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(099) Side Story  Growth limit

Translator: Tseirp

Deep within the labyrinth in Dakyat.

Monsters were surging out of the place where the Goddess statue once stood, their momentum was unstoppable.

Many beast-type monsters appear in the Dakyat labyrinth but even though it is supposed to be a beginner labyrinth, the strength of those monsters was from middle-class to upper-class.

Mixed within that monster herd, a sheep with golden fur walked towards the exit.

That sheep called a golden-furred sheep was a rare monster and normally would rarely appear.

However, monsters were appearing at a couple times, a dozen times, a couple hundred times the normal rate.

A silver-coloured metallic whip lassoed onto that golden-furred sheep’s hoof and it was dragged into a blind alley away from its original route.


“Meeeeeeeh!” The golden-furred sheep cried out but the other monsters did not look towards it.


Then, the golden-furred sheep saw the girl who held the whip and the 3 men pulling on it.

It was Elise, Jofre, Julio and Sutchino.


“Get itttt!”


When they dragged it to a certain distance, with Jofre’s signal, the men charged at the golden-furred sheep while holding their weapons.

The golden-furred sheep is not a ferocious monster, it is a weak monster among the monsters that appear in the middle-class labyrinth.

In other words, it is at a level that can be defeated if the 3 of them attacked together.


Even though he had a bruise on his face from a strong kick by the golden-furred sheep using its hind leg, Jofre dealt the finishing blow with Excalibur. (TL: It changed back to Excalibur. Weird.)


The golden-furred sheep dropped lamb meat, golden-furred sheep pelt and rare medal.


“Fuhihi, it appeared again Julio, golden-furred sheep pelt.”


Sutchino gently hugged the dropped golden-coloured wool like it was a baby.

However, unlike the loving eyes used to look at a baby, the eyes he used to look at the wool was filled with desire.

There was enough wool to make 3 sweaters.

It’s a pretty valuable item and the nouveau riche among nobles and the rich would love to use it.

With this amount, it would be possible to get 10,000 sense. It was no wonder that Sutchino was shaking in excitement.


“Is it really okay? For us to have everything.”

“Sure, in exchange, we’ll be taking this.”


Jofre picked up the rare medal and brought it to the mouth of the slow donkey Centaur behind them.


“Eat properly, Centaur.”

“Chew well before you swallow, Centaur.”


Centaur opened its mouth, took the whole rare medal into its mouth and swallowed directly.

The rare medal is something that monsters enjoy eating but it seemed like it was an unreasonable request to ask it to swallow after chewing properly.


“Looks like it grew once more. I think it should be possible soon.”


Milky muttered after looking at the changes to Centaur’s body.

Among the 5 people and 1 donkey present, the one with the most strength was without a doubt Centaur.

Due to that, for the sake of escaping from there, there was a need for Centaur’s strength but it might not have enough strength under current conditions so they defeated rare monsters and fed it rare medals.


“Has it reached its limit?”

“Not yet.”

“Then, let’s feed it a couple more medals. We still have rations left anyway.”


Jofre said as he took out a white bread from within his item bag.


“Jofre, let’s grill some lamb meat!”

“Ou, it will be Genghis Khan!” (TL: Genghis Khan is a Japanese mutton and vegetable dish cooked using a slotted dome cast iron grill.)


Elise said with a smile as she held up the lamb meat that just dropped.


“Yup, but we don’t have the pot for Genghis Khan nor the vegetables nor the sauce!”

“Then, it will be a Genghis Khan without the Genghis Khan pot, vegetables and sauce.”


Milky drew patterns on a talisman and placed it under a rock.

The talisman released heat and heated the rock. Above the rock, Elise lined the lamb meat with a fork.


“A Genghis Khan without the Genghis Khan pot, vegetables and sauce … is just grilled lamb meat.”


Sutchino said with a cold tone.

Even though the smell of grilled meat filled the labyrinth, not to mention herbivore monsters, not even carnivore monsters approached at all.

Although she felt a sense of danger from the abnormality, Milky stared fixedly at Centaur who was eating the bread Jofre placed down.

It was mentioned before but Centaur still had not reached its growth limit.

That was the abnormality.


(Normally, an ordinary monster would not grow any further after eating 2 rare medals. Even the dragon race known for their high growth limits would meet their limit after eating about 5 to 10 medals and they won’t grow anymore after that from medals.)


Including the 2 medals Jofre passed to it previously and the 7 medals this time, Centaur had eaten a total of 9 medals.

Despite that, it still didn’t look like it was about to reach its growth limit anytime soon.
(Is this monster – really just a mere slow donkey?)


Milky looked at the owners of this mysterious monster, Jofre and Elise.

Jofre pierced the well-done meat with a fork and fed it to Elise.


(Are these people aware? Of the abnormality of this monster …)


Should I ask?

Just as she had that thought,
“Julio, eat up too, here, open up.”

“I, I can eat on my own!”

“Just open your mouth.”


The meat on a fork was forcibly shoved into Julio’s mouth.

Looking at that scene that can be said to be ordinary,


“Fu …. Fuhehehehehe.”


Milky’s fujoshi filter was working as usual and her imagination was floating towards a peachy pink direction.

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