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IS B10C170

Welcome to Book 10! I have higher hopes for this story after the last book 😀 Enjoy!!

Book 10: Power that was lost and new powers

Chapter 170: To retrieve what has been lost

Translator: Tseirp

After we set off from Meratoni, we traveled through the night on horseback, arrived at the village where we encountered the demons and stayed a night there before setting off to return to the Holy Capital.

The emergence of the demons did not affect the village at all as they calmly welcomed us and I only exchanged a few greetings with the new village elder, nothing in particular happened.

Luckily, there weren’t any wounded individuals so I could thankfully get a good rest.


The next day, we leisurely departed for the Holy Capital and the sun had already set by the time we could see it, stop the carriage and enter.

This time, in order to return in absolute secrecy, I planned to cover my visage with my robe, enter the Holy Capital using my Adventurer’s card, cut towards the center of the Holy Capital as quickly as possible and reach the Church Headquarters without anybody noticing.

Then, when it was time to execute the plan, was this the result of my training? Nobody called out to me at all.

I was delighted with my accomplishment as I waited for everyone to gather.

In actual fact, I was the only person who ran through the center, everyone else walked from the back until the meeting point.

I felt like everyone recognized my retainers but they only tilted their heads in puzzlement.

Well, the reason I did something as troublesome as this was because of how well recognized I was and even though I wanted to give up halfway …

If an injured resident caught me, I won’t be able to deal with it and would only be able to treat it using a potion instead of invoking magic so strange rumors might circulate.

I felt like there was no other choice after giving it such thought.

Well, it was Pope-sama who came up with this entire strategy so my true thoughts would be that I have no option of refusing to do so.


“Luciel-sama, you’ve become faster.”

Lionel praised me when they met up with me.

“All thanks to Lionel and Shisho.”

I told Lionel with a smile before stepping into the Church Headquarters.


Just as I was about to inform the reception of my return, it seemed like Catherine was informed in advance and she came to welcome me.

“Luciel-kun, welcome back. Pope-sama asked me to come meet you, did something happen?”

I was bothered by a gaze I felt secretly looking at me from somewhere but I decided to return Catherine-san’s greeting first and wait for the other party’s move.

“Catherine-san, I’m back. … What do you mean?”


“Because I noticed that Pope-sama was slightly flustered.”

Pope-sama was probably flustered because I, the S-rank Healer, had lost the ability to use Holy Attribute Magic?

I switched the nature of the conversation in order to not delve any deeper into that topic.

” … Is that so? Well, I don’t know if it is fine to talk about it but I was caught up in something troublesome during my journey, have you heard about the demons?”

“The incident with the demon race? I’ve heard. I was indeed surprised at that time but hasn’t it been already 2 months since that incident?”

“To tell the truth, this time, I went on a trip to Grandol and for some reason, there was a demon there too. Moreover, it was quite strong too …”

“Was it a genuine demon?”

“Genuine demon?”

She asked if it was a genuine demon but are there even imposters?


“There were multiple demon corpses the other time right? We were supposed to dispose of them but after some time had passed, they transformed back into humans apart from one of them. After that, instead of turning into undead, they dissolved the next day.”

Demonization … when push comes to shove, it seems useful against the Evil God’s undeadification but activating it spells an immediate loss of consciousness.

” … It might have been a created demon. However, this time it remained as a demon after some time has passed so there’s a possibility the corpse would be sent over to your side later.”

“I see. Ah, sorry. I’ll guide you to Pope-sama now. I’ve already obtained permission for everyone here to accompany you so this way please.”

I somehow made it through without telling the truth to Catherine-san and we left to visit the room Pope-sama was in.

As expected, there was no way I could tell her the truth and I was hesitant about lying to her so I breathed a sigh of relief as I followed Catherine-san.


As always, the attendants left the room the same time we entered the Pope’s room but for some reason this time, Catherine-san didn’t exit.

Just as I was thinking it was strange, Pope-sama spoke to me.

“Luciel, you’ve done well returning alive.”

“Yes, thank you for your warm words.”

Within the dignified atmosphere, I was thankful that she still summoned me despite having lost my Holy Attribute Magic.

However, Pope-sama’s subsequent words caused my trust in her to fall drastically.


“Fumu. Well then, I’ll immediately jump into the main topic, Luciel, I’ve told everything to Catherine.”

” … Everything?”

Did she really tell her everything? Even if she’s the Pope, I can’t just accept that …

“Activating the forbidden art, reviving your instructor and follower that had turned into undead due to the Evil God’s actions and … the price which was your life as a Healer.”

If she has told her everything … if the job change doesn’t go well, maybe I should escape with Lionel to Ienith just in case.

Or perhaps …

” … I see. Then, the reason you purposely came to the reception to talk to me was?”

“Yes. In order to reduce the suspicions from the surroundings on why Luciel-kun returned.”

“If that’s the case then please let me know in advance. I was anxious since I can’t really keep secrets.”

“Whenever Luciel-kun lies or tries to hide something, even though you make sure to not let it show on your face, your eyes would show discomposure so I could immediately tell that you were hiding something.”

Catherine-san said while laughing but it didn’t make me feel much better.

Nevertheless, since coming to this world, I have not had any business talks with people so she made me aware that there’s the fear of having my emotions read if I am not conscious of it.

That was the sole salvation among everything.


“If so, then Pope-sama, I will immediately jump into the main topic. Could you promote or change my job?”

“Fumu. Like I mentioned before, sit in a meditative pose, calm your mind and close your eyes.”


I did as I was told and when Pope-sama’s hand touched my forehead, my body became warm and Pope-sama said.

“Jobs that are capable of using Holy Attribute Magic, Paladin, Healer and Priest, are all absent, I thought that it might be possible to redo once again from Healer but it seems like that can’t be done either.”

Even though I was prepared for it, the shock was still huge … even so …

” … Understood. Then as I had requested before, please allow me to travel to the Independent Magic City Nelldal.”

” … I thought you would have been more depressed but Luciel sure is strong.”

Pope-sama smiled but it was my real feelings to want to quickly try all the possible means to cure myself as it’s a matter of life and death to me.


“I’ve opened the transfer gate for your use at any time but … there’s one problem.”

“What is it?”

“It’s not possible for everyone to accompany you. At the very most, only three people including Luciel can go.”

I predicted that there would be an upper limit to the number of people that can be transferred but three people are so few.


But if that’s the case … I stood up and turned back to issue instructions to everyone.

“Lionel, Cathy and Kefin will stay on the ground. I’ll give out individual instructions later.”


The three of them nodded without raising any opposition.


With this, even if people who bear hatred towards Lionel and the others appear, he won’t be exposed to danger.

I’d be troubled if he was subjected to ploys like poisoning. Next …

“Nadia, Lydia, come over here.”


The two of them moved to stand behind me and bowed towards Pope-sama.

“These two are?”

“These two are nobles from the Principality of Blange but are currently active as Adventurers. Many things happened in Grandol and they now accompany me.”

“Noble girls from another country huh … Do you have any reason for bringing them along?”

“Yes. Actually, Lydia possesses the same Blessing from the Spirit King as Pope-sama and Nadia is the Dragon God Priestess.”

Upon hearing that, Pope-sama’s expression turned into a somewhat stunned expression.

“Seriously … the things Luciel does really astonish people like what father did. If so, then it would be good to take the girl who possesses the Blessing from the Spirit King along. She will definitely help you in the future. Furthermore, it’s also fine for the Dragon God Priestess to accompany you. She will most likely be of aid to Luciel.”

Pope-sama immediately accepted my decision to have the two of them accompany me.


“Understood. Then, regarding Estia, what should I do?”

“You can leave Estia to me. Also, this time, I will take care of Fornoir here.”

I looked at Estia and thought that her mind would certainly stabilize with Fornoir around so I nodded.


“When do you plan to leave?”

“I will depart tomorrow morning immediately after seeing Lionel and the others off.”

“I see. Catherine, please guide them.”

“Yes! This way please.”

It looked like Catherine would be guiding us to our accommodations but I had to release Fornoir from the Hermit Stable first.


When Fornoir came out and saw Pope-sama and me, she play-bit my head before slowly moving towards Pope-sama.

“Fumu. Luciel is liked by her.”

“Yes. Fornoir is my partner.”

Pope-sama happily commented so I unintentionally leaked my true feelings.

Fornoir didn’t show any reaction but her tail was swaying.


Then, I would be going to my personal room while everyone would be going to the dormitory but I secretly spoke to Lionel and the others.

“Once you all reach the dormitory, immediately come to my personal room.”

The three of them quietly nodded and after making sure that they followed Catherine-san, I moved to my personal room.


The three of them visited my room after two hours had passed.

When I opened the door after hearing the sounds of knocking, I saw that they were exhausted.

“What happened?”

” … Knowing that we had entered the church, people requesting for mock battles and pleading for guidance appeared.”

… Was it the receptionist? Or was it Catherine-san? That was something unnecessary.


” … Sorry. It would have been alright if I dealt with it beforehand. I’ll jump into business immediately, Lionel, have this.”

I apologized to Lionel and the others and handed them my magic bag.

” … This magic bag?”

“Yes. I actually passed one to Shisho too. Inside is a letter to Dolan, a certain amount of food, high-grade potions as well as gold and magic stones.”

“If there’s a letter to Dolan then it means we will be heading to Rockford? If that’s the case, isn’t it sufficient to just lend me an item bag?”

Lionel is seriously diligent and capable.


“To be honest, I don’t think I will be able to return from Nelldal immediately. So during that time, please collect the equipment I ordered for you all and train to be able to use them competently … especially Lionel. The two of you please support him.”

As if having overcome with emotion, Lionel knelt on the ground and paid vassal homage.

And Cathy and Kefin followed by imitating that while laughing.


“I will once again reach the state where I can make Luciel-sama fall down by the time Luciel-sama is able to return.”

“That’s promising. For me, I’ll be dead if I don’t regain my Holy Attribute Magic so I’ll absolutely regain it.”

If not, it would be absurd to think that I will be able to walk away without any injuries during my mock battles with Shisho and Lionel.


“Leave Lionel-sama to me nya.”

“We won’t be going with Luciel-sama so please tell us about what happened in Nelldal when we meet you later.”

Cathy and Kefin acknowledged my instructions with a smile.

I took this opportunity to properly ask them.

” … So do you all really wish to continue with our master-servant relationship?”

It’s about our master-servant relationship. By now, apart from when we’re in public places, I wish to interact with them as friends.

“Yes. It is my nature to serve somebody. Furthermore, you saved my life so I hope that it can remain like this even in the future too.”

“I will also serve the person Lionel-sama serves … nya.”

Eh? Was the ending of the sentence a little delayed?

“Although I’ve been released from slavery, I still have a guilty conscience and I owe Luciel-sama a debt of gratitude so I also wish to serve you like the two of them.”

It’s great that Kefin had rehabilitated but he’s gradually becoming more and more like Lionel.

The youthful Lionel’s appearance was not that much different from Kefin’s appearance so it’s a sign that they might become good friends …

“Since you all haven’t stopped using honorific speech with me, should I prohibit the use of honorific speech?”

“I’m already accustomed to it and Luciel-sama, please continue speaking the way you’ve been speaking.”

There was no way I could refuse with the way Lionel said it so I sighed and acknowledged it.

“Ha~ very well. Ah, that’s right. There’s one more task I wish to entrust to you all. Actually …”

Upon hearing my request, everyone reluctantly agreed and left my room.

With this, I shouldn’t have to worry about everyone for the time being.


This time, I was really sorry that I dragged Nadia and Lydia along with me to the city in the skies without getting their agreement beforehand.

Even so, I’ll have them accompany me for a little longer.

They might come to dislike me with this incident but even so, I must regain my usage of Holy Attribute Magic and the two of them have promised to help as much as they can.


Author’s note:

Thank you for reading.


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