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The last chapter for Book 9! It’s been awesome~ Looking forward to Book 10! I’ve updated the chapter titles in the ToC for those interested~

Chapter 169: Till we meet again

Translator: Tseirp

Does the return of the missing mine to its original location herald the revival of the Demon Lord or foretell a cataclysmic disaster? Such rumors were circulating around Grandol so we purchased food ingredients, large amounts of magical power potions and, just to be safe, some high-grade potions before we departed for Meratoni.

Unlike the route we took to come from Meratoni, this time, we had to pass through the checking station but my S-rank Healer title apparently demonstrated its effectiveness as we were able to successfully pass through.

There’s also Nadia and Lydia who are from Blange so I told them that we would be traveling in that direction via Grandol as we head towards the Holy Capital.


And, there were also other differences compared to when we first came to Grandol.


Shisho and Lionel acted as the coachman with Cathy and Kefin in front of the carriage while Estia, Nadia and I were behind it.

Lionel thought of this placement that would be the most efficient if we had to battle monsters or bandits.

Monsters really did appear but certainly because I now have perception-based skills, in addition to being able to give instructions while overseeing the group as a whole, I will no longer suffer surprise attacks from my left and right as well as from behind me.

Well, Cathy and Kefin pretty much did most of the battles and weakened the monsters before letting Shisho and Lionel defeat them to raise their levels.

We’ve exchanged roles since the time at the Labyrinth of Traps.


“My level increased again. Leveling up so rapidly reminds me of my rookie days.”

” … I also wanted to become an Adventurer if I had the choice …”

Shisho joyfully spoke of his rookie days but Lionel did not talk about his days within the army.


It might have been due to the difference in having monsters as opponents as compared to having humans as opponents.

Well, Shisho probably did kill bandits as well but Lionel was in the Imperial Army and moreover, he held the position of a general so it’s unlikely that he only killed those that were evil.

Even if fighting is bread-and-butter of the occupation, I could imagine how mentally painful the work would have been for Lionel, whose personality is to only kill those that are evil, to fight because of orders from the country.



Because I was lost in thought as I was riding, Fornoir sounded like she was angrily telling me to concentrate on riding.

She forgave me when I apologized to her for what happened yesterday.

While thinking that Fornoir is very mature, Lydia previously mentioned that Fornoir is the Light Spirit but I wonder when would she give me her divine protection.


That’s why our relationship was not human and spirit but instead remains as human and horse and she remains as my partner.


Talking about what changed and what didn’t change, what changed was my heart.

I stopped feeling hesitant yesterday. But thinking about the future, I felt like I was being crushed by anxiety.

Since I can’t utilize Holy Attribute Magic, I will not be able to heal the sick whenever we stop by a village, that feeling of frustration and vexation leads to irritation … no, I’ll stop making excuses and behaving like a virtuous person.

Gradually without noticing, I had grown to desire praises and words of gratitude from others.

And now, instead of receiving the gratitude of others, I am probably terrified of being blamed for losing my ability.



I was surprised by the sound made by Fornoir.

It seems like I was caught in a vortex of thought.

“Sorry. I’ll try my best to change my thoughts.”

That’s right.

I saved Shisho and Lionel.

Furthermore, it’s not like there’s completely no hope, I can probably hold out.

I looked forward … the carriage was blocking the way but I decided to move forward and my expedition to Grandol that spanned 2 months had ended.


What awaited us when we arrived at Meratoni was a sermon from Garba-san and Grulga-san.

In the guildmaster room of the Adventurer’s Guild, Shisho, Garba-san, Grulga-san and I, with only the 4 of us, we explained what happened this 2 months in detail.

Immediately after we began our explanation, I felt intense anger begin to leak from the 2 of them but they quietly listened to our explanation until the end.


Then, the sermon began.

“Broad, what the heck are you doing!! You took a break for the sake of training Luciel and ended up fighting demons and the Evil God, if Luciel wasn’t there, you would probably have died and disappeared from this world! ! And Luciel, you too. You are not a mere Healer but the representative of all Healers and stopping your idiotic Shisho is also the job of the disciple. Using the forbidden art and losing your abilities, what are you going to do!!”

Even though nobody blamed me, Garba-san scolded me.

Of course, I was frightened but my body felt slightly lighter.


“There was no reply no matter how much I called with the magic communication bead, so that’s the reason … Broad, your own position … no, the Adventurer’s Guild will take 100 steps back, it doesn’t matter anymore. Leaving that aside, have you forgotten about our promise? What was our reason for retiring from being an Adventurer at a young age? It was for the sake of nurturing many adventurers and protecting the people who cannot fight, to establish and revive the Adventurer’s Guild to its original form!!”

Garba-san laid his emotions bare and grabbed Shisho’s collar.

Shisho allowed him to do so and did not match Garba-san’s gaze.

“Big brother, Broad’s level now is low so it’s dangerous.”

Grulga-san said as he grabbed Garba-san’s hand and made him let go of Broad Shisho’s collar.


“I certainly did want to give up once … but since Luciel-kun came to the Adventurer’s Guild, the adventurers in Meratoni gradually grew stronger, the requests from the residents increased and the crimes also decreased. In just a few years this town became extremely bright. Hey Broad, I understand that you treasure Luciel-kun. But if you were prophesized to die, wouldn’t it have been better to at least discuss it with us once?”

” … Sorry.”

That was all Shisho said.

Looking at the appearance of Shisho with his head down, Garba-san let out a grand sigh.

He probably felt that blaming him any more would just be venting his own frustration.


However, his target was not just Shisho.

Garba-san smiled as he looked at me.

I felt like I saw the devil’s smile that Warabis described.


“Luciel-kun, if you regain your Holy Attribute Magic, I will also give you my training so I won’t say anything now.”

“Ye, yes. I look forward to your guidance at that time.

… Even though my mental resistance should have already reached level X, I was getting terrible chills just from thinking about the training that was to come.

Nevertheless, I was relieved that I won’t be berated by mouth any further.

Then, I understood the meaning behind the previous smile.

“Yup. Luciel-kun is honest after all. Just like Broad’s favorite phrase, he’s like my son so I wish to slowly and honestly nurture him. You mentioned something like that enthusiastically right.”

“Garba?! That’s cowardly.”

That’s right. He began blurting out words that Shisho could not tell me face to face.

Shisho tried to grab Garba-san to seal his mouth but the similarly grinning Grulga-san stopped him from behind.

Now, he probably can’t shake him off with the difference in status.


To think that Shisho thought of me that way … but, if that’s the case, I know of 2 others in front of me who look at me with a similar gaze.

“I also respect and trust the 3 of you from the bottom of my heart.”

I have a feeling that if Shisho is my father, Garba-san and Grulga-san definitely see me as a much younger brother and they take care of me while watching over my growth.


After I said that, it felt like Garba-san finally switched from his scary grin to his usual kind smiling expression.

“After Broad heard that Luciel-kun established a school in Ienith, he was considering if he should retire from his guildmaster position in the future. And he wanted to set a new goal where all children regardless of them being born from nobles or commoners attended the school.”

” … Was it by any chance quite an inopportune timing?”

“Kind of. Since I didn’t expect Luciel-kun to be tangled in an event that influences the entire world. It gave even us a surprise …”

“That’s true …”

Well, a normal person would probably live without getting involved with the words Reincarnation Dragon or Demon race.

“Don’t make such a gloomy expression. Well then, actually, Broad has quite a lot of work piled up so there’s no way we can let him travel with Luciel-kun. Moreover, I doubt he would want his disciple to see his weak side so please wait patiently for Shisho to make his comeback.”

“Leave Broad to me and my elder brother, hurry up and get your Holy Attribute Magic back. Even if that can’t be done, don’t mope over it as we’ll train you to become an SSS-rank adventurer so make sure to return.”

Garba-san and Grulga-san showed their kindness one way or the other.

“Luciel, for that reason, for the time being, I won’t be able to teach you anything. But I will definitely make a comeback as your Shisho so do your best.”


“Contact us with the magic communication bead when you’re troubled, the 3 of us will work out a solution.”

“I’ll look forward to your aid at that time.”

“Luciel, don’t give up on life. Let’s meet again.”

“Shisho too, don’t recklessly charge at monsters.”

We firmly exchanged a handshake and said our farewells.


Thus, Shisho left our party and we left Meratoni when night fell as if to conceal ourselves.

At that time, the first to notice Estia’s strange condition was Lydia.

“Your complexion is very pale?”

“I, I’m fine.”

But her face was completely pale.

” … I can’t heal at this moment, there’s no helping it. Let’s go to the orphanage.”

I decided to bring her to the orphanage.

Since there’s no way I could make her drink the terribly disgusting potion when we’re not even in battle.


I took the lead as the blood on Estia’s face receded.

I quickly rushed into the orphanage.


“Hey, is the director in?”

“What’s with the noise? The children will be woken up .. Luciel … sama.”

I wanted to tsukkomi at that time but I held myself back.


“Sorry but I feel like my magical power is slightly depleted so I can’t use my magic, please treat her in my stead.”

” … So unreasonable. Nevertheless, it’s fine. Who should I heal?”

“Estia … this girl.”

“Fumu. This way then.”

When he guided her to the chair, the Darkness Spirit switched with Estia.

“I don’t need treatment. Family … you have a daughter?”

Botacyl was shocked at his hand getting grabbed and glared at me.

” … I did not tell her anything. Estia, are you alright?”

“Yes. Leaving that aside, about your family?”

“It painful. My wife died. My daughter was getting eroded by disease and I could not heal her. Then, I asked the Empire that was developing a secret medicine to treat her, after seeing her healthy appearance only once, I was told that she has become a slave and could no longer meet her. Now I still continue to search for her.”

” … Is that so. I don’t need healing.”

The Darkness Spirit went outside.

“What was that. I’ll leave your payment here.”

I left 5 gold coins and chased after the Darkness Spirit and it was waiting for me outside.


“What happened exactly?”

“I’ll tell you the reason after Estia calms down. Please head for the Holy Capital for now.”

The Darkness Spirit only mentioned that to me and I could imagine that she could not afford to say anymore.


“We’ll be forcibly traveling at night. Everyone, please do not let down your guard.”


We departed for the Holy Capital while under the cover of darkness.

Even though it was dark, we had torchlights so it wasn’t hard to run.

Furthermore, the horses’ boss Fornoir took the initiative to pull so the other horses looked like they were calm.


I was vigilant as we ran down the night road but the relationship between Botacyl and Estia continued to bother me in my mind.


Author’s note:

Thank you for reading.

TL note:

Ooo that’s interesting. I originally thought that Estia was Botacyl’s daughter but since he couldn’t recognize her it means … Estia knows Botacyl’s daughter?


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