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IS B10C175

Chapter 175: Rumors from the past and the consequences

Translator: Tseirp

We received magic training for a couple of hours in the magic training ground but nobody invoked anything … to be exact, Lydia was able to invoke something. But it was Spirit Magic so it’s not counted.

Orford-san merely watched us silently.

“Do you have a minute?”

Maybe my thoughts were shown on my face, with his serious expression, I thought perhaps I would be receiving guidance from Orford-san?

But he spoke words that I did not expect.


“It’s about noon. After this, I’ll guide you all to your accommodations.”

Now that I noticed, we have indeed spent a couple of hours here.

But without achieving anything, would you be able to obediently nod to the words of a person who did not give any kind of guidance? I found that hard to do.


” … Erm, what about the magic training?”

“Pushing yourself too hard will on the contrary cause you to fail. Follow me.”

Orford-san said that and moved towards the door.

Shisho and Lionel trained me thoroughly with a purpose so having grown accustomed to such styles, I was unsatisfied with Orford-san’s easygoing method.


It looked like it was the same for Nadia and Lydia and they were seeking my opinion with perplexed expressions.


“What should we do?”

I looked at their expressions and thought.

If the two of them weren’t here, I would probably rebel by searching for the reason why I can’t invoke magic.

But it struck me that taking that attitude was something a child would do.


” … We won’t have sudden growth even if we continue any longer so let’s follow Orford-san for now. Also, we might be spending a long time doing the same thing so I’ll be in your care.”


Perhaps my internal conflict showed on my face but the two of them looked at each other and replied in sync while nodding with a smile.

I replied with a nod and we followed after Orford-san.


Looking at the floor plan of the Magic Guild Headquarters, with that simple reception area as the center, the building was split into east west north and south sections.

The south section houses the magic circles that connects to the various countries, the west where we were currently heading towards has the canteen and the accommodations, the east has shops and the library while the north houses the classrooms for the Magic Guild.


Apparently, without a certain degree of authority, one cannot go up the stairs behind the simple reception area.

For that reason, there was a conspicuous blank space on the map.

Following the stairs down, the research facilities become more unpleasant but it seemed like there was also entry inspections every ten days.


While thinking about that, we walked towards the canteen at the west side but I had a sense of incongruity.

“I have a question, why is it that we have not passed anyone by?”

It was written that to prevent pointless conflict between countries, their respective canteens and accommodations were placed on different floors.

Even so, not to mention bumping into the researchers and magicians who supposedly come here from various countries, we did not even encounter any staffs.


“That’s natural since we came through a route whereby we won’t bump into anybody. You also do not wish to encounter people as much as possible right?”

“So that was why. Thank you for your consideration.”

“Fo, fo, fo. That was just a joke. This is a dedicated floor for the Saint Schull Allied Nations but these few decades there has not been anyone who came here. There are also no staffs.”

I was becoming worried about various things.

And buildings would deteriorate quickly if nobody stays in them …

But it’s the most desirable scenario for the management side.


” … Since there’s no meaning in allocating staffs to a place where nobody comes to.”

“Fumu. Well, it was quite difficult when I told Pope-sama that about ten years ago.”

” … I see.”

I felt slightly sympathetic seeing his melancholic air and I decided to stop prying any further.


Then, the canteen we passed through was wide enough for about 30 people to use but a problem cropped up there.

“Luciel-dono, actually, all the equipment and food for cooking are present here but …”

It looked like it was somewhat hard for him to say so I tried asking.

“What’s wrong? I’ll do whatever I’m capable of though?”

“Oo I see. Actually, we don’t have anyone who can cook here.”

” … Did you not hire any cooking staff?”

“Umu. There were rumors going around that the Saint Schull Allied Nations where the Healer’s Guild originate from does not think well of the Magic Guild …”

“Don’t tell me because of those rumors?”

“Umu. I mentioned earlier but there have not been any visitors from the Saint Schull Allied Nations to Nelldal.”

It’s an event that happened half a century ago but as expected, the appearance of a labyrinth in the church affected various aspects.

But, if it is a workplace that staffs don’t wish to work at, it usually won’t come with no demerits.

” … Perhaps at that timing, there was a salary cut for people who got injured and went for assessments and their promotion was shelved?”

“Good job coming up with that. That’s exactly what happened.”

“That’s to be expected. So it was all because of bad timing huh?”

Orford-san looked at me and nodded in admiration but the same thing probably happens no matter what era or what world it is.

But even if the staffs submitted requests for transfer, would they be able to transfer just like that?

I sensed some kind of ill intent but I felt that he would definitely not tell me even if I asked.


Well, for the Saint Schull Allied Nations at that time, the Holy attribute magic was being manipulated by the other attributes, the Paladins who are said to have high ability were in conflict with the Priest Knights and the absolute power balance was about to be toppled so it’s not surprising that some countries would make their move.

Thinking about that, it also links with the time period when the Healer’s Guild disappeared from Ienith.

Well, I seriously hoped that it was merely a coincidence though …

I switched thoughts and asked about what to do for the meal.

I’m fine with making it myself and the two of them seem to be alright with it too as it seemed like they have come to like cooking too.

“Is it alright if we make our own meals?”

“I’ll be grateful if you do that. The food ingredients themselves are decades old but the food cabinet is similar to a magic bag so since the time has been stopped, there shouldn’t be any problems.”

Please introduce to me anybody who would use those ingredients after listening to that remark.

However, if the ingredients are from half a century ago, there might be something that can surprise Grulga-san and Granz-san.


” … I’m a little hungry so I’ll cook from tomorrow onwards.”

After saying that, I took out ready-made cooking from my item bag and I saw Nadia and Lydia gave relieved expressions.

“Hou. That looks quite tasty.”

” … You can have a bite if you want to.”

“Really? Then I’ll join you for your meal.”

I once again wondered if this person who ate together with us like it was natural was really the guildmaster of the Magic Guild Headquarters.


Thus, after we came to the canteen and the four of us had our meals, we then moved to our accommodations.

“We also keep this place clean but it has not been used for a long time. Naturally, the rooms are separated by gender so please rest assured.”

” … Why did you say that while looking at me?”

“For some reason or another.”

It can’t be helped that I felt irritated looking at his teasing smile.


“Which reminds me, won’t the beds and stuff be stiff after such a long time has passed?”

“All of them would have been changed whenever the time for replacement came so you don’t have to worry about that.”

“I see.”

They were maintaining it properly so that they can’t be criticized.


The room we were led to were 1LDK rooms. (TL: Basically a studio apartment.)

It had a simple kitchen and dining room, a spacious living room and a bedroom.


“It’s more spacious than the room I use in the church.”

“I’m glad to hear that. Well then, the basic introduction to the Magic Guild ends here.”

“Thank you. Incidentally, how do we get out of the guild? I’d like to exit the Magic Guild and visit the towns to the east west north and south once.”

“That’s right~ Well, I’ll come along for the first time. Fundamentally, eccentric people gather in Nelldal so it might be slightly tough for first-timers.”

“Okay. Please let me know when you have decided on the schedule. I believe from today on, I’ll be coming and going to the Magic training ground and Magic Archive.”

“Fumu. Please make sure to prepare honey mead for me.”

Leaving with that remark, Orford-san went home.


I told the remaining two people the plan for the future.

“We’ll move according to what I told Orford-san just now. Well, we’re probably being monitored and Orford-san can change his appearance so we might not have a chance to feel at ease.”

“Perhaps it might be good to think of some kind of countermeasure?”

“Coping with unknown magic would be difficult.”

The two of them were serious but it was soothing to me.

“In the event he comes to collect information … ”

Thus, going with that feeling, we decided on some simple signs as measures.



“Once I’ve finished investigating what I want to investigate, we’ll visit the Magic Guild’s courtyard but please be prepared for battle then.”


The two of them replied without asking anything.

While feeling thankful for the two of them, since there was nothing to do in the afternoon, I once again head towards the Magic Archive.


Author’s note:

Thank you for reading.


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