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GC V6C117

(117) Pioneering and explanation on My World

Translator: Tseirp

“Nice to meet you, Pionia. I am Saku Malina. Please call me Malina. My job is Street Performer but while I am still quite inexperienced and I still inconvenience everyone, I look forward to working with you.”

“Nice to meet you, Master Malina. I will be in your care.”


… Eh?

There’s a fake Malina here.

There’s no way the real Malina would be able to introduce herself so fluently like that.

… In that case, did Marina finally take over Malina’s personality and appear on the surface?


“Malina-san, has your shyness towards people been cured?”


Haru was strangely also wondering about the same thing as me.


” … Ha, Haru-san, that’s not true. Erm … I.”


Malina suddenly became incoherent and she took out her mask and put it on, turning into Marina.


“Umu, when Malina was a child, she spent a lot of her time talking with humanoid constructs that have no souls. It seems like it was easier for her to talk knowing that Pionia is a doll.”


She spoke about her sad past while looking embarrassed.

… I see, it’s true that Pionia is pretty much a doll.


“Pionia, are you alright being treated as a doll?”

“Affirmative. Homunculus are a kind of dolls.”


Pionia stated the facts without showing any indication that she mind it.


“It’s fine since the person herself said so right? Also, Pionia, could you call me Marina when I have the mask on?”

“I wish to present a question. I have no data of the phenomenon whereby the name of a hume changes after putting on a mask. Are Malina and Marina not the same person?”

“It’s a long story if I talk about it but Marina and Malina are both soul names. In this body called Saku Malina, two different souls coexist, I, Marina, am an existence that manifests when I acquire energy from the mana in the air when the mask is worn. Currently, Malina is in deep slumber.”


Marina talked about her own setting with a smug look.

However, it seems like she kept quiet about how her multiple personalities were born due to her extreme shyness and self-suggestion.


“Information supplemented. In the future, I will call Master Malina Master Marina after she has placed on the mask.”


When Pionia said that, Marina somehow trembled.


” … Pionia, what did you call me?”


She asked once again.


“I called you Master Marina.”

“One more time please.”

“I called you Master Marina.”

“… One more time.”



I reflexively chopped Marina’s head.

Just how much does she like the sound of her being called Master Marina.


“What are you doing Ichino.”

“Shut up, if I left you two alone, you would have continued in an eternal loop … Leaving that aside, Pionia, what are you capable of? Do you have any special powers?”

“If I have Master’s orders, it is possible for me to pioneer this land using the same Book of Heaven and Earth Creation as Master. Also, I am equipped with various help functions related to this world. Please ask me anything if you have any questions.”


She knows about this world?

Then, I have a mountain of questions to ask.


“There is a connecting door between this world and Otherworld right? Something like a space distortion. Is it possible to erase it from our side?”

“Affirmative. Similar to how you can make it disappear on the Otherworld side, you can make it disappear on this side.”

“Then, is it possible to open the door once again?”

“Affirmative. Similar to how you can open it on the Otherworld side, you can open it on this side.”

“By the way, can I freely set the location to open the door at?”

“Negative. Except for exceptions, the door will open at the last location the door was opened from the Otherworld side.”

“What happens when there is somebody on the location where it was opened?”

“That corresponds to the aforementioned exception. If there is anybody at that location, the door will open in a shifted position.”


In other words, a person at the location won’t be blown away if I suddenly open the door.

It’s plenty enough to know it.

Currently, we have the space distortion kept open but in the future, I will be erasing it.

Once I do that, the risk of having someone else see it will be significantly reduced.

Also, regarding opening the door at the place where it was closed, I asked if there was a possibility of us getting released into space due to the rotation of the star and the revolution around the sun but it’s apparently not a problem.

I was told a difficult explanation that had something to do with the energy provided by the earth vein that fixes the location of the space distortion.

Nevertheless, almost all of the questions were settled.


“Haru, please call Carol.”



Haru nodded and went outside to the Otherworld.

In the meantime, I decided to ask something.


“Will it consume MP when Pionia use the Book of Heaven and Earth Creation?”

“Affirmative. MP is the energy for this world.”

“What is Pionia’s maximum MP?”



“There is no upper limit to my MP.”


That’s a lie right, won’t it be a world-landscaping free-for-all?

Isn’t that even more of a cheat than me?


“In other words, you can freely remodel this world?”


Marina said with a chuckle.


“Negative. My MP is infinite but my current MP is only 32. I have no MP self-regeneration capabilities and I will consume 1 MP a day even without doing anything.”

“Eh? That means Pionia can only move for 32 days?”

“That is conditionally affirmative. I can absorb MP from others to increase my MP.”


I rubbed my chest in relief.

It happens frequently in stories where the lifespan of an artificially created life is short so I was worried.


“Supply from others? How is it done specifically?”

“Umu, then I will lend a hand. Pionia, call my name and let’s try it. If you are capable of accepting my mighty magical power.”

“Understood, Master Marina.”


Pionia said as she approached Marina and placed both her hands on her cheeks.

Then ―


” …… tsu!”


I could tell even with the mask on.

Marina’s eyes were wide open and she was flustered.

That’s because their lips were overlapping.


Furthermore, it’s long, long, just how long will the lips overlap?


Just as I had that thought, Marina collapsed.


“Like this, I replenish MP through mucosal uptake.”


… Replenishing MP through kisses?


“Ton … tongue … our tongues were entwined …”


Marina sounded like she was having a nightmare even while she was unconscious.

Unbelievable, would I be able to do it too?


“Taking efficiency into consideration, using the mouth is best but there are other methods.”

” … I see, there are other methods too. That’s great.”

“Yes. Using the hole.”


… hole?

Hole, what hole? Pionia-san.

A hole apart from the mouth?

Nostril? Ear hole? The eye should be impossible.


“Master Ichinojo. Let’s try it in practice.”


Pionia said as she grabbed my hand.

Wait, please wait.

This location is dangerous after all.

I don’t know when Marina would wake up and Haru and Carol would return soon.


” … Well then, Master Ichinojo, please take off your clothes.”




“Master, what are you doing.”

“Ichino-sama, what kind of ritual is that?”

“I don’t know either but this is apparently the best.”


… I was currently sitting with my upper body bare.

Pionia was rubbing my back with her palms like a massage.


“Apparently among the sweat glands, there are the most sweat glands on the back.”

“Currently I have replenished about 100 MP. I shall stop here today.”


Yup, a fair bit of my fatigue and my physical body was loosened up.

If I do this before sleeping, I might fall asleep immediately.

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