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GC V6C118

(118) Adventurers Guild’s Cat Sith

Translator: Tseirp

For the time being, I asked Pionia to harvest the wheat and construct our home.

I passed her the required materials, tree seedlings and cotton seeds (the items I requested Haru and Carol to buy).

Incidentally, I kept the other Homunculus inside the test tubes. According to Pionia, they do not establish an ego while inside the test tube so there’s no feeling like they are trapped.

If you ask me why I don’t want to increase the number of homunculus, it’s because I felt that it would be tiring trying to name them.


Marina could not move due to MP depletion so I had her rest in My World.

Why not let her rest on the bed in the inn?

There’s a special reason for that.


Anyway, after returning to Ferruit, we left the inn and headed to the Adventurer’s Guild.

The wandering adventurers have returned to the town but compared to before, there’s still an overwhelming lack of adventurers.

Because of that, it seemed like there’s a backlog of requests.


It looks like the sword and shield sign is universal and the Adventurer’s card Haru had could be used.

Most of the requests were for escorts. It seemed like there’s still a lingering fear of leaving the country despite having to replenish their stock.


In addition, there were also requests for the maintenance of the southern highway as well as monster extermination and the request for the removal of earth and sand was still there.


“Arresting bandits huh … ”


There was also information on bandits that only target food materials.

That kind of requests was called bounty requests and even without accepting the request, one could receive the bounty just by capturing and bringing them to the Adventurers Guild. Checking such information was required even for people who don’t intend to receive the request because they can evade danger by acquiring information on the criminals.

However, regarding this bandit, there weren’t any characteristic features written on the request apart from how the bandit only targets food.


It seems like many of those who traveled through the highway had their food stolen without them realizing.

I don’t know if it was actually stolen or not.


It’s a strange situation whereby there were no accounts of injuries and since it happens at a location that is two days walk from the town, there has also not been any cases of people starving to death from having their food stolen so it was a request that only grants the bounty for the live capture of the bandit. It was probably for the sake of investigating the method of stealing the food.

In the first place, since the opponent is a bandit, there probably wouldn’t be a penalty even if the bandit is killed.

It’s not that I actually plan to go on a bandit hunt but I’ll take note of it.


“Please nya! Please help nya!”


I heard the voice of a young girl. However, that voice was not directed towards me.

Nevertheless, because of that characteristic talking manner, I couldn’t help myself from looking over.

Until now, I’ve seen nothing but attractive beastwomen like Haru from the White Wolf race and Katyusha-san from the Brown Fox race but this time it’s cat ears? And so I unintentionally shifted my gaze over to her.

I’m by no means cheating. Yup, I sincerely love Haru and Carol but this is the nature of men. It can’t be helped.


Then, I looked at the owner of that voice and was at a loss for words.


Cat ears covered in fluffy black fur, cat whiskers that can be seen on the cheeks, a coiled cat’s tail, cute paw pads on the palms and above all else, the face, no matter how I look at it ― it’s the face of a black cat. Nothing like a cat girl.

It was a cat walking on two legs wearing green clothes.

She was larger than a regular cat but about the size of a mid-sized dog?

Unlike a well-groomed house cat, the unkempt fur gave her an air of a stray cat.


“That’s rare, for a Cat Sith to come to a place of human habitation.”


Carol muttered.


“Cat Sith?”


Hmm, I think I’ve heard of that before?

Of course, I’ve also heard of it on Earth. It’s a well-known character in games.

If I’m not mistaken, in a certain hilarious episode.


“Please nya! I need the strength of an Adventurer nya!”

“Like I said, you’re noisy! I’d rather not help and get turned into one of those Cat-users.”


A rugged Axe-user man said as he chased away the Cat Sith clinging onto his foot like she was a nuisance.


Ah, I remember now.


The Doujinshi seller, after his Silver Vine was snatched by a Cat Sith, his job was forcibly changed.


“There’s no such thing nya! If you come now I’ll treat you to an all-you-can-drink Silver Vine wine session nya!”

“Like I said I don’t want such a thing! Right, those kids there look free. Go ask them.”


The conversation suddenly turned towards us.

The Cat Sith looked at us and muttered with her eyes narrowed.


“They look weak nya.”


Yup, I’m definitely more of a dog person than a cat person.

Well, if it doesn’t concern us then it’s alright to ignore it.

She looks desperate but I rather not be involved in problematic issues.


Haru made a move just as I was thinking that.

She drew her two swords.




Amidst the male guild receptionist’s voice, Haru’s sword was thrust towards the Cat Sith at the speed of light and moreover, it was done multiple times.

The Cat Sith couldn’t move from the immense fear.


Then ―


Cat Sith fur scattered and fell to the ground.

Just the parts of the fur that were long.

After the refreshing haircut, the Cat Sith’s appearance changed from the unkempt stray cat to a well-groomed house cat.


The Cat Sith lost herself in shock and wordlessly touched her own fur.

And then, she suddenly cried out in a loud voice like a dam was opened.


“A … amazing nya! What a swift and accurate Swordsman nya!”


The Cat Sith shouted excitedly.


“My master is even stronger.”


Saying that, Haru proudly ― her face was expressionless but her tail was proudly spinning ― looked at me.

When she said that, the Cat Sith made a big deal and approached us.


“Amazing nya! Please help me nya!”


She said.

I sense nothing but trouble.

Haru did that because she could not forgive the Cat Sith who made light of me but I’ll have to caution her later.


Well then, how shall I refuse?

That’s when the receptionist man approached,


“Just nice. If you receive her request, I will overlook the crime of her unsheathing her sword in the Adventurers Guild.”


And said that. My escape route was completely blocked.


” … Ha, first tell me the contents of the request.”


In conclusion, I reaffirmed that it was a troublesome affair where even if I want to avoid it, we would be surrounded and won’t be able to escape.

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