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Chapter 167: Unreasonable overturn

Translator: Tseirp

Brad who was grasping the labyrinth core looked like he could not believe how he was still alive even after receiving Shisho’s slash.

He checked his body again and again and seemed overjoyed knowing that he’s still alive but he didn’t move or make any sound.

Perhaps he thought as though he was revived.

Either way, now was not the time to bother about Brad.


“Shisho, come here quickly.”

While drinking high-grade magical power potions, I confirmed that Shisho also entered the range of my spell and I began chanting.

【By the holy hand, by the breath of Mother Earth, using my magical power as sustenance, like the wings of an angel, create a sanctuary that sears all evil and become a shield that repels all impurities. Sanctuary Barrier.】

With a release of pale light, a game-like hemisphere spread out with me as the center.

It was my trump card against the Evil God.

If only that core wasn’t here, we would have cleared without any problems … but it’s more important to think about how to survive rather than brood on what has happened.


“Luciel, what is this hemisphere and the mirrors spinning around it?”

“This is my original barrier magic that I created by applying Sanctuary Circle so I call it Sanctuary Barrier. Please think of the rotating shields as an indicator of the durability of this barrier.”

I wanted to describe the greatness of this spell but since there wasn’t any time, I could only explain it later.


“To think that he would grab that core that is producing this amount of miasma, is that guy even sane?”

“Isn’t it because his consciousness has already mostly been taken over?”

Lionel and Shisho joked with each other but their foreheads were glistening with sweat.

Lionel’s forehead glistened with sweat once similar to this time when we fought with the Red Dragon but I had never ever seen Shisho’s forehead glisten with sweat.


“The Spirits are frightened but … we’ll be able to leave here right? I’ll be able to meet onee-sama once again right?”

“Please pray for that to happen. And if possible, I want you to support me.”

There should be a reason to why Lydia was left behind with us.

Would it be possible for her to call spirits or gods? It wasn’t a situation where I could joke around so I patiently maintained vigilance on Brad.


“《Hahaha, I feel great. I feel the overflowing power. You guys were looking down on me just now right?》”

Brad began approaching us and spoke but I could hear 2 overlapping voices.


It sounded as though it was telepathic communication, maybe he inserted magical power into his voice.

“Did it look like we were looking down on you?”

As I conversed with Brad, Shisho and the others measured the timing to attack him.


“《Your eyes resembled those nobles from that rotten Principality of Blange. I’m a reincarnated individual. Since I possessed Appraisal from the beginning, I was able to become a Merchant and because only slimes, goblins and horned rabbits appeared near the town, I defeated them, leveled up and acquired skills, it was seriously enjoyable.》”

“It was enjoyable right? Then why did you entrap other people?”

Even while his own body was burning within the Sanctuary Barrier, Brad continued talking without showing any signs of pain.

The sense of pain was probably lost completely once a person turned into undead.


“《Some dim-witted noble’s son kidnapped my sworn future lover, played with her and murdered her in the end. What do you think was his purpose? His only reason was because he was curious as it looked enjoyable to do it with commoners.》”

” ………. You have my pity. Even I would not forgive that noble. But what you are doing now is the same as that noble.”

Springing a trap on them and turning them into slaves when he failed to kill them, kidnapping and attempted murder are indisputable crimes.


“《At that time, I was enlightened. That this world is one where the strong preys on the weak.》”

The words I threw at Brad could no longer reach him.

“Luciel, it seems like that guy has already gone insane.”

“Evidently he’s already seeing hallucinations.”

Brad ignored the Sanctuary Barrier and continued walking without stopping as his body burned so his body had finally begun to melt but he showed no intention of stopping.


However, a moment later, perhaps he knew that he could not advance up to a certain distance, he held the labyrinth core up high and declared.

“《You wish to stop me? I will never stop until I get my revenge for Mina. I will scatter all who block my way into nothingness. 【Using my body, my blood and my magical power as sustenance, violence that can turn everything to nothing, manifest】》.”

The next instant, the location Brad was at exploded and he was wrapped in a blackish purple smoke.


Then, from within the blackish purple smoke, I sensed a tremendous intimidating aura swell greater and greater.

“Oi oi, I’m sensing some unusual pressure from that smoke.”

The sweat on Shisho’s forehead was reaching an amazing amount.


“Luciel-sama, are you able to cast Sanctuary Circle while maintaining this spell?”

Lionel asked me and since I’d like to survive, I’ll also do everything in my power.

“I’d like to live so I’ll give it a try. 【By the holy hand, by the breath of Mother Earth, by my wish use my magical power as sustenance, like wings of light, using a shield of purification, create a sanctuary that sears everything wicked and impure. Sanctuary Circle.】”

The pale light engulfed the smoke and it swallowed it all up.


The instant I registered that, a crack appeared on Sanctuary Circle and at the same time it shattered, I finally met the manifestation of the Evil God that I had never ever wanted to see.

His appearance leaned towards the features of the demon race but he closely resembled humans. (TL: There’s no identifier as to whether the Evil God is a male or female. I’ll continue identifying the Evil God as a guy until stated otherwise.)


《How rude, attacking all of the sudden.》

His figure resembled that of a human but just by listening to his voice, even with my Mental Resistance at level X, I could feel an intimidating force that caused goosebumps all over my body while Lydia who didn’t have any resistance ended up falling to a sitting position and trembled.

I was also bothered by how his appearance belied his identity as the Evil God.


“I apologize so could you let us leave? Although I don’t think Chief God Kuraiya will permit you to continue manifesting yourself indefinitely … ”

《What sharp words. You are quite capable to be able to clear this labyrinth with a human’s body. Seeing that you all are not turning into undead while standing next to the labyrinth core … perhaps you people are labyrinth disrupters?》(TL: It’s a new term but I’m guessing labyrinth disrupters/robbers/vandalisers = People like Luciel who go in to clear the labyrinth and kill the final boss to lower the activity of the labyrinth but don’t touch the labyrinth core.)

How did he find out? But it didn’t look like he would let us go if I acknowledged his question so I tried my best to lie as naturally as possible.


“What are you talking about? We were merely chasing after that person who exploded just now?”

《Kukuku. Even though I’m called the Evil God, as a god, deception will not work on me. I’ll have to give out punishment.》

I retorted in my mind ‘Then don’t ask in the first place!’ as I maintained my barrier.


Just as I had that thought, the Evil God stretched his hand out and swung his hand from left to right.

That was all he did.

Even so, the Sanctuary Barrier shook and the rotating shields shattered one after the other and a crack appeared on the barrier too.


“【By the holy hand, by the breath of Mother Earth, using my magical power as sustenance, like the wings of an angel, create a sanctuary that sears all evil and become a shield that repels all impurities. Sanctuary Barrier.】

【By the holy hand, by the breath of Mother Earth, using my magical power as sustenance, like the wings of an angel, create a sanctuary that sears all evil and become a shield that repels all impurities. Sanctuary Barrier.】

【By the holy hand, by the breath of Mother Earth, using my magical power as sustenance, like the wings of an angel, create a sanctuary that sears all evil and become a shield that repels all impurities. Sanctuary Barrier.】”

I somehow managed to cast 3 Sanctuary Barriers and we somehow survived.


《Ooh. Well aren’t you quite capable?》

“Thank you. And that’s right. Please return if you’ve had your fill.”

I really wanted him to return. Kuraiya-sama, Holy God of Healing-sama, Ancestor-sama, the Evil God is here.

Please quickly come help us.

As I desperately prayed for him to return, I started a conversation to buy time.


《Kukuku. You’re a funny guy.》

“It’s not funny at all. Why have I been dragged into the battle between the hero and the demon lord? The reincarnation dragons and spirits are nuisances too! Don’t get ordinary people involved any further.”

《Would you not mind even if the demon race dominated this world?》

I’ll just try doing it since I’ve never done it before.

I’ll end up misinterpreting him if he says it with such a light mood.

And I ended up comprehending what he was saying.


It’s surely a simple reason. As a being that reigns in the highest position on the ecological pyramid, he just cannot suppress his strong curiosity. Or rather, he just doesn’t wish to suppress it.

I’m able to do it so I did it. That’s probably all there’s to it.

No matter how much I try to convince such a being, his train of thought on how enjoyable a future where the demon race dominates would be would definitely not change and he will probably continue on that path.


“I do not know what kind of race the demon race is but if their individual ability is superior to that of humans and beastmen, I would probably not be able to enjoy a peaceful life. I’m begging you please go back.”

《Fumu. I like how you speak your true feelings. Become my pawn by turning into undead and see the world.》

Oh crap. It’s the time where the Evil God exhibits his power.


“I won’t let you.” “Perish.”

Shisho and Lionel attacked with full power slashes.


But the slashes were repelled by an invisible wall 30cm in front of him.

Even so, the 2 of them continued releasing slashes.

I was thankful for that as I channeled magical power to strengthen the Sanctuary Barrier.


《Fumu. It’s interesting how you all continue even while knowing that your attacks are meaningless against me.》

“If so, then if we give you even the slightest of injury, give up and return.”

“For the sake of protecting our disciple, we will slice through even the wall of a god.”

《Slice through and injure me? Kuwahahaha. Very well. I will turn you 2 into undead first.》

The Evil God seriously laughed out loud and he probably intended to play with the 2 of them like toys.

“Shisho, Lionel, even if the opponent is human-shaped, he’s a god.”

The 2 of them laughed at my words.

They probably moved knowing full well that the opponent is a god.

That’s exactly why Shisho and Lionel attacked.

They most likely could only see a future where we were annihilated if it continued …


Even so … when I thought that, Shisho called out to me.

“Luciel, I’ll tell you since it might be the end. No matter how painful it is, it will be the end once you give up. Even if you have to flounder in the mud, you might see the light if you continue. That is what I’ve taught you.”

“But Shisho, if we buy time, there’s a chance that Chief God Kuraiya will come to help us.”

“Luciel, the Evil God is still a god, do you think he has not taken that possibility into consideration? Well, this is where you leave it to your teacher.”

“Shisho …”

His back looked amazingly large but I could only see the future where Shisho ended up dying.

Then, Lionel who stands shoulder to shoulder with Shisho also conveyed his gratitude to me while smiling.

“Luciel-sama, I’ve come to see this world in a new light after I met you. That’s not just limited to me but to many others as well. I will dedicate my body even until it turns into old bones if it is to save a person like you.”

“Lionel, you chose to remain as a slave because you still have something you have to settle right? Moreover, you have to think of Naria too.”

“Naria understands me. Furthermore, I remained as a slave to avenge my personal grudge. But the days I spent together with you saved me from the narrow heart I imprisoned myself in where I wished for revenge. Also, it is the duty of the retainer to take action for the sake of their owner.”

“Lionel … ”

The 2 of them were prepared to die.

They intend to save my life even at the cost of burning their own life.

How do I end this without letting the 2 of them die? What can I do?

《Have you finished saying your farewells? Then, come at me.》

I could hear a tinge of laughter in the Evil God’s words.


That infuriated me and either way I would die if we do not overcome this predicament so I ceased being frightened.

“Evil God, seriously just give up and return. I will not allow anybody to turn into undead as long as I am around.”

【By the holy hand, by the breath of Mother Earth, by my wish use my magical power as sustenance, with the wings of an angel, protect us from all impurities, create and impart an armor that creates a sanctuary. Sanctuary Armor.】

【By the holy hand, by the breath of Mother Earth, by my wish use my magical power as sustenance, with the wings of an angel, protect us from all impurities, create and impart an armor that creates a sanctuary. Sanctuary Armor.】

I cast my second trump card, Sanctuary Armor, on both Shisho and Lionel.

I only succeeded in creating this spell just a couple of days ago.


“Shisho, Lionel, I’ll definitely not allow you 2 to die so beat him up as soon as possible and make him retreat.”


“Whirlwind Broad, here I come!”

“Sen’oni Lionel, here I come!”

The 2 of them went full throttle from the get-go, charged out of the Sanctuary Barrier and attacked the Evil God but the attacks all hit an invisible wall and were stopped.


However, the attacks didn’t happen only once or twice, the 2 of them continued attacking while cooperating.

The Evil God also retaliated but they evaded all of his attacks and counter attacked.


《It’s been a long time since I fought with humans. You guys are slightly weak. I’ll gradually increase the speed of my attacks so be careful as you’ll turn into undead if it hits.》

The Evil God said that and laughed.

However, thanks to him holding back until now, I understood why he stopped talking.


That invisible wall was miasma.

He’s made it invisible but the instant where it stops an attack I could faintly see the purple smoke.


I don’t know if that was a hint given by the Evil God, that it was a trap or that I did not have a correct assessment of the situation but I decided to bet on it.


It’s a chance gained from the countless times Shisho and Lionel attacked and evaded attacks.

To reward their effort, I cast Sanctuary Circle with No Chant while matching the timing when the 2 of them crossed the Evil God.


The result was … faint but definite wounds appeared on both arms of the Evil God.

《Fumu. That was quite enjoyable. To continually endure my attacks with such weak bodies … I will keep my promise in light of these 2. Farewell. Labyrinth disrupters. 》


I was worried after hearing those words and looked at the 2 of them but it didn’t seem like anything was wrong with them.

“I don’t ever want to meet him again so let’s go back. Where’s the returning magic circle?”


When the Evil God tossed the labyrinth core, he announced the condition for the returning magic circle to appear immediately before he disappeared.

《You all will be able to exit the labyrinth when there are no undead present.》


“What did he mean? Lydia, are you alright?”

“So, somehow. So, sorry for not being of use.”

I left Lydia who looked like she was about to cry alone for now.


“Shisho, Lionel, you 2 were seriously amazing. The 2 of you … what?!”

When I spoke to the 2 of them, the 2 of them smiled happily and their bodies crumbled.

The Sanctuary Armor on the 2 of them shattered and scattered in pieces.


” … Without this (Sanctuary Armor) … we wouldn’t have been able to … save you … I don’t know … what master I am but … I’m glad … that you are safe … ”

” … I’m glad that … I could fulfill my duty … as a retainer.”

The 2 of them had peaceful expressions as they began accepting their death.

“I’ll immediately heal you …!!”

Wiping off the tears that unexpectedly began spilling out from my eyes, I desperately thought of ways to save them.


“Sorry but … I’ve already turned half … into undead. At the very least … please receive … the experience points for killing me.”

“Before … our consciousness … falls into .. darkness.”

Miasma slowly began to leak slightly from both their bodies.

The undead process would probably rapidly advance from here on out.

Is it really fine to let this happen?

Humans will die eventually.

But, can such an unreasonable death be permitted? I was irritated at the Chief God for not dealing with the evil doings of the Evil God.

Till today, I’ve purified all the ones who were turned into undead by the Evil God to save my own life but I intend to save ones who I am acquainted with?

I could hear various voices but my answer was unexpectedly simple.

“If my ordinary life was reincarnated into this world, it’s probably meant to save these 2 people. Going by that thought, I’ll take a bet here. Furthermore, it’s not like it is certain that I will die from it.”


I stood up and began drinking high-grade magical power potion one after the other.

“Do the both of you know? (glug, glug, glug) The undead gives very little experience points. (glug, glug, glug) What would happen to my peace if Shisho and my strongest retainer die at the same time? Please think of it a little before saying your farewells.”

I opened my status page and began operating my SP.

“Shisho, in the past Shisho didn’t lie. I never thought that the day will come where I have a proper reason to use the SP I’ve accumulated.”

I consumed SP from my status page and spent 200P to acquire the Limit Break skill and 100P to acquire Supreme Luck. (TL: Translated as Absolute Luck in the prologue, it’s 1 tier below Heaven’s Luck which costs 500P)

Limit Break was explained as a skill to exceed one’s own limits while the demerit was that the recoil from the actions that go over one’s limit was doubled.

Great Luck-sensei was unreliable in this time’s incident so I had Supreme Luck-sensei step in.

I was taking a bet so I wanted to depend on luck.


“Lydia, please hold on to these.”

I tossed a bag with the 2 Hermit Keys and small piles of white gold and gold coins to Lydia.

“Please place me in the coffin if I lose consciousness. Also, if you run out of living expenses please work out a solution with that.”

I smiled to Lydia after saying that and while I didn’t hear her reply, I then smiled as I looked at Shisho and Lionel before explaining from the top.

“I will have the 2 of you pass away for a time. It would probably be so painful that you wish to die but I still have plenty of stuff to learn from the 2 of you and I still wish to laugh and train under you 2 so please prepare yourselves.”


I slapped my face and took in one deep breath before silently began chanting.

【By the holy hand, by the breath of Mother Earth, by my wish use my magical power as sustenance, like wings of light, using a shield of purification, create a sanctuary that sears everything wicked and impure. Sanctuary Circle.】

Firstly, I would be troubled if they remain as undead so I cast Sanctuary Circle first.


Moreover, to prevent them from completely disappearing, I continually cast Extra Heal.

【【By the holy hand, by the breath of Mother Earth, by my wish using my magical power as sustenance, become the breath of an angel, restore him to the form he should originally have, I pray to the mysteries of life. Extra Heal.】】

Then, before their souls rose to the skies, I tried calling back and grabbing hold of their souls.


Even if it’s a magic designated as prohibited, if it’s a fate that was unreasonably plucked by the Evil God’s intervention, it should be alright if I overturn that unreasonable fate right?

【【Holy God who governs healing, God who governs fate, by the ancient pledge, for one who’s fate has originally decayed, for one who has originally been called back to the wheel of reincarnation, using my magical power as sustenance, I pray in the name of kindness for the re-connection of thread that spins the future for their original life, I bid for the judgment of the gods. Revive.】】

Unlike the usual pale light, golden light descended onto Shisho and Lionel.


Ascertaining that with my own eyes, I sighed a sigh of relief. At that instant, my heartbeat intensified as if my heart was about to rupture and I was on the verge of losing consciousness. However, their bodies had not completely regenerated yet.


I gritted my teeth and felt something warm flow from my nose and ears but I gathered strength into my feet and stomped down to channel in magical power.

Then, somehow, their bodies completely regenerated and after ascertaining that the golden light had stopped shining, I finally lost consciousness.


Author’s note:

Thank you for reading.

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