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Chapter 178: Attitude to endeavor

Translator: Tseirp

After the harsh lecture from Nadia and Lydia regarding the honey, they returned to their rooms.

… During that time, I topped up their honey water up to five times but they had smiles on their faces from the beginning until the end so it also helped me.


“But, it’s really unexpected. I would never have guessed that the honey water I provided them had recovery ability comparable to that of middle-grade magical power potions. Would it actually have been better if I sold the honey I left with Orford-san?”

Well, originally I would have needed to bring gifts but I did not have the presence of mind to do so at that time so it’s great that I could cover it with what I had in my possession.

I thought as I washed the dishes.


As expected of something thought up by Sir Rainstar, the place came complete with a water supply system and not only that, it even had a toilet and a bath.

Moreover, it was not a unit bath. The toilet and bathroom were separate rooms. (TL: Unit baths or system baths are unique(?) to Japanese housing. It is basically a prefabricated module that comes with a sink, bathtub and toilet bowl made from one continuous material so it is easy to install and less prone to leakage.)

I felt like I had to thank him for being so fastidious about maintaining the quality when he built Nelldal.

After I had a leisurely soak in the bath, I rehydrated myself with honey water, laid on my bed and began looking through the materials Nadia and Lydia gathered.


Firstly, it was Nadia’s gathered information on attributes but although it was summarized with beautiful writing, there wasn’t any new information.

Next, it was the chants Lydia researched on. She wrote about how magic would not be invoked if the wrong wording is used in the chants.

However, that was the only new information and after that, similar to Nadia, there wasn’t any other new information.


“Well, no matter how hard we ponder, without hitting a good idea, we won’t be able to connect the information to any hints.”

I reluctantly proceeded to look through the information I summarized.


If magic is broken down to their mechanisms, it can be divided into magical power attribute, magical power amount and magical power conversion.

Attribute just refers to the attribute, magical power amount refers to the amount of magical power that can be poured in, and magical power conversion is apparently how well the introduced magical power can be redirected into the form of the magic spell.


“Even though one possesses the attribute and can infuse magical power, is it difficult because the person can’t convert the magical power? Then why is it possible to utilize magic without any chants? Would a person not be able to utilize magic using No Chant if it is the first time the person sees the magic?”

I once again looked at the information Lydia gathered but for the topic of No Chant, it’s described to be for magic that has been invoked more than once before.

But there was a tiny remark stating that there have been factual records whereby an individual was capable of using No Chant in the rare case where the mental image was perfect.


“That’s not helpful … eh? But when I succeeded in developing magic, I’m certain that …”

It happened just recently but I completely forgot that I developed Sanctuary Barrier and Sanctuary Armor myself.


Hoping to survive even if I encounter the Evil God, I imitated the chant for Sanctuary Circle.

The method that succeeded was when it was as if I was addressing the world, while having a mental image of the completed form of the magic, I felt the magical power within my body convert the magical power outside my body.

Naturally, I did not succeed the first time, I altered the chant countless times and sharpened the image.

But I forgot why did I do it that way. Was it written somewhere when I was learning Holy Attribute Magic?

“If I regain that sensation … ah, I’m feeling a little tired. I didn’t expect that depending on the way of doing it, it might have been possible to become the strongest magician … though my condition now is that not to mention invoking any magic attribute, I can’t even pour magical power in despite having the aptitude for the attribute …”

Looking at this result, instead of having those two continue researching for me, it might be better to let them absorb something by reading whichever book they like.

In the end, I believe that I would one day be able to once again use Healing Magic if I can develop something like the magic tool I had an idea of at the start so deciding that I will visit it if I find a laboratory for such research, I called it a day. (TL: He’s referring to the remark he read that mentioned to try researching the casting of attributed magic by individuals who possess no attributes, perhaps by using magic tools.)


The next day, after waking up, I concentrated on performing magical power manipulation and control as usual.

Then, I heard a knocking sound when it was still early in the morning.

“Is it Nadia or Lydia? Or …”

I looked towards the entrance and heard Orford-san’s voice.

“Luciel-dono, are you awake?”


When I opened the door, I saw Orford-san hugging a bunch of parchment.

“Oo! Luciel, morning.”

“Good morning, Orford-san. What brings you here this early in the morning?”

“Not much~ after seeing Luciel-dono and the others work so hard for magic training at the training ground yesterday, I wanted to help too. Moreover, after receiving such high-quality honey, I would receive punishment if I don’t do my part.”

Orford-san said and passed me dozens of parchments.


After receiving them, I lightly passed my eyes over them and saw that they were written in closely packed letters.

” … What kind of materials are these?”

“I worked out the analysis and measures as to why the three of you can’t use magic.”

He had the usual frank smile as yesterday but his complexion was slightly pale.


” … Did you only watch and not give guidance yesterday because you had something in mind?”

“Umu. Because you looked like you were slightly impatient. Furthermore, it’s not possible to confirm the abilities and personalities of the three of you by just watching you all for a short period of time.”

Just a cursory glance of the bundle of parchments he passed to me told me that there were about 50 of them.

It was easy to imagine the amount of time that had to be spent to write that amount.


While I don’t believe everything, I thought that this person might apparently be a good person.

” … Incidentally, do you know of any methods to utilize Holy Attribute Magic without possessing an aptitude for the Holy Attribute?”

“That’s an interesting thought. Certainly, such technology exists and something similar to what you want can be found among the magic tools that can even be bought from the streets. However, it would likely not be able to cast Luciel-dono’s magic.”

” … Is it because of the Holy Attribute magic stones? Or are there other factors?”

Holy Attribute magic stones would probably be top of the line items.


But, life is not that simple.

“Both. I’ve not heard of any Holy Attribute magic stones. Even if there are, you would only be able to engrave a single magic spell into it.”

” … As expected, it won’t go so smoothly.”

“It’s quite an interesting idea so I’ll try to see if the research laboratory can develop a magic tool capable of assigning attributes. A day might come when Luciel-dono’s wish comes true.”

… Is it just my imagination that he’s like a completely different person compared to yesterday? Did the magical power from the honey reignite Orford-san’s passion towards magic?

As I was having such foolish thoughts, Nadia and Lydia came by.

“”Luciel-sama, Orford-sama, good morning.””

“Ah, morning. Orford-san wrote down his analysis and measures regarding our magic yesterday for both your portions and mine as well.”

“”Thank you very much.””

“Fo fo fo. I didn’t really dislike doing it so don’t mind it.”

He said and laughed but we could only reply with strained laughter.


“I’m not really doing this as an apology but do you want to have breakfast together with us? I’ll provide honey water.”

“?! By all means, please allow me to join you!”

Looking at how Orford-san suddenly become full of energy, I couldn’t help but think that honey was more effective against this person compared to Object X.


After we changed location to the dining hall, similar to yesterday’s breakfast, I took out the ready-made food from my magic bag and lined them up.

I could have made it on the spot but taking Orford-san’s physical condition into consideration, I decided that it would be better to finish breakfast sooner and let him retire to his room.

As a result, Orford-san left looking satisfied after having his breakfast.

He said that he would show up at the training ground like yesterday after taking a nap.


“Now, after we organize the food warehouse, we’ll read the information we’ve received at the Magic Archive. We’ll have special magic training at the training ground in the afternoon.”

“So he was actually a caring elder.”

“And we thought that we were hated.”

“Well, we don’t know to what extent is the truth so let’s remain vigilant.”


After entering the kitchen and cleaning the dishes, it was finally time to open the food warehouse.

“I wonder how exactly do the food ingredients decades ago look like?”

“It would be great if the smell isn’t horrible.”

It looked like the two of them could not suppress their curiosity and I couldn’t help but laugh when I looked at their nervous appearances as they stared at the food warehouse door.

“It’s terrible of you to laugh at us.”

“Luciel-sama, don’t just laugh, please open it.”

“Sorry I couldn’t help it. Then, I’ll be opening it.”

A world different from what I had imagined came into sight when I opened the heavy doors to the food warehouse.


Author’s note:

Thank you for reading.


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