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GC V4C89

(089) After the Goddess left

Translator: Tseirp

“That was a surprise, I didn’t expect to meet Libra-sama.”


Carol stood up and stared at the void where Libra-sama had just disappeared.

There’s nothing, there was completely nothing there.

Even so, that was even more frightening that anything else.


Being able to disappear where there’s nothing at all means that she is also able to appear from out of nowhere as well.

And, her manner of pulling that feat off like it was natural frightened me.


What would happen if she turns into my enemy?

She might even suddenly appear behind my back and stab me. No, something like getting stabbed would be the better outcome, I might even be killed.

That thought ran through my mind.


That was analogous to being stabbed from behind by a person you walked past while strolling in town, in other words, it is nothing more than a groundless fear but it still feels frightening nonetheless.


“Master, so what will be our course of action from now on?”

“Ah, let me see.”


Even though there was an unexpected guest, I’ll try using the Book of Heaven and Earth Creation that Libra-sama has tampered with.

Various explanatory texts had been added into it.


“Hn —, since I have about 300 MP remaining, I’ll only be able to create something along the lines of the water spring huh? I’ll give it a try.”


Since I didn’t feel like creating a garbage bin.

I traced the words ‘Water Spring’ with my finger.

The words shined gold but the water spring did not appear.


According to the explanatory text, there’s something like a map displayed on the next page so it seemed like I would be able to choose where to create the water spring.


On the next page, a page that has nothing on it … if this is a map, it’s an extremely simple one.

Because there’s nothing around after all.

An empty map that makes you think of vast white emptiness. (TL: The author made a pun with the word ‘after all’ as it sounds like an abbreviation of ‘nothing’ and ‘white’ in Japanese.)


I chose a suitable location on the map — there was no indicator so I just pressed on a suitable location.


I suddenly felt the sensation of my MP getting sucked away.

I felt my MP get taken and it continued to further suck my MP.


When I released my finger, the MP expenditure stopped.

At that time.


The sounds of rumbling earth reverberated.

I could tell that it was coming from there (I don’t know which direction exactly) as we desperately tried to keep our balance.

With the exception of Malina who was still continuing to prostrate on the ground … or rather, she was scared stiff on the ground.


Then —


“It’s gushing forth!”


It looked as if it was a geyser.

There wasn’t any reference object so I could not measure the exact distance but I could clearly see it even though I imagine it was a couple of kilometers away.


The water gushing forth gradually lost its momentum but it didn’t look like it was going to stop.

I imagine it would remain like that for a while.


“It might form a pond if it continues like this … no, maybe because the land is parched but the water is getting absorbed into the surface huh?”


Without variation in elevation on the surface, it would be hard for water to remain in a single location.

It might have been better if I made something like a mountain first.


“This is master’s power …”

“No, Libra-sama said that this is not my power but someone else’s power although I’m apparently borrowing Libra-sama’s power now, but … is the consumption of MP courtesy from my end? Maybe I’ll try buying some plant seeds next time and try planting them. Carol, could I entrust it to you to prepare some seeds of plants that might be marketable?”


“Malina, it’s about time you pull yourself together!”



Malina, whose back I tapped, stood straight up and then stiffened.

Just how nervous can she be … if it’s like this, she was probably in a similar condition when she met Torerul-sama and it might have ended that way (TL: Her getting the Street Performer job) because she agreed to whatever Torerul-sama told her.


I’ve been feeling sorry for Malina until now but if that was what happened, she’s reaping what she sow, I end up pitying Torerul-sama instead who had to deal with Malina as she was too nervous and couldn’t speak a single word.

It’s probably useless to do anything now as she has lost consciousness so even putting on her mask would likely be useless.


I placed the book down beside my foot, carried Malina on my shoulder and passed through the rift in space.

We successfully returned to the inn we were formerly in.

Carol and Haru also returned.


Then, I placed Malina on the edge of the double bed and left her there to sleep.


“Well then, shall we sleep … 「Clean」!”


With purification magic, I washed Malina, Haru, Carol and my own body.

Then, I headed to the next room together with Haru.


I’ve exhausted my MP so maybe I’ll just immediately go to sleep today.

I planned to do so.


However —


“Er … erm, master.”


She seemed like she was hesitating as she called out to me,


“That is, regarding the competition we had in the day.”

“Eh? A, ah, that competition. I said that I’ll do anything so what would you like me to do?”

” … Um … that, mine.”


“Please stroke my stomach.”


Against Haru who said that with a wagging tail, I,


“「Silent Room」!”


I could no longer bother about the remaining amount of my MP.

Even though the town was in an abnormal situation, I acted like an idiot as usual.


Author’s note:

We’ll be taking a break from the main story from the next chapter and the next chapter will only involve the side story.

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