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Chapter 164: Random Boss

Translator: Tseirp

It’s great that we defeated the hydra but the problem came after that.

The magic circle we came in by wouldn’t start up and when we dove into the magic circle the sisters used when they somehow escaped the hydra, we appeared at the entrance to the first floor.


“My trap detection and disarming skill will likely increase if we continue doing this for a long time.”

Shisho was the first to react to my comment.

“Now that I think about it, didn’t I make you study on how to disarm a trap long ago? It’s a good opportunity now so let me teach you.”

The moment he said that and smacked my shoulder, I realized that I had dug my own grave.


This time, our goal was to reach the 10th-floor boss room but unlike the labyrinths I’ve been in, it would take no earlier than a couple of hours to once again arrive at the 10th floor even if we knew the paths in this labyrinth. There were that many traps to that extent.

Well, apart from the pitfall traps and transfer traps, the other traps were only arrows or needles that cause poison or paralysis so it didn’t look like it would pose a problem even if I advance by taking them all with my body.

While I had such thoughts, I decided to refrain from saying such rash remarks.

It’s said that the mouth is the cause of calamity and I had a premonition that something even more terrible will befall me once I say that so I concentrated on searching for the distortion in magical power within the labyrinth as we advanced.


By the time we finally arrived at the 10th-floor boss room, my stomach was already empty and although Shisho boo-ed at my performance, the female team thanked me for my work so I didn’t feel irritated.


Shisho looked on as he opened the door leading to the boss room so I had no choice but to proceed and the boss waiting inside was a robot-like golem.

“Shisho, is that boss clad in lightning?”

Well rather than lightning it’s more like electricity but if there are impurities mixed within then it should short-circuit if it touches water but … is the water created by Lydia’s Spirit Magic pure water? It happened when I was still lost in thought.

“It’s troublesome so I’ll just go kill it.”

Shisho said before running towards the golem.

The golem released a lightning attack at the approaching Shisho but he easily dodged it and I could tell he stabbed at the golem continuously but the moment his attacks landed, the golem crumbled into pieces and turned into a magic stone.


“What happened exactly?”

As expected it was Lionel who replied me.

“Both golems and slimes possess a nucleus and if that is broken, they will not be able to maintain their form and breakdown. Whirlwind probably destroyed the nucleus by stabbing various locations at high speeds.”

I could understand the explanation but it would be a ‘no’ if you asked me if I could do it.


This person really possesses the strength of a different dimension.

“Luciel, we’ll be staying here today. We’ll be having a mock battle after our meal.”

” … Okay.”

I couldn’t decide if I was fortunate or unfortunate to have the opportunity to spar with this Shisho of a different dimension.


Well, what await me is a hopeless gap in combat prowess so I should be able to fight without holding back.

I purified the boss room while having that thought and when I took out the self-cooking utensils, it seemed like Estia and the sister are able to cook properly.


Cathy looked like she was staring at them from afar so I told her to do it together with them and asked them to kindly teach her how to cook.

I laughed when Kefin bowed towards me deeply.


However, that was where my laughter came to an end.


“Luciel, you can attack whichever way you want. I’ll wait for your attack before retaliating. I’ll let you know beforehand that you’ll lose consciousness in one go without your barrier so remember to set it up before you attack.”

He had not surprise attacked me like before so I felt that he had become gentler.

Until now …


Whenever I attacked while in physically strengthened condition, he would definitely be ready with a counter technique.

Whenever I attacked with a straight punch, a cross counter will be waiting for me every time.


Furthermore, considering it’s a mock battle, he taught me my combat style and weapon handling style in more detail compared to before.

While explaining the pros and cons of sword techniques, spear techniques, double spear techniques and taijutsu utilizing bare hands, we sparred countless times and he showed me counters.


“Luciel, what you have obtained from the training until now is the ability to predict the opponent by sensing the movement of presence and magical power. It would have been impossible to learn this in half a month without a proper foundation. Furthermore, the person’s disposition is important. To be able to have hypersensitivity to sensing danger, it would be impossible without the resolution to not waver, to never give up and to not back down. Now then, you now stand at the brink of the finish line so try defeating me.”

Shisho said to ignite my fighting spirit.


“Here I come.”

I strengthened my body and released an attack the same instant I activated 「High Heal」 but I was rolling on the ground the next moment.

“Luciel, attacks where you disregard the damage to your body is effective during certain times but it is not the right choice every time. Look at your opponent properly. If you are always conscious of your opponent’s movements using your perception skills, you have the potential to accumulate that image into your experience.”

He was saying phrases like from a manga protagonist aiming to be the world strongest but is it actually possible to break through the bounds of talent?


“「Middle Heal」. … Shisho, are you talking about future sight and future prediction?”

“Only a handful of individuals blessed with innate talent will be capable of that. But, even for ordinary people like me and you, we are capable of surpassing people who possess that talent. By imagining strong and concrete battles and accumulating combat experience, it is possible to surpass them. Although if you don’t continue doing so, the ones with innate talent will quickly catch up to you.”

Shisho lightly scratched his head as he said that.

But, sadly, when Shisho grouped me together with him, it completely lost its persuasive power.


Rather than that, I have doubts as to whether Shisho is actually an ordinary person.

“Shisho, I don’t understand why you would think of yourself as an ordinary person.”

” … I dreamed of becoming an Imperial Knight since I was young but I was discharged when I was 15 years old. So I had no choice but to become an adventurer but I was stuck as an E-rank even until I was 20 years old. Then, I had a chance to meet the S-rank adventurer party at that time and I got to know the gramps in the party and had the opportunity to begin training. For five years, I spat blood and endured the gramps’ training with a steel spirit until, without me noticing, I reached the position where I was on par with the S-rank. Luciel, that’s why even though you don’t have innate talent, you who possess the talent of hard work and perseverance is my disciple and my successor.”

To be honest, I could not believe that story but it didn’t look like Shisho was lying.


At that time, I suddenly remembered my previous life.


The successful colleague who entered the company at the same time and had the same sales position suddenly stalled on the 3-year mark, got demoted and left the company.

While I who always could not get promoted and had results that barely meet the requirements remained.

Our sociable manner was about the same but he had better knowledge and speech so he was steadily promoted from the first year.

In comparison, until the 3rd year, I still continued to struggle with only newbie contracts.

Just like the fairy tale of the rabbit and the tortoise, I did not even advance half the pace of the rabbit’s progress but by increasing the number of cold-call telephone appointments, memorising the unique quirks of the negotiation partners, slowly creating new customers, and acquiring recommendations, I reversed the situation after 3 years.


The reason why I did not give up then was … ah, I see.

I was simple and naive too.

When I look back, I could recall the reason why I worked so hard at that time.


I have apparently forgotten about how even if the laws and environment changed compared to my previous life, there were still some aspects of this world that resembled my past world and that this was an extremely benevolent world towards those who continue to work hard.

Did I reach Level X in Holy attribute magic because I had talent in it?

If I’m asked that, I would deny it.

Similarly, by having plenty of training at Shisho’s place, the result is that I’ve now defeated many monsters.


“For now, I’ll do everything I can but I am still just a Healer so please go easy on me.”

“I’ll first instruct you on how to satisfactorily handle your weapons. Next, to make you capture the flow of the battle, I’ll make you conscious of all your perception skills. Lastly, I’ll have you understand the whole picture by having you take command. Because you are just simply a Healer. Well, it won’t trouble you if you become stronger.”

” … Well, that is true.”

” … You’ve suddenly become so obedient.”

“I carry the title of being your disciple so rather than object hesitantly, it seemed better and more refreshing to squarely exchange blows.”

“I’ll be knocking you out before that.”

Thus, my special training with Shisho continued until the food was ready.


After having our meals, I sparred with Lionel and when everyone was training with Shisho, my training for today ended to allow for me to recover.


The next morning, everyone begin to wake up just about when I finished making meals for everyone since I was the first to wake up.

Then, when the female team asked me for the recipe and I passed them the recipe collection that I have not taken out for a long time, it became a lively breakfast.

After our meal, we resumed our dive into the Labyrinth of Traps.


Because I was receiving instructions from Shisho and Kefin about trap removal, our advancing speed was extremely slow but since monsters didn’t appear, we advanced while steadily disarming traps.

“All things considered, wasn’t the map for the labyrinth expensive?”

“It was 10 gold coins. It’s because while the traps in this labyrinth regenerate, the treasure chests regenerate too. It’ll probably not be that much of a loss. Although that’s including the hope that we find treasures.”

The labyrinth dive proceeded with that kind of peaceful atmosphere and when Lionel opened the door to the 20th-floor boss room, the opponent was a giant Cyclops.


” … Aren’t Shisho and Lionel’s luck way too bad?”

However, since Shisho and Lionel were both combat maniacs, in spite of the Cyclops appearing, they were both delighted.

“Then, this time I’ll be the one going out.”

He said that and requested for the large shield kept in my item bag as well as an 「Area Barrier」 before running towards the Cyclops.


“That’s still pushing it a bit too far …”

Just as I was about to give out instructions to everyone, Shisho caught my shoulder.


“There’s no way Sen’oni would lose to a monster like that. I don’t think it will be useful as a reference to you but watch carefully.”

Even though I trusted his words, I was standing by prepared to activate healing magic at any given time.

Cathy next to me looked uneasy too as we watched Lionel’s back as he advanced forward.


The Cyclops was an one-eyed humanoid but it was truly a giant with a height greater than 10 meters, a body that supports that height and an intimidating aura that was close to the one from that Red Dragon.


But Lionel did not slow his advance and when he entered the Cyclops’ range, it swung down its arm towards Lionel.

Lionel predicted that and even though the floor sunk down from the impact when he stopped it with his large shield, he splendidly received the attack and sliced off the large tree trunk-sized right wrist with his flaming greatsword.

We who were watching could not understand the reason why but as it screamed in pain, it used its other arm as if to clobber Lionel from the side but he once again received it with his large shield and without minding the slight depression made to the ground, he sliced off its left wrist.

The Cyclops did not give up and this time, it tried to stomp down but Lionel easily avoided it and after slicing off its right ankle, it could no longer get up.


Then, Lionel called out towards our direction.

“There’s a chance one might become a Giant Slayer so please put in an attack.”

I feel bad for the Cyclops but I placed a single blow.


It’s exactly like power leveling and we’re like leeching off him but since it’s not a game, I gladly accepted it.

After that, Lionel sent the collapsed Cyclops’ head flying and the combat ended.


We took a short break there and departed after we had a light meal and reaffirmed our goal but as expected, there were no signs of monsters as we silently advanced and by the time we reached the 30th-floor boss room, my Trap Disarm and Trap Detection skills leveled up by 2 each.

I opened the door.


A headless knight on a black horse appeared.

It’s probably a Dullahan.


I tried activating Sanctuary Circle before combat. Since I thought that it would disintegrate if it was an undead.

However, it seemed like it was not an undead but a type of sprite so I attacked with everyone.


Shisho and Lionel had their arms crossed so I guessed that the 2 of them won’t be participating as I gave out commands to everyone else.

I’m not as strong as Shisho and Lionel to be able to fight alone.


“Cathy, Kefin, please attack from the sides, Lydia, use your Spirit Magic, Estia and Nadia will join me to bring down the horse while keeping an eye on the knight.”

After I activated 「Area Barrier」 on everyone, something unexpected happened when we approached the Dullahan.


When Cathy and Kefin attacked first and intersected, the Dullahan fell off its horse.

When Lydia released Spirit Magic and Estia and Nadia stabbed the horse with their swords to be sure, the Dullahan disappeared and dropped 2 magic stones.


“Was it weakened by the 「Sanctuary Circle」? Or was there a factor that worked on the sprite?”

I muttered as I turned back to seek Shisho and Lionel’s advice but they gave me the same expression as when I defeated the King Wraith at the start.

I realized that I would definitely not be allowed to open the boss room doors for the duration of this training. (TL: Lol Great Luck-sensei is still working behind the scenes?)


Author’s Note:

Thank you for reading.


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