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For the record, the author keeps switching between the term Magic Guild and Magician Guild. I’ll just continue to translate it as Magic Guild but it should refer to the same thing.

Chapter 174: Magic that can’t be invoked and secrets

Translator: Tseirp

While listening to his lecture in the Magic Archive, Orford-san selected an easy-to-understand book about magic for me.

Then, Orford-san looked at me and remarked that my attributes were Holy, Flame, Earth and Lightning, four types in total.

It seems like he really does possess the Appraisal skill and it’s a secret that I felt that it was a pity how the blessings from the spirits did not affect my attributes.


It was a lecture by Orford-san but he only said three things.

“The key points to magic are a deep understanding of the chants, imagery that depicts the event in detail, and the activation that draws magical power to interfere with the world.”

“The same thing was written in the elementary magic book I read in the Healer’s Guild in the past.”

“The chants differ according to the imagery and there will be good parts and bad parts but it varies from person to person so you will have to capture your own individuality and strive to practice.”


Incidentally, Orford-san also looked at the aptitude of the two of them, Nadia possesses the Lightning, Water and Wind attributes while Lydia has aptitude in the basic four attributes.

From then on, he was motivated for some reason and took up the role of lecturer for the two of them too.


However, what awaited us was a recital that was called a lecture.

… Even though I wanted him to teach me chants and magic circles, for some reason, he just endlessly spoke about contents written in the book and I ended up gradually getting sleepy.

Because to that, I asked Orford-san if there was any place where it would be fine to accidentally cast magic.

“I’ve memorized all the chants for the LvI magic of the attributes I have aptitude in so is there any place where it would be fine to accidentally cast magic?”

“Fumu, it’s true that actual practice is essential too. Then, let’s move to the magic training ground. It’s the training ground that our Magic Guild takes pride in that has been around since the creation of Nelldal and it is covered in walls that will instantaneously fix even if magic is released and destroys it.”

Orford-san smiled in delight but I understood that I was correct on what this Nelldal actually is, from what I thought of just now and the presence of the dragons. (TL: I have a pretty solid guess on what the author is implying … what about you? :D)

“Sorry to trouble you.”

But I did not talk about it.

Because I felt that it’ll definitely happen if I talked about it.


While following Orford-san out of the Magic Archive, I thought about the two people behind me.

They were, even though only for a time, ladies from a noble family so I thought that they would be able to use magic but now that I think about it, I’ve never seen them use magic at all.

Following that line of thought, I ended up wondering if chanting magic not only depends on the aptitude and attribute but also the job?

Then, since Lydia is able to exercise Spirit Magic, is she also able to utilize regular magic? I had some doubts about that.


I also wondered why Orford-san didn’t point that out when he browsed through the status page of the two of them but I decided to ask him everything after the training.


After walking for roughly about a minute from the Magic Archive, we entered a door but even though miasma was not floating in the air, it was a training ground that could easily be mistaken as a boss room.

“How is it? It was constructed quite splendidly right? Here, the place won’t be destroyed no matter what kind of magic you release.”

” … Thank you. Then, I will strive until I can manifest magic. The two of you can try too.”

Thus, my magic training began but I would be able to enjoy this.

I had a hunch.

That’s right. Even though it was just a hunch, my expectations were betrayed.


Even though I tried regular chants, chant shortening, chant termination, no chant, unique chants and magic circle chants with all the attributes, my Illusionary Cane was only wrapped in overflowing light from the attributes as if absorbing it in but there was no sign of the magic activating at all.

“If my magical power is being consumed, then I should be able to activate it if I don’t hold anything.”

I pulled myself together and tried activating the Flame attribute magic called Torch but this time, my body was wrapped in magical power and the end result was that I still could not manifest the magic.

I knew that my magical power was decreasing for some reason so I tried looking at my proficiency value but the growth of my attributes did not rise by even one point.

It didn’t look like it was a problem that I could break through on my own so although I was a little lost, I tried asking Orford-san.

Since he’s the Magic Guild Leader, he should be knowledgeable on such a phenomenon right? I had such expectations.


“Orford-san, I chanted the magic and I was wrapped in the magical power of that attribute but I totally can’t activate it so do you have any advice?”

” … You were operating the magical power properly and the balance of your control was good too. But it’s the first time I’ve seen someone not manifest the magic despite continually chanting that much.”

He tilted his head and showed a troubled expression as he gave that remark that sounded like it was faked.

If that’s the case then I wanted him to teach me what to do but he didn’t say anything and merely watched the magic training of the other two.


“Orford-san, I have two … no, three questions.”

“Umu. I’ll answer if it’s something I know.”

As if he was delighted to be asked, he replied me radiantly.

Seeing that, Nadia and Lydia also looked like they wanted to ask him questions later too.


“Then, firstly, does any other Healing Magic exist outside the Holy Attribute?”

“It does. In the Light Attribute. It is capable of everything: attacking, supporting, and healing.”

“But I heard that it can only be handled by a hero?”

This person was telling me various things but I noticed that it felt like he was quietly trying to probe if I was a reincarnated individual.


“I’m surprised you know that. Heroes are capable of possessing all attributes. That has also been recorded in literature.”

I don’t know why he’s so happy but I guess this person essentially loves to talk to people.

Once I realized that, I noticed that there wasn’t a need to talk while putting up a front.

For that reason, I began throwing straightforward questions at him.

” … What about ones that ordinary people can use?”

“It might be possible if Holy Attribute magic, Water Attribute and Wind Attribute are mixed together, but even though it may have been around during ancient times, I’ve not heard of any successful restoration of that ancient magic.”

“What about in the past?”

“I don’t know.”

Orford-san silently shook his head and touched his long beard.


“I see. Well, I guess that’s to be expected. Somebody would have told me if it is known … then, the next question, is there a possibility that I can’t handle many magic attributes well because of the effect of my job?”

“No. When your job itself changed, it will cause some kind of wastage during your activation but it won’t be a problem.”

There was overflowing confidence on Orford-san’s face.

Now that I think about it, I was slightly bothered with why Pope-sama did not know about that.

Well, if I think about it, I might be lacking something to be able to utilize magic or it might be related to how I easily increased my attributes by acquiring the blessings of dragons and spirits, my thoughts were starting to get tangled up.

At this point, I decided to search for books that have such information later in the Magic Archive.

Then, I asked the last question.


“This is the final question, the construct of this training ground resembles that of a labyrinth but could you enlighten me if you know of the reason why they did it that way?”

When I asked that, for a split second, Orford-san’s expression froze, he had clearly stiffened.

“Umu. I don’t know the actual reason but it might have been constructed using labyrinths as a reference.”

But he immediately plastered on his usual smiling face and answered vaguely.

“Is that so? Incidentally, how many more similar training grounds are there?”

” … If I’m correct, there are 3 but why do you ask?”

“I have something I wish to investigate here so I plan to stay here for the time being. I was just curious since it doesn’t seem like I would be able to always use this training ground.”

If there are similar training grounds, do the dragon seal doors appear there? There was no need to ask such a foolishly honest hypothetical question so this time I deceived him.

“I see. No matter which area you are at, you can pass as long as you hold the Magic Guild map up so you can be at ease.”

“Thank you. Please allow me to ask if I think of any other questions.”

While I thought about the future, I decided to continue my magic training and study the collection in the Magic Archive as I looked for the opportunity to bring Nadia and Lydia along with me to the fountain.


Author’s note:

Thank you for reading.


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