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Chapter 163: As expected of another dimension

Translator: Tseirp

As expected of the labyrinth called the Labyrinth of Traps, there were traps scattered everywhere.


The troublesome thing was that the traps would regenerate after some time after they’ve been disarmed so it didn’t look like it would be easy breaking through the labyrinth.


People have cleared the labyrinth countless times in the past but it’s apparently a forbidden labyrinth where none of the parties ever returned without casualties.


That should have been the case but Shisho and Kefin were disarming one trap after the other and we didn’t even encounter many monsters.


“Compared to other labyrinths, not only are the walls and ceilings distorted, do monsters not appear in this labyrinth as well? Or is it because it is a labyrinth where monsters truly don’t appear unless the traps are activated?”

When I closed my eyes, I was shocked at the intensity of the pure magical power in this labyrinth.


We’ve only traveled through the first half of the labyrinth until the 10th floor but we’ve been advancing without entering battle even once.

However, I felt a sense of pressure where it wouldn’t even be strange if a demon appeared.


“During our time here, we got caught in a trap on the 15th floor and encountered the hydra so I don’t think weak monsters will appear.”

They were behaving stout-heartedly but the sisters were, in fact, trembling so although I could empathize with their will to conquer their trauma, it doesn’t look like we can count on their participation in combat.


It looks like they have disarmed the final trap before the entrance to the 10th-floor boss room.


“Since the monster in the boss room is random, take action instantaneously after seeing the boss … Luciel, are you really fine with this?”


The boss in the boss room is randomized. When we obtained this information, it was determined that I would be the first to enter the boss room.

“Yes. If possible, I hope I draw a ghost-type monster.”


I commented as I opened the door and advanced. Raising my weapons and moving to the center, the monster that appeared was the pitiful Big Wraith.


When I activated 「Purification」 with 「No Chant」, it was purified completely in one go and it disappeared along with a pale light.

“Easy victory. Well then, Shisho, Kefin, I’ll be relying on you 2 once again.”


When I said that with a smile, for some reason, Shisho sighed, Lionel and the others made wry grins and the sisters were astonished.


“Please don’t forget that we came here to fight?”

Shisho found fault in my actions.


Although it’s a labyrinth where monsters don’t appear at all, the 2 of them were tasked with disarming a serious amount of traps as we advanced peacefully.


Then, when we arrived at the 15th floor, Shisho shot a question at the sisters.

“Do you wish to overcome your trauma by fighting the hydra? Do you wish to win even if it’s with everyone’s help?”

The 2 of them nodded even though they had pale complexions.


“Well, considering the lack of opponents till now, shall we make them appear?”

“Please do avoid instant deaths okay?”

Everyone nodded to my remark.

I won’t let anybody die, including myself. I once again swore to myself that I will keep everyone alive and not let any casualties appear as we entered the transfer zone to the hydra’s location under the 2 sister’s guidance and we were warped over.


My impression of it was a kind of multi-headed dragon so it won’t be strange if a breath attack was sent flying over.

Even though I was beaten black and blue when I fought with the Fire Dragon a year ago, for some reason, I completely didn’t feel any fear this time.



It’s roar threatened to shake even the labyrinth itself and the echoes were extremely noisy so I involuntarily replied with a yell.

“Stop barking you 5-headed small fry!!”


Because I yelled at the hydra, it seemed to have turned hostile towards me and decided to target me but I was completely unafraid perhaps because it was a dragon-type.


I quickly activated 「Area Barrier」 and observed Shisho and Lionel’s movements closely while grasping the movements of the others.


While holding my Holy Dragon Spear and Illusionary Sword up, I noticed that the hydra appeared cautious towards Shisho and me which made me remember that Shisho had also slain a dragon before.


Matching gazes with Shisho, he approached me and instructed me on the guide to attacking hydras.

“Listen well Luciel, the multi-headed dragon typically releases long-distance breath attacks but only 2 or 3 of the heads will release the breaths at the same time. Apart from that, it will only attack by either biting or by using its tail.”

“It won’t try to claw using those thick arms?”

“It won’t do so when it releases its breath attack. What you must take note is to not stand directly in front or behind it. If you’re beside it, it would be easier to attack as you can tell which head would be releasing the breath. Watch.”

Shisho left with those words and without me noticing, appeared a few steps beside the hydra that was 30 meters away. While avoiding the breaths, he sliced off its right arm near the shoulder instead of its head and kicked the dragon’s head before returning to my side.

“I forgot to mention but in the case of multi-headed dragons, their heads are capable of regenerating and when you thought that another fire breath will follow after it released a fire breath, beware that the next breath might be a petrification breath. Sen’oni, I’ll be beheading it since it’s getting troublesome so please help me scorch it.”


Shisho, first thing first, I don’t think I’m capable of those movements.


He’ll probably not listen to my complaints but if I become capable of movements similar to Shisho, I believe I would definitely be world-class.


“Don’t be late in escaping and get caught in the fire.”

“Who do you think I am? I’ll leave a single head.”

Shisho said and laughed at Lionel’s joke and once again approached the hydra from an opposite side this time at a tremendous speed before sending its left arm flying and he tossed something from his chest pocket.


The next instant, an intense light was released.

Flash bang!? While I was surprised, Lionel activated his Flaming Greatsword and after he swung it 4 times at a speed I could barely register, 4 fireballs of about 2 meters in diameter flew forth with amazing momentum.


Then, they impacted the hydra in the blink of an eye, burning the base of the necks.

When I was still surprised by the explosion of the impact, Shisho was already beside me laughing without me noticing.

“See? If you attack from the side, you won’t have to worry about getting damage right?”

I feel bad for Shisho who had a beaming smile but I would totally not be able to use this battle as a reference.

I exclaimed in my heart but I only gave a bitter smile on the surface.

No, not only myself, I’m certain all the other members other than Shisho and Lionel would not be capable of pulling off the battle that just took place.


I totally could not understand why a person possessing the ability to insta-kill a hydra would be stationed in the guild and why Shisho would retire from adventuring.



My thoughts were drowned out by the cry of the now single-headed hydro that was still intent on fighting.


“You can become a Dragon Slayer as long as you deal damage. Everyone come give it some scratches.”

Lionel announced to all the members.


Reluctantly, I took command from that point.

“Beware of the breath and although we can’t be certain that the heads won’t regenerate, if you wish to deal damage, please attack the wounds where the arms were sliced off or the stumps of the necks. Please just beware of the breath attack.”

“”Yes!”” “””Yes.”””

We begin a combined attack against the hydra.


Lydia raised her Spirit Staff and after muttering something, a flame spear and wind spear appeared in mid-air before flying towards and directly striking the hydra.

The hydra raised a tremendous bellow either due to anger from the pain or irritation towards the lower-rank attack compared to the one that left it with one head.


I stood directly in front of it so I was expecting a breath attack to come but contrary to my expectations, it rotated its body to use its tail. Just as it was about to mow us, me including Estia and Nadia, down, Cathy and Kefin kicked off the wall and gouged at its wound.

Thanks to that, the 3 of us didn’t fall prey to its tail.

It turned its focus towards Cathy to spit out a breath attack but it was already too late.


Estia and Nadia thrust their swords into the stumps of its arms as I, in the state of having channeled my full energy to strengthen my body, swung my Illusionary Sword to slice off its final head.

Then, to be doubly sure, I pierced the stump of the neck that I beheaded with my Holy Dragon Spear.


The hydra staggered and crumbled as it collapsed backward, leaving only a magic stone in place after disappearing.

It somehow felt like it was the first time I defeated a monster with a party.

But I decided to honestly rejoice today for gaining victory over a big foe.


Would one immediately become a Dragon Slayer upon defeating the hydra?

There might be some who are curious about that but it’s apparently common knowledge that you will only acquire the title if you manage to leave the labyrinth.

It probably means that we’re in combat until we return.


Nevertheless, even though Shisho and Lionel’s strengths were slightly too much in a different dimension such that they couldn’t be taken as a reference, I spurred myself on to approach their strength ever so slightly by the time I leave this labyrinth to reach the peaceful life I desire.


Author’s note:

Thank you for reading.


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