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IS B10C172

New character introduced! (New old man to add to the ‘harem’? lol)

Chapter 172: Magic Guild Leader Orford

Translator: Tseirp

Upon leaving the decorated room, we entered a dazzling corridor that stretched forth in a straight line.

“This place is amazing too. This place is probably the Magic Guild. I sense strong magical powers ahead so let’s try moving in that direction.”

Following the path set by the corridor, we moved forward and reached the Magic Guild.

When we exited the corridor, there was a small reception directly in front of us with staircases leading up and down behind it.

“It leads to this. Let’s go to the reception first.”


I spoke to the reception lady in front of us together with the two of them.


“We’ve come from the Saint Schull Allied Nations, I am the Healer Luciel and these two are my retinue. I’ve received a letter from Pope-sama addressed to the Magic Guild Leader, could you please convey the message for me?”

“Yes, sir. Please wait a moment.”

The receptionist lady replied and began communicating with a magic communication bead.

When I looked around the surroundings until her conversation ended, I noticed that there were actually a couple of information sign plates hanging down from the ceiling.

If combined with a floor plan then I would probably not get lost in here.

The receptionist lady finished her conversation as I was thinking about such things.

“Sorry to keep you waiting. The person responsible will arrive soon so please wait for a moment.”

“I see. Thank you. By the way, I have a question, do you have a floor plan for this Magic Guild as well as a map that depicts the overall layout of Nelldal?”

“Yes. We do but it has to be purchased, is that all right?”

Since they are maintaining a facility like this, their maintenance cost should also be quite considerable?

That might be why they have a system to collect something like an admission fee.

I was convinced so I asked for the price.

“Yes. How much is it?”

“The map that shows the entire Nelldal will be 10 gold coins while the Magic Guild interior plan will be 5 gold coins.”

Converting that into Japanese yen would be 15 million (~1500USD) … well, I can pay for it but even so, it is expensive.

She presented a price that one would not be able to pay for normally so it felt to me like it was some kind of test.

” … Then, here you go.”

That’s why I left a slight pause before giving her 15 gold coins.

The reception lady was shocked by my quick actions.

She probably didn’t expect there to be anyone who would pay a price like that.

But that was exactly why I imagined and expected some kind of special benefit if I bought them.

” … Are you sure?”

“Yes. I believe I would be staying here for some time so in consideration of that, I intend to buy it because I might get lost without a map.”

She asked gingerly but I answered with a smile so she looked somewhat relieved as she passed me a hardcover book and a booklet.

“This would show you the entirety of Nelldal while this is the map of the Magic Guild as well as a free pass to the Magic Archive.”

I imagined a thin map or a pamphlet-kind of document but I was totally wrong.

When I briefly flipped through it, I saw, described in detail, information such as the correct method to use each of the facilities and the reason why such facilities were constructed.

The Magic Guild booklet was more like a pamphlet that detailed the leisure facilities but there was one remark that caught my attention.

“Free pass to the Magic Archive?”

“Yes. Almost none of the people who visit this Magic Guild purchase the guild information map. However, that lacked an interesting aspect so we prepared a special benefit.”

“That would be the free pass to the Magic Archive?”

“Yes. The admission ticket to the Magic Archive is sold inside as well but it cost 10 gold coins for a day so this would be a tremendous bargain if you intend to stay here for a long time.”

” … I see. Who was it who came up with this?”

“It was the founder of Nelldal as well as the leader of the Magic Guild at that time.”

I no longer felt like asking anymore.

As if she had guessed it, I heard the sound of somebody coming up the stairs.

A lady soon appeared but I was surprised when I saw her appearance.

The appearance of the lady who came up the stairs and the appearance of the reception lady was like two peas in a pod.

Twins? Just as I thought that, I immediately discovered the truth.

“Sorry to keep you waiting guild leader, I heard there’s a customer? Eh, why are you disguising yourself as me!!”

The lady looked like she was shocked for a moment after seeing the receptionist lady with the same face but she got angry the next moment.


“Fofofo. There was a request from the Holy Capital Pope-sama right? Well then, guests, I am the Magic Guild guildmaster Orford. It’s a bit open here so I’ll guide you to my room.”

The supposed receptionist lady stood up and said that but the lady trembled and raised her voice.

“More important than that, please stop disguising yourself as me.”

“There’s no helping it, alright, dispel!!”

The next instant, white smoke wrapped around Orford-san and the smoke immediately disappeared. But it was not the reception lady who reappeared but the figure of a good-natured old man dressed in a blue-drenched robe with white hair and a long white beard.

That magic that could transform one’s form was something I greatly desired in the past.

” … Erm, may I know what magic attribute does that magic belong to?”

That’s why I could not resist myself from asking.


“It is a Mixed Magic that superimposes Water Attribute and Fire Attribute. Well then, let’s go.”

That appearance that usually appears in novels is probably not just for show.

I might be able to regain my Holy Attribute Magic if I take a lesson from this person.

While thinking that, I chased after the guildmaster who was ascending the steps.


After beginning to ascend the steps, the dazzling impression of the surroundings drastically changed and it felt like I stepped into a different building that gave off a refined feeling.

“This is my room.”

We entered the guildmaster room as guided.

We immediately came across a setup for receiving guests so I thought we would be talking there but he passed that by and stopped in front of a mirror … or rather, he was sucked into the mirror.

“Ha? He disappeared?”


When we made dumbfounded expressions, Orford-san came out from the mirror.

“Fofofo, surprised? This is a magic mirror, a special mirror that only allows the person whose magical power has been imprinted as well as those who have received his authorization to enter.”

” … Did you perhaps return because you forgot to give us the permission?”

” … Fofofo. Don’t fret the minor details and follow me.”

He said as he disappeared into the mirror.


“He completely forgot right.”

“He’s of old age so he’s bound to forget one or two things.”

“He might love to pull pranks but I don’t sense any evil intentions from him.”

The two of them seem like they are kind towards their elders but Orford-san is definitely …

It felt like everything was done to test us but I took a deep breath and headed towards the mirror.

” … Let’s follow then.”

I touched the mirror and my arm was sucked into it. I slowly entered the mirror in that fashion and I appeared in a place that looked exactly like the guildmaster room.

“This place is?”

“This is the real guildmaster room. That over there is a fake since people occasionally enter without permission. Well, come sit over here and relax.”

The two others followed immediately so he offered us chairs.

“Thank you.”

Nadia and Lydia tried to stand behind my chair but I had them sit together with us.


“I’ll introduce myself again. I am the Healer’s Guild S-rank Healer Luciel. Thank you for making time to meet me.”

“Fumu. So stiff~, you have to relax a little more.”

He made a good-natured old man expression and I felt that his eyes could see through everything and that he was chiding me for being impatient.

” … Thank you. This is the letter from Pope-sama.”

“Fumu. Before that, how about some black tea?”

” … Thank you.”

“Fo, fo, fo. Please wait a moment.”

I felt like I was slightly impatient but I wondered why was I feeling so impatient.

I don’t know if the reason was because I wanted to regain my Holy Attribute Magic as soon as possible or because I could not bear not having Healer as my job.

Orford-san stood up without losing his smile and went to brew the black tea.

Lydia chose to speak at her own discretion.

” … Those eyes that look like they can see through everything might be an Appraisal skill.”

“True, that might be a possibility.”

Nadia responded that way but I denied it.

“If it’s the Appraisal skill then he’s the third person I’ve met who possess it. But I believe it is not Appraisal but something else … it gives me the impression that it allows him to look into the essence of a person.”

“The essence?”

“Yes. I feel that we have continually been tested ever since we arrived at this Magic Guild. Furthermore, it seems like he knows that I am impatient … and it feels like he is giving me guidance in that fashion.”

“I see. As expected of the leader of the Magic Guild Headquarters.”

“It looks like Luciel-sama has calmed down too to be able to come up with that theory.”

“That might be true.”

After talking with the two of them and calming down, Orford-san carried the black tea over.

“Did I make you wait?”

“No, I was able to calm down thanks to that.”

“Fumu. Then, I will read the letter so drink the tea.”


I passed him the letter I received from Pope-sama after receiving the black tea.

Orford-san began to read the letter and since he went through the trouble to make it, I drank the black tea and it was very fragrant and extremely tasty.

It looked like the other two also had the same impression so he probably had considerable skill.

But I wanted it to be just a little bit sweeter so while making sure Orford-san who was seriously reading the letter did not notice, I pulled out a small vial of honey.

The sisters saw that so I poured some into theirs too. The instant the two of them held it in their mouths, they gave extremely blissful expressions so I was relieved that the honey went well with the black tea.

Then, just as I was about to keep the honey, Orford-san met my eyes.


” … Is that, by any chance, honey?”

“Yes. Please have some if you want to.”

I passed him the small vial.

“No doubt about it. Where did you get this?”

“From a factory. So, what did Pope-sama say?”

“Loss of Healer job and Holy Attribute Magic … the attribute was not erased so she requested for my help if I have any means to treat you. There were some other things too.”

” … I see. Please lend me your strength.”

“There are conditions.”

“As long as they are not unreasonable, I will accept it all.”

” … I wish for a large amount of honey. I will lend my strength if you promise me that.”

“I can do that. If I regain the use of Holy Attribute Magic, I will even dedicate honey mead to you.”

“Wh, what? We can’t idle here. Quickly, to the Magic Archive. I’ll definitely help you regain your Holy Attribute Magic immediately.”

” … Yes.”

To be able to tempt him with items, is the Magic Guild really alright?

Even though I was slightly uneasy, in order to regain my Holy Attribute Magic, I was thankful that I gained a powerful helper and we moved to the Magic Archives after we finished drinking the black tea.


Author’s note:

Thank you for reading.


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