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IS B11C196

Chapter 196: Future of the Church

Translator: Tseirp

When I was working out the details of the request contents at the Holy Capital Adventurer’s Guild with the guildmaster Granz-san, he suddenly stood up from his chair like he was struck with an idea.

“What’s wrong?”

“Ah. Luciel, please limit the request period and information range a little.”



Granz-san said before leaving the canteen.

I came by abruptly so maybe he was in the midst of some urgent work.

While thinking that I had inconvenienced him, I wrote down the request contents we discussed on the request booklet.


The rumors spread to other countries too but this time I limited the investigation range to the entirety of the Saint Schull Allied Nations with the Holy Capital as the center.

Taking the speed the rumors spread to the other countries into consideration, it wasn’t that swift so I guessed that they might have originally wanted to only have the rumors circulate within the Saint Schull Allied Nations.


Well, the reason is that extending the range to include other countries would introduce other unnecessary factors and I don’t intend to prolong this incident.

I wish to settle this incident as quickly as possible.

Instead of getting confused from all the information with low credibility when the range is extended, the plan now is a lot more constructive and I recall a great person saying that information wars are won on speed and accuracy.


Granz-san came back just as I finished writing down the information on the parchment.

He returned a lot quicker than I had expected so I wanted to ask him what he did when I noticed that he was carrying a large magic communication bead.

It looks like he went to fetch a magic communication bead.


“I kept you waiting. You mentioned that you were worried about the Meratoni guildmaster just now right? This here can contact every Adventurer’s Guild so give it a go.”

This consideration for others may be the proof of an Adventurer’s Guild master.


“Thanks. There was a chance for Shisho to travel with us three months ago but he didn’t have a magic communication bead.”

“Normally, those who carry with them magic communication beads are either organizations who need to keep closely in touch with each other or wealthy individuals who have enormous assets.”

Wealthy person … I gave up most of the things I picked up at the labyrinth but I guess I still do have plenty of assets.

But would there come a day when the magic communication bead function as a handphone? I tried asking.

“It might be convenient if it is mass-produced more.”

“It’s also a problem when people have them and use it to contact each other. Since it can be used for crimes as well.”

It looks like they chose to not let it fall into the hands of criminals.

It’s true that it seems like many kinds of unpleasant things will happen in this world if there were handphones. It can even be said that it can be directly linked to death.

It was unexpectedly convincing but I brought up the recognition of magic tools.

“That’s possible. However, I’m sure the outcome of all magic tools depends on the user.”

“A single one of this needs the magic stone of a monster above A-rank and for Adventurers, the priority goes to combat-necessary magic tools. That’s why I don’t think such an idea will be popular for the time being.”

“Haha. I guess that’s true.”

A magic sword would more likely be made so I was convinced by the sufficient counterarguments.


Granz-san entered the counter, moved to face me and placed the magic communication bead.

“Wait a moment.”

Granz-san said as he gripped the magic communication bead with his eyes closed.

After about thirty seconds, Granz-san stiffened and suddenly began speaking.

It seems like he got connected to the Meratoni Adventurer’s Guild.

“This is Granz from the Holy Capital Adventurer’s Guild, is the master around? … I’m sorry for contacting so late at night. There’s someone who wishes to talk to you no matter what.”

The conversation continued so I guess it was passed to Shisho.

It’s night time so he has probably returned to the Adventurer’s Guild? Granz-san opened his eyes and grasped my right hand to place it on the magic communication bead.

I was surprised by the sudden action but then I heard Shisho’s mental communication.

『Granz-dono, I’m also not that free. I’m currently in a situation where I have to train a little.』

“I’ll interrupt you here a little. Luciel, you can speak now.”

While I was still surprised, he suddenly spoke to me and wanted me to speak to Shisho while feeling confused but Shisho’s loud mental voice resounded in my head before I could speak.


『Luciel you say?!! Oi, Luciel is there?』

“Yeah. Shisho, it’s been some time. Today, I safely … or not really but I returned from Nelldal. I’m not sure about the reason behind it but I was shocked when I found out that there were rumors that I can’t use Holy Attribute Magic going around.”

I’m sure Shisho would be able to infer what I was hinting towards.

『 … I see. Has there been any changes?』


Since he gave the expected reply, I consolidated everything that happened this three months and explained to him.

“Yes. I somehow overcame the trial and became a Sage. Though as before, I can’t use anything other than Holy Attribute Magic.”

『 … And you mentioned just now that you didn’t come back safely?』

“Yes. It seems like there are people who wish to eliminate me.”

『Hou. That would be the Church’s black portion and that Phantom guy who has transformed into Sen’Oni from the rumors in the Empire’s underground world which Garba investigated.』

“Eh? You’ve already investigated that far?”

Including that Phantom person who I totally didn’t know about, he has already investigated it all … I’m slightly terrified of Garba-san’s information gathering ability.


『Yeah. Since I had nothing to do this three months other than training my body. It’s lucky that the people who spread those rumors came to Meratoni and when they told that to the Meratoni residents, the residents overpowered them and they confessed everything themselves after Grulga gave them his special cooking so you can rest easy.』

… It’s as expected of Shisho and them but they gathered information because they believed that one day I would be able to utilize Holy Attribute Magic once again.

Moreover, the Meratoni residents moved for the sake of a stranger like me, I was seriously happy and something hot welled up within me.


I controlled myself from crying and asked Shisho about the next plan.

“Since we already have the information, how should we act?”

『That’s up to Luciel to decide what you want to do.』

” … What I want to do?”

I intuitively felt that this time, Shisho intends to follow my decisions and entrust everything to me until the end of this incident.


『That’s right. This time, the incident is the beginning of the upheaval by a portion of the church … by the church personnel that were weeded out when you appeared.』

A portion … even so, usually there wasn’t any hostility from the Knight Corps … was that caused by brainwashing? Or was the shock really that large?


“To be honest, I can’t say that I have not received benefits from the Church. But I have exerted myself beyond that to work for the sake of the Church. Although I still have people who took care of me within the Church Headquarters and the Healer’s Guild … ”

When I think about it, I realized that I had not decided on what I want to do for this incident.

『Come to Meratoni as you try to clarify your thoughts.』

“To Meratoni?”

『Yeah. Because there’s something I want to request of you. Let Sen’Oni and the others know about this and have them come to Meratoni if possible.』

“Okay. I think I should arrive there tomorrow. But I imagine there would be ambushes so I might be slightly late.”

I wondered why but since the information was there, I agreed that it might be good to gather my thoughts first.

Moreover, for Shisho’s request, it might be something serious with somebody injured so I have no option but to go.


『Alright. Oh yeah, what about the two from Blange?』

“They are together with me?”

『That’s good then. Since I have something I want to ask the two of them too.』

“I’m quite lost right now but please pray that I reach there safely.”

『If you’re my disciple, you should be capable of overcoming this amount of obstacles.』


『Alright. Granz-dono, thank you for contacting me this time.』

“No worries, he’s my former student who I taught to cook so I’m glad I could help.”

『See you.』

Once my conversation with Shisho ended, he thanked Granz-san and ended the communication.


“So the magic communication bead has such a function. This is the first time I’ve seen it.”

“It’s troublesome since another party can’t join if the communication doesn’t connect first. Where would you like to contact next?”

“The Adventurer’s Guild at Ienith. It’ll be great if it connects successfully.”

“I’ll try contacting the Ienith Adventurer’s Guild.”

Granz-san began to contact the Ienith Adventurer’s Guild.


And in a corner, the Adventurers were reaching a climax in the decision of my nickname.

But I completely ignored them.


Author’s note:

Thank you for reading.


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