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GC V4C102

(102) Run, Ichino, run

Translator: Tseirp

“「Grand Cross」!”


Suzuki slashed a cross shape with his sword in high speed.

When he did that, the shockwave flew forward and wiped out the monsters that filled the passage.

The power exhibited by dual-wielding two swords to perform 「Slash」 could not compare to the might of that attack.


“Is that a Paladin skill? It has amazing power.”

“Yeah, although the MP consumption can’t even be compared on the same scale with the MP consumption of 「Slash」. If not for this amulet Schreyl passed to me, I would be on the verge of collapsing just from shooting one shot. Since the MP of a Paladin is not that high.”


Suzuki said as he took out a purple charm with a hexagonal star drawn on it that looked like it could be bought from a shrine.


” … Amulet huh.”

“What effect does it have?”

“As long as I hold this amulet, I can share MP with Schreyl.”


MP sharing huh? That certainly does seem convenient.

If I could share MP with Haru, Haru would be able to shoot a bit more Slashes.


“Then it means that if you overused it, it would be a burden on that loli girl?”

“Loli girl … well, I can’t deny that though. But that girl accompanying you, Carol is it? She was able to make friends with Schreyl but that girl is still young as well right?”

” … Ah, she looks young but she’s already 17 years old.”

“17!? Is she perhaps a minihume? No, a minihume should be even smaller.”

“She’s a half between a minihume and a hume.”

“I see. Then it’s no wonder she’s that age even though she looks like that.”


Suzuki was deliberating on something.

… I looked at Suzuki’s eyes and,


“Hey you, don’t tell me you are thinking about something like her being a legal loli or whatnot? This includes Haru but if you touch Carol I’ll be angry okay.”

“I, I won’t! Since I have three important companions.”

“But you can’t touch your those three important companions right?”

” … Please don’t remind me.”


He hung his head in sadness.

This guy is pitiful too.

Sorry but Carol has already reserved me for her first time.

It’s different from being a DT.


“The two of you, stop playing and go faster! There are enemies coming from behind too.”


Sutchino screamed.

Looking back, I saw enemies approaching from behind too.

In a state where they were barely being held back by Haru.


“Master, I’m fine. I can still hold out.”

“Sorry, Haru! Milky, please cast another barrier.”

“Okay … ”


For some reason, Milky took out a talisman to use for her barrier while having a satisfied expression.

But she told me that she didn’t have many of them left. The talismans made by Magic Journalists can be used as long as it is within a year from creation but there’s the drawback that it takes time to create them and they are not able to carry too many of them.


Nevertheless, for some reason, I noticed that Milky had a serious nosebleed like just now.

Did something happen?

I was caught up with chatting with Suzuki so I didn’t grasp the situation behind me.


“Yes! It’s complete! Here we go, Centaur!”

“Let’s go, Centaur!”


Jofre hung a carrot on a thread wound around his sword scabbard and completed the construction of the impromptu Centaur guiding device ― Centaur took off the moment they mounted it. In other words, Centaur was running towards the carrot that was dangling in front of its eyes.

There’s nothing scarier that a car with broken brakes.

I wonder how could the two of them ride on something so dangerous.


“Everyone, follow big brother!”


Julio hastily followed after Jofre and Elise.

Regardless of how Suzuki defeated the line of monsters just now, even more monsters flooded out and were approaching us.


Those monsters were sent flying by Centaur.


Oi oi, the monsters here are quite strong and are in no ways inferior to monsters one encounter in intermediate labyrinths, no, there are even stronger enemies mixed within the monsters here.

I heard that they fed Centaur rare medals but just how much was it strengthened?


In addition … that Jofre is way too dextrous. He splendidly avoided whenever the sword tip was about to collide with the enemies and led Centaur on a route that sent as many enemies flying as possible.


We continued running for twenty minutes. In order to let the tired Milky, Sutchino and Julio keep up, Jofre manipulated the carrot and made Centaur run around in circles thinking that it was cute but that is normally animal abuse so for now, he let it eat that one carrot.


But … he shouldn’t have done that.


“Shit! That carrot just now was the last carrot right, Elise.”

“Eh? Then we don’t have any remaining carrots?”

“No way, to think we would run out of carrots at a place like this.”

“Big brother, what should we do if there are no more carrots!”


Jofre, Elise, Julio and Sutchino were making a commotion.

It seems pathetic to have carrots as the lifeline for an adventure.


“Ah, I don’t know if it would serve as an alternative to a carrot but I have a tomato …”


The instant I said that as I took out from my item bag the tomato produced in My World, Centaur began running in my direction.


“Eh, uwaaaaaaaa!”


With that momentum, I did not even have the time to toss the tomato and could only start running to escape.

It was to the extent where Centaur was running with bloodshot eyes.

Just like that, I ran into the center of the enemies.

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