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GC V4C93

(093) Stand-by at rocky field, battle will start soon

Translator: Tseirp

An hour passed in the midst of harvesting the tomatoes so Haru substituted Malina.

Malina’s eyes were also wide in shock from the tastiness of the tomatoes when she ate them.

After that, we harvested the tomatoes and placed them into the gunny sack I brought along.


“Nevertheless, it sure is mysterious. For the plants to grow in the blink of the eye. Carbon dioxide, water, and light are needed for photosynthesis. Did the plants absorb the spring water in an instant?”


They should need a large amount of light for photosynthesis right?

How did they gather that required light?

In the first place, why is this world so bright?


Too many aspects are way too mysterious.


“What is so mysterious about creating a spring and growing plants by expending MP?”


Carol calmly pointed out.

That’s true as well.

In the first place, my common knowledge from Japan doesn’t work in this world called Otherworld.

By using magic and expending MP, a person can create fire, stone or water.

So it’s my lost if I focus too much on the details.


“What kind of seeds do you have, Malina?”

“It, it’s the seed of an aquatic plant.”

“Aquatic plant?”


Aquatic plants don’t strike me as edible though.


“Yes, since you already made a spring, I thought of making it into a fish pond.”


Malina said while facing downwards.


“Fish pond huh … it certainly might be fun if we can try fishing or something. Fish may not grow rapidly like the plants but it might be good to patiently wait for them to grow too. In conjunction with fishing.”


I threw the seeds of the aquatic plant into the spring and further accelerated the plants’ growth.

The wheat plants were now shining golden in color.


Looks like now the wheat can be harvested too.


“Ah … We don’t have any of the tools needed for harvesting …”

“Various tools are required as well even after harvesting to convert the wheat into flour so we should only harvest after we’ve prepared those tools.”


I guess that’s true … ha~, if this was going to be the case, it would have been better to plant the seeds of plants like apple plants rather than wheat.


I decided to leave this world for today.


When we returned to the room, Haru was sitting tranquilly beside the double bed.

As though she was a guard protecting the bedroom.

It looked like it would have been perfect if she held a naginata. (TL: Naginata is a type of Japanese blade similar to glaives, like a spear but with a blade made for slicing instead of stabbing)


“Haru, you could have sat on the bed you know?”

“It’s because it is the bed master will be resting on.”

“You don’t have to worry about such things.”


Haru is way too conscientious.

That trait of hers can be both her strong point and her shortcoming.

I’d prefer if she emulated a little of Marina’s impudence.

However, this is indeed Haru’s charming point so I feel troubled.


“We ate plenty of tomatoes so I guess we won’t need lunch?”


Even though lunch consisted of only tomatoes, it felt like a considerably luxurious lunch.


“Then, as planned, shall we go camp out?”


There are levels that can only be raised through battle.

From this time on, Malina … no, Marina was now able to use the bow and my level also somehow increased.


We considered leveling up Carol’s Temptress job in the daytime but ― well, after taking various things into consideration, we decided to use Carol’s ability at night and level up the ability.


“Carol can also use Charm so I’ll definitely be useful.”

“Ah, I’m counting on you.”


When I patted Carol’s head, she exuded an extremely happy mood.

We failed the previous time but I’ve been thinking of various strategies this time so I wonder if we’ll be able to let her reach a high level all of the sudden.




There were very little people leaving the town.

Since the people trying to avoid the ravages of war had probably already fled yesterday.


The procedure to exit the town was over in an instant.

The gatekeeper man told us to travel via the east before aiming for north if we’re planning to flee but since we’re not fleeing, I thanked him and we began walking towards the southwest.


We walked for 4 hours towards the southwest direction.

We exited the grasslands and arrived at the rocky field.


I picked up the sand with my feet and tried dropping it.

It dropped slightly towards the northern direction.

It seemed like there was a south wind blowing.


The sun had sunk somewhat into the horizon.


“Amazing … so those are this country’s soldiers?”


I looked towards the north from the rocky field.

I saw a lot of people about 10 km ahead.

It only seemed like the size of a grain of sand from here but a squad of soldiers was gathering.


I couldn’t really tell the figures of the soldiers but I could clearly see war banner-like flags even from our position.

Haru’s vision is apparently better than mine and she could distinguish each and every one of them even from where we were.

Based on the information Carol procured, the scale of the army was about 400 soldiers and it seemed like they were on average about Swordsman Lv20.

If there was a general-class individual as well, he would apparently be about Knight Lv30.

I don’t know how strong that is though.


It seemed like they plan to clash with the monster herd there.


There would be no problems if the human side wins.

If the soldiers seem to have lost, I plan to attract the monsters to our position using Carol’s ability.

Of course, there are no issues in the aspect of safety.

We’ll only fight the enemies with long range attacks and we will shut ourselves in My World if it seems like we’re about to lose.


That’s why we’ll be able to fight with 100% safety.

Since without the permit, even monsters will not be able to enter My World.


This has already been experimented using Fuyun as the opponent.

No doubt about it since Fuyun tried to bite me in anger from being repelled from the rift in space.


“Then, let’s have dinner? Since we have tomatoes, I’ll grill meat and sandwich the tomatoes and meat in bread to make sandwiches.”


I said that and began preparing dinner.

The battle will start soon.


“Master, I’ll help too.”

“Ah, Haru! Those tomatoes have already been cut into slices! Please stop shredding them!”


I cried as I looked at the not so thinly shredded tomatoes. (TL: The author made a play on words here, the Japanese word for thinly shredding/julienning is literally translated as thousand cuts but he remarked that her cuts were the thickness of 10 cuts.)

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