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(097) Monster Extermination

Translator: Tseirp

Thirty minutes after I came up with a good idea, Marina and Haru were taking turns to shoot with the magic bow continuously in a dispassionate manner.


“Hey Marina, it’s about time you swap with Haru. Since Haru can use the bow too.”

“Wait a bit Ichino. That cow with a scar on its eye, it’s likely to be the cow boss. I’ll swap after I bring down that cow.”


Marina drew the bow and shot down the slightly larger cow with a scar on its eye.

Then, she passed the magic bow to Haru and substituted out.

The monsters were approaching.


Once the monsters approached up to 500 meters away,


“All right Carol, I’ll remove it.”


I altered Carol’s Temptress job to Farmer.

Since the Temptress effect was lost, the monsters headed east.


The fleet-footed monsters at the forefront tried to overtake the monsters that were at the back but they could not overtake them easily.

It was heavily congested. The monsters were extremely confused.

The arrow released by Haru struck the feet of a large-sized monster, causing it to fall in the middle of the enemy group.

That further slowed the movements of the monsters.


Then, when the monsters reached a certain distance away, I once again changed Carol’s job from Farmer to Temptress.

The monsters turned back once again.


“Haru, there are monsters coming from behind too!”



Haru took out the wolf-like monsters approaching from behind with the Wind Bow.

Behind us was the upwind direction so monsters seldom came from that direction. Regardless, the occasional monsters were limited to only 1 or 2 to the maximum of 5 so we could easily deal with them.


Then, when the monsters clumped up like a dango to a certain extent,


“Alright, here I go!”


I gathered magical power in my hands.

Skill, Magical Power Boost.

It’s a skill that consumes several times the MP and requires a set amount of cast time so there aren’t many occasions where it can be used but it’s possible to use it here with this amount of time available and furthermore the monsters are even gathered in a single location.


I opened my eyes and thrust my hand out in front of me towards the center of the monster herd.

The magical power gathering in my palm increased in density to the point where it was visible to the eye.

When I confirmed that the purple aura was stained red, I cried out.


“Boooost Fireeeee!!”

【「Fire」 proficiency level rose to 2.】


The same time the proficiency up message flashed through my sight, an enormous fireball flew towards the monster herd and caused a large explosion.

And at the same time, I collapsed.


“Master!” “Ichino-sama!” “Ichino!”


The 3 of them called out to me but I laid with my forehead on the ground as I waved at them.


“I’m fine I’m fine … I just ran out of MP.”


Ah … it’s been a long time, this sense of fatigue.

However, my MP did not totally reach 0 so I could still maintain consciousness.


I sat up.


There was a crater at that spot.

About 500 meters in diameter.

Only a couple of monsters that were just barely outside of the range remained.


Those monsters were sniped by Haru’s Wind Arrows.


【Ichinojo Leveled up】

【Magician skill: 「Light Magic」has skilled up to「Light Magic II」】

【Job: Fire Magician is now available】

【Job: Water Magician is now available】

【Job: Wind Magician is now available】

【Job: Earth Magician is now available】

【Practitioner skill: 「Mace Equip」has skilled up to「Mace Equip II」】

【Practitioner skill: 「Shield Magic II」has skilled up to「Shield Magic III」】

【Practitioner skill: 「Healing Magic IV」has skilled up to「Healing Magic V」】


… Ah, Practitioner that was level 1 just moments ago had become 48 … Magician also rose to 63.

Jobless also rose until 85.

It seems possible that I might reach the peak of Jobless soon.

I want to quickly reach the peak and graduate from Jobless.


I removed Temptress from Carol’s job and I breathed out.

That was probably not all the monsters.

Even so, they should be able to hold up for a while.


At the exact instant I had that thought, the shadow of a bird-like figure approached from the skies.


Oi oi, another enemy?

Well, if it’s just one monster, Haru should be able to shoot it down with her arrows … or so I thought but I was surprised.

The thing approaching from the sky wasn’t a bird.


Pteranodon ― A monster similar in shape to a Pteranodon.


“It’s a Wyvern!”


Oi oi, why would such a formidable-ish opponent appear here?


“Haru, I’ll entrust the task of intercepting it to you. If it doesn’t seem possible for us to defeat it, I’ll create 「My World」. That would most likely use up all of my remaining MP so please carry me in!”

“No master, it’s alright. That monster is not an enemy.”



Listening to Haru’s words, I once again looked up to the skies.

Ah, there’s someone riding on the back of the Wyvern.

A silver armor wearing black-haired handsome chap was there.


“You!? If it isn’t Kusunoki-kun!?”


He knows my name!?

Now that I think about it, I recalled after looking at him closely.


“It’s been a long time … or not.”


I waved at the man riding the Wyvern.

The man that has reached 【Holy Knight Lv41】. (TL: The author previously wrote his job as Holy Warrior. Now it’s Holy Knight/Paladin)

Even though leveling up after reaching a high level in Advance jobs is supposed to be difficult, he had actually leveled up twice.

I wonder what kind of training did he do exactly?


“Suzuki, have you been well?”


When I asked, Suzuki leaped off at roughly a height of 3 meters up.


“Well, I’ve been … healthy? It’s been terrible in a lot of ways but have you heard of the talk about a monster herd heading for Ferruit? I came to exterminate those monsters but have they been through here?”

“Ah, if you’re talking about that monster herd then I’ve clear them all … but thanks to that I’m in such a pitiful state.”

“All of them!? You defeated all of them?”

” … Hey Suzuki, could you spare me a mana potion if you have one? I’ll trade you this tomato.”

“Ah of course. Here.”


Suzuki took out a medicine bottle and passed it to me.

I’m saved.


I received the mana potion and downed it in one go.

Ooo, the dullness in my body was expelled in an instant and my body became lighter.

In exchange, I passed him a tomato but Suzuki frowned.


” … What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, I just don’t really like tomatoes … I’ll pass this to Miles.”


He said as he stored it in his item bag.

What a waste to not eat that delicious tomato.


“Now that you mention, where are those girls?”

“I had them return to defend the town. I came to thin the number of monsters even by a little utilizing my aerial advantage but ― ”

“There isn’t a need to anymore.”

“Yeah, it’s great if there’s no longer a need for it. After this, I plan to visit the labyrinth that the monsters surged out from. If it’s all right with you, could you come too?”


I took a glimpse at Haru and the others behind me after hearing Suzuki’s invitation.

The girls would probably tag along if I say I want to go.


But if we dive into the labyrinth, I would not be able to use the strategy we utilized just now.

What should I do?


“I won’t force you. I also don’t think I would be able to find the root cause. However, there are 5 people trapped inside that labyrinth and I only wish to save them.”

“Are they your acquaintances?”

“No, I am not directly acquainted with them … do you remember that Cat-user guy? His niece, a girl called Milky and her male friends Julio and Sutchino … ”


Suzuki paused for a beat,


“And also 2 adventurers named Jofre and Elise are apparently trapped inside.”

” … Jofre and Elise!?”


I unintentionally cried out.

That baka couple, just when I was wondering why they didn’t show up even though they are supposedly in Ferruit, just what are they doing in that place?


“Do you know them?”

” … Yeah … I won’t say that I won’t help them but … I’ll abandon them if it’s impossible.”


I said as I held my head.

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