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Luciel once again sets forth for (forced into) his highly unconventional training hahaha. Enjoy!

Chapter 158: The ultimate goal of training

Translator: Tseirp

In the vicinity of the labyrinths in Grandol, there apparently will be the existence of, though small, towns. Advancing on the carriage a short distance after sunset, we saw lights from a distance away so we no longer needed to camp out.

Having a town beside the labyrinth puts it in danger if the monsters overflow from the labyrinth, like what happened this time, but the Adventurer’s Guild headquarters operates in this country so it would likely be resolved quickly.

The reason for the towns is to secure a stable supply of magic stones for export to Nelldal as the sole country to be able to do so.


“Shisho, why have we come to the labyrinth even though we can already see the town?”

“Because the current you don’t have the air of tension … of well-honed senses. It’s for the sake of cultivating that.”

” … Was there a time when I had that air?”

“Yeah. When I fought with you in the Holy Capital’s Adventurer’s Guild. I thought that it would have been great if you continued to grow like that but unfortunately now, not to mention a sense of danger, there isn’t even enough sense of tension.”

… The time when I fought in the Holy Capital was, if I remember correctly … during the time I conquered the Labyrinth of Tribulations.

The time when I dove in the labyrinth for a long time and somehow escaped while having the feeling that I was going to be killed.


Just recalling it makes me feel that I did really well to survive through that …

“That’s because I was desperately trying to survive at that time …”

“That’s what the current you is lacking. With Sen’oni around, you would be able to weather through most battles so you probably have a sense of security. However, I feel that the sense of security has dulled Luciel’s rate of growth. To make up for your lack of talent, you have spent a longer time than Sen’oni and me on the verge of death and it should be possible to regain that sense. From this point on will be your real training.”

Well, these 2 have likely been on the verge of death before but they probably did not experience losing arms and legs for over half a year like me so Shisho’s words might be true.

But what worried me the most was the words ‘it will be the real deal from now’.

“Well, I think that it wouldn’t have been strange if I fell into madness at that time …”

Because my Mental Resistance increased from drinking Object X and because I had Angel’s Pillow, even though I thought about a lot of things, my biggest focus was to not give up.

But I have a feeling I would immediately regain that sense if I fight with the 2 of them?

“Luciel, acquiring your well-honed sense is not our only goal, this time, the training is for the sake of converting your cowardice into your own weapon. That’s why there is a need to corner you …”

” … What exactly do you plan to do to me?”

Shisho’s freezing glance caused the pores all over my body to open and cold sweat to pour out.

I had prepared myself for Instructor Broad’s training but hearing his words to push me into a corner caused my body to cower with fright from the realization that it won’t just involve some half-baked content.

Thinking back, I wasn’t allowed to use heal at all for muscle pains and bruises, he used real swords to slash at me even though it was training and he released bloodlust to determine if I really could no longer stand or not, there weren’t any decent memories.


“If I say it in simple terms, I plan for you to be able to live your life with just your mind and magical power senses.”


“Normally we won’t be able to use such a dangerous method but if it’s Luciel who is able to use healing magic, you’ll definitely be able to master it. The essence of martial arts, to read the signs and perceive the best timing to counter an opponent’s attack.”

Even if you tell me such manga-like moves …

However, whenever Shisho says it with that kind of hopeful feeling, I know that if it’s viewed from a probability standpoint, the chance doesn’t even reach 50%.


” … Has anybody ever succeeded?”

“Including Rainstar-dono, there has been many who have. Well, it’s said that Rainstar-dono listened to the voice of the Spirits so it might be slightly different.”

Even if you tell me with that nice smile … looking at it from the flip side, it’s the same as saying Rainstar-dono couldn’t do it or that there wasn’t a need for him to do so?

They want to make me learn that but is there really a need for me to learn it?


For an ordinary person like me … I felt bloodthirst from behind my back and turning back, I saw Lionel and the others who looked like they were having fun.

“Splendid. From now on, let’s gradually increase the things you are capable of.”

“Everything except for bloodthirst was missed out so it might take some time nya.”

“We’ll also give our full support so let us grow stronger together.”

“Since it’s Luciel-sama, he’ll definitely be able to achieve anything.”

“Lydia and I will also assist Luciel-sama.”

“Even though I only have weak ability to sense the magical power of Spirits of all attributes, please allow me to assist.”

My retainers were brimming with motivation for some reason.

Moreover, I’m concerned about why they are so delighted to hear about my training but they will definitely regret making me go through this special training.

Since without having to focus on me, Shisho will spend his spare time on everyone else.

Furthermore, it would be a hellish world where naivety would totally not be tolerated.


“Work hard to live up to your followers’ expectations.”


The moment my training content was decided, all of the sudden, Shisho crushed my eyeballs.

Just as I tried to quickly use 「Extra Heal」, I sensed bloodthirst from Shisho and distanced myself.

“Good reaction. It’s fine if you want to use 「Heal」 to remove the pain but if you heal yourself until you can see again, this time, I’ll gouge out your eyeballs.”

I knew that those frightening words were not just a threat.

Shisho is a man of his words.


However, I decided to prove that, unlike the yes man I was before, I can also say no now.”

“Shisho, when will you be having your mock battle with Lionel? I’ve been looking forward to both your performances. Don’t you 2 have something you have to do that comes before my training?”

“Of course. However, both Sen’oni and I have to dust off our rust before we can return to our prime. If Luciel can grasp presence and magical power by sensing the breath of the earth and the torrent of the atmosphere, by mimicking all that I do, you should be able to sublimate it into something that you can call your own. Once you achieve that, no matter if your opponent is a dragon or a demon, there’s no reason for you to not be able to win. If it is for the sake of letting my disciple reach that realm, I will work towards my prime from now on.”

“Whirlwind. Luciel is not just your disciple. Well, I approve of that spirit. But, just mimicking is not sufficient at all. If you want him to be able to sense movement, there’s also a need to raise his physical ability like his reflexes and techniques to handle them to be able to react to those movements.”

” … Things like that can probably be done easily once his level increases. Furthermore, once he is able to grasp presence and magical power, by mimicking us, he should be able to feel the difference compared to himself.”

The final destination of these 2 people’s mimicking training … is way too impossible.


“Luciel, shift your feelings into gear. If you succeed in it all, a peaceful life awaits you.”

With that said, I could hear Shisho’s footsteps go away.


While thinking about how unreasonable that man is, I felt a sense of nostalgia towards this training that is mean for my sake even if it’s unreasonable.

Under the condition of having lost my sight, the thought of how harsh it would be to pass through the ant labyrinth made me feel like tearing up but I decided to work hard if only for the sake of living up to their expectations.

“It looked like Shisho has not eaten yet but maybe we’ll have lunch first.”

“Of course it’s a given that I’ll be eating too.”

As if having heard me, I could hear the footsteps of Shisho turning back.


Since a list of food stored within will appear in my head by touching my item bag, there was no problem with regards to everyone’s meal.

However, unable to eat without guidance even if I’m handed a spoon and fork in my hand, I received the humiliation of being spoon-fed … by Shisho.

“Luciel, the current you is like a baby. If it’s vexing, become able to sense everything.”

Even though I knew that was a pep talk, I can’t just remain like this and I can’t leisurely take my time without knowing when I would be able to succeed, so I focused my mind on my heart’s support that can be said to be my tranquilizer.

It was my 「Skill Proficiency Appraisal」.

I made the decision to begin working on searching for the more efficient learning method to increase my proficiency by checking what action raises my proficiency while without my vision.

This feeling that I had not felt for a long time gradually turned my unease to a sense of anticipation and I poured in all my effort in order to surprise Shisho.


Author’s note:

Thank you for reading.


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