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Chapter 168: Compensation for the Forbidden art and hereafter

Translator: Tseirp

In a world where there was only darkness, I could not move my body at all but the 『Dokun, Dokun』 sounds of heartbeat taught me that I was alive.


Even though I could not move my body, my mind could still function and my magical power had completely recovered without me noticing but I was in a puzzling condition where I could not use Healing Magic.


One possibility I could think of was that by using the forbidden magic Revival in combination with other magic and in addition, chanting them multiple times, I might have pushed myself too far beyond my limit.

For a forbidden technique that can only be performed in exchange for a life just by casting it once, I cast it twice at the same time.

It won’t be strange if something happened depending on the decision of the gods.


I had no choice but to begin searching with presence and magical power perception but I could only sense my own magical power and presence so I was beginning to wonder if I was truly alive.

In that pitch black world, dazzling strong lights that were even more intense than the sun descended down.

Then, voices resounded in my head.


《Traveller from another world who traveled through space and time, thou activated the forbidden art with a human body.》


《Usually, it would be something that can never be forgiven.》


《It is, however, also a fact that it was caused by an interference from the Evil God.》


《This round, there will be no punishment.》


《However, thy body will likely pay the price for the forbidden art.》


《Recipient of my … the Holy Healing God’s Blessing, I look forward to the time thou becomes a saint once again and return to healing.》




Voices resounded in my head in order but I forgot to reply due to the overwhelming sense of divinity.

When I heard the last voice, I felt myself get pulled up into the sky at the same time the gathered lights engulfed the darkness.

It felt as if I was being gently hugged by something.

Then, the light caused the blood in my petrified body to flow once again and I could feel the shackles on my body unravel with the warmth.


After confirming that the dazzling lights had subsided, I slowly opened my eyes and I was greeted by darkness once again.

“What the heck!!”

The instant I tsukkomi-ed, I felt my hand knock into something and I heard a rattling noise.

“?! … Am I inside a coffin?”

I attempted to slowly push against the part I was touching.

When I did so, the one-side opening coffin slowly opened and I appeared in a pure white space.

“This place is?”

Upon exiting the coffin, a door appeared beside the coffin.

” … It seems like I am inside the Hermit’s Coffin. So Lydia did properly follow my instruction to put me into the coffin.”

While thanking Lydia in my mind, I checked my status before leaving the room as there was something on my mind.

I couldn’t help but feel uneasy about the Holy Healing God’s words.


Name:LucielLV:193 (91)
Job:(Healer X)HP:7290 (4270)
Faith Dragon Knight III (Four Attribute Dragon Knight)MP:5270 (2660)
STR:850 (484)INT:961 (539)
VIT:932 (543)MGI:959 (499)
DEX:801 (450)RMG:954 (500)
AGI:825 (456)SP:86 (119)
「Proficiency Appraisal-」「Great luck-」
「Supreme Luck -」「Limit Break -」
「Taijutsu VI」「Sword Mastery V」
「Spear Mastery IV」「Shield Mastery IV」
「Archery I」「Twin Spear Sword Technique IV」
「Throwing VI」(1)「Footwork VIII」(2)
「Magical Power Manipulation X」「Magical Power Control X 」
「Magical Power Amplification III」「Body Strengthening VI」(4)
「Chant Shortening IX」(2)「Chant Termination VII」(2)
「No Chant IV」(2)「Magic Circle Chant VI」(2)
「Multiple Chant III」(「Holy Magic X」)
「Meditation IX」(1)「Concentration IX」
「Leadership III」「Danger Perception VIII」(3)
「Presence Perception V」「Magical Power Perception V」
「Search for Enemy I」「Dismantling IV」(2)
「Horse Riding III」
「Parallel Thinking VII」(2)「Thought Acceleration III」
「Spatial Awareness II」
「Trap Sensing IV」(2)「Trap Detection III」(2)
「Trap Disarming III」「Cartography V」(1)
「HP Recovery IX」(1)「MP Recovery IX」
「HP Increased Rate of Growth IX」「MP Increased Rate of Growth IX」
「STR Increased Rate of Growth IX」「VIT Increased Rate of Growth IX」
「DEX Increased Rate of Growth IX」「AGI Increased Rate of Growth IX」
「INT Increased Rate of Growth IX」「MGI Increased Rate of Growth IX」
「RMG Increased Rate of Growth IX」「Physical Ability Increased Rate of Growth VI」(1)
「Poison Resistance IX」「Weakness Resistance IX」
「Paralysis Resistance IX」「Magic Seal Resistance IX」
「Petrification Resistance IX」「Disease Resistance IX」
「Sleep Resistance IX」「Blunt Damage Resistance VII」(1)
「Charm Resistance VII」(2)「Bewitch Resistance IX」(2)
「Curse Resistance IX」「Mental Resistance X」(1)
「Slash Resistance IX」(2)「Pierce Resistance VII」(2)
「Intimidation Resistance V」
「One who changed their destiny」All status +10
「God of Destiny’s divine protection」Increased SP acquisition
「Holy Healing God’s blessing」 Potency of Holy attribute healing magic increased by 1.5 times
「Divine protection from many Dragons」Strengthened Holy, Flame, Earth, Lightning offensive and defensive attributes.

Rise in combat skills and status.

It is now possible to converse with the dragon race

「Divine protection from many Spirits」Strengthened Water, Earth, Fire, Light, Darkness offensive and defensive attributes.

Grant and support of attributes.

「Dragon (Oriental Dragon) Slaughter」Proof of having slain more than one dragon. Strengthened offense and defense against dragons and their kin
「Dragon race (Japanese Dragon) Slayer」Strengthened offense and defense against dragons
「Giant Slayer」Strengthened offense and defense against giants
「Magical beast Slayer」Strengthened offense and defense against magical beasts
「One who repelled the Evil God」Against the demon race and monsters (TL: That’s all the author wrote …)
「One who unleashed the seal」Immune to the curse of the evil god.

Capable of acquiring the power of the sealed dragons

「One guided by the Dragon God」Relationship with the Dragon race and those who follow the dragons strengthens


I could see the status screen that appeared with its usual white letters but 2 of the items were displayed in gray, as if indicating that those abilities were lost.

” … It was Shisho and Lionel who repelled the Evil God but the main problem is the grayed out Healer and Holy Attribute Magic … 「Heal」.”


I invoked heal as usual but it completely did not activate and neither did I sense the consumption of magical power.

I tried using Proficiency Appraisal to check on the proficiency of the skill but because the experience value was not displayed after a skill had reached X, there wasn’t any meaning in doing so.


” … It won’t be funny if Shisho and Lionel are still dead after all this but if they are alive …”

As expected, knowing that I can no longer use Holy Attribute Magic, I can’t say that I had a steel spirit did not waver.

Since I don’t have such a thing in the first place.

Nevertheless, I believed in the words of the Holy Healing God and vowed to one day regain my Holy Attribute magic as I opened the door while praying that Shisho and Lionel were still alive.


Then, Shisho and Lionel flew into my vision as well as the figures of all my retainers.

“You’re finally awake, Luciel.”

“Luciel-sama, thank you for waking up.”

With Shisho and Lionel lined up, I thanked the gods for them being alive.

However, there was something that bothered me …


“So the 2 of you were revived … I’m so glad. So, have the 2 of you became a little younger?”

” … You are seriously reckless.”

Shisho held his eyes as he turned his face away.

“You did not wake up even after 10 days after that incident so we were worried. It’s true that my body has become considerably more youthful.”

Ten days huh … so that’s why I don’t feel the awful feeling of magical power depletion.

Nevertheless, for it to have a rejuvenating effect, the forbidden art sure has some amazing benefits.

“That seems like an additional effect. Even so, did the 2 of you wake up immediately?”

The ones who answered were my retainers who were watching from the side.

“The 2 of them regained consciousness 3 days ago nya.”

Cathy raised her voice.

“Because our slave crest was suddenly dispelled, Cathy and I were fearful that Luciel-sama had passed away.”

Kefin brought his worried face closer to mine as he said that.

“Kefin, your face is too close!! Dispelled slave crest … that means I also died once? Now that I think about it, where’s this place?”

“It’s the capital of Grandol, a high-class inn I stayed at before. I was told that here, as long as you pay money, information would not be leaked out.”

Estia answered but what about the money required to stay in a high-class inn for this many days?

“We were able to stay here using the money you entrusted to Lydia.”

Nadia told me, perhaps because my expression showed my doubts about the money.

Just as I was about to thank Lydia, Lydia trembled and burst into tears.


Since she unexpectedly began crying, I was slightly perplexed as I asked.

” … What’s wrong Lydia? We were saved thanks to Lydia. I wish to properly convey my thanks.”

I told her my intent to thank her but she shook her head side to side and answered with a quiet voice.

“At that time, all I could do was tremble. I could only look at Luciel-sama, Broad-sama and Lionel-sama fight desperately.”

Well, she would have probably been killed if she jumped into action then.


I had no thoughts of complaining as she had the bravery to not do anything and helped place us in the Hermit’s Coffin after everything had ended.

“Lydia, we are alive right now precisely because you save us by placing us in the Hermit’s Coffin. You are the benefactor of the 3 of us. I am truly grateful. Thank you.”

I lowered my head to Lydia.

After that, not only me but Shisho and Lionel also lowered their heads, causing Lydia to be even more flustered and cry even harder as Nadia gently hugged her until she stopped.


Then, Shisho and Lionel confronted me with the main topic.

“Luciel, you exercised a magic of that scale so naturally, there are adverse effects right?”

“For Whirlwind and I, our bodies and job levels returned to 1 and all the skills we have trained until now have disappeared.”

It looks like the resurrection magic in this world is a lot harsher than I had imagined.

The 2 of them casually spoke about their losses.

” … What remains is our knowledge and experience. Well, I was surprised that I’ve somehow become younger.”

Shisho gave off a mischievous air that he normally doesn’t emit to soften the heavy atmosphere but thinking about it once again, what that the 2 of them lost was tremendous.

Even so, it is probably a fact that they are truly happy for being alive.

And I didn’t want to further douse the atmosphere but I honestly answered as I looked into Shisho’s eyes.


“I lost my Healer job and Holy Attribute Magic.”

“!! Luciel, I’m sorry.”


Shisho and Lionel’s faces turned to despair upon hearing my words and everyone also had speechless expressions.

I anticipated that everyone would make those expressions but my heart still clenched at the sight.

However, I told everyone with a smile.

“Oh well, it will work out somehow. Attribute-wise I can still sense the magical power of the Holy Attribute, it’s just that I can’t use it.”

“But you will have to throw away the position that you had painstakingly built up.”

Even if that worst case scenario happens, it will still work out somehow and I can just live in Ienith as a Merchant.


“Even if I lose my position as the S-rank Healer, I can take up the title of the director of the school in Ienith or be the chairman of Luciel Firm(tentative) so it’s all right. Moreover, I’ll definitely show you all that I will one day be able to use Holy Attribute Magic.”

” … Is there hope to regain your ability?”

Lionel anxiously asked.

It can’t be helped that Shisho and Lionel think that it was their responsibility but I had already anticipated it.

“Yes. To tell the truth, I have thought of this possibility so I do have a few ideas.”


“If my strength would come in use, I will help with anything.”

Isn’t it about time Shisho returned to Meratoni and deal with his guildmaster work?

But since there are things in the world better left unsaid, I’ll tell him later if he doesn’t realize it.

“Actually, previously when I met the Water Spirit in Ienith, it prophesized that I will one day fall into despair and asked me to visit it then. So I was prepared for it in advance.”

” … Are there any strategies to break through this predicament?”

I felt as if Shisho was more worried about me than I was.

His expression was as if he was clutching at straws.


“There are 3 methods for me to be able to use Holy Attribute Magic. One method would be to let Pope-sama change my job. If it goes well, I might be able to become a Paladin or a Sage so there’s a possibility that I will be able to use Holy Attribute Magic that way.”

“Job!? I see! Luciel would be acquainted with the Pope after all.”

Shisho was getting excited.

I believe that is the easiest method.

But I wondered if that much was enough to overcome the despair the Water Spirit spoke of.


“Yes. Pope-sama would likely assist me. Even if Pope-sama can’t change my job, I can go to Nelldal to get the Wind Spirit’s Blessing and once I acquired the blessings of all 6 attributes from the spirits, I pray that my job will automatically change.”

“If it’s a bet, Luciel-sama is absurdly strong so it would likely go well.”

Kefin laughed as he recalled the strength of the random bosses I pulled out as well as my usual lucky episodes.


“The second method would be to visit the Water Spirit. From the way it spoke, it felt to me like it knew of something I can do to be able to use Holy Attribute Magic.”

“If we go to Ienith, we’ll be able to meet Naria again so it will be great nya.”

Cathy said that while glancing at Lionel with eyes hinting at something but Lionel’s expression was stiff.

Lionel is quite a serious person so it can’t be helped …


“The third method would be to find a person capable of using Space-time magic to reset my skills. Then, I can once again re-acquire the skills using SP. Starting my training to relearn everything. If I do so, I’ll have to ask for some help from Shisho too.”

“Betting on a fairy-tale like magic like that … moreover, a skill reset?”

Shisho had an awful expression as he had nowhere to vent his anger.

Lionel also had a demon-like expression so it was quite terrifying.


“I’ll just be in the same situation as Shisho and Lionel. I’ll say it now that I was terribly shocked when I found out that I had lost my Holy Attribute Magic. I’ll probably tremble when I see monsters. Even so, no matter how many times I unwind time, I will definitely do the same thing. If the 2 of you feel indebted to me, treasure your lives such that I can think back feeling glad that I had saved you 2 and let’s aim to grow old together.”

I told them with a smile.


Unlike when I first came to this world, I now possess combat-ready techniques, the greatest equipment, and money.

And companions that I can rely on the most.

The fact that I’m not starting from nothing, the fact that there is a possibility, I abandoned my desire to give up and moved forward.

If I did not meet the Water Spirit at that time, I believe my confidence would have scattered along with Shisho and Lionel.

With Great Luck-sensei who built the possibility for the future at that time together with the newly added stronger Supreme Luck-sensei,  I prayed that they would reel in the chance for me to regain my Holy Attribute Magic as I vowed to do my best with what I can do.

Thus, for us who had safely revived, in order to regain my Holy Attribute Magic, I decided to first head to Meratoni to check that it was really alright if Shisho doesn’t do his work before heading to the Holy Capital.


When everyone left my room, I used the keys Lydia returned to me to open the Hermit’s Stable.

It was slightly dirty it should be fine.

I thought as I called out for Fornoir.


Fornoir came out from the stable and the first thing she did was play bite my head.

“It’s been such a long time since we met so don’t play bite me … hey Fornoir, I can’t use Holy Attribute Magic anymore. My identity has completely crumbled so I’m scared of the reaction from those around me. Furthermore, am I capable of surviving in this world without Healing Magic? I’m so worried until it’s unbearable.”

Perhaps Fornoir got tired of biting my head, she turned as if to return to the stables but she sent a kick flying.

“Ouch, don’t kick me it’s dangerous!”


Fornoir once again turned back to face me and looked at me.

“If you’re a spirit, can’t you talk to me?”

When I said that, it looked like she made a slightly sad expression as this time, she really returned to the stable.


“What’s with that … so that’s my answer huh?”

Fornoir seriously kicked me but my arm only felt slightly painful.

She was probably trying to tell me that I’ve become stronger even without my Holy Attribute Magic.

“Despite that, I hurt her when I asked her to speak to me. I’ll properly apologize to her tomorrow.”

While feeling guilty of making use of Fornoir as a convenient existence, I was thankful as I could feel slightly more optimistic as I went to my bed and slept.


Author’s note:

Thank you for reading.

I put up the status after such a long time so there might be places where the numbers are strange. Also, I wanted to thin out the Healer and Holy Attribute Magic items but I couldn’t find a way so I used () instead. (TL: I italicized it with strike-through to make it more obvious)

There’s been another rapid rise in level but he was about level 125 when he defeated the demon while in the condition of not having his vision.


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