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(109) Miri’s Adventure 2

Translator: Tseirp

Even though she visited so late at night, Margaret purposely prepared dinner for her and after she received what she considered as passable hospitality from somebody like Margaret, Miri woke up in her room.

In a room that her brother once stayed in.

Of course, there were no traces of her brother having stayed there left.


“Good morning, Miri-chan.”


Margaret greeted Miri.

Taking the future into consideration, Miri decided to go with the name Miryuu in her status column.

It just a coincidence that it would be shortened to Miri. The man called Margaret seemed to give people nicknames by taking two characters from their names.

Incidentally, yesterday, when she introduced herself similarly to Norn after she came back from work after dinner, she addressed Miri as Miryuu-chan.


“Good morning Margaret-san. Where’s Norn-san?”

“Run-chan should be practicing with her spear at the backyard. Since she’s off-duty today.”


Miri thought that it was convenient.

She must take action together with the girl who her brother helped. That was one of the duty she had imposed on herself.

When she went to the backyard, Norn had just ended training and was wiping off her sweat with a towel.


“Norn, morning.”

“Morning Miryuu-chan.”

“Erm, I have a request for Norn.”

“What is it? You can ask anything.”


Norn smiled as she said.




One hour later. In other words, after breakfast, Norn was regretting her thoughtless remark.

Why did it turn out this way, she asked herself as she stood in front of the statue of a Goddess clad in bikini armour ― Setolance, in front of a labyrinth.


“Well then, let’s go, to the labyrinth advanced users go to!”

“Wait a minute! It’s dangerous! Seriously stop!”

“Don’t worry. If Norn isn’t coming, I’ll go myself, is that alright with you? Letting the younger sister of your benefactor go alone?”

“Ne, ne, let’s start from the intermediate labyrinth.”

“There’s no time. I’m going.”


The Advanced Labyrinth she was heading for was surrounded by a solid wall to prevent the off-chance that monsters overflow out of it.

Initially, Norn brought her over because Miri said she wanted to see the inside of the wall.

Goddess Setolance’s statue was inside the wall so she thought that she was an ardent devotee who wanted to pray to that Goddess statue so she willingly accepted it but upon passing the walls, Miri did not look at the Goddess statue at all as she walked towards the transfer circle at the labyrinth entrance.

Moreover, that was the most dangerous transfer circle that sends people to the location right before the lowermost floor.


But that instead caused Norn to be negligent.

Since transfer circles can only transfer a person to the floors they have been to before, Miri won’t be transfered.

That’s what she thought.

That’s why she inadvertently, too carelessly, entered the transfer circle to grab Miri’s hand.


The next instant, the two of them appeared right before the lowest floor in the Advanced Labyrinth and a huge dragon with purple scales was waiting for them right in front of their eyes.

Norn almost felt her consciousness fade away for an instant when the huge dragon roared.


But even so, the one thing that made her hold onto her consciousness was the earnest desire that she must save the younger sister of her benefactor.


” … Miryuu-chan … run.”


Norn’s words that didn’t sound like words was erased by none other than the voice of Miri who she wanted to save.


“「Dark Thousand Sword」”


Countless black swords appeared around the dragon as Norn heard the name of a magic she never heard before.

It’s no wonder that Norn does not know about that magic.

It’s a sure-fire lethal magic spell that can only be acquired by Lv80 Dark Magicians and just finding a person with Dark or Light magic is already difficult.

It is a phantom spell that none among Hume has acquired it yet.

At most, only the man who is the chieftain of the Dark Elves who had fallen to darkness can use it to a serviceable degree.


The swords that deployed around the dragon pierced the dragon all at once.


And then, the life of the dragon was reaped in an instant, it died, leaving dragon scales, dragon meat and magic stone before disappearing.

For the dragon that possess strong resistance against magic, it was probably unexpected to it until its last moments.


【Miryuu leveled up】


At the same time, the system message for level up appeared in Miri’s head.

After confirming that Demon Lord reached Lv3, Miri collapsed on the spot.


“Mi, Miryuu-chan!”


When Norn rushed over, Miri said with her last remaining strength.


“Eh … I’m out of MP.”


She thought that her maximum MP would rise as long as she levels up. In fact, whenever she leveled up when she was the Demon Lord, her MP would increase by at least 500.

But, unfortunately, this time, her maximum MP only increased by 4 and she only had 6 MP remaining.


Why did it become like this?

Did the Goddesses do something?


First of all, she’ll have to question Koshmar.

Miri thought as she had Norn pick up the magic stone, scales and meat and they left the Advanced Labyrinth.


In the afternoon, once her MP had finally recovered to a certain extent, Miri first headed towards the church.


“Miryuu-chan, are you planning to change your job?”


Norn asked but Miryuu didn’t affirm or deny it.

But, of course, she’s not changing her job.

Since once she changes her job, she won’t be able to return to her Demon Lord job in a regular church or temple.


What Miri was curious about was what job her brother ― Ichinojo, changed to.

According to the note left by Daijiro, he could change his job for free here if he mentions Daijiro’s name.


When she gave it a try and mentioned Daijiro’s name, she was allowed to pass smoothly to the room at the back of the church.

There was an old man of about 70 years old there.


“Welcome to Florence’s church. Daijiro-san’s ―”

“Assassin’s Marionette.”


That was also one type of Dark Magic.

The ability to freely manipulate others.

Of course, it is not a magic that can be acquired easily and it consumes as much as 5 MP per minute so as she had not completely recovered her MP, she could only manipulate him for at most five minutes.


But, she could finish everything with just five minutes.


“A man called Ichinojo came here. Say, what job did he change to.”


Hearing Miri’s question, the priest with an empty expression,


“No, a man with that name did not come here.”


said in a voice with no intonation.

Didn’t come?


“He looks like this … look at it properly!”


That’s can’t be true but even after she showed him the photo, the priest said that he had not seen him before.

What’s the meaning of this?


(I’m certain that Onii came to this town but he did not change his job?)


She could make various conjectures but she had no time so she decided to finish her final errand.

At the end, Miri had the priest prepare an Adventurer’s certificate to certify that she is a Dark Magician and an Alchemist certificate and a Herbalist certificate as well as a Peddler certificate and stored them all in her subspace.


It would be more convenient to have multiple identities.

Then, she was about to run out of MP so she dispelled the magic.


“Priest-sama, thank you very much.”

“Eh, ah … yes. May you have the blessing of the Six Goddesses.”


Even though the priest spaced out because his memories was completely gone, he misunderstood that he had completed his task.

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