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(121) Six Stars

Translator: Tseirp

“Why are there only six of you even though you’re called the Seven Stars?”


The six of them averted their eyes to my question.

Was it perhaps something I shouldn’t have asked?

Just as I thought so, a member looked at me and said.


“There’s no longer a place here for her to return nya! We are no longer the Seven Gray Stars! We’re the Nyanto Six Stars nya!”

“Milk Dipper … Does this world have the Big Dipper too?” (TL: The Milk Dipper constellation is a group of five bright stars in Sagittarius, it’s called South Dipper Six Stars in literal translation in Japanese. The Big Dipper is the seven brightest stars in the Ursa Major constellation, called North Dipper in literal translation in Japanese)

“It’s not Milk Dipper nya! It’s Nyanto nya!” (TL: The Cat Sith is pronouncing both the same way because they say Milk Dipper(Nanto) as Nyanto)


That’s why I’m saying, aren’t you saying Milk Dipper? But when I thought about it, I figured it out.

I thought for sure that it was mispronouncing Milk Dipper as Nyanto but it looks like Nyanto Six Stars is their official title.

Yup, it’s a name that fits them perfectly.


“More importantly, answer! What happened to the King nya! Did something happen nya!?”

“Shut up, if you want an answer then come with us nya!”

“I can’t travel with you all nya! I must bring back Silver Vine for the sake of the King nya!”


Stella and the Nyanto Six Stars opposed each other.

Yup, even though it’s supposed to be a serious atmosphere, I wonder. Them going nya nya really drops the feeling of tension.


“Stella, as expected, that time, you’re heart has been possessed by the devil nya.”

“Have you forgotten what that devil did to us nya?”

“You wretch who sold your soul to the devil, there’s no longer any value in bringing you to the King. I’ll defeat you here nya!”


They said as the Nyanto Six Stars all equipped claw on both arms.

All their jobs were Pugilist.

It’s not like I can’t win but, yeah … looking behind me, Carol was also tilted her head with a slightly troubled expression.

That’s right. Even though I’m the dog faction, I can’t really get into a serious fighting mood against Cat Sith opponents whose size don’t even reach my knees.

Does Haru think the same way too?

When I looked at Haru with such thoughts,


” … Uoo!”


I was shocked by an unexpected sight.

Her two swords smashed the cat claws.


“What! This dog is not bad nya!”

“Even though you’re just a dog, even though you’re just a dog.”

“Like we honorable Cat Sith race would lose to a dog nya!”


Even though she was called a dog despite being a wolf, Haru’s expression was neither angry nor sad.


“Such provocations has no meaning in front of my loyalty to my master.”


Haru then pointed her two swords at the Nyanto Six Stars.


“This time, I will aim for those necks. My task is to defend Stella-san. Not to kill you guys. I will not chase if you all retreat.”


“Tch, you wolf that wears a dog’s skin.”

No, Haru is originally a wolf.


“You shall not spit out such words that look down on us nya!”

But we’re always physically looking down at you.


“We hold no fear against you swords nya!”

Your feet are trembling quite a bit you know.


“My one finger is more than enough nya!”

Yeah, that’s because nine out of ten of your claws has been shattered by Haru.


“We Nyanto Six Stars never retreat! Never curry favor! Never look back!”

No, those cute appearances probably let them butter up to people quite a bit.


“For my sake, your ―”

“So you still want to fight huh … even though the victor has already been determined.”

Haru readied her swords as she blocked the lines of the last Cat Sith.


She was probably faithfully keeping to my request to stay calm at any time.

But I don’t want Haru to slice and kill the Cat Siths. It’s my personal desire.


But, it doesn’t look like the Nyanto Six Star will be retreating.

… We have a carriage. Then it should be easy to escape if we buy a certain amount of time.

If that’s the case …


“Haru, Carol! It’s an order! Ride on the carriage with Stella! I am more than enough here.”

“But Master.”

“Haru, this is an order!”


I said it as an order. Haru will not be able to oppose it. It’s the effect of the Slave Collar.

Sorry, Haru. I’ll stroke your ears aplenty later so please forgive me.


“Let’s go, Stella-san.”


Carol grabbed Stella and ran to the carriage.

Haru also followed after them.


Then, I …


“You bastard intend to fight the six of us alone nya?”

“I have no intention of fighting.”


I grinned and put my hand into my item bag,


“Here here here!”


I took out six apples and threw them out by rolling them.


“What do you think you’re doing nya.”

“Like mere apples will phase the Nyanto Six Stars nya.”

“What did you think it would achieve nya?”

“What a joke nya.”


“I can’t stop my hands nya.”


The Nyanto Six Stars were playfully playing with the rolling apples.

Very good, now’s the chance.

I spun to the right and flew onto the carriage by jumping.


“As expected of Master! Let’s go!”


The carriage raced forward and made a large detour to bypass the Nyanto Six Stars and we could no longer see them before long.

Then, we moved on.

To the Cat Sith village.

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