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IS B9C165

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Chapter 165: Broad versus Lionel

Translator: Tseirp

As I was the first to wake up, I began making breakfast for everyone just like yesterday.


Yesterday, after we conquered the 30th floor, the 5 of us excluding Shisho and Lionel did Taijutsu training they referred to as mock battles.

In actual fact, we had to evade the Spirit Magic cast by Lydia from outside and while the remaining 4 people could grab one another, we could not grab hold for more than 3 seconds and it was something like a game of tag with irregular aikido rules.

The rule was to not resist the opponent but to move in the direction you are pulled towards so as to break the balance of the opponent but you had to evade the other 4 catchers while also evading the magic thrown from outside so it was an exercise that really tests your concentration towards the opponent’s movements and the magical power from outside as you have to react accordingly to them. (TL: Omg I have a headache imagining how it’s supposed to go and I’m still not 100% sure I’m imagining it correctly)

But even when I was hit with the Spirit Magic or thrown using Taijutsu, it didn’t hurt at all so it felt interesting like I had returned to my childhood.


Although, after that, we had mock battles with Shisho and Lionel yesterday and apart from the 2 of them, we all ended up like corpses and I had to heal everyone with 「High Heal」 …

After breakfast, we advanced to the 40th floor but there were traps that I could not disarm so I had to leave it to Shisho and Kefin.

We still kept vigilance but as expected, not a single monster appeared even until we reached the 40th-floor boss room.


Shisho was the one who opened to door to the 40th-floor boss room.

“It probably doesn’t matter who opens the door. Since our aim is to level up by defeating monsters here for a while and firmly continue training.”

He said only that and quickly entered.


Since he mentioned that we might not be able to leave from the 50th floor and that we’ll be battling here to level up, does that mean I’ll finally be able to see the battle between the 2 of them?

I was slightly excited just from thinking about it.


The 40th-floor boss was a feathered monster with lion, goat and snake heads.

According to lore, Chimeras are capable of spitting breath attacks, they will scratch and bite when in close quarters but it seems like they also fly in midair.

If I have to choose, a Gryphon or Wyvern would probably be easier to fight …

For now, I activated 「Area Barrier」 on everyone and waited for Shisho’s words … oops, he’s already charging over.


As expected, it seems like he thinks that it’s best if everyone approach it this time so while expanding my field of vision, I was standing by ready to cast healing magic anytime.

To be safe, so that it would be fine even if I get poisoned, the remaining magic bag was now being carried on Lydia’s shoulder.


I felt that it would not be effective on me but the snake possessed poison, the goat released lightning and the lion spat out flame breaths.

But within this constrained space of an estimated 30 meter squared area, it was more disadvantageous for the Chimera than for us.

Since it would receive all our combined attacks once it stops its attack.


Although I could not make any moves since I didn’t know how Shisho was planning to fight …

As I was thinking, Shisho once again threw a flash bomb from his chest pocket towards the Chimera and instantly closed in and beheaded the goat head with a flash.


I immediately cast magic on Shisho.

Because I saw the tail with a poisonous snakehead bite him the instant the flash went off as though it had no effect on it.


Nevertheless, I wonder where did he obtain those flash bombs from … it’s convenient so I want them too.

When I vaguely checked the combat situation, Lionel had swung his Flaming Greatsword and released a ball of flame.

Using flame on an opponent that spits out flames?

Despite my doubts, Lionel released a high-speed ball of flame towards the lion head which directly swallowed it and just as it was about to spit out a flame breath, Shisho appeared behind it and beheaded it, causing the head to explode when it fell off.

Lionel released the ball of flame just to grab the lion’s attention and Shisho used that opportunity to behead the lion.

That perfect cooperation gave people the impression that they’ve been working as partners for many years.


There was a small explosion when the lion’s head fell down so I activated 「High Heal」 on Shisho just to be safe as he stopped his attacks and returned to us when the Chimera was left in the state of having only its snakehead tail left.

“I overdid it a little but show me how you all defeat the flying poisonous snake.”

“Okay. Let’s go, everyone.”

The feeling of chagrin welled up but it was probably a strong monster that was capable of instantaneously killing any of us at our current ability so we focused on just defeating the poisonous snake.


“Even if you level up and your physical ability rises, it would be meaningless if you can’t utilize it. Also, through the countless fights, search for the monster’s weak points.”


Our feelings stirred as if we had received smacks on our back from Shisho and Lionel.


When I was resting after we had repeated several battles, I tried asking Shisho a question.

“Shisho, the rank of the monsters in this labyrinth surpass the ones I’ve encountered in labyrinths I’ve dived into in the past by far but do you know any reason why that is the case?”

” … That’s because of Lionel and me.”

“What do you mean?”

“The monsters that appear in this labyrinth apparently change according to level. That’s why strong monsters appear when Lionel and I open the door but low-rank monsters appear when Luciel open the door?”

” … Wasn’t it said to be random?”

“That is true too. While monsters that you can easily defeat may appear, the reverse may naturally occur too.”

Undead-type … even if the Dullahan is an exception, that does seem to be the case.

“So the goal is to level up by fighting monsters, raise our status and learn to fully utilize them by training?”

“You’re so inflexible Luciel. When your status rises, you should be able to grasp my movements. Continue to feel with your magical power and presence perception as much as possible. You will definitely become stronger than me.”

Shisho said with a laugh but those were eyes purely used to watch over the growth of a disciple.


We spent most of our time from the time we wake up to the time we sleep on the 40th floor. My level increased, I became able to grasp Shisho’s movements and when the ladies team’s cooking skill gradually became better, a month was about to pass and it was finally time for Shisho and Lionel to fight.

Furthermore, it was an all-out battle including attacks to the vitals. Since it would be bad if either of their weapons got destroyed, I lent them the stock weapons I had.

They agreed to the condition that the mock battle would be stopped when either of their weapons breaks.

“It will be a draw if your weapon breaks even when you are dominating. Moreover, I don’t think I will be able to memorize your movements just by watching today or even if I watched countless times so both of you, please don’t lose.”

“At least support your mentor if you’re a disciple.”

“It’s the duty of the lord to support his retainer.”

“「Area Barrier」. Very well, please show me a battle between the real Whirlwind and Sen’oni. Begin!!”


Shisho was the first to act upon the signal.


At a speed that I could barely register, towards Lionel who was defending with his large shield, Shisho attacked with high-speed continuous blows that validated his ‘whirlwind’ nickname, sending attacks to upper, middle and lower portions of the body while occasionally mixing in kicks as well.

What I could tell from those attacks was Shisho’s flexibility and wide range of motion due to his well-honed core and his footwork of particularly noteworthy.

Apart from when he kicks, the sole of his feet never left the ground and he shifted his weight using just his toes and heels … a real monster.


Although Lionel was one-sidedly on the defense, he was stopping all those flowing attacks with just the wind blades made from his sword pressure.

Furthermore, I could tell that during the times when Shisho kicked, Lionel returned with a shield bash multiple times and whenever Shisho’s posture collapsed even slightly, he would instantly try to slice at Shisho’s arms and feet with the straight sword he held in his right hand.

An ordinary opponent would likely not be able to withstand that pressure and their attacks would become sloppy.

Just when I had that thought,


Perhaps Lionel made a mistake but his hand that held the large shield was extended a bit too far to the right and Shisho attacked with a slash.


However, as though it was a trap, Lionel kicked his shield up, wielded his sword and slashed at Shisho with his posture broken and his other arm unexpectedly threw out sword pressure that formed into wind blades that sliced at Shisho’s legs.

Shisho’s left leg was immediately dyed red and he leaped backward with his other foot.

“You’re good … Sen’oni.”

“Hmph. With this, it’s a draw.”

Now that I looked closely, Shisho’s sword that I thought Lionel blocked seemed to have reached Lionel before it hit his shield as his left arm was dyed red with blood.


Lionel looked as though he almost couldn’t put strength into his left arm as I could tell his arm was shaking when he raised his large shield.

Shisho was in a condition where he could barely put weight on his left leg.


“Luciel, regarding that attack Sen’oni just used, it should be something that even you can use. Watch, feel and memorize it!”

The instant after Shisho shouted that to me, he stomped on the ground with his left foot and when he swung his sword at a high speed, I felt a wave of magical power.

Can I truly send out a flying slash too? I would be overjoyed if that is true but I did not have the time to think about it.

The next instant, more of the flying slash that was headed towards Lionel was sent over and over again.


“Don’t look down on me Whirlwind!!”

Lionel also brandished his sword in a similar fashion but those flying slashes could not be compared with Shisho’s.


Soft and rigid, light and heavy, for the flying slashes between Shisho and Lionel, Lionel outperformed Shisho.

But, when Shisho received the flying slashes with his sword, they disappeared like they were an illusion.


Then, the swords I lent to the 2 of them crumbled having served their purpose.

“This match is a draw.”

After I announced that, to be safe, I immediately healed them with 「Extra Heal」.


“Kukuku.” “Hahaha.”

Shisho and Lionel looked at each other in the face and they both began to laugh out loudly.


“That was dangerous. My attacks completely could not go through. Even when I thought I managed to slice off your arm, it didn’t fall off.”

“Same here, even though I was sure I sliced off your leg, it didn’t fall off.”

I totally could not understand why they were acting so strangely even though their attacks didn’t work but they both had refreshed faces.


“As long as we have Luciel, can’t we just go to the territory of the demons even now?”

“That’s because Luciel-sama’s Holy attribute magic has already become human race’s treasure.”

“But.” “Even so.”

“”If Luciel(-sama) enters the demon’s territory, he won’t be able to survive.””

Even if there wasn’t such a worry, I originally do not plan to go there and neither do I want to go there.

Even if I receive a direct command from Pope-sama to go, I intend to absolutely refuse.


“Even if you say it together, I have no intention of going to the demon’s territory. If I were to ever go there, it would be after I have secured my safety when the demons have been sealed and no demons would appear in the demon’s territory.”

When that happens, I’ll be able to live … peacefully?

Despite my uneasiness, the 2 of them continued to talk about their mock battle.


“Even so, it is seriously refreshing to use my full strength.”

“It’s the same for me too. As expected, it was an excellent choice to follow Luciel-sama.”

I wanted somebody to say something to cool the heads of these 2 battle maniacs but looking at everyone else, they seemed like they were moved by the mock battle between 2 greatest fighters in humanity so I won’t be able to expect anything from them.

From that day, I studied while watching and feeling the battle between humanity’s greatest, raised my level by hunting high-level monsters and the training continued for another 10 days under the guidance of Shisho and Lionel as we continued to break through the labyrinth.


Author’s note:

Thank you for reading.


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