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GC V4C107

(107) Epilogue

Translator: Tseirp

After I escaped from the labyrinth, I parted with Suzuki there.

Julio, Sutchino and Milky looked like they were exhausted so he thought of letting them ride Pochi but because the golden wool Sutchino carried was too much of a hindrance, Sutchino would be returning by foot and he offered to let Elise ride instead but Elise said that she didn’t want to split up with Jofre so in the end, he left with only Milky and Julio.


Jofre and Elise were in the lead as they rode on the leisurely walking Centaur while Sutchino and we walked behind.

Hearing about the Dragon King that was large enough to cover the sky from Carol and Marina, I would love to see it by all means.


Then, I called out to Sutchino who was walking at the rearmost.

Even though he’s not wounded, he was tired from spending a couple of days in the labyrinth and considering the weight of the golden wool he was carrying, it was within my expectations that he would fall behind. I offered to carry half of it but Sutchino resolutely refused.

Jofre offered that he could carry it inside his item bag and Sutchino could ride Pochi back but he said that he would carry it back himself.


“Unfortunately, I am incapable of being as trusting as Julio towards others. But, thank you for saving us.”

“And the continuation would be because saying thanks if free right?”

“Haha, well, I’ll at least treat you to your lodging fees once we return to the country. Since my parents own an inn.”


If the inn is your own home, then isn’t that just lending a room rather than treating?

Now that I think about it, the landlady and the tavern master were talking about their son who didn’t come home, perhaps that son is Sutchino?

If that’s the case, I’ve already paid for the lodging fees though.

It would be awkward to ask them to return what I already paid as well.

I’m not strapped for money so it’s fine.


I told Sutchino that if he finds it heavy I can carry it anytime and returned to Haru and the others.


“Master, just now ― ”


I’ve lost count to the number of times Haru lowered her head.


“Like I said, don’t worry about it. It’s understandable since you met the Goddess-sama you adore. It can’t be helped that you fainted. By the way, Haru, what skill did you receive? It wasn’t an item so it should be a skill right?”

“The skill I acquired was the 「Triple Spear」. When I attack with a spear, two copies of the spear will materialize, it is a famous skill within the spear techniques acquired from Goddess-sama. It is also usable not only with a spear but also when thrusting with a sword so I must thank Setolance-sama.”


Haru said as she faced a low growing tree nearby and stabbed with her favorite sword ― Fire Dragon’s Fang.

Upon doing so, I saw the sword split into three.

However, they were not mere afterimages as shown by the three singe marks left on the bark.


“That certainly looks like a convenient technique.”

“What did Ichino-sama receive?”

“It was probably a scourer.”


Marina answered Carol’s question for me.

It’s you who is the one loved by the scourers.


“Unfortunately, it was Sutchino and Julio who got the scourers. I received 「Lifestyle Magic」.”


But, this 「Lifestyle Magic」 is honestly quite questionable.

Of course, it is without a doubt a useful magic.

In particular,「Clean」 is very useful in this world where baths are not really popular.

「Purification」 seems to work the same way but it might be possible to use the new skill with other skills like 「Silent Room」.


I felt like there might be magic like Lifestyle Magic for night time or it would probably be called Sexual lifestyle Magic. (TL: It’s a play on words, Lifestyle Magic and Sexual lifestyle Magic is read the same way in Japanase, just that the character used is different.)

But it’s probably because the way I use it is poor.


“That means Ichino-sama has reached Lifestyle Magic III? Then cooking in the future will become easier.”

“Eh? Cooking?”

“Yes, Lifestyle Magic III is magic for the sake of cooking.”


Cooking huh.

I was relieved after hearing Carol’s words.

I was wondering what would happen if a magic like Energy Recovery appeared.

「Clean」 for washing clothes, 「Silent Room」 to soundproof the residence and now a cooking skill. In other words, it’s a skill meant to enhance food, clothing and shelter.

It’s pretty good.


“Magic list open.”


I wanted to see what kind of magic I acquired to have a peace of mind so I opened my magic list.

Then ―


“The skill acquired from Lifestyle Magic III is ―”


In the midst of Carol’s explanation, I saw the magic.


「Oil Create」


Without any time to consider the meaning behind that name, Carol announced the answer.


“A magic to produce oil using magic.”

“Oil huh. It seems convenient for the sake of deep frying food.”


As Marina laughed, Carol nodded and continued her explanation.


“It can be used for cooking or as fuel and by increasing the proficiency, many types of oil can … Ichino-sama, what’s wrong?”


Carol asked when she noticed I was trembling all over.

But, I ― imagined an unexpected use for the magic, or it might actually be within expectations ―


“As expected, isn’t it just Sexual lifestyle Magic!!!”


I inadvertently screamed out.


Carol and the others made expressions saying “It is Lifestyle Magic?” but at any rate, I felt like welcoming that magic.

It’s certain that after coming this far, it would turn R-15.

It’s really great that Miri is not here. (TL: That’s a flag, Ichino)

And then, the stunned expression of my younger sister who had not reached 15 years old would have when she saw my current expression came to mind.





Within a room disguised as a big tree between Florence and Belasra ―


“I’ve returned … Otherworld.”


Miri stood there.


“Onii, wait for me.”


Author’s note:

From the next chapter on, the story with Miri as the protagonist will begin for a short while.

The side chapters with Miri as the protagonist will end in a week and the main story with Ichinojo as the protagonist will continue the next week. (TL: That’s the author’s schedule. Miri’s chapters will go on for 6 chapters.)

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