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IS B10C173

Chapter 173: Astonishment

Translator: Tseirp

I purchased 2 maps from the Magic Guild but I still had not have the chance to look at them so without knowing where the Magic Archive was, we followed after Orford-san.

I expected him to exit through the mirror once again and move off from there but Orford-san moved in the opposite direction from the mirror towards an imitation magic circle that was placed there as decoration.

“Isn’t this just a decoration?”

“Fofofo. We can teleport there at once with this magic circle.”

I wonder who would notice that the magic circle placed there as if to symbolize the Magic Guild was actually a real teleportation magic circle?

Orford-san happily said as he stood on top of the magic circle.

The three of us entered the magic circle too but I was concerned about one thing.

“Is there no limit to the number of people?”

“There is but if it’s only for short distance movement, it can easily transfer about ten people.”

I was relieved by his answer and waited for the activation of the magic circle.

As soon as I noticed it emit light, we had already flown from the guildmaster room to the Magic Archive.


The Magic Archive was built in a cylindrical shape and there were bookshelves lined up along the walls.

I could not help but be surprised at seeing this amount of books even in this world.

“We’ve arrived. Well then, I’ll first try to find something among the restricted books and come back. You guys can read whatever books you have an interest in. Also, entry into this place is only limited to a few people so give them my name if anybody asks.”

“Understood. I just have one question, is there perhaps a reason why it is called a Magic Archive instead of a library?”

The place was truly stunning but I felt like it wouldn’t live up to its name with just that reason.

Towards my question, Orford-san merely smiled and silently moved to the back room.

I didn’t understand what was he trying to tell me with that smile but the two people beside me were fidgeting so I instructed them.

” … Can’t help it. Since he left without saying a word, basically, it should be fine for us to freely do what we want. The two of you can read whichever books you are interested in. We’ll probably come back in the future but you might not have the chance to read the books you like.”

“Yes. Thank you.”

“For there to be such a collection, I’m troubled by where to start from.”

The two of them happily went to rummage for books.


It was heart-warming to see the two of them like that but I refocused my mind and sat down on the nearby chair.

Orford-san was controlling himself from saying something so there’s probably some kind of gimmick to it.

But even before that, the hard-cover map and Magic Guild brochure I bought just now was still stuck in my mind.

That’s why I decided to read those two first.

“First would be the brochure that acts as the key to enter and exit this place. Hn?”

When I took a good look at the brochure, I noticed a magic circle carved into it.

” … Don’t tell me this is the key to enter this archive … Orford-san even has a security function that lets him know who enters this place? I didn’t expect something to that extent …”

It was very much possible with Sir Rainstar so I was just astonished.

The teleportation magic circle has an auto-logging security feature (provisional) … their technical capability is impressive.


Here, not only could I regain my Holy Attribute Magic, I might even be able to absorb various other techniques.

Thinking about it made my heart beat quicken from the expectations.


I took a deep breath to soothe my heart rate and proceeded to read the Magic Guild brochure.

And immediately after I started reading, a certain item caught my eye.


Why is the Magic Guild Headquarters located at the floating Independent Magic City Nelldal?

It was an outline roughly along those lines.


I know that this Nelldal was not constructed for the sake of the Magic Guild.

I heard it directly from the person himself (Rainstar) so there’s no doubt about that.


Then what was the reason? The following was written when I continued reading.

The one who controls the sky controls the world.

The words I heard somewhere before was recorded there as it is.


When I read further, it was recorded that the Magic Guild Leader at that time was deeply impressed by those words and begged the Hero to let him set up the Magic Guild in Nelldal.

“I’m surprised they did not revise this part. Did he perhaps take some oath?”

In the first place, since that person was able to create a country of Healers, what’s so surprising about finding out that he made two countries?

I could only sigh as I continued reading.


The hero stated the conditions to construct the Magic Guild in Nelldal.

He hoped that they will not be a hindrance or a nuisance to anyone and that only individuals who aim to explore magic are allowed to enter.

“Isn’t that similar to Rockford just that they are different fields … was Sir Rainstar’s intention to create a monopoly in techniques?”

If that’s the truth then although it is called the Magic Guild Headquarters, it is actually a facility only for research where individuals who wish to explore magic research new magic techniques day in and day out.


I thought as I continued reading the brochure and it seemed like they were conducting research for all kinds of fields.

If classified into the larger fields, it would be the three main fields of magical tools, magic and magic technique with further detailed categories for each field.

Magic tools was categorized into those for combat and for regular use and further research according to magic stone attributes was apparently being conducted.

Magical technique was classified into magic circles and chants.


Last but not least was magic but it was classified into Ancient Magic, Mixed Magic, Spirit Magic, Dragon Magic and magic that even beastmen can use.

All the research facilities for those purposes were listed in detail.

“Do more dangerous research facilities lie below this? Rather than that, is this Magic Guild by any chance …”

I had a seriously bad feeling about it but I considered the future benefits of studying here at the moment.


Thus, I had read through the brochure to a certain extent.

When I looked up to confirm my surroundings, Orford-san had yet to return and Nadia and Lydia seemed to have found books that they wanted to read and have begun reading them.

After confirming that, I was about to read the hardcover book that described the overview of Nelldal.

Light shined out from the book and a three-dimensional image appeared.


“Welcome to the Independent Magic City Nelldal. I am the hero who constructed this city in the skies. If possible, I wish that it became a city that satisfies people who understand my ambition.”

It was a short three-dimensional projection of just that.

“What on earth did that person intend to achieve?”

It was blurry on a whole and the face could not be seen but there were many similarities to Sir Rainstar who I met previously at Rockford.

Well I won’t be able to discover anything even if I thought about it so I continued reading but from then on it was a regular book with no other tricks that described Nelldal in great detail to give readers an understanding of the overall picture of Nelldal.


The Independent Magic City Nelldal was actually comparatively small as a city with a distorted circular shape of 3 kilometers diameter and depth of only about 2 kilometers.

Sir Rainstar probably wanted a city in the skies that he could strike down if he ever wanted to destroy it.


Nelldal has a solid barrier surrounding it that apparently won’t be damaged by even the breath attack of a black dragon.

“I don’t know how amazing a black dragon is but it’s too late now to feel that that person is abnormal.”

I flipped the pages and stiffened when I saw a certain sentence.


Although the defensive function of Nelldal was because of the magic circle refined by the Hero, it is not certain but it is said that it is possible due to the twin dragons the Wind Dragon and the Water Dragon.

” … I didn’t hear about this. Wasn’t it supposed to only be the Wind Spirit!!”

Seeing the report listed in the book, I unintentionally cried out.

With no venue to vent my gloomy complex feelings, I could not keep calm.


“Luciel-sama, are you alright?”

“Did something happen?”

Nadia and Lydia were worried and came over but I apologized for my shameful outburst.

” … Sorry. Don’t worry about it. Maybe because I’ve stopped being a Healer, my mood swings seemed to have intensified.”

“You don’t have to force yourself to smile. Because we are here as your retainers.”

“You can tell us anything.”

I somehow felt apologetic seeing how devoted the two of them were.

“Thank you. But now I have some things I wish to think about so please give me some time alone. It’s your valuable free time as well so the two of you can return to reading your books.”

” … Understood. Then, please let us know if you need anything.”

“We will immediately rush over.”

“Okay. Thank you.”

After saying so, the two of them returned to the places they originally were.


I took a deep breath and once again looked down onto the book about Nelldal.

Moreover, it’s not certain that the details written in the book are actually accurate.

Then, I noticed something.

“Eh? Wait. Don’t tell me … ”

I quickly turned the pages and saw that the Magic Guild was in the center of Nelldal and the town spread out to its east west south and north.

“Then where’s the fountain?”

When I looked it up in the brochure, I found that there was a fountain in the Magic Guild courtyard.

“All the conditions are fulfilled … that means, the bad feeling I had just now …”

All the scattered pieces in my head connected.


At that point, a depressed Orford-san returned.

“As expected, there wasn’t anything regarding the loss of job after using a forbidden art.”

“Orford-san, I have two things I wish to ask.”

“Wha, what is it?”

Maybe because I was slightly excited, it seemed like I surprised him.


I calmed myself and asked about the two things.

“If the fairy tale-like dragons written here reincarnate, will Nelldal fall from the sky?”

“Fumu. Even if the dragons exist and they are defeated, Nelldal will probably still not fall. Since we have already prepared for it by carving floating magic circles on Nelldal.”

Feeling relieved that the worst case scenario would not happen, I asked the next question to affix the final piece.

“Just hypothetically, do you all possess magic or magic tools that are capable of dispelling Evil God-class seals?”

” … No.”

His expression did not change when he answered no but it felt to me that the aura and intimidation he released from his eyes increased.

“Then, if dragons exist, do you know of any potion-like item that can seal their wounds?”

“No, because there have not been any dragons. Well, there’s no need to be so anxious.”

“I wish to quickly regain my ability no matter what.”

“Well, calm down. I heard from Pope-sama that you have aptitude in several other attributes. It won’t be too late to see after you train those right?”

I understood that it was useless no matter what Orford-san said in the present circumstances.

I reset my mind and decided that this time, I will train magic in Nelldal while fishing through the collection of books.


” … Okay. I did want to try magic from the other attributes.”

“That’s good. I will serve as your lecturer.”

Orford-san smiled looking as if he was satisfied with my answer but I made a decision to ascertain why he so obstinately evaded my questions.


Author’s note:

Thank you for reading.


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