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IS B10C185

Chapter 185: Imagination and possibility

Translator: Tseirp

The location that I thought the Twin Dragons were sealed at was about four times as wide as the training ground in the Adventurer’s Guild.

But even so, it was probably because of the Water Dragon in front of me and the Wind Dragon holding itself back behind me that made me feel like the place was cramped.


It’s like I’m between a rock and a hard place.

It allowed me to choose the timing to launch my attack but petty tricks would probably not work.

But suddenly starting with an ultimate move would also mean defeat.

Nonetheless, I should make full use of small tricks … I stopped thinking negatively for a while and tried to negotiate.

“Water Dragon, my magical power would deplete after releasing five shots of Dragon Sword. So could you please wait until I recover after that?”

《Sure. Try to corner me with your wisdom.》

Does that mean it is fine to negotiate binding terms against it?

However, asking for any more concessions despite the battle not having started yet would likely incur its wrath so I stopped there.

“I won’t be able to properly compete with you even if we fight so, Water Dragon, please make sure to hold back.”


“This time, as Faith Dragon Knight (Four Attribute Dragon Knight) Luciel, I shall challenge you, Water Dragon.”

Looking at the Water Dragon groan like it was slightly annoyed, I instantly circulated magical power throughout my body as a countermeasure against physical and magical damage, quickly activated Area Barrier, activated Physical Body Strengthening, and while announcing my challenge, I kicked the ground at once.


Since it has such a large frame, its movements should be slow.

Moreover, rather than take on the breath attack that can’t be dodged, I thought that it would be better to close the distance so that it can’t use its breath.


Then when I was in a position not more than ten meters away from the Water Dragon, I channeled magical power into my Illusionary Sword and activated my newly attained power.

“Flame Dragon Sword, Thunder Dragon Sword, Earth Dragon Sword.”

If petty tricks or a strong technique are both half-measures, I decided to go with a frontal assault with three consecutive release of strong techniques.


However, performing those techniques without grasping their special characteristics by rehearsing resulted in negative results.

The Flame Dragon and Thunder Dragon flew towards the Water Dragon but the Earth Dragon did not activate.


But shortly within a blink of the eye, the Flame Dragon and Thunder Dragon snapped at the Water Dragon.

At that moment, a tremendous amount of steam rose up.

I stood disorientated from the skills that consumed more than half of my magical power but I immediately tried to follow up with another attack without dispelling my Physical Body Strengthening.


But I couldn’t do so.


“Wha!? I’m frozen?”

My feet were frozen and I was in an immobile state before I knew it.


Then, when the steam dissipated, the Water Dragon with its body covered in ice appeared with no signs of anything having happened to it.

《Going all out is quite good but you should consider your opponent’s attribute more.》

“To even be able to control ice, please change your name to Water Ice Dragon.”

《Fool, why did you decide that I who governs water would not be able to refine ice. Start over … Guo?!》

The Water Dragon was hit by an unexpected strike when it was about to attack and I had stiffened my guard at the center of my body. A dragon … snake came out from the earth behind the Water Dragon and bit it.


However, since it was an attack beyond the Water Dragon’s expectations, the attack reached it.

Well, the person that was the most surprised was none other than myself but I felt that it was an opportunity for me so I tried to break out of the ice but I totally could not break it.


《What a tactic, to be able to manage to perform a time difference attack alone and also talk to me to catch me off guard. It looks like I won’t be bored.》

The next instant, water appeared where there was nothing there before and it gradually swelled until it stopped when it became larger than the Water Dragon.


《A lot of water is present in the air even if we can’t visibly see it. I can use it for both attack and defense.》

The huge water ball split into an unavoidable number of baseball-sized masses and flew towards me.

“It’s quite powerful but if it’s only this …”

I channeled magical power into my Illusionary Sword and intended to first crush the ice around my feet but the Water Dragon’s attack gradually intensified and moreover, the water turned into ice so I could do nothing but somehow try to defend using a large shield.


《Nuuuu, boring.》

After some time had passed, the Water Dragon grumbled and the ice around my feet melted away and the all the water completely returned to the Water Dragon.


《Sage, are you incapable of using attribute magic?》

“I can’t. I am only able to use Holy Attribute magic and can only circulate the other magic attributes but I can’t cast them.”

《Then, circulate fire magical power and try to concentrate it in your feet.》

The instant I wanted to attempt chanting Fire Attribute Magic as I was told, my feet were frozen.


《If you can circulate Fire Attribute magical power, trying using that to melt the ice. I’ll steadily freeze this place over until you are able to move.》

” … Alright.”

Like before, I’m not capable of doing anything even if I object so I followed the Water Dragon’s instructions.


Closing my eyes, I imaged myself extracting only the fire attribute among the magical power within my body out and cladding myself in the magical power of Flame.

I could feel the gazes from the Water Dragon and Wind Dragon but the two of them were probably conversing.

It won’t really matter if I don’t live up to their expectations but I might even be forbidden from leaving this place for life if I do it badly so I focused all I had into the training.


I had no idea how much time passed but the feeling in my feet changed from cold to painful and then to numbness.

Still, I continued to clad myself in magical power but I could not melt the ice.


《Sage. You have both my brethren’s power as well as the Spirit’s power but you are bound too much by your common sense. If you don’t try to be slightly more imaginative, you might have to spend the rest of your life in an ice coffin?》

I somehow felt like I want to sit down and have a meeting with Great Luck-sensei and Supreme Luck-sensei as to why my expectations only come true for cases like these.


” … Please spare me from that. I don’t have the preference of getting sealed in permafrost! Leaving that aside, imagination?”

《That’s right. I’ll only give you a single hint. I used water for my earlier attack and defense but I can also use all liquids for attack and defense.》

“Attack and defense … but that is …”

《It’s utterly foolish to try to decide if anything is possible or not without first attempting to verify a new possibility. If you insist on fretting on the small matters, maybe it would be better to soak you in ice after all.》

“Wha!? Wait a minute.”

In an instant, my body was encased and captured in ice with the exception of my face.


《It’s human nature after all to think of unnecessary things when not pushed into a corner. Now, break out from that with your own ability.》

The Water Dragon said that before it fell backward, rolled itself up and went to sleep.

The Wind Dragon was already similarly rolled up and sleeping.


It looked like I had completely been branded a disappointment and they had lost interest in me.

Well, leaving the assessment of the Twin Dragon aside,

Freezing me, or rather, burying my body in ice is still foul play.

But not being able to move or even escape, I really didn’t expect the battle with the real boss to be like that.


I’ll have to somehow look for the path to resolve this while keeping in mind the hint the Water Dragon spoke before I lose my capability to think.


The Water Dragon said that the fixed ideas I have are a hindrance.

Moreover, I apparently lack imagination … I held the Illusionary Sword in my hand but because it was encased in ice, I could not move it.

Since I was covered in ice, my body temperature also rapidly decreased which caused my consciousness to slowly become hazy.


I thought of wearing the Flame Dragon as an armor but that was also unrealistic.

Since my body would probably be burnt by the flames if I did that.

What do I do? Those words spun around in my head.


Even though it’s no good, should I wear the Flame Dragon after all? Can I even wear it? If I do it, it won’t just end with burns … normally.

I’ve already regained my powers so what am I if I can’t even wear a Flame Dragon.

If that’s the case, I’ll show them my imaginativeness.


I somehow held onto my consciousness as I mustered my willpower to channel magical power all at once into my Illusionary Sword and cried out.

“Holy Dragon that protects, Flame Dragon that burns it all, release me from this abominable ice!”

The next instant, a pale dragon clung to my armor while a scarlet dragon began to rotate around the pale light.

Then, the ice melted in the blink of an eye.

Then, the Holy Dragon that protected me and the Flame Dragon that melted everything disappeared before I could say that they had completed their duty.

“How’s that!!”

I inadvertently screamed out but I suddenly fell into magical power depletion and showed the unsightly appearance of not being able to stand without drinking a magical power potion.

But, I could not overcome the nasty feeling of magical power depletion.


《Umu. The idea is good but it can’t be used in real combat. Take a break until your magical power recovers and have a magic discussion with me.》

《I’ll join in too if that’s the case.》

Perhaps the reason why the Water Dragon and Wind Dragon stayed in Nelldal was because the Magic Guild that is the headquarters of magic is located here?

I could not help but suspect that.


Author’s note:

Thank you for reading.


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