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Chapter 171: Onward, to the Independent Magic City Nelldal

Translator: Tseirp

In the early morning where there has yet to be anyone around, three horses were about to depart from the Holy Capital but noticing that they didn’t have anything that can serve as their identification, the three people stopped by the Adventurer’s Guild before heading for Rockford.

“Facilities that are open 24 hours sure are convenient … it’s probably tough for those who are working though.”

After sending them off, I was on my way back to my personal room when a voice called out to me from behind.



“Good morning. Lumina-san.”

Lumina-san was there when I turned back.


“Yeah, morning. I heard you returned last night?”

“Yes. Sorry for not being able to say hello. Because I’ll be leaving the Holy Capital immediately after having my meal.”

“Sounds like you are busy. I thought we could have a mock battle or something if you had the time but … could I ask where would you be heading to this time?”

Lumina-san changed the topic while looking like she truly found it to be a shame.


Normally I wouldn’t mind just having a mock battle but if I was injured, I’m in a condition where I wouldn’t be able to heal myself so I could only reject her offer.

“I’ll be going to Nelldal. Actually, my Magical Power Attributes increased so I thought of properly learning magic so I requested it of Pope-sama.”

“I see, you intend to learn magic from other attributes … if so, then are you going to change your job?”

Are Healers only capable of using Holy Attribute Magic?

While thinking that, I replied her a little ambiguously.

“I’ll be retaining that too. It would be great if turns into a job that can use Holy Attribute Magic such as Paladin etc.”

“Fufu, that will be interesting. If that becomes reality, there would probably be a struggle within the Paladin corps to pull Luciel-kun in.”

” … I’m slightly terrified just thinking about it.”

It reminded me of invitations from sports clubs but compared to that, I ended up seeing a future where their scramble for me would be even more savage.

I shook my head and dispelled my delusions.

“It just shows how popular you are. Then I’ll be going for my training.”

Lumina-san laughed and said she’ll be going ahead so I cheered her on.

“Yeah, do your best. Ah, lately I’ve encountered villagers who can turn into demons and the demonization is sudden so when you’re out on expeditions please maintain your vigilance even within villages.”

” … Thanks for the advice.”

Then, Lumina left for the training grounds.

“I won’t be able to think about the kiss until after everything has been settled so, sorry.”

I bowed towards Lumina-san who had already left.


I met up with Estia, Nadia and Lydia when it was time for breakfast but, excluding the Valkyrie Paladin Corps, it was a workplace with few females so we were exposed to numerous gazes.

Nadia and Lydia seemed like they were accustomed to being looked at but Estia’s complexion was worse for wear today as well.

“Estia, were you able to sleep last night?”

” … I wasn’t really able to sleep.”

She shook her head and covered her face with both hands.

” … Is that because of what happened in Meratoni? Or is there something else?”

” … Both.”

I felt like a heard some fear mixed within the small voice she somehow squeezed out.


” … I see. I’ll let Pope-sama know too. You can tell me about Meratoni once you’ve calmed down. Also, I can’t say that I am used to situations like these. Do your best. When you’re at your wit’s end, don’t hold back, you can cry on Fornoir and Pope-sama.”

” … Okay.”

After hearing my nonsensical remarks, she turned to look at me and nodded with a smile.

With her that stiff smile, it felt like she cheered up slightly.


“Well then … Nadia, Lydia. I am terribly sorry for forcing you two to accompany me this time. I feel that I neglected to take your thoughts into consideration.”

Riding on the momentum of my talk with Estia, I apologized to Nadia and Lydia.

However, as I was about to lower my head deeply, I noticed the gazes from our surroundings so I stopped with just a slight nod.


“It’s a fact that I was surprised but I’ve actually always wanted to go to Nelldal once. So I am actually very happy. I should be the one thanking you, thank you.”

“Elder sister and I both love to read the accounts of hero battles and we read about the floating city there but unfortunately, the permission from the king is required to travel to Nelldal from Blange so it was an unattainable dream for daughters of a Baron house like us. So we’re truly happy.”

The two of them seemed like they really did not mind it.

On the contrary, they apparently have a strong interest in Nelldal and this was instead a welcomed development so they ended up thanking me.

The sense of guilt I was feeling up until just now was cleared and it was understandable as it wasn’t just words they said to be polite, they spoke from their heart.

At the same time, I realized that I did not look at their expression at that time.

I was once again made aware of how discomposed I was.


” … I’m glad to hear you two say that. Once we arrive at Nelldal, I’ll be having the two of you learn magic too. But generally, I’ll probably be letting you two spend your time freely.”

“Are you sure that is alright?”

“We’ll be accompanying you as your retainers right?”

The two of them were surprised but it’s because Nelldal extols the policy of non-combat.


“Yeah. But fundamentally I won’t be enforcing any restrictions onto the two of you. But I just have one request. Once we arrive at Nelldal, we’ll immediately head towards the fountain in the center. We might have to enter combat there so I hope you two will prepare yourselves for that.”

“Battle … there shouldn’t be a problem if it’s just to the extent of a small skirmish.”

“This time around, I’ll make sure to be useful.”

Rather than young ladies from a noble family, the two of them felt more like expert high-rank Adventurers so they seemed very reliable.

After finishing our meal, before Lumina-san and the others came, we once again left to visit Pope-sama’s room.


” … And so Fornoir. Why are you biting my head as soon as we meet.”

Just as I was about to speak after entering the room, the approaching Fornoir suddenly began play biting my head.

Fornoir did not stop biting as she ignored my words.

After that, I gave up and let Fornoir do whatever she wanted but she was apparently satisfied and moved back to Pope-sama’s side.


“Pope-sama, I apologize for my rudeness.”

“It’s fine. She’s probably feeling lonely as she has to part with her partner.”

Pope-sama forgave me while laughing.


Fornoir took a slightly disgruntled attitude after hearing that.

Currently, at this location, there was only the four of us along with Pope-sama and Fornoir.


“Well as I am leaving Fornoir in your care at the moment, I also wish to leave this with you too.”

“This is a key?”

“Yes. It is a magic tool, the Hermit’s Key. Turning the key will cause a stable to appear and when Fornoir enters it, it has the effect of feeding her and taking care of her body.”

“You certainly have a convenient item.”

“Yeah. It came in handy during my travels. This time I will be going to Nelldal in the name of an expedition but in actual fact, I still can’t predict how long I would have to spend there … so I wish to leave this with Pope-sama.”

“Umu. You can leave Fornoir to me.”

As expected, there’s a limit to how long Fornoir can stay in Pope-sama’s room and she would probably accumulate stress that way.

I could have also left the key to Estia to manage but I was also afraid to have Fornoir depend on Estia.

So I requested Pope-sama to manage it.


“Thank you. Also, one more thing, Estia is shy and not accustomed to people looking at her so once again, please look after her.”

“Very well. It is normal for an individual possessing the blessing of the Spirit King to give advice to ones who possess the blessing of spirits.”

I indirectly spoke about what happened this morning and Pope-sama nodded with a smile.

I restrained myself from getting engrossed in looking at her appearance as I requested for her to transfer us to Nelldal.

“Well then, I’ve ended up doing things in a rush but Pope-sama, please transfer us.”

“Umu. Follow me.”

Pope-sama moved to the room to the right so we followed after her.

I thought that we would be using the transfer magic in the Pope’s room but it apparently wasn’t so.


The neighboring room didn’t have any windows and apart from a burning candle on a candlestick, it was a room with only a magic circle on the floor.

“We’ll be doing it here in this dimly lit place?”

“That’s right. It was constructed to prevent the mixing of the magical power in the air.”

It was probably Sir Rainstar who constructed it.

He really amazes me. But if that person acquired Space-time Magic, wouldn’t he be able to roam through space and time?

Thinking about that, if it’s him, wouldn’t he have done something about the Evil God?

Just as I was lost in thought about that, I followed Pope-sama’s instructions and moved to the center of the magic circle.


“There won’t be any problems if you hand this over once you reach that side.”

She said as she passed a letter to me.

“Who should I pass this to?”

“The Magician Guild Leader that manages Nelldal. He’ll definitely be of help to you.”

“Thank you very much.”

Pope-sama smiled and nodded before she struck the magic circle with her staff.

The magic circle emitted white light and the instant I was completely bathed in white, I felt an extremely strange sensation.

It was as if I was floating in midair … to be exact, it felt like I was experiencing weightlessness, a feeling like my feet were not touching the ground.

Then, the light gradually faded and we were in a dimly lit room similar to the place Pope-sama sent us off.


To be sure, I closed my eyes and used Presence and Magical Power Perception but I did not sense any of Pope-sama’s magical power.

Instead, I felt numerous presences and actually felt that we’ve transferred.

“Are the two of you alright?”

“Yes. It was a slightly weird sensation but it’s not a problem.”

“I am fine too.”

After the two of them replied with that and I confirmed that they were fine, I opened the door in front of us.


The location we emerged into after passing through the door was a room where sunlight entered beautifully and was beautiful to the extent that it made one fall into admiration.

“This is amazing.”

“It’s wonderful. It’s the first time in my life I’ve seen such pretty decorations.”

“We’re really in the Sky City … truly beautiful.”

Sir Rainstar, even as a reincarnated individual, you are way too extraordinary.

“There are 8 rooms … there’s surplus even if all the countries are included …”

It’s not like we could keep staring forever so I confirmed our surroundings.

When I did so, I noticed that there were 7 other doors similar to the one we exited from.

Although I saw a total of 8 doors, I had no idea if they all had transfer circles so I discontinued that thought and embarked on searching around.

“First, let’s look for the center of Nelldal or the Magical Arts Church.”


Even though I was slightly uneasy, I earnestly wanted my job to bloom safely as I opened the door with a plate written as ‘Entrance’ hung on it.


Author’s Note:

Thank you for reading.


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