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Chapter 155: Raid

Translator: Tseirp

I didn’t ask which labyrinth we would be heading to after we left the city of Grandol so I tried asking the 2 people sitting in the driver seat.


“I’ve heard that we would be going through multiple labyrinths but what kind of labyrinth would we be going to first?”

“Apparently, a labyrinth where only ant monsters appear and have only 10 floors. I also didn’t know that there was such a shallow labyrinth.”

“We’ve just fought ants so I wanted to refrain from going there but Lionel-sama was somewhat motivated so I couldn’t stop him nya.”

Unlike the slightly excited Kefin, maybe because she was imagining the ant monsters, Cathy looked like she didn’t want to go to a labyrinth filled with ants like that.

I would obviously go with them if those 2 are going but just by imagining it slightly, I couldn’t help but visualize the image of being thrown into a hole.

” … I see. Even though I have a very bad feeling about it … I am also incapable of stopping those 2 so we can only quietly follow them.”

I looked at the 2 riding ahead and spat out a sigh.


It’s encouraging to have 2 rivals cooperating with each other in my party but I wonder if I can reach the level the 2 of them wish of me.

It’s extremely unsettling but I told myself to just do what I can and I decided to first begin with calming matters in the carriage.

“We’ve just come to Grandol yesterday but have you 2 been in this country for a long time?”

“It’s been about 3 years for me. Slightly more than a year for Lydia.”

“Is that so? Nevertheless, did you 2 form a party with just the 2 of you? You guys didn’t form parties with other people? During my time as a Healer in Meratoni, there were rarely any people who acted solo or in parties of 2?”

“Well, a lot of things happened and I acted solo for a long time. There were many troublesome matters but with ample preparation time and since my physical ability dramatically rose because I acquired the Dragon God’s Priestess title during my coming-of-age ceremony …”

I didn’t really understand her reason for acting solo for 3 years as an adventurer just because her physical ability drastically improved but I wonder if she has some kind of circumstance?

For the time being, I talked to the reticent Lydia.

“I see. Lydia is a Spirit-user and possesses the Blessing of the Spirit King right? Does the Blessing of the Spirit King allow you to borrow power from all Spirits?”

“Yes. Because I have not contracted with the Greater Spirits, I can only borrow power from young Spirits but I can borrow power without minding the attribute. Do you know about Rainstar-dono?”

” … Yeah. He is the founder of the church so naturally I’ve heard of him.”

I wonder what kind of reaction would she give me if I told her that I’ve also seen the actual him?

I was slightly tempted but I refrained from doing such thoughtless behavior.

“Rainstar-dono contracted with all the Greater Spirits and apparently met the Spirit King. I also aim to meet the Spirit King so I am working hard with elder sister.”

I could tell that she found that person amazing.

In contrast to the delighted younger sister, the elder sister was looking depressed.


I was curious as to why she was making a face as if she didn’t really want to become an adventurer but it happened just as I was about to ask.

I heard Shisho and Lionel’s voices from outside.

“It’s an enemy attack!! Some people dressed bandits.”

“Luciel-sama, please prepare for combat.”

What idiotic bandits to come even with those 2 around.


I begin preparing for battle while having that thought.

“Understood. Estia, please protect these 2. You 2 can remain in this carriage.”

I activated 「Area Barrier」 and moved to the driver seat and applied 「Area Barrier」 on Cathy and Kefin too.

“Anti-personnel combat … it’s my first time fighting with bandits but is there anything I need to prepare myself for?”

“Fight with the thought that you will die if you hesitate nya.”

“If you’re reluctant to kill them, please cut off their 4 limbs such that they can’t move.”


Just as I activated 「Area Barrier」 with 「Magic Circle Chant」 on Shisho and Lionel in front of me, the enemies released their arrows.

The number looked like there were dozens of them falling like rain but Shisho and Lionel were laughing on the horses and seemed to be having some conversation.

“Those 2 look like they have so much leeway. Cathy and Kefin, please be wary of the left and right and behind.”



Cathy and Kefin also had smiles on their faces for some reason and begin to watch the left and right but I could tell that the number of arrows was gradually decreasing.

“Since they’ve released so many arrows, ran out of arrows and not a single person or even the horses were injured, they have no choice but to approach huh?”

“Then, I’ll temporarily entrust this location to you nyan.”

“We’ll go defeat the enemies to the left and right.”

The next instant, the 2 of them scattered to the left and right as if they had disappeared.


Looking at where the 2 of them were headed to, I could see the figures of a small squad of about 5 people peeking at our condition.

“These might be the adventurers disguised as bandits and bandits and some other people mixed in that attacked the sisters. Even so, aren’t they too shabby?”

Just as I muttered that, the squad in front rushed at Shisho and Lionel.


” … No need to guess, they are trying to break through at one point and aim for this location!?”

At the driver seat, I drew my Holy Silver bow after such a long time.

If there’s anything we need to be even slightly cautious about, I would probably be able to help Shisho and Lionel.

I thought.

However, I could say that the combat would end shortly after.


Looking at the bandits charging over, Shisho disappeared from atop his horse and I could hear the stopping screams of the bandit advance troops.

Lionel saw that, got off his horse and caused walls of flames to appear to the left and right with a swing of his Flame Greatsword which killed the momentum of the charging horses.

“As expected of Lionel-sama. Nevertheless, Whirlwind is also a monster nya.”

“Indeed. I’ll be next after Luciel-sama but it looks like they would be able to train me. I’m extremely looking forward to it.”

The 2 who went towards the left and right squads returned at the same timing.

But Kefin. That is equal to a death flag you know.

I could not believe Kefin would say such a remark.


“Thank you for your hard work. Was there anything that could tell what bandits they were?”

“There wasn’t anything in particular nya. Rather than that, they were new adventurers who were hired with money nya.”

“It was the same at my side too. They talked before I threatened them. They were told that a single carriage would be attacked so they were requested to give their aid.”

I intuitively thought that the person who came up with that strategy was the same person who framed Nadia and Lydia.


“So what happened to those adventurers?”

“It seems like they decided to run away when the arrows rained down nya. I made all of them unconscious and took their adventurer cards nya.”

“I did the same at my side too.”

Garba-san was charged with the training for the 2 of them but I could tell that he had given them guidance from how they hide their dark side with their refreshing expressions.


“I see. Shall we return to Grandol for now after Shisho and Lionel come back? Please remain vigilant until the fighting ends.”


I left the driver seat to the 2 of them and peeked into the carriage to ask Nadia and Lydia.

“Do you 2 have any idea as to why you are being targeted?”

The 2 of them held each other hands and nodded.


“As I suspected. If that’s the case, then the question would by why didn’t they purchase you 2 during the auction. Then, it would mean that they were waiting for me to treat you 2. There shouldn’t be many people who know about me but if they possess appraisal skills then …”

I was caught in a whirlpool of thoughts but I tried asking if they know of anyone who would bring them back if they knew that the 2 of them have been healed.

“Do you have anybody in mind who would bring you 2 sisters back as slaves given that you are treated?”

“Father and brother, as well as the head of the current Earl family in Principality of Blange who are descendants of the summoned hero, Blade von Kamiya.”

Summoned … I don’t know where was he summoned from but Kamiya … if I think of it as Kamiya(神谷) then he was probably summoned from Japan?

And then, if it even involves their immediate family, it means that these 2 are nobles.

However, I’ve never heard of Kamiya-dono.


” … That summoned person was a hero right? But I’ve never heard of him?”

“I heard from father in the past that the achievements of the hero were treated as that of the Principality.”

Nadia answered indifferently but why did they run away in the first place?

It’s common among stories, but even if one of them had a guy they liked, it doesn’t seem like they hate guys?


” … Why did you run away? Though it seems plausible that nobles would have political marriages?”

” … Yes. I also resolved myself for it. However, about 3 months before my coming-of-age ceremony, I received a revelation from Dragon God-sama and I only prepared in case that revelation was true. Then, during my coming-of-age ceremony, when I acquired the title, I saw the world get engulfed by darkness. I decided to live my life to change that future.”

… Isn’t my act of releasing the Holy Dragon the cause of that?

Taking that into consideration, did I wind up changing fate?

Despite my confusion, this time, Lydia spoke.


“I also heard the voice of the Spirits before my coming-of-age ceremony and once my coming-of-age ceremony ended, I thought that I was to be married at that point but everyone fell asleep all at once, I followed the voice of the Spirits to run away using a horse and I easily escaped. I reached where Nadia Ane-sama was and have been together with her from then on.”

I acquired the Blessing of the Water Spirit slightly more than a year ago but … there should be other people who have acquired blessings too right?

Even if I think so, looking at the 2 of them, I end up feeling like our fates are intertwined so it felt mysterious.

However, imagining the situation, I felt sympathetic.

If it was me, I would not have been able to recover quickly.

” … In short, the Earl who was supposed to marry the 2 of you had his brides who are from the same family run away twice.”

Maybe they guessed my feelings as the 2 of them begin giving excuses.

“Kamiya-dono has a wife and 3 concubines so our role was to prevent father and brother from starting a rebellion … we’re essentially hostages. If it was to be like that, I wanted to live my life saving the world instead.”

So he already had a harem huh.

Well, it’s a system where a husband can have many wives but my feelings of sympathy had disappeared.


“Furthermore, a descendant of a hero is not a hero. In spite of them knowing that, father and brother … to mother who protected us …”

Lydia cried as she said that.

It’s unfair to use women’s weapon … If Shisho didn’t tell me to not drink Object X, my love-struck brain would probably have activated and caused me to be moved. Instead, feeling thankful that I have a Healer job where I can calmly think matters through, I combined the information from their stories and the uncomfortable feeling I felt in Grandol.

What if there was a person with Appraisal skill among our opponents and they set a trap to separate the 2 stronger individuals and seal them to lower our combat potential?

I considered up to that point and quickly gave instructions to Cathy and Kefin.

“As expected, there’s a possibility that guy is around, Cathy, Kefin, break through the center.”

The 2 of them urged the carriage forward without arguing against my instructions.


As we gradually closed the distance, I could still hear sounds of battle.

On the other side of the flame wall was Shisho who was struggling against a dozen or so adventurers, Lionel who had suffered from small scratches as well as the figure of the slave merchant man who had a smile on his face.


Author’s Note:

Thank you for reading.


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