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IS B9C153

Chapter 153: Something more important than the sense of duty

Translator: Tseirp

I felt jumpy several times on the way back but we didn’t get attacked in the end.

“So they didn’t attack in the end huh?”

“Our opponent’s ability was probably fairly high too.”

“Well, their tailing was amateurish and they didn’t have any assassination-type members so even if they did attack, we probably wouldn’t have any problems.”

Certainly, with Instructor Broad and Lionel here, it’s unlikely for us to be defeated.

Thinking about it that way, it showed that the ones who were intending to attack us were at least able to gauge their opponent’s ability.

“Well, we’ll be departing tomorrow so it shouldn’t be a problem.”

While feeling the weight of the two people I was carrying on my left and right, we somehow returned to the inn safely.


We directly proceeded to Estia and Cathy’s room and upon sitting them down on the bed, they relaxed for a split second so I immediately escaped.

“Well then, I’ll apply healing magic on the 2 of them now so please subdue them if they act violently.”

After confirming that everyone nodded, I activated 「Extra Heal」 on the two of them at the same time.

I considered asking Estia to use the power of the Darkness Spirit but thinking that the spirit and the host herself would be exhausted if they push themselves too much, I chose this method instead.


Wrapped in light, their lost ears and necrotising legs returned to normal and Instructor Broad who actually saw it for the first time begin to become weirdly excited.

“Won’t we be able to fight at full strength every day if this is possible? Luciel too, if we train Luciel to the extent of not killing him, he should be able to rise to a skill level close to ours within five years right, Lionel.”

“If he levels up in a labyrinth while training, even if he doesn’t have natural talent, Luciel-sama still has room for growth.”

“As expected, you think so too?”


That’s not a conversation you have while I’m just beside you! While tsukkomi-ing them in my heart, I finished treating the two people.


“My name is Luciel, I’m a Healer. I believe you two understand just by hearing my voice but I have completely healed your injuries and abnormal conditions. You can try to confirm it.”

Upon speaking to the sisters, they gradually opened their eyes and they begin to show joy and confusion at being able to see and hear.

Then, after the sisters confirmed that they were next to each other, they hugged each other.


However, no matter how much I want to continue watching over this touching reunion, we’re not exactly free either so I entered the main topic.

“You two can remain as you are there but please listen. Do you two possess blessings? I have acquired multiple blessings from dragons and spirits and they have asked me to search for individuals with blessings.”

The two of them heard me and stopped hugging, they looked at each other before looking at me.


“I am Nadia, the Swordswoman with the title of the Dragon God’s Priestess/Shrine Maiden(Miko). Thank you for helping us.”

“I am Lydia, the Spirit-user holding the title of Blessing of the Spirit King. I truly thank you for healing our injuries.”

The two of them introduced themselves like that and extended their gratitude.


However, I noticed something … remembered something when I saw the two of them perform that self-introduction.

I understand that they are the Dragon God Priestess and a holder of the Blessing from the Spirit King but at the same time, aren’t they reincarnated individuals too?

I ended up having such suspicions.


There was a reason why I felt a sense of nostalgia when I saw the two of them at the slave dealership even though they had unrecognizable features.

I now know the reason why I was more irritated than expected when they were treated sloppily after I purchased them.

The two of them are somewhat similar to two people who still remain in my memories, my senpai who taught me a lot in my previous life and my always cheerful and energetic kouhai.


” … Are the two of you aware of circumstances that lead to the situation you 2 were in?”

I guised myself in calmness as I hit them with a question.

“I formed a two person adventurer party with Lydia. However, to clear the Labyrinth of Traps, skills to disarm traps and decent combat power is required. Hence, we formed a joint party with another group but various things happened and there was a Hydra where we escaped to and even though we somehow escaped, we were attacked by either adventurers or bandits after we exit the labyrinth and could not use our eyes and ears before we realized it.”

“Then, I will tell you the truth I know. The people you were resisting sealed your eyes and ears and then guided you to kill totally unrelated new adventurers. You sisters were then brought to the slave merchant, I purchased you at the auction just now and completely healed you 2 with magic.”


I was debating whether to tell them the circumstances regarding the murders they committed but I decided to not lie to them, including the fact that they have become slaves.

While I was treating their injuries, they behaved as if they recognized who I am but because they lowered their heads to thank me, I could not continue to read their expressions.


They continued to convey words of gratitude for a while after that.

Then, when they reached a pause in saying their thanks, I asked Nadia about what they intend to do for the future.

” … What we plan to do from now on? We’ve become slaves so naturally, we will follow our owner Luciel-sama?”

“Well, normally that would be the case but currently, your slave contracts have been dispelled. Since there was a need to erase curse-type conditions as well to completely treat you two but … what do the two of you want to do from now on?”

The Dragons and Spirits hoped that I would take the two of them as my partners.

However, it’s unlikely that I would be able to immediately make a decision as to take the two of them as my partners.

” … Are you letting us decide?”

“Yeah. To become slaves, become my followers or return to being adventurers, I don’t mind if you make the decision yourselves. I want you two as my followers if possible but I will not force you to make that decision.”

After I told them that, Nadia glanced at her younger sister Lydia and Lydia nodded.

Maybe she was asking the Spirits about the situation as if employing them like a lie detector? Then, Nadia once again turned back towards me and gave her reply.

“Luciel-sama right? Please lend us your strength.”

She lowered her head along with her younger sister.

It probably only meant one thing.

” … You wish to release all the Reincarnation Dragons and acquire blessings from all the Spirits? I’ll answer you honestly then. In the past, currently and in the future, I will actively not involve myself with them. I will merely take action if I am dragged into the situation and have no other choice. That is my answer.”


Even I find that answer to be useless but compared to the two people in front of me, I place more importance in Lionel and the others who have become my trusted followers.

That’s why I don’t intend to say things like ‘I will act for the sake of these two people’.

Within that atmosphere, I could see that Shisho was desperately restraining himself from laughing and I was also reflexively about to laugh but I somehow endured.


Then, after some time, Nadia spoke.

” … Luciel-sama, just for a short time, is it possible for us to decide after we experience journeying along with you?”

Well, that might be the normal reaction to a situation like this.

Usually, Cathy and Kefin would complain about it but this time, they refrained from doing so.

” … Yeah. All right.”

I moved to the table and prepared the food.

“You 2 can use this room. I’ll also put the food here. I’ll see you two tomorrow.”

“”Thank you.””

Seeing the 2 of them bow down at the same time, we left the room.


“Cathy, Estia, I’m sorry for giving them your room.”

“It’s all right nya. Leaving that aside, does Luciel-sama know those two people nya?”

“No … it’s just that they resemble the atmosphere of people who had taken care of me and given me energy in the past so I was just surprised.”

“Luciel-sama, your complexion was pale so please don’t overdo it.”

While thanking Cathy and Estia who were worried about me, I had a strategy meeting with the grinning Shisho and Lionel for tomorrow.


“We initially planned to save the Dragon God Priestess from the Labyrinth of Traps. But, now that we’ve already achieved that, we’ve lost our reason to go to the Labyrinth of Traps. Instructor Broad, if it’s like this, shall we return to Meratoni tomorrow?”

The others are my followers but Instructor Broad is different. Furthermore, he’s a guildmaster so he probably can’t take much free time on his own.

That’s why, this time, I decided to act after consulting Shisho.


” … There would be paperwork for the incident this time for a very long time so I want to let off some steam but the headquarters would pester me if I use the underground training ground at the Adventurer’s Guild so I can’t use it. That’s why there’s a need for another location right?”

I could immediately tell that Shisho was not tied down by the Adventurer’s Guild in Meratoni.

” … How many days do you plan to stay here?”

“Let’s see … is it all right until this incident dies down?”


“Maybe about a month at the longest?”

“Yeah. With that duration, we’re likely able to conquer all the labyrinths in Grandol including the Labyrinth of Traps with the members here right?”

“I see. That might be interesting.”

… Lionel, why are you the one answering?

But, it didn’t seem like it was possible to stop the two of them.

Well, it’s not like there would be dragons sleeping in all of the labyrinths that exist so I’ll just let the matter take its own course.


” … I’ll purchase food supplies tomorrow so please confirm the locations of the labyrinths during that time.”

“Okay. Well, with this, we’ll be able to have mock battles once a day so I’ll be able to ascertain your growth.”

I was powerless to stop Shisho who said that and smiled.


” … Would it be wise to bring Nadia and Lydia along?”

“You can bring them along if you want to. But Luciel, you must also make sure and see for yourself. I understand the words by the Reincarnation Dragons and Spirits but if you get too caught up in that sense of duty, you would definitely lose something important to you.”

” … I know. I’d like to think about it for a bit.”


“That’s fine. Well, if you get too caught up in your sense of duty for the two of them, I’ll come save you … what are you looking and laughing at Sen’oni?”

“No, the fact that Luciel-sama and Whirlwind have a master-pupil relationship is just interesting.”

“Shut up. Tomorrow we’ll be starting early too so let’s quickly go rest.”

“Well then, Luciel-sama, see you tomorrow.”

“Yeah. Shisho, Lionel, good night.”

The 2 of them smiled while leaving the room.


“I wonder where do the two of them want me to aim towards? Nevertheless, to be caught up in my sense of duty … Shisho really sees through me.”

I went to sleep while reflecting on how I intended to achieve what was beyond my own ability after getting caught up in the moment.

If those sisters will be coming to the labyrinth too, would it be better if I pass them the equipment I bidded on successfully?

While having such thoughts, Angel’s Pillow invited me to the land of dreams.


Author’s note:

Thank you for reading.


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