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IS B11C194

The truth behind Luciel’s declaration?

Chapter 194: Disrespect?

Translator: Tseirp

Everyone in the Pope’s room doubted their ears when they heard my words and then they froze.

“You can’t! If Luciel’s gone, the Church will once again …”

Almost in tears, Pope-sama couldn’t say any more.


She probably expected me to and believed that I would definitely lead the church towards a good direction but she likely felt guilty for not stopping the incident this time and for my change in heart.

Actually, this Pope-sama is kind … or if I change the way I say it, too naive.


Pope-sama only experienced this narrow world all this time so maybe it can’t be helped but Rainstar-dono probably didn’t wish for it to turn out this way.

No, if it’s that guy, even if he has entered heaven, once he knows that she has been deeply hurt and crying, he might even manifest in this world.


I ended up imagining that and was about to laugh but since it was a serious atmosphere after all, I somehow endured and told Pope-sama what should be done from here on out.


” … It will be that on the surface. Please swear that you won’t tell this to anyone. It’s a secret even to Catherine-san and anyone else too. Okay?”

I strongly warned her but it seemed like she could not catch up with the sudden turn of events.

Hence, I decided to advance the conversation for now.


“Firstly, regarding the rumors spread this time around, I think it might be an insider job but I can’t deny the possibility that it might be a conspiracy by another country. That’s why I will leave the church on the surface.”

“What do you mean?”

“The miscalculation of the mastermind for this incident is that he thinks that I have lost my Holy Attribute magic and won’t even imagine that I returned having been promoted to Sage.”

” … That’s true but?”

“He is probably shaken as he did not expect me to reach the Sage job.”


“He originally thought that I could be easily eliminated but he didn’t expect me to escape from the training ground. The ones who designed this plan should have further plans for the future as well.”

” … Plans.”

“For example, resolving everything with the verdict of God’s Punishment, ending everything without dealing much damage to the church and once I am convicted, they can advertise to the church the next S-rank Healer candidates or something like that.”

“I won’t allow such a thing.”

I’m thankful that she thinks that way but it’s probably impossible.


“Pope-sama, what if it is phrased in this way? ‘It is to protect the church. We are not actually condemning him. We will just have Luciel-dono hide until the situation cools down a little. Of course, the plan is to let him return to the church when a suitable time comes. This is also for the sake of Luciel-dono.’ Would Pope-sama be able to reject a suggestion like that?”

” ……… ”

Just by saying what I assume might be said, Pope-sama hung her head down.

She likely experienced something similar before.

Pope-sama has probably been won over by similar arguments all this time.

That served as evidence that she’s just a figurehead so it wasn’t a laughable matter.


In actual fact, I don’t know the identity of the mastermind who spread the rumors and since it spread to the other countries too, it meant that large organizations were involved.

And the fact that I didn’t really want to know was that, at the very least, the number of allies I have in the church is small.

Even so, while being careful, I have confidence in doing what I am capable of and honestly, it is quite overwhelming but before I am betrayed by who I think are my allies, it’s important that I find a way to determine who my enemies are.

I’m sure that even if I stayed in the church to investigate, I probably won’t find traces of them and even if I do, it would likely be a scapegoat.


If this uproar surfaces to the public, they would know the real situation of the church that is incapable of protecting the ones they are supposed to protect.

Once that happens, the trust that has been built these couple of years would likely once again crash to the ground.

They were trying to eliminate an S-rank Healer that appears every couple of decades based on rumors after all.

Moreover, the target is the common people’s ally who stopped the greedy Healers and created new guidelines and laws to set prices that residents are able to afford.

Even though that alone is a huge shock, if they found out that it was not a punishment from the Gods like the rumors said but a training period to become a Sage that only appears around once a century on average, honestly, the lives of the ones who designed this plan would probably be checkmated.

And the ones who believed it are not exempted.


Looking at the Knight Corps at that time, they understood that they had made an enemy of someone they shouldn’t have.

With the matchless warrior Lionel at the lead, I also have my retainers Cathy and Kefin.

Furthermore, even I who had weak combat power reached the degree capable of sending Catherine-san flying so this time they would probably try to delay me.

That’s assuming they don’t assassinate me … wait, I totally didn’t consider assassination.

… I’ll have no choice but to crush those who disturb my peace.


“I will announce to the world that I have become a Sage and I will, for now, act to crush the church. But if I really do end up crushing it, I’ll create a new church.”

“That … ”

“Pope-sama, I believe it’s best if you see the outside world. The magical power you possess is weeping.”

Just now, the Darkness Spirit said that it was impossible to detect the minute amounts of magical power.

However, to be exact, Pope-sama’s magical power is in a different league so if she is not conscious of the weak amounts of magical power, she would not notice it.

Pope-sama was hiding that enormous amount of magical power.


” … A strong barrier is set up around this Holy Capital and if I leave the Holy Capital, it would disappear.”

… Just like a bird trapped in a cage. It seems like because she has to protect the Holy Capital, she could do nothing but be cursed to not be able to leave.

” … Was that also done by Rainstar-dono?”

“Umu. It was a collaboration between my father and my mother. They left it so that this land would not be dominated by the demon race.”

Pope-sama said that joyfully but to me, it was a curse so I couldn’t smile back.

Then, a question came up.

“Then why did that labyrinth appear? If it was a strong barrier made with the involvement of Rainstar-dono, even if it’s the Evil God, I don’t believe the creation of the labyrinth would have been allowed?”

He even said that she is his favorite daughter so he wouldn’t have allowed anything to make something like a labyrinth here even if the opponent is the Evil God.

” … That was originally the church headquarters but along with the aging of the buildings, construction was done to expand towards here and a short while after that, it became a labyrinth.”

… I’ll have to be disrespectful to Pope-sama a little.


A building constructed by Rainstar-dono would not deteriorate at all so she was probably lied to.

A new, better-looking building was likely constructed due to the increase in people so the labyrinth appeared due to the construction.

It’s retribution but since Pope-sama was raised without learning to doubt others, though some problems may have occurred, she probably has not done anything bad to warrant it.


And then at that time, I once again noticed something.

Why was it that even though there was a labyrinth, it wasn’t spread as a rumor?


If they have been eavesdropping on her all this time, they should also know about the labyrinth.

But seeing that I’ve not heard news of it outside, either they don’t know about it or that they deemed that it was unnecessary to leak it out despite knowing about it.

Then, it’s almost certain that the ones who placed the eavesdropping magic tool were the Executives Department.

In my case, it was leaked to the outside and I’ve also fully considered the possibility that I leaked it myself but I will torture the person who attempted this plan to the point where he finds death a release.

“Pope-sama, tomorrow, please report to the Knight Corps and all the Healer’s Guilds that I have promoted to the Sage job. Now, I will immediately travel to Meratoni. Please keep tabs on everyone who proposes to pursue me. Everything including who and what instruction was given.”

“Why do you assume that there will be pursuers?”

“Because the ones in the Executive Department who revolted against me will be troubled if I live. I’m sure that the reason why nobody came here is because the entrance to the Church has been blocked.”

” … Is there no peaceful way out?”

Something snapped within me from hearing those words from the Pope.

“That’s no longer required if you are an ornamental Pope right? It’s because you as the leader did not perform your role properly that this situation happened. Did you become the Pope solely because you are the daughter of Rainstar-dono and a high elf? If that’s the case then Rainstar-dono is also a foolish parent.”

” …… ”

I spewed out words that blamed her, the Pope, and Pope-sama trembled.


“Why do you hold the role of Pope even though you don’t have the resolve to make drastic changes? Without you, the Holy Capital would be dominated? Then such a country should fall to ruin. Why do you live? Is that what Rainstar-dono wishes for? Enjoy life more, Fluna Aryudeli de Schull!”

“I … I …”

The usual mysterious air around her collapsed and the young girl above 300 years old began crying.


The gazes from my surroundings felt like they were blaming this on me but life must be lived to the fullest so I defended myself in my heart that I should say these words.

“I said these words because it doesn’t seem like anybody has said them. However, these are my true feelings. This should be enough disrespect to deprive me of my S-rank Healer title. From now on, I will investigate the church from the outside. Pope-sama please do your best to change the church from the inside.”

“Luciel … you”

I turned my gaze away from Pope-sama and talked to Nadia and Lydia while facing them.


“Well, the situation has turned out this way so I think it might be tough to follow me. There’s the option of staying here as Pope-sama’s close guards but what do the two of you want to do?”

“Of course, I wish to follow Luciel-sama.”

“Luciel-sama can’t do it on your own.”

It seems like these two … “Burururu” It seems like Fornoir will be coming along too.

Is it fine for her to not stay with Pope-sama? I thought of it but having Fornoir would be helpful so I’ll welcome her.

“I also want to go but it looks like it would be tough on Fluna here so…”

It looks like the Darkness Spirit would be staying.

“I see, please take care of Pope-sama.”

“Of course.”

“Luciel-sama, I will somehow handle the situation here so do your best.”

Following the Darkness Spirit’s words, Rosa-san also said to protect Pope-sama but is it alright to have some expectations towards this strange sense of security? I bowed and turned to face Pope-sama.

“Pope-sama, the Hermit’s stable please.”

“Umu. But following your words, how are you going to escape the Church Headquarters?”

After receiving the Hermit’s Key and having Fornoir enter, I told her the escape method.


“Well, I’ll manage somehow if it’s not instantaneous death so I’ll be flying out the window.”

“Oh my, you’ve become able to fly in the sky!”

” … It’s my first time attempting it.”

“Then please promise me. Once you become able to freely fly in the sky, please bring me on a sky journey.”

Even though she was crying just minutes ago, now she had an excited expression.

This is probably the original Pope-sama.

I decided that I will lecture Rainstar-dono that Pope-sama is currently locked up in a birdcage if I ever encounter him again.


I had the Darkness Spirit make Nadia and Lydia fall asleep with magic and placed them in the Hermit’s Coffin before moving to the window.

“Next time, I will be meeting you through the window so please take care to not be eavesdropped on.”

“Please come by to show me your happy and well appearance.”

“Yes. Well then, I will excuse myself. Wind Dragon, become my wings to freely fly in the sky.”

I dived into the pitch black world from the window.

I most likely was able to jump without losing to my fear because the ground couldn’t be seen due to the night.


The wind blew the same time I tossed my body out of the window and instead of losing altitude, I felt wings grow from my body and I was flying in the sky before I knew it.

Thus, I successfully escaped from the Church Headquarters filled with swirling conspiracies.


Author’s note:

Thank you for reading.


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