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(092) Pioneer Diary Part 1

Translator: Tseirp

If I am to say the familiar words I say every morning, my Philanderer level rose by 1.

The reason is because I was tired yesterday as I expended too much MP.


Then, this morning, I purchased a large amount of wheat seeds from shops.

After that, I went to the stone dealer and bought as many stone materials as I could and stored them all inside my item bag.


” … Though the material I really want the most is human resource.”


I muttered like I was grumbling.

As expected, I won’t be able to buy human resources at the general store and I don’t have any intention of increasing my slave companions.

I couldn’t leave Malina on her own given that she’s a Japanese like I am so I became her provisional owner but to begin with, having 2 slaves, Haru and Carol, is sufficient.

As long as it is a fact that I consider the 2 of them equally as important, I’m quite self-conscious to how I have to treat them equally and I struggle to even choose the correct words to say. I wonder how do the protagonist in harem stories have so many female companions.

Having said that, I can’t actually bring people that I don’t really know to that side without any constraints. Since that would anger the Goddesses.


I returned to the inn after finishing my shopping.


When I returned to the inn, everyone apart from Malina had gathered.

Haru and Carol were both carrying packages in both of their hands.


Slightly later than the appointed time, Malina returned.


“Malina, you’re late.”

” … So … rry. I had a hard time speaking with the shop assistant.”

“Ah, well, that’s because I didn’t pass you your mask today.”


According to Marina’s wishes, in order to treat her social anxiety, we established days where she will not wear her mask.

Marina said that it’s similar to liver rest days where people abstain from alcohol.


However, liver rest days are days set up for the sake of consuming alcohol in the long run so it felt weird that she used that expression when her wish is for Malina to give up on the mask, well, it’s bad manners to ridicule her for it when she is trying to move forward so I kept quiet.


“Who will be the first watch?”

“Fi … first watch will be me.”

“I see, then please keep watch properly.”


I said as I stretched my hand above the bed in the room,


“「My World」”


and called out. A rift in space appeared when I did that.

Others would probably be frightened when they see such a strange thing.

Having said that, would it be all right to close it when there are people inside? In the first place, I haven’t even confirmed if it was possible to close it in that situation.


For that sake, we will take turns and have one person remain in the inn room to keep watch.

Although we’ve bought items such as books to stave off boredom, we decided to change shift every hour.


“Well then, shall we go?”


I said and entered the rift in space.


As usual, I was greeted by the land of red soil but I could see a water spring off to the distance.

It seems like the geyser has calmed down to form a water spring.


“Master, shall we start?”

“Ah, that’s right.”


I said and took out all the stone materials from my item bag.

The plan was to construct a house here.

I also considered making a wooden house but I decided to make a stone house for the time being.


Then, the next preparation would be,

I created the ‘ Nourishing the land’ listed in the Book of Heaven and Earth Creation.

A chemical syringe-like item appeared.

Apparently, a single syringe has the ability to enrich the nutrient in a 1-kilometer square plot of soil.


We went nearer to the spring.

The soil that was supposed to be dry was moderately moist.

Most likely due to it being close to the spring.


For now, I injected the land nourishment there.

Then, we’ll scatter the seeds that we had in possession.


“What seeds did you 2 get?”

“I’m holding onto tomato seeds.”

“Mine are tea seeds.”


Haru and Carol took out their respective seeds.


“Tea seeds?

“Yes, it was obtained from the south and I wanted to try if it was possible to somehow grow it.”

“Ooh, tea huh. I also want to drink it, nice one Carol.”

“Thank you.”


Carol shyly smiled in delight.

For now, this round was the first trial and I plan to let them bring suitable seeds that each of them likes.

However, tea plant seeds?

It seems like it will take some time before we will be able to harvest it.


So the fastest will be the tomatoes?


“Well then, let’s scatter them.”


This time we really just did it casually.

Neither did we plow the soil nor did we scatter any other fertilizer.

For the time being, we divided the area appropriately and scattered the seeds suitably.


I don’t know what season would be in which month in this place and I’m doubtful as to whether this is an environment where plants can decently germinate.

I feel bad for Haru and Carol who have their hopes up but there’s also the possibility that all the seeds will fail to germinate in the worst case scenario.

Once we finished scattering the seeds, I chose ‘Plant time transition: MP consumption 1/day’ that’s written inside the Book of Heaven and Earth Creation.


The feeling of my MP gradually getting consumed was transmitted to me.

At the same time, a change happened right in front of our eyes.

Not only the wheat seeds that I scattered but the seeds scattered by Haru and Carol also began to germinate.


The tomatoes grew straight up despite the lack of a support and the tea plants were also slowly growing.

And the wheat also lengthened greatly.


As if we were watching a video in fast forward.


When about 90 MP was consumed, tomato fruits formed.

Though it felt way too early for it to happen in just 90 days.


Without delay, let’s harvest ― before that, I changed my job to Farmer.

Since the unique experience points acquisition condition for Farmers is to harvest crops.


The tomato was deep red and the size can be said to be LL size.

It looked very tasty so it was the first time I salivated from looking at a tomato.

I picked a single tomato.


【Ichinojo Leveled up】

【Farmer skill: 「Scythe Equip」acquired】


Yup, for my Farmer level to become Lv2 just by picking a single tomato, my growth rate is way too cheat as usual.

While thinking that, I rubbed the tomato with my sleeve and bit into it.


“Yummmmyy! Hey, this is delicious! Haru, Carol, give it a try.”


Amazing, the freshness and the natural sweetness of a vegetable that spread within my mouth all at once made it feel like my blood was flowing smoothly.

Under my encouragement, Carol and Haru each picked a tomato and carried it to their mouths.

The eyes of the 2 of them widened after they came to know the taste and they finished eating the whole tomato at once.


Even though the tomato is delicious, this situation is bad ― if food can be so easily produced, we might genuinely become hikikomoris.

That thought ran through my mind as I reached for a tomato.

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