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(122) Request Cancel

Translator: Tseirp

After proceeding for a certain distance, I caught sight of a small stream and lowered the speed of the carriage. I guess they won’t chase us anymore since we have escaped this far. The sun was beginning to set so I decided to stop the carriage for a while. I’ve been too unreasonably hard on Fuyun.

Haru unlatched Fuyun from the cart and brought him to the stream to let him have a drink.


“By the way, does the Cat Sith have anything to do with the name of the country Dakyat?”


After climbing down from the cart and checking that the wheels didn’t have any defects, I asked that question that suddenly came to me.

Since I thought that it was way too good a coincidence that the country the Cat Siths were living in was called Da‧Kyat.


“I heard that the ‘Da’ from Dakyat was taken from the abbreviation of ‘Deka’ (Large) so it means large cat, in other words, it refers to the slightly large cats, Cat Siths. Cat Siths can often be seen in Dakyat so it’s quite a convincing theory.”


It’s here! Carol’s trivia corner. As expected of her extensive knowledge.

In other words, Cat Siths lived in this land before Dakyat was founded.

When I thought so,


“That’s wrong nya. This country’s name, since long long long ago … erm, the King from countless generations ago handed over most of the nation’s territory to the humans with the condition of keeping the name nya.”


Stella interjected with that.


“Is that true? That.”

“I’ve not heard of such information before.”


Carol denied it but Stella shook her head.


“It’s true nya! It’s common knowledge among Cat Siths.”


Stella insisted. Regardless of it being true or not, it didn’t look like there would be a conclusion even if they started a dispute here. Since all countries would tamper with the history to make their own country look better. And unfavorable information would usually be removed. All I got out from it was that the Cat Siths lived in this country before the name of this country was decided.

Yup, if I had the power, maybe I should make history state that ‘Ichinosuke’ was in high demand in the Japan job market but he discarded all of it and traveled to another world? … No, that’s quite vain. I’ll stop falsifying my past.


“By the way, Stella. Is the Cat Sith village still a distance away?”

” … A little further nya. It’s at the center of that forest nya.”


The forest Stella was referring to ― I couldn’t see it clearly from there but I did indeed faintly see a forest in the distance … I think.


“But, I wish to stop by somewhere before we go to the village.”

“Ah, is it where the special Silver Vine tree grows?”


The request I received was nothing more than protection during harvesting. Of course, I didn’t forget it.


“That’s right nya. It’s a Holy Land that can be said to be the Sacred Ground for the Cat Sith race.”

“Wait a minute.”


Besides the question I had that isn’t ‘Holy Land’ and ‘Sacred Ground’ pretty much the same thing, there was something I had to ask.


“Is there no problem with us entering such a place?”


If it’s the Holy Land for the Cat Siths, it can be said to be out of bounds to outsiders. Won’t we need special permission like getting the King’s permission to enter?

Well, if the Holy Land has changed into a sightseeing ground then it’s different.


“It’s a problem nya. But, it’s not a problem nya.”


What’s with that contradiction?


“In the first place, nobody has been able to enter that Holy Land for centuries nya.”

” … Why?”

“A dragon has made its nest at the entrance of the Holy Land so nobody could enter nya.”


I see.

It’s a request for harvesting protection and monster extermination huh, yup.


“Very well, let’s go back.”

“Why nya!?”

“Are you an idiot! A dragon is a fierce monster right! Why would we face such danger for the sake of harvesting Silver Vine!”


If I was an RPG hero, I would exterminate the dragon even if it is just for the sake of an apple. Since it would raise a flag. But this was reality. I am neither a man of valor nor a hero. I refused from the beginning when Koshmar-sama offered since I didn’t want to do such work. You can entrust such work to someone like Suzuki.”


“Is it something that even Ichino-sama can’t beat?”

“That’s not true nya! With Haru-san’s ability with the sword and your master who is even stronger, there are no enemies that you two can’t beat nya!”

“It’s nyot a problem of whether it can be byeaten or not!”

“Ichino-sama, your pronunciation is changing.”

“It’s not a problem of whether it can be beaten or not! The reward is too insignificant compared to the danger. The request reward to be paid is even payment in kind instead of gold.”


Haru returned too and when I explained the situation, she glimpsed at Stella’s face and also agreed to my opinion although she hesitated. I felt sorry for Stella but I am not the type to do a high-risk low-return job just out of kindness.


“Give me a moment, I’ll go there and bring Marina back.”


I thought that it was about time her MP recovered so I went out of sight and transferred to My World.

In any case, I gradually felt more afraid of accepting this job.

Nyanto Six Stars, Cat Sith King and Devil. Nothing but suspicious phrases keep appearing so it didn’t feel like it would be an easy job. As long as the request details were inadequate, we probably won’t have to face the request cancellation penalty.


While thinking that, I entered My World and saw Malina instead of Marina together with Pionia.

For some reason, Pionia was not wearing the cotton clothes I passed to her but a maid uniform.


“That’s right. You’re just like the cat I used to have in the past. My only friends were cats and dolls so I got overexcited.”

“I see, Master Malina.”

“Yup, that’s right Pionia-chan. As expected of Pionia-chan, I think you would suit these clothes too.”

“Then I will change.”


When Malina took out a gothic lolita costume, Pionia expressionlessly placed her hand on her skirt and ―


“Wait a minute! I’m here, I’m here so stop!”


I shouted for her to stop. It looks like Malina has been treating and playing with Pionia literally as a doll.

I was wondering where the heck did she prepare such clothes when I noticed that the log house was already completed and in front of it were spinning and weaving machine-like contraptions and there were even tubs of dyes prepared. Pionia sure does work quickly.

She actually achieved this much in just a single night.


“I, Ichino-chan … welcome.”

“Ou, I just returned. We’ve left to the southwest for a request but it ends up that I’ll be canceling the request. We’ll be returning to Ferruit. Some troublesome fools might come on our way back so Malina please come with us.”

“Al … all righ … right. Er, would it be better if Marina came instead of me?”

“No, please stay as you are now unless we encounter enemies. We will keep a lookout with my Enemy Detection skill and Hawk-Eye as well as Haru’s nose.”


Lately, the time Malina has spent without her mask has lengthened. If she continues like this, one day she might be able to speak with us like she does with Pionia … or that might be impossible but maybe at least to the extent of not stuttering when having everyday conversations with us.

Well then, shall we go?


“Would Pionia like to come along? I figured you’d like to breathe the outside air too.”

“No, I cannot go outside. Once I exit, the magical power will be drawn from my body and I won’t be able to move for about an hour.”

” … Serious?”



Pionia said expressionlessly.

… I didn’t know that.

Homunculus, the dwarf in a flask.

To her, won’t this world be nothing more than an enormous flask?


I … was it the right choice to create Pionia?


There was silence for a short time.


“I … Ichino-san.”


Maybe she couldn’t stand the atmosphere, Malina spoke.


“Pionia-chan … when she ate the grapes … ah … she made an expression … like it was unpleasant.



What’s with that random information. Does she hate grapes?


“Those grapes … are meant for making wine … so they aren’t … tasty.”

” … Er.”

“But, after that … she showed just a slightly happy expression when she ate an apple.”

“I see, then maybe I will make something like an apple pie next time.”

” … Pionia-chan … can be happy here too.”


Malina’s words were completely beyond my expectations and I found out that she was actually perceptive to both my and Pionia’s feelings.

It’s pathetic that I selfishly considered that she can only be unhappy for not being able to leave here.


“Really? That’s true. Sorry, Pionia.”

” … Master.”


Pionia looked at me,


“I look forward to the apple pie.”

“Ou, leave it to me. In exchange, please create a kiln.”



Maybe I’ll have Carol enter this world to chat with her on the way home.

I thought as I exited with Malina.





Malina and Stella saw each other and the next instant ―



“It’s the devil! The devil has appeareeeeeed!”


A mysterious chemical reaction occurred and Malina tackled the fleeing Stella with full force.

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