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GC V5C110

(110) Miri’s Adventure 3

Translator: Tseirp

Miri walked to the Adventurers Guild and exchanged the dragon scales and magic stone to gold.

While she was at it, she also asked the brown fox female receptionist about her brother but for some reason, that woman,


“Eh, that person’s younger sister?”


Looked at her in shock with her amber pupils and had a terrified appearance for some reason.

After that, she asked about the match her brother had there and was told that there was a huge fight at the arena.

The reason that caused the fight was an internal affair within the guild so the woman did not tell her. She thought of using magic to make her spit it out but there were eyes all around so she spared her.


(The men who left the place when we were talking are likely to know more details.)


Miri memorized the faces of the men who perked up their ears to listen when she said that she was Ichinojo’s younger sister and muttered.


If her brother was unilaterally the victim and the guild did not interfere, then she would probably not be able to forgive that woman.

In addition, when she asked the woman if she knew about her brother, she was told that he was not an Adventurer in the first place.


“Er, Miryuu-chan, where do you plan to go now?”

“Eh? Norn you’re still here?”

“I’ve been here the whole time.”

“This time I’ll go to the Beginner’s Labyrinth. Since something I have to do came up.”


Norn was relieved when she heard that.


There was naturally no monsters in the Beginner’s Labyrinth that could rival Miri.

Using Petit Dark that consumes little MP, she merely repeated the task of stretching the tentacles and constricting her enemies.

Norn was quite considerably taken aback but after about three hours, in the end, she constricted the Goblin King in the boss room at the deepest depths of the labyrinth.

She opened the door to the room with the Goddess statue.


“It’s been some time since I’ve been here.”

“Eh? Miryuu-chan has been here before?”


Miri did not answer Norn’s question.

After all, she would probably not believe her if she said that she took a stroll to conquer the labyrinth even before the town of Florence was built.

Incidentally, the reason why she could dive into the Advanced Labyrinth using the transfer circle was not because she had already conquered the Advanced Labyrinth.

It’s true that she had conquered it but the premise is wrong in the first place.

She did not dive into the labyrinth using the transfer circle after conquering it, instead, the transfer circle was formed when she used Space Magic to leave the labyrinth after she conquered it. Because she was the owner of almighty magical power, the transfer circle could still be used till this day.


She reflected on herself after that and used magic after she suppressed her magical power but she also failed at the Intermediate Labyrinth, leaving a transfer circle there as well.


Miri entered the Goddess statue room and saw the statue of the Giant Goddess ― Koshmar.


(Call me in! If not I will destroy this Goddess statue!)


She prayed.

Suddenly, she was in a white space.

Koshmar was also in front of her. She didn’t see the figure of that young Goddess called Torerul.


“Welcome, Demon Lord Famiris, no, or should I call you Demon Lord Miryuu now?”

“They’re both fine. More importantly, Koshmar, I want to ask you something, firstly about Onii’s job, Onii possesses amazing power even though he’s still Jobless right? I was curious in the past and formed a party with a Jobless baby to dive into a labyrinth and raised it to Lv60 but there was nothing at that time. But if I piece the information together, it looks like Onii had intentionally remained as Jobless. Since neither did he change job nor did he register as an Adventurer. Onii was complaining that he wants to quickly get hired so it’s unthinkable that Onii would remain as Jobless without any reason.”


Miri rattled on as she asked Koshmar.

Then, Koshmar apparently had an idea.


“Yes, it was my incompetence that caused the development of the Jobless skill. It’s quite a troublesome skill. It’s unfair to that child but I’ll have him work as a tester to discover more about the Jobless skill. However, it seems like he intended to continue as Jobless since the beginning.”

“What’s the Jobless skill?”

“I don’t intend to tell you. Ask your brother.”

“Ah, fine. Next, my power, it’s not even 1% of when I was at my peak, what’s going on?”

“Like it or not, there’s a barrier around the whole world that weakens your power. Since the humans are afraid of your resurrection.”

“A barrier that seals me?”


Miri was doubtful.


(Such a powerful barrier, how … don’t tell me!? No, I’m convinced if that’s the case.)


Looking at Miri pace back and forth on her own,


“It seems like you have a clue.”

“There’s one last thing. Where is Onii at currently?”


Hearing Miri’s question, Koshmar touched her flabby chin and gave a slightly troubled expression.


“There’s no way I can so easily leak individual information like that as a Goddess.”

“Say it.”

“Geez. Well, it should be fine if it’s you. I’ll be troubled too if I forcefully return to your original location and you go berserk. That child is at Ferruit, the capital of Dakyat.”


Hearing that, Miri traced back the path her brother took using the map in her head.

She wanted to immediately chase after the path her brother took but her current strength was overwhelmingly insufficient.


“So, there won’t be that?”

“The bonus for clearing the labyrinth? Haven’t you already received the bonus from here?”

“That was Demon Lord Famiris. That shouldn’t apply to me since I have been reborn.”

” … Ha, good grief. You’re right. But it will be after you leave here.”

“Got it. See you then.”


The instant Miri said that, her soul returned to the original space.

【Title: Labyrinth Conqueror acquired】

【Clear reward skill: Mp Absorption acquired】


MP Absorption.

It makes it possible to obtain a portion of the MP from a defeated foe.

It was the most useful skill for Miri who had limited MP.


Having acquired the skill she was aiming for as planned, Miri was about to leave the dungeon when,


“Miryuu-chan, what skill did you acquire?”

“Eh? Norn, you’re still here?”

“Yes. All this time. You didn’t notice? Didn’t I defeat all the accompanying goblins just now when you were fighting with the Goblin King?”

“Never mind. We’re leaving. 「Escape」.”


The two of them were outside the labyrinth in an instant through Miri’s magic.


“This, don’t tell me it’s Space Magic!? That’s the first time I’ve seen it, Miryuu-chan is really an amazing Magician … Miryuu-chan!? What’s wrong?”


Miri had collapsed at the labyrinth entrance when Norn noticed.


” … I’m out of MP.”

“Ah … let’s call it a day and go home.”


Norn piggybacked Miri and returned to Margaret-san’s home.

Along the way, she rested at the guard office for a brief moment and spoke to her supervisor.


“I guess I’ll have to constantly supervise Miryuu-chan for the time being.”


Norn looked at Miri who was sleeping on her back and gave a huge sigh.




“That guy’s younger sister is in this town?”


Inside a small hut outside the town, a single man smiled after hearing an unexpected report.


While trembling at the dreadful glare from his former companion, the Adventurer that grasped the information from the Adventurers Guild came to his acquaintance and,


“You, you promised! Gold ― You would give me gold if I find that guy’s weakness.”


Requested for gold. If the client was a brilliant Adventurer, his life would have been more important than gold and he would have read the atmosphere and ran away without saying anything.

But, it was different.

The man in front of him used to be called brilliant but he has lost his left leg from below the knee and it was replaced with an artificial leg like a metal cane.


“Ah, gold? Alright, I’ll give it to you.”


Then, the man pivoted with his right foot and made a large rotation.

The technique was faster than the guy could catch so the guy’s cheekbones were crushed by that man’s metal prosthetic.

Then, he pulled his leg back and rammed his prosthetic leg into the back of the guy’s wide-open mouth.


“Ah? You don’t want it anymore? What a waste, I even prepared desserts.”


The man said as he began to walk deftly.

The man’s name was Kakke.

A man whose left foot was once robbed by Ichinojo.

Regardless of how he was told that he would need at least half a year to properly walk, he was accustomed to that metal rod like it was his own foot in just one short week. If he made use of that effort and talent in being an Adventurer, he might have risen to prominence as an Expert Adventurer if he raised his level.

But now he was just a mere avenger.

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