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IS B10C183

Status page and awesome new powers :O

Chapter 183: Regained power and new powers

Translator: Tseirp

There was hardly any changes in my status.

Only my job changed from Healer X to Sage I and Holy Attribute Magic was no longer grayed out.

My ‘Divine Protection from the Spirits’ had changed to ‘Divine Protection from the Six Spirits’ but because my level had not risen, there weren’t many changes to my attributes compared to a couple months ago.

However, maybe because I kept swinging my sword every day this three months, my Sword Mastery level rose.


Job:Sage IHP:7310 (20)
Faith Dragon Knight IV (Four Attribute Dragon Knight) (1)MP:5300 (30)
STR:852 (2)INT:966 (5)
VIT:932MGI:962 (3)
DEX:801RMG:960 (6)
「Proficiency Appraisal-」「Great luck-」
「Supreme Luck -」「Limit Break -」
「Taijutsu VI」「Sword Mastery VI」(1)
「Spear Mastery IV」「Shield Mastery IV」
「Archery I」「Twin Spear Sword Technique IV」
「Throwing VI」「Footwork VIII」
「Magical Power Manipulation X」「Magical Power Control X 」
「Magical Power Amplification III」「Body Strengthening VI」
「Chant Shortening IX」「Chant Termination VII」
「No Chant IV」「Magic Circle Chant V」(1)
「Multiple Chant III」「Holy Magic X」
「Meditation IX」「Concentration IX」
「Leadership III」「Danger Perception VIII」
「Presence Perception V」「Magical Power Perception V」
「Search for Enemy I」「Dismantling IV」
「Horse Riding III」
「Parallel Thinking VII」「Thought Acceleration III」
「Spatial Awareness II」
「Trap Sensing IV」「Trap Detection III」
「Trap Disarming III」「Cartography V」
「HP Recovery IX」「MP Recovery IX」
「HP Increased Rate of Growth IX」「MP Increased Rate of Growth IX」
「STR Increased Rate of Growth IX」「VIT Increased Rate of Growth IX」
「DEX Increased Rate of Growth IX」「AGI Increased Rate of Growth IX」
「INT Increased Rate of Growth IX」「MGI Increased Rate of Growth IX」
「RMG Increased Rate of Growth IX」「Physical Ability Increased Rate of Growth VII」(1)
「Poison Resistance IX」「Weakness Resistance IX」
「Paralysis Resistance IX」「Magic Seal Resistance IX」
「Petrification Resistance IX」「Disease Resistance IX」
「Sleep Resistance IX」「Blunt Damage Resistance VII」
「Charm Resistance VII」「Bewitch Resistance IX」
「Curse Resistance IX」「Mental Resistance X」
「Slash Resistance IX」「Pierce Resistance VII」
「Intimidation Resistance V」
「One who changed their destiny」All status +10
「God of Destiny’s divine protection」Increased SP acquisition
「Holy Healing God’s blessing」 Potency of Holy attribute healing magic increased by 1.5 times
「Divine protection from many Dragons」Strengthened Holy, Flame, Earth, Lightning offensive and defensive attributes.

Rise in combat skills and status.

It is now possible to converse with the dragon race

「Divine protection from the Six Spirits」Strengthened Water, Earth, Fire, Light, Darkness offensive and defensive attributes.

Grant and support of attributes. (New description was not given in this chapter)

「Dragon (Oriental Dragon) Slaughter」Proof of having slain more than one dragon. Strengthened offense and defence against dragons and their kin
「Dragon race (Japanese Dragon) Slayer」Strengthened offense and defence against dragons
「Giant Slayer」Strengthened offense and defence against giants
「Magical beast Slayer」Strengthened offense and defence against magical beasts
「One who repelled the Evil God」Against the demon race and monsters (TL: That’s all the author wrote …)
「One who unleashed the seals」Immune to the curse of the evil god.

Capable of acquiring the power of the sealed dragons

「One guided by the Dragon God」Relationship with the Dragon race and those who follow the dragons strengthens


I was reminded that results will show themselves if I worked hard but I cast 「Heal」 just in case.

When I did so, a pale light suddenly dwelled in my hand and begin to shine. But it appeared considerably different from the 「Heal」 I recall.


Even though the consumption of magical power had decreased, its effect was comparable to a 「Middle Heal」.

“Sage … even though it’s only level I, it’s not half-bad.”

A stranger would definitely avoid me if he saw the complacent smile on my face right now but Nadia and Lydia shared in my happiness.

“Luciel-sama, congratulations.”

“It’s great. Really wonderful.”

The two of them smiled as they cried tears of joy.

“With this, you’re thinking you no longer need to continue that training that abuses your body right?”

” … Luciel-sama’s thinking is a bit too honest.”

The real meaning behind their words was about the instinctual behavior of all living creatures that woke up within me after I lost my Healer job.


In nature, when males are weak, they would instinctively want to leave offspring so I’ve been constantly feeling anguished since we came to Nelldal.

There were times when I thought perhaps they could tell and if they were inviting me but I purged those thoughts with steadfast determination.

I would probably have been captivated by them if it’s a time when there aren’t any problems but I was currently in a crisis.

If I lost myself to lust at such a time, I feared that I would not be able to stop and I might just see the two of them as a sexual outlet.

That’s why I overworked my body to prevent the build-up of sexual desire and wicked thoughts and somehow escaped the charm of the two of them by using Angel’s Pillow.


“The two of you are attractive so it was a tough fight against worldly desires. Furthermore, thinking of Shisho and Lionel, I also wanted to regain my Holy Attribute Magic as soon as possible.”

The two of them smiled shyly when I told them that they were attractive and nodded repeatedly when I talked about Shisho and the others.

“You could put in great effort precisely because you were doing it for them right.”

“Luciel-sama …”

Although Holy Attribute Magic supports my heart the most, they were strangely impressed by me … and since they were feeling moved already, it looked like I didn’t have to tell them everything.

I wanted to immediately use the magic communication bead to inform Pope-same of the return of my Holy Attribute Magic but a few days after arriving at Nelldal, Pope-sama gave me a strict order to not use the magic communication bead for communication in the Magic Guild for fear of them eavesdropping so I was hesitating as to whether to contact her.


Shisho’s magic communication bead has a short range so I won’t be able to reach him.

Then, I thought of Dolan and Paula and that they probably have joined up with Lionel and the others so I tried contacting them but there was apparently no reaction.

” … It’s probably in their magic bag.”

I was worried about the world below nonetheless so I decided to ask the Wind Spirit about the situation below later.


“Luciel-sama, what would be our objective from now on?”

“Will we return to the surface immediately after releasing the dragons.”

“I can’t say for certain without actually meeting the dragons. Why do you ask?”

“Even though we’ve finally come to the City in the Sky, we haven’t left the Magic Guild even once? I’ve wanted to visit the townscape all this time.”

Lydia said shyly.

Thinking back, it’s true that we have not stepped foot outside of the Magic Guild even once.

Without feeling like I’m in Nelldal floating in the sky, I trained and slept like a log every day.

“We certainly haven’t left the Magic Guild since we came here. It would have been fine if you didn’t hesitate to tell me … I’ll ask Orford-san about it when I meet him later today.”

The two of them smiled delightedly when I said that.

The two of them probably endured in various ways but it didn’t cross my mind at all.

It seemed like my vision was narrowed to a considerable extent.

I thought to myself to endeavor to be kind to others and to be strict with myself.


After we finished preparing, we went to the training grounds before my appointment with the Wind Spirit.

“Luciel-sama, since you’ve become a Sage, you definitely can use other magic too.”

“Since you’ve acquired the divine protection of all six Spirits, they would definitely lend you their power.”

I was thankful for their support but I probably won’t be able to cast magic.

Even so, I tried to have some faith and wore the Dragon Necklace around my neck before channeling magical power into my Illusionary Cane and calling out.

“Flame Dragon … activate?”

Nothing flew out at all and I totally didn’t sense my magical power get drawn out.

There was an awkward moment of silence.

I felt tepid gazes from Nadia and Lydia.

I quietly transformed it to the Illusionary Sword and took up my usual posture for when I try to send a flying slash.

Channeling magical power into the Illusionary Sword, I hoped to myself that it would be sent out this time as I swung it with all my strength and cried out.

“Flame Dragon Sword!”

The next instant, like the time when I was fighting the Evil God and cast Sanctuary Circle and Sanctuary Barrier with No Chant multiple times, I felt my magical power get intensely drawn out of my body all at once.

But what surprised me was not the magical power consumption but the power of the Flame Dragon Sword.


Instead of a slash, the Illusionary Sword released a small scarlet snake that reached the wall of the training ground in an instant and its power shook the training ground when it hit the wall like it bit it.


It felt like my heart was about to stop from the tremendous power and the sound of explosion.

I thought that the training ground wall would immediately recover since it was made to labyrinth specifications but there was a sunken hole of about 3 meters deep and 30 centimeters in diameter where the flame burned without disappearing.


” … Flying slash? Or was it a flying dragon?”

When I confirmed my magical power that was clearly depleted, I saw that the one attack I just released consumed about one thousand magical power.

It’ll completely be my last resort/trump card as it would be the end after I shoot five of them out.

While feeling frightened at the phenomenon that I caused, I wanted to ask for the thoughts of the two of them but when I turned back, they were staring stiffly at the wall that was still burning.


“The magical power consumption is nothing to sneeze at so I don’t think I’ll be able to use it many times but I’d love to hear if you have any thoughts about it?”

“Luciel-sama, what exactly? What kind of magic is that? I sensed dragon powers mixed within?”

“That was the first time I’ve seen a flying flame snake. Moreover, the power was amazing!!”

Nadia was flustered because I was able to cast magic even though I’ve not been able to until now while Lydia solely focused on praising its power.

On the whole, it seemed like the two of them rated the Flame Dragon Sword quite highly.

“Nadia, that was apparently something that has been used for the first time using the divine protection of Spirits and Dragons. So at the moment, I am probably the only one who can use it.”

” … I see. Luciel-sama, I think that it a wonderful attack magic.”

Even while she praised me, I noticed a slight gloom in her smile.

That’s why I told Nadia the information I obtained from the Wind Spirit when I spoke to it last night.

“By possessing the divine protection of Dragons, physical ability increases but it apparently makes the use of magic itself difficult. It’s just a guess but maybe you can try various magic attributes and decide on one attribute to try chanting many times?”

“A single magic huh … then I would like to focus on the Lightning attribute.”

Nadia smiled to not show me her disappointment but in the contrary, it was more painful to see.


Even though normally it should be possible to learn it after chanting it for thousands of times for roughly three months, Nadia had not learned it.

Was the reason because her job was Swordswoman and that her title is Dragon Priestess so the proficiency that she can obtain is low to begin with?

“Nadia, did you properly acquire the Magical power Manipulation and Magical Power Control skills?”

“No, it was written in the book that anybody can learn them if they work hard so I didn’t acquire them.”

It seems like the author of the church book I read and theirs was not the same.

There was no meaning in telling that to Nadia but when I tried to say something constructive, I stumbled upon an unexpected fact.


It seemed like she could only ambiguously perceive even her own magical power and that she does not clearly understand how to move magical power.

Furthermore, even though Lydia had actually been using Spirit Magic until today, the Spirits apparently perform the precise magical power control so she was at the same level with Nadia when we came to Nelldal.


“Nadia, if you have SP remaining and have nothing to acquire through SP, it would be better if you learn Magical Power Control.”


Thus, Nadia acquired Magical Power Control.

Then, I taught her tips to Magical Power Control before we begin moving from the training ground to the fountain.

The flames from the Flame Dragon Sword had died out by the time we left the training ground.

However, the hole in the wall did not reform so perhaps the internal mechanism was destroyed? I prayed that I won’t have to provide compensation for it.


Author’s note:

Thank you for reading.

The Water Dragon and Wind Dragon was supposed to appear in this chapter but time was up by the time I thought of the name of the killer technique.


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