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Chapter 187: Items left behind by the Twin Dragons

Translator: Tseirp

After I had my whole body frozen, experienced the condition where my feet doesn’t physically touch the ground and endured the treatment I received from the Twin Dragons, a week had passed in the blink of an eye.

Within that time, I did not feel any growth but the treatment I had to go through had steadily become more severe.


Even so, because I did not give up and continued to work hard, I no longer needed to keep defending against getting frozen and even if I am sent flying into the air, the times I faced air walls decreased.

Incidentally, I was not allowed to use Area Barrier so I frequently used High Heal and Extra Heal instead but there was one thing that changed.

High Heal could revive cells that had been lost … I once again appreciated Holy Attribute Magic as I endured the handling that is the Twin Dragon’s trial.


《Sage, it looks like you have managed to somewhat move.》

《It’s like you have grown to become someone completely different from the person who first came here.》

“It’s because I hated getting frozen and shot into the air every time.”

Even though those words came out of my mouth, I had never been praised by the Twin Dragons so I was pleased.


《Luciel, water can turn to ice and can turn to steam. The possibilities are endless.》

《Luciel, wind may be formless but it is also solid. It can become your wings or it can also be used as a barrier.》

” … What’s this all of the sudden?”

I was shocked that they suddenly called my name and because of all that has happened, I was especially vigilant against them but an unexpected message echoed in my head.


『Piron』 【Title: Divine Protection of the Water Dragon acquired.】

『Piron』 【Title: Divine Protection of the Wind Dragon acquired.】


” … What’s the meaning of this?”

I was troubled as I received the divine protection even though I had not achieved anything.

I thought that I would receive the divine protection after I properly dealt a blow to them instead of the game we’ve been having until now but the result was slightly anticlimactic.


《Luciel, you have shown us your unwavering spirit and your courage to never back down.》

《Luciel, if it’s you, one day will come when you will be able to adequately utilize our powers.》

The Twin Dragon stopped floating in the air and stood on the ground after descending.

Then, seeing my troubled look, they explained to me the reason why they gave their divine protections.


《The remaining time we have is extremely little.》

《If that’s the case, it would probably be faster if we show you the power of a real dragon.》

“What are you talking about, I don’t understand … ”

The Twin Dragons were now talking as if they were about to disappear but there’s no way I could understand it like that so I urged them to continue.

The Twin Dragons looked at each other and spoke frankly.

《We have also been placed under the curse of the Evil God.》

《Even now, we still do not know how it entered this strong barrier that defends Nelldal.》

《It can be said that luckily, we were both together when the Evil God appeared so we were able to turn the tables on it but that battle destroyed the magic circle that maintains Nelldal in the air.》

《We have been trying all along to restore it.》

What has the Wind Spirit been doing exactly? For it to suddenly invade … seriously, what is it doing?

Feelings of anger welled up without any outlet of release.


” … Is there no possibility that it was done by humans?”

《Even though it releases maliciousness, it is still a God. If it was done by a human, it most likely manipulated the human to do it so it can’t be helped.》

《Thankfully, we successfully restored the magic circle so Nelldal will not fall.》

“If that’s the case, then when did you two get cursed?”

《It seems like the curse would activate if we restored the magic circle.》

《To the extent that even we would not notice, it was an ingenious trick.》


I noticed that the Twin Dragons were trying to calm me but I was angry as the Evil God was the only being that was interfering with me in this world.

Furthermore, if it could seal the Reincarnation Dragons that acts as the core of this world, I would like to ask their thoughts on the failure of the world administrator.


However, I really didn’t expect that the Twin Dragons right in front of my eyes were cursed.

They have a firm grasp on their consciousness, can move well and we could mutually understand each other during conversations with the exception of common sense but above all else, I didn’t see any behavior from them that indicated that they were suffering at all.

Perhaps their symptoms are weak and it can be treated? I thought and suggested to the two of them to allow me to dispel it.


“Water Dragon and Wind Dragon, at my current ability, I should be able to dispel the Evil God’s curse so would you let me try?”

《Our curse has already reached the stage where it can’t be dispelled.》

《We’ve been using a method to mutually erase the pain from the curse and frankly, we can no longer move our bodies well.》

“!? Is that why we have not battled other than the very first battle?”

However, the Twin Dragons didn’t answer that and looked like they decided to show it through actions and once again floated up to the sky.


《It’s also about time the Priestess returned.》

《So, we will now give you the final trial.》

《《Purify us.》》

The Twin Dragons sought for purification and made it my trial.


《Make use of everything you learned here and make us yield to you.》

《Release us Twin Dragons from the Evil God’s curse and take over our power.》

It seems like they offered their own body for the trial.

I was moved but requesting for battle as a trial is seriously painful.

But as Sir Rainstar had said, If the fundamental four attribute Dragons are released and the Hero doesn’t lose to the Demon Lord, doing this would protect the world.

The most important thing to think about before I retire is to not have to fight against the Demon race, Demon Lord and Evil God.

After my internal conflict, I replied.


” … Understood. But because my magic power has changed since I became a Sage, not a single bone may remain after I purify you two okay?”


《What grand remarks even before you fight us.》

《If there’s anything remaining, we’ll entrust it to you.》

《If it’s not sufficient, carve all of our power into your body.》

《And show us you can overcome the final trial.》

《《Here we come.》》

It would have been better if the Twin Dragons’ trial was to save the two of them.

However, the Twin Dragons won’t give me time to spare to think any more about it.

I suddenly felt fluctuations in magical power, a sudden breath attack from my blind spot behind me and from the sky.

“Holy Dragon, protect this body. Thunder Dragon, leave everything behind.”

I unconsciously called out to the Holy Dragon and Thunder Dragon in reflex even quicker than my mind could react to it.


After the Holy Dragon dwelled in my body and the Thunder Dragon wound around my feet, the next instant, my vision blurred as the scenery passed by at high speeds.

Convinced that I had avoided the attacks, I activated Sanctuary Circle via No Chant.

Because I didn’t expect to have earned the time to weave a magic circle to do it via Magic Circle Chant.

I generated the Sanctuary Circle with No Chant and it circled around the bodies of the Twin Dragons but I felt like I caught a glimpse of the Holy Dragon.


The match was over in an instant.

When I looked towards the place I was originally standing on, the ground looked like it was scooped up by something leaving a crater there and furthermore, there were many scars on the ground that I imagined were left by many ice spears piercing that spot.

If I was late for even an instant in avoiding, it wouldn’t have been strange if I died normally from being exposed to that rain of attacks.

I shuddered at the thought of what would have happened if I didn’t notice the magical power of my surroundings.


《Great job using the Thunder Dragon’s power to avoid my attack from your blind spot.》

《This is just like the light of affection from the Holy Dragon.》

Bathed in the pale light of Sanctuary Circle, the Twin Dragons smiled looking like they were content.

“Water Dragon, Wind Dragon … my life would have scattered in an instant if you two were serious.”

《That’s true too.》

《Even so, you have splendidly overcome our final trial.》

《You can feel proud of it.》

The Twin Dragons’ words were unusually warm.


《《A day would probably come where we meet again.》》

《Until that time comes, please fully utilize our power.》

《I pray that you use our power correctly.》

After saying that, a light blue light and a green light was absorbed into my Illusionary Sword and necklace.


《Sage Luciel, I ask that you stop the invasion of the Demon race and we leave this world in your hands until the Hero appears.》

《Sage Luciel, protect the world before it is governed by miasma.》

The topic suddenly became too big so I couldn’t fully acknowledge their request but the Twin Dragons most likely knew that I can’t protect everything.

” … I can only do as much as I can physically achieve.”

That’s why as usual, I replied with emphasis that I would protect those within my range.


《Sage Luciel, if the world is really faced with a crisis, remove the seal on Rafiruna. 》

《It should respond to you now that you have become a Sage.》

” Rafiruna? Who is that?”

《《Work hard for your aim of dying of old age. Gahahah.》》

Without answering my question, the Twin Dragons’ body became corporeal and disappeared.

“Why do the Dragon race always say what they want to say and not reply to the important things that I want to confirm before disappearing!!”

I could no longer hold it in without screaming.


The Twin Dragons left behind a bow and a vase after they disappeared but I only noticed them after some time had passed.

Thus, having released the Water Dragon and Wind Dragon from their seals, I left the sealed door without waiting for Nadia’s return.


Author’s Note:

Thank you for reading.


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