.

But the unpleasant expression he made concerned me.

“Does Shisho know what is that place?”

“Yeah. That is the country border. The fort that separates Grandol and the Principality of Blange … in other words, the country boundary line.”

“Would something like that even be useful?”

“That was constructed by heroes who were summoned so it will not collapse easily and it was apparently built in anticipation for when monsters overflow from Grandol.”

In anticipation of this time’s incident? Or … summoned heroes as in people from Earth? No, it might be safer to consider that there are life forms from other dimensions.

However, it doesn’t matter now.

If Shisho knows about that then …

“So it seems you know where we are now?”

“Yeah. If we proceed on this highway towards the left, we would arrive at the center of Grandol in a few hours judging by this carriage’s speed.”

“Then let’s go.”

Everyone agreed and we changed course to the left and resumed our travel.

At that time, for some reason it felt like the hair behind me was being pulled back and I was being stopped but I prioritized the request from the Thunder Dragon to find the Labyrinth of Traps.


We took a lunch break there but no adventurers and, of course, no monsters approached us.

We swapped Instructor Broad to be the coachman and set off.

After traveling for a while, we began passing by carriages and adventurers.


“Luciel, from here on there will be a lot of adventurers but there will also be many who hate Healers. It’s true that you did revise the treatment fee for Healers but keep in mind that only applies to within Saint Schull Allied Nations.”

Shisho turned around from the driver seat and informed me.

So people would not have heard of my name and I’ll once again face the baptism of being an ‘away’ party?

Well, Lionel and the others would properly guard me so it’ll most likely be all right.

While I had that thought, I was also able to discover the breadth of Shisho’s caliber who is capable of being nonchalantly attentive.

I carved into my heart to not bring shame to such a person and set my goal to someday overtake him.


“Thank you for the advice. But, well, it will be all right. Since I am also an Adventurer.”

“I see.”

After I replied with a smile, Shisho also smiled and faced forward as he spurred the horse carriage on.

Then, at about 15 o’clock when I was beginning to feel hungry, we finally arrived at Grandol.


“This is Grandol. The carriage will be a hindrance so until we find out the location for the Labyrinth of Traps, please store it in the magic bag. After that, let’s go to the guild headquarters first.”


I acknowledged and after storing the horses and carriage, I chased after Instructor Broad.


The scale of Grandol’s Adventurer’s Guild wasn’t any larger compared to the Adventurer’s Guilds I have seen till this date but I realized that there was an insanely large facility behind the building.

“What’s the building over there?”

“That’s the guild headquarters. Well, only guildmasters or employees can enter or exit though.”

“I see.”

“Incidentally, that’s also the place where we measure how much Object X has been consumed.”

Instructor Broad announced with a grin but to be honest, I don’t obtain anything from that so I was not interested.

“Instructor Broad, if so then give me a yearly prize for drinking Object X.”

“If I could do that, we’ll likely be in first place every year as long as you are alive.”

“You don’t have to give such a bitter smile. Ha~. Leaving that aside, let’s go ask about the location of the Labyrinth of Traps.”


We entered the Adventurer’s Guild with Instructor Broad in the lead.


Upon entering the Adventurer’s Guild after opening the door, there were a lot of adventurers but perhaps the fighting with the monsters intensified here as well, there were many wounded individuals.

” … Luciel, will you treat these people?”

” … I’ll comply if it’s Shisho’s order. But, to be honest, I don’t want to treat the injuries of people who are glaring at the robe I’m wearing.”

“Hah. I see.”

“Did I say something funny?”

“No, you just no longer fear adventurers you don’t know more than I had imagined.”

“Yeah. Since Instructor Broad and Lionel are around now.”

I frankly spoke the truth with a smile.

“No more delicately fussy replies?”

“That’s in the past. More importantly.”

“Tch, I know.”

It would be a hindrance if all of us went so Instructor Broad and Kefin went to the reception and I left the information gathering to them.


There were 2 people waiting at the table that was immediately beside the place where we entered but I chanced upon some unexpected information.


“Hey, have you heard the rumor about the Labyrinth of Traps?”

“Why are you being so flustered? What happened in that labyrinth full of traps?”

“The talk about those Nadia and Lydia sisters being brought in as criminal slaves.”

“Seriously? I can’t imagine those 2 committing any crime but above that, will those 2 obediently remain caught?”

“The elder sister is an elegant swordswoman and the younger sister is a spirit-user right?”

“Maybe they fell into a trap after they formed a party to conquer the labyrinth?”

“Ah~ah. It’s plausible if that’s what happened. But, it seems like it would cost a considerable sum to purchase those 2.”

“It would be an auction right if it’s those 2.”

“That’s a story that doesn’t concern us.”

It felt like I was pressed for a decision from the conversation between those adventurers.

To head to the Labyrinth of Traps like this, save the Dragon Priestess and discover the core of the labyrinth without touching it.

Or, head to the Labyrinth of Traps after purchasing the Spirit-user.

At the time of listening to the talk about the Spirit-user … no, from slightly before I even entered Meratoni, I have a feeling that Great Luck-sensei has been showing me the way.

Thinking up to that point, I spoke out.


“You guys heard the conversation between the other adventurers right? It’s possible that the Spirit-user might be of aid to us in the future. So I will purchase her. It’s possible that her elder sister might also be a similar individual too.”

“You’re completely just a soft-hearted person nya.”

” … From the conversation, it seems like it would be an auction so I’ll decide without hesitation if we will head for the labyrinth first or participate in the auction first before heading to the labyrinth after confirming the date and time of the auction.”

“Luciel-sama is always so kind.”

” … Sorry for abusing my power.”

Everyone put up bitter smiles when I lowered my head.


Just nice at that time, Instructor Broad and Kefin returned.

“The Labyrinth of Traps is to the north of here, a distance of about 1-hour ride by carriage.”

“If we set off immediately, we should arrive by evening. However, the troublesome part is that the so-called Labyrinth of Traps is full of traps and it appears that it would take some time to conquer.”

” … I see. It would be better if we procure food ingredients. Shisho, apart from this, another place came up that I wish to stop by.”

“Where? The guild headquarters is, as to be expected, impossible though.”

“Haha. I certainly want to visit that place but actually, I want to drop by a slave auction.”

” … Luciel going to a slave auction huh … is there something there?”

” … I don’t know yet. If I am to believe the words of the dragon, I have to head for the labyrinth immediately though.”

” … This time, I’m tagging along for the sake of observing my disciple’s growth and training. So trust your own intuition without regard to anything else.”


I replied Shisho and head towards the adventurers who were conversing just now.

Then, I asked in a straightforward manner.

“Could you tell me more about the slaves and slave auction you were talking about earlier? If you tell me, I’ll treat those injuries as payment.”

While I was smiling, standing behind me were Instructor Broad and Lionel who were releasing overwhelming intimidation so needless to say …

Thus, we amicably succeeded in asking the adventurers about the slave merchant and slave auction.


Author’s note:

Thank you for reading.


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