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Auction action! Thankfully it doesn’t span a whole arc hahaha xD

Chapter 152: Auction

Translator: Tseirp

When the sun had completely set in the Adventurer city, it was as if there were dancing butterflies that flew and collided with spotlights as the city transformed into a city of shining desire.

In that City of the Night, Lionel and I were walking.

“Cathy and Kefin hesitated until the end.”

“That’s because they have seen Luciel-sama’s troubles from up close before.”

Lionel said with a laugh but my stomach was hurting slightly from how I was already recognized by them as a troublemaker.


“We have funds so apart from those sisters, if there’s even a slight need for any of the talents or items, please let me know.”


Passing through the Merchant’s Guild, Lionel and I reached the venue of the auction and we were able to pass just with the invitation without going through a body check.


The rule was the same in both Ienith and in Grandol, if any problems occur, the shop that wrote the invitation would take full responsibility but in exchange, they will receive returns from the transactions.

The security guard told me that this time, the auction will encompass a wide variety of slaves, equipment, accessories, items and entitlements.


“It might even become a battle.”

“That might happen if it is done poorly but I believe there won’t be a problem.”

It looked like Lionel was hoping for the opposite contrary to my mutterings.

Looking at his figure, I decided to purchase the desired talents and required items even if it leads to competition in the auction.


Upon sitting at our assigned seats, we checked the surroundings and confirmed the locations of the entrances and exits.

From then on, the numbers gradually increased but when a masked individual that looked like a man appeared, the entrances and exits were blockaded.

Then, the masked man glanced across the auditorium and began his speech.

“Welcome, gentlemen and ladies, young and old, thank you for gathering and attending today’s auction. As of this moment, the auction shall begin. This time, the entered commodities are 30 in total so please participate in all of them. Without further ado, entry number 1, Sword of Raging Fire. This was excavated from the labyrinth in Labyrinth Nation Grandol, when magical power is put into it, the sword tip will flare up and if it is activated well, it’s an item where you can expect the effect of burning your enemies.”

“We don’t need that.”

“Yeah. But the price would likely rise.”

As estimated by Lionel, it was successfully bidded for with 17 gold coins.

If an item like that cost that much, I didn’t want to think how much the other items would cost.

Then, an item that I must successfully bid for no matter what came out.

“Entry number 5, Spirit Robe. An item that possesses high magic resistance and automatic repair. The item came from an adventurer.

” … There’s no helping it, I guess I’ll buy it.”

“Are you sure? I don’t believe that is fake but I don’t see any value in purchasing it?”

“That’s true. But for example, what if Lionel’s favorite mantle or armor from your time with the Empire appears in the auction?”

” … I’ll purchase it.”

“I believe that is probably the younger sister’s equipment. If it’s wrong then I’ll just have her equip it.”

“You’re really kind when it comes to saving people.”

“Please laugh at me if she still runs away after all this.”



Starting from the Spirit Robe, I consecutively bidded successfully for a Spirit Necklase, Pegasus Boots, Spirit Tree Staff, Dragon Armor, Dragon Gauntlets, Dragon Boots and Dragon Robe.

“I’m getting seriously glared at.”

“Well, since your total purchases are reaching close to 10 white gold coins. Luciel-sama would appear to be trolling this auction.”

“Either way we’ll be leaving this city tomorrow.”

“Well, originally I planned to train by having mock battles with Whirlwind anyway.”

“Yeah. Since it has reached this point, I’ll buy even if I don’t want them.”

However, since the tension was rising, the equipment auction ended and the land and building entitlement auction began.

People were wary of me but when they realized that I won’t be buying them, the amount of gold bidded rose all at once.

“I didn’t bid double the amount so I don’t think I’ve violated any rule?”

“But didn’t you raise the gold amount in no time?”

“That’s because that is psychological warfare.”

After the land entitlement that showed the most excitement ended, the slave auction finally began.

“From here on, it will be the slaves that everyone has been waiting for. Entry number 23, Dragonewt Alfred. He is a criminal slave who destroyed a building in a drunken haze and killed a guard but his strength is worth seeing.”

” … I don’t want that.”

“I understand.”

There weren’t any slaves with pitiable charges or children who should be sheltered so I did not purchase any of them.

“There isn’t much.”

“Yeah. There weren’t any that looked like they would be good after training them.”


“For the convenience of transporting the commodities, entry numbers 29 and 30 will come out together. Registering as an adventurer while crossed dressed as a beautiful swordsman, the genius swordswoman who became a high-ranking adventurer in the blink of an eye within a couple of years as well as her younger sister, the Spirit Magician who chased after her elder sister.”

However, they came out in the same terrible situation I saw them in during the day.

The people who were waiting in anticipation for the 2 of them were angered and in the end, there were even people who threw items onto the stage.

“Everyone, please calm your anger. These 2 were betrayed by their companions in the labyrinth and just as they were about to be raped, they activated one of the labyrinth’s traps and luckily escaped that place. However, that trap moved them to a monster room and the monster that awaited them was a hydra. The men who chased after them were eaten and the 2 of them thought that they had finally escaped after returning from the labyrinth but half of their beautiful faces were inflamed by deadly poison and their feet were undergoing necrosis while the younger sister even had her eyes burnt. However, what awaited the sisters were bandits dressed as adventurers. The arrows released during the surprise attack pierced their throats and they only somehow survived using high-class potions but they lost their voices in exchange. Furthermore, in addition to their equipment and items, the bandits would have kidnapped these 2 if they had their original looks but looking at their ugly looks, they destroyed both their eyes and ears and robbed their high-class equipment and items. Even so, the sisters fought without giving up and ended up accidentally killing the newbie adventurers who came to help. For these 2 people who have become criminal slaves, if any of you have the money to treat them, you would have your hands on 2 pretty sisters. Now then, please start the auction.”

The moderator said it that way but a sigh flowed across the venue.


Everyone understood.

They would not be able to regain their crushed eyes and neither will they be able to regain their voice due to their crushed throats. They would not be able to regain control over the 4 limbs they have lost either.

Even so, that masked man started the auction.


“It will start with 10 gold coins for the 2 of them together.”

It proceeded to 20 pieces and 30 pieces but there was totally no momentum like before.

“One white gold coin.”

Everyone fell completely silent when I called that.


The masked man made a polite bow in my direction and I realized that the masked man was the slave merchant.

“Lionel, did you recognize the masked man?”

“Yes. But it was just a while ago. For him to be that slave merchant … that man is a considerably sharp and able person.”

“I’d like a person about as sharp and able as that man as my companion the next time I manage a country. Well, one that doesn’t betray me takes precedence though.”

If it’s a sharp and able individual like him, he must have aimed for opportunities he made using his own strength.

His goal for being a slave merchant is probably to raise funds and gather talents.

That’s how it felt to me.


“Businessmen flow to where profits can be made, it might be possible if you can utilize their morality to hold them in one location while still continuing their profits but …”

“Ha~. If I could do that then I won’t have to struggle so much …”

“That’s true.”

While we changed words with smiles, the masked moderator gave the call to end the auction.

“That will be all for the auction today so please disperse. Please join us next time if you have the chance.”

The stage curtain lowered as the masked man bowed.


With the final purchase of those sisters, the gazes from the surroundings changed to one where they considered me to be a person who doesn’t know how to use money so the only saving grace was that it didn’t look like it a fight would break out huh?

While having that thought, I headed over to collect the equipment I purchased as well as the sisters.


I was guided by an attendant and would have to exchange the items by paying the successful bids I called during the auction.

“Healer-dono, because you have a large number of items, this way please.”

I didn’t know for what reason but I was brought to a private room.


And the person attending to us was the masked man who returned to be a slave merchant.

“It’s because we can safely deliver the items here. Firstly, please take out the total amount for these 8 bids.”

I placed 11 white gold coins down.

“This is the payment for the 10 items including the slave sisters. I don’t need the change.”

” … Indeed. Well then, I will bring them here so please wait a moment.”

“No, I will go there.”

I touched the equipment to collect them and chose to follow the man.


” … I see. This way please then.”

I noticed the man’s face twitch for an instant.

When I arrived, the girls were placed in a prison but the other slaves were also housed within so it was a very bad environment.

It’s not like their bodies were touched or kicked or were they subjected to verbal abuse but it was a mentally stressful environment.

” … That’s terrible.”

“It’s because we have various circumstances as well.”

“It’s fine. Then could you bring those 2 here?”

“Please wait a moment.”

The male slave merchant called out to the men watching him and they entered inside and violently dragged the sisters until before our eyes.

“Even if they are slaves, what is the meaning of treating my possession like this!!”

At that point in time, Lionel grabbed my shoulder and I was in a state where I could not take action.

“Oya, so you are one of those who are kind to slaves huh?”

The man was provoking me.

It was shown in that man’s eyes.

” … Hurry up and get it done with.”

” … Well then, I will hand over the slave crest. May I have your blood?”

With an expression saying it was not fun how I endured the provocation, he started his work with indifference.

I was gripping my fist tightly so even without using a knife, my blood immediately spilled when I faced my palm down.

“With this, you have ownership of these slaves.”

The same time I heard those words, I took out robes from my item bag and placed them onto the 2 sisters, crossed their arms over my neck and raised them while hugging their waists.

“We’re returning Lionel.”


Even if there was an attack, Lionel’s both hands were empty so we would probably be able to shake it off.

While having that thought, we exited the building where the auction was held and everyone came to welcome us.


“What happened?”

“I came to pick you guys up since it was likely to be attacked after an auction. When I said that I would come myself, they all insisted on coming to pick you up too. And so, those 2 are?”

It seems like Instructor Broad was worried that we would be attacked.

If there were specialized squads aiming for that, I felt like there wouldn’t be many who will gather for an auction but that might not have been true.


“Yes. I intended to continue like this to the inn as I am continuously applying 「Heal」 but now with you all here, it doesn’t look like there would be a problem even if we’re attacked.”

I instantly activated 「Recover」, 「Dispel」, and 「Purification」.


“Luciel-sama, did you immediately release these 2 from slavery?”

Kefin asked in shock but Lionel smiled while standing next to me.

“Yeah. But, I released them from slavery not because I trust the 2 of them or because I was swayed by my emotions towards their pitiable treatment. Lionel also intended for me to proceed this way right?”

“Yes. It felt like that man was hiding something and I had a disturbing feeling when you 2 did the slave contract. I believe this judgment is correct. Since it looked like he was looking at us with eyes that were investigating us.”

I felt that too when we visited the slave dealership.

It left an impression as though I was being appraised.

I won’t be troubled even if he appraised me but it’s also true that I was also slightly concerned about what that sharp and able man was thinking.


“Well, that’s what happened so let’s first return to the inn and completely treat these 2 people in one go.”


I announced that so Cathy and Estia were about to carry the sisters but they grabbed onto me firmly.

“It would be impossible to unravel if it’s like this nya.”

“Luciel-sama, please work hard.”

After those 2 said that, I ended up carrying the 2 sisters all the way while receiving warm gazes from my surroundings.


Author’s note:

Thank you for reading.


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