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Chapter 182: Guardians

Translator: Tseirp

The next day after I drank together with Orford-san … or rather, with the Wind Spirit, while having breakfast in the cafeteria assigned for the Saint Schull Allied Nations with Nadia and Lydia, I told them the plans for the day.

“We will visit the Magic Guild fountain today. There’s a possibility of it becoming a battle for the first time in a long while so please brace yourselves.”

“We’ll be meeting the Wind Spirit right. It would be great if it grants me its power too …”

Lydia said with a slightly nervous expression.

” … The fact that you are asking us to prepare for battle means that there’s a chance we might encounter the dragons that maintain Nelldal in the air right. Despite holding the title Dragon Priestess, I have only received a revelation from Dragon God-sama once so I’m delighted to meet the dragons.”

“Luciel-sama, are you able to release the dragons without your Holy Attribute Magic?”

While looking at the excited Nadia, Lydia was extremely worried as she calmly assumed the situation where we would have to fight the dragons.


I could fully understand Lydia’s worries and I am not as foolhardy as to stroll into the dragons’ stronghold without any countermeasures.

My life hung by a thread when I fought with the Earth Dragon and the Thunder Dragon so it would likely be extremely difficult no matter how perfect my condition is if I have to face both the Water Dragon and Wind Dragon together this time.

That’s why I could only pray that both the dragons have not fallen under the Evil God’s curse …

As insurance, I also calculated that the two dragons might not turn violent if I am with the Dragon Priestess Nadia.

Of course, I intend to protect them to the end if it became a battle.

That’s why I must once again be capable of using Holy Attribute Magic.


I answered Lydia’s question as I took out the white fruit from my magic bag.

“To be honest, I have no idea. That’s why to increase that probability, I will now eat this.”

Nadia gave a dubious expression when she saw the white fruit and asked.

” … Is that apple even fit for consumption?”

“I, I’d prefer if you don’t eat that.”

Following that, Lydia distanced herself from the white fruit.

“There’s no need to run away. Well, if I’m lucky, I will probably become a Sage after eating this. I will think about it when the time comes if I don’t regain my Holy Attribute Magic.”

“Although it’s not ominous, isn’t it tough to stand beside something with such overwhelming presence?”

“Luciel-sama, I’ve not heard of stories about obtaining a job just by eating an item. I believe it would be better if you don’t do it.”

I could not feel the pressure from the white fruit.

But it’s not impossible that the two of them felt that way.

Because why did the Sage develop Object X? … It was for the sake of eating this.


Last night, just to be safe, I tried asking the Wind Spirit about the dangers of eating the white fruit and I was told that it would cause deadly poisoned state, paralysis, confusion, petrification, weakness, magic seal and revival of the consumer’s past trauma.

For that reason, for humans without Mental Resistance Lv X, there is apparently a chance of turning insane.

I suffered the whole night thinking about it because of that but thankfully I have cleared all the conditions so I decided to eat it.


“Only people with resistance can eat this. Object X was apparently developed for the sake of eating this.”

“” … Object X.””

The two of them further backed away another step.


It looked like the two of them have both drank Object X before.

Well, Grandol has the Adventurer’s Guild Headquarters so it won’t be surprising if they had to drink it as a baptism to register as an Adventurer.


Since there wasn’t a proper way to eat it, I prepped myself by drinking Object X before biting into the white fruit.

Maybe because I drank Object X beforehand but there wasn’t any taste or smell so I was able to eat it without any resistance contrary to what I had imagined.

And when I finished eating the whole fruit without any troubles … ?

“Luciel-sama, do you feel any discomfort in your body?”

” … He drank Object X like it was normal …”

Nadia looked like she was worried about my body but Nadia had a face of disbelief that I drank Object X.


“I don’t feel any discomfort. Rather than that, I totally don’t feel any changes despite eating it …”

Even when I tried by opening my status, I could not use Holy Attribute Magic as usual and there wasn’t an additional entry for Sage in my job list either.


I staggered from the shock.

Perhaps that wasn’t the white fruit after all?

Perhaps it was actually a considerably delicious fruit but Object X had destroyed the taste?

Just that thought caused my body to tremble all over and strength left my body.

Just the thought of having to go through decades of training and travel to the World Tree that dragons nest in caused my vision to rapidly darken.


I collapsed but recalling that I am in front of Nadia and Lydia, I willed myself to stand up.

But I completely could not gather strength in my body.

Perhaps I could not balance my thoughts and my physical body.

I had no other choice but to take a deep breath and first open my eyes but then I felt a sense of discomfort.

I thought that the pitch black darkness was simply because my eyes were shut but my eyes were open the whole time.

Then, my consciousness gradually returned. I noticed that the surrounding landscape was moving little by little.


” … Where is this?”

It seemed that my five senses were working normally.

“Will Nadia and Lydia not wake up?”

But the two of them showed no reaction. My heart rate was rising probably because I was gradually falling into confusion.


Then, I saw a black vortex in front of me.

Dazzling lights shone on the world and the black vortex completely disappeared, leaving a pure white space.

Then, four spheres appeared in front of my eyes.


The colors were white, scarlet, earth and yellow so I could immediately imagine it.

“Holy Dragon, Flame Dragon, Earth Dragon and Thunder Dragon?”

As if responding to my voice, beginning from the Holy Dragon, the heads of the Flame Dragon, Earth Dragon and Thunder Dragon appeared and lined up.

Although it really was only the head portions, they were still extremely huge so they still had considerable impact.


“Long time no see Luciel. It seems like you have smoothly pursued the path towards Sage so I am relieved.”

The Holy Dragon spoke to me.

Moreover, its pronunciation was a lot better.


” … I didn’t follow the path because I wanted to pursue it! … Holy Dragon, I wanted to thank you if I met you again. I would be dead without the bones and scales that you left behind. Thank you.”

“Kakaka. So dutiful. Even though you doubted me so much during that time.”

The Holy Dragon spoke happily but it reminded me of when I was in that extreme condition.

” … I’d prefer if you don’t bring up my youthful impulsiveness.”

Then, the Flame Dragon cut into the conversation.

“Holy Dragon, we don’t have much time. Well, I want to praise you for finding the Dragon God Priestess but to think that you even found the younger sister with the Spirit God’s divine protection …”

It looked like they knew about Nadia and Lydia but perhaps they have been viewing my situation through their divine protection on me after all?

“Flame Dragon, let’s stop there. Luciel, this world also recognizes bigamy so if you can’t decide, you can just marry the both of them.”

The Holy Dragon interrupted to pacify the situation but then the Earth Dragon cut in.

“Luciel, stick with just the Dragon God Priestess. The dragon race is supreme. Now then, there’s no time so I will announce the main subject. You will probably be a Sage when you wake up. However, you will not be able to use magic apart from Holy Attribute Magic.”


As expected, I could not conceal my surprise and I was about to ask the meaning to the words it said but then the Thunder Dragon continued.

“The times has not changed much from the time we have been born in this world of Galdardia. Within that long months and years, the humans who have acquired both divine protection from Dragons and Spirits can be counted in a handful.”

Well, I understood that it was special.

If humans held that many divine protections, the value of divine protections would probably decrease …


Then, this time, the Holy Dragon continued the topic.

“Among those who acquired those divine protections, without exceptions, they all passed away without becoming capable of using said power. However, only one person appeared who could join our power and the Spirit’s power and use it.”

There was probably only one such person.

” … You are referring to Sir Rainstar?”

“The conversation will be faster since you know. Do you have the necklace that incorporates our souls?”

“I’ve kept it in my cherished magic bag?”

“Wear it around your neck. And call our names when you release magic. If you do so, the power of supremacy thou seeks will awaken.”

” … Nonono, what I wish for is to once again use Holy Attribute Magic.”

Even though I obtained Supreme Luck, I have not even a millimeter of desire to become a Supreme ruler.

“What, such an insignificant thing.”

Having heard me, the Holy Dragon muttered in an extremely trivial tone and the same time it winked, a pale white light entered my body.

My body became warm.


“Hn? It’s about time. Luciel, if you father kids, I’ll give them divine blessings.”

The Flame Dragon said.

“It’s regrettable but it can’t be helped. Luciel, don’t forget that the dragon tribe is supreme.”

The Earth Dragon left with the words that dragons are supreme no matter what.

“The next time I meet Luciel would probably be when you have an audience with Dragon God-sama.”

The Thunder Dragon’s kindness permeated my heart while lastly, the Holy Dragon said the set phrase.

“I pray that you release my captured brethren in this world and prevent the invasion of the demon race.”

“Wait a minute, don’t just smoothly add the mission to stop the invasion of the demon race.”


The four dragons ignored me and once again turned into light spheres and emitted light.



“Luciel-sama, did it make you feel bad as expected?”

“It’s because you ate an unknown food together with Object X. Sister, weren’t we supposed to stop him?”

It seemed like I had returned to reality along with the dazzling light and time had not passed for some reason.


The two of them began to worry as I remained silent so I told them I was fine before once again checking my status.

If the Holy Dragon and others were real just now, I thought as I looked at my status and froze.

And for some reason, sweat began to fall from my eyes.


That’s right, I accomplished the job change from Healer to Sage.

Furthermore, there was another more important change.


I was shouting out loud by the time I noticed.


I explained to the two people with blank looks due to shock from my behavior that my job change to Sage has come true and more importantly, my Holy Attribute Magic has been restored.


Author’s note:

Thank you for reading.


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