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IS B11C197

Chapter 197: Heart to Compromise

Translator: Tseirp

I ended my communication with Shisho and now, we were trying to contact the Ienith Adventurer’s Guild using the magic communication bead.

It’s been about thirty minutes since Granz closed his eyes to contact them.

Since the magic communication bead does not have a call history like a handphone, inconveniences like these can be felt but I entrusted this task to Granz-san as I thought about the contents of the request I made to the Adventurer’s Guild while waiting for the communication to connect.


The information I want has probably already been investigated by Garba-san and obtained by Grulga-san by making somebody confess.

I felt that it was the correct choice to have the Adventurers only spread the news that I changed job from Healer to Sage and that the God’s punishment was misinformation.

But until that information spreads, I would have pursuers so maybe it would be good if I induce everyone to show the intention of investigating the Church.

With that, the opponent might try to hide the information and it will restrict their moves slightly so it might buy some time for me.


‘What are your plans for the Church?’ Shisho told me that and asked me to make the decision for the incident this time.

Those words sounded like karma … although not quite so but like how I urged Pope-sama to grow, it felt like Shisho was also urging me to grow.


To be honest, after being asked what I plan to do, I once again reconsidered why was it that I had to confront the Church even though I should belong to the Church organization itself and I quickly realized something.

I only know a section of the Church organization.


When I think about it, at Meratoni’s Healer’s Guild, after learning Holy Attribute Magic, I entered the Adventurer’s Guild and spent all my time immersed in training.

After coming to the Holy Capital’s Church Headquarters, I conquered the Labyrinth of Tribulations and drafted the guideline law before studying the way of managing a hospital and Healer’s Guild at Meratoni and departing to Ienith.

Therefore the work I was involved in was only related to the Healer’s Guild and Healers and I did not come into contact with the other Church organizations.


Well, even though I didn’t find out about the other organizations, they still did betray me and there was a danger to my life so I won’t be satisfied unless I make them reflect on that point.

As the saying goes, knowing your enemy and yourself, you will never be defeated in a hundred battles … although it doesn’t work for everything, I believe that I will get to see various other aspects once I find out more about the Church.


At that time, Granz-san started mumbling again so it seems like he connected to the Ienith Adventurer’s Guild and I stretched my hand to the magic communication bead.

『I see. That means the rumors about Luciel-sama were false information after all. I knew that the Gods wouldn’t punish a person who possesses the Dragon Blessings.』

That voice sounded like the guildmaster Jais-dono.

“Has the rumors already reached there too?”

Granz-san asked about the rumors.

『Yeah. That rumor started spreading here yesterday but nobody believed it. Even so, Sage huh … I must let the residents know as soon as possible.』

I’d prefer if he didn’t do so. Ah, and as I was about to request Granz-san so that I can speak too.

“That’s great … 『In the first place, I didn’t believe for a second that the ascetic pervert who can drink Object X like it is nothing will receive God’s punishment at all. After all, only a pervert would train without using Holy Attribute Magic. Wahaha.』

Granz-san was about to tell him that I can mentally communicate now too but Jais-dono began talking and he talked over me.

Having talked ill about me combined with the timing of completely talking over me, he’s probably possessed by the God of Laughter.

Since I can now communicate mentally, I made sure to greet him.

“Sorry for being a pervert. Nevertheless, it looks like you are doing fine, Jais-dono. Is Jasuan-dono doing well too?”

『Lu, Lu, Luciel-sama?! Tha, that just now was not an insult, I was complimenting Luciel-sama who became a Sage after treating the God’s trial like it was nothing. My dragonewt brother is doing fine as always.』

It looks like my mental communication reached him and he ended up taking a low-rank military soldier’s tone.

Since I didn’t have the energy to tease him, I’ll put what happened this time aside until the next time we meet and continued the conversation.

“I understand. I’m worried about Lionel and the others, the school I established and the factory on my premise in Ienith.”

『Regarding those, there are no problems at all. It’s because Luciel-sama and Garba-dono have shown that evil will definitely be destroyed. Moreover, nobody will show ill will towards the Luciel Company that is responsible for single-handedly bringing about equal employment in this country.』

Responsible for single-handedly bringing about? Despite having only left Ienith for less than a year, I was afraid to ask what has happened.

“ … Then there are no issues with public safety?”

『Yeah. Until before only the races that were friendly to each other maintained good relations but now having been shown the excelling parts of each other, the public safety is extremely good too. This is all thanks to Luciel Company and school.』

“Erm, what about everyone from the Healer’s Guild?”

『It seems like the decree from the Church Headquarters arrived but they said that it was some conspiracy and tore up the decree. It looks like there are some who made families here too so I don’t think there are any problems.』

“ … You sure are well informed.”

『Well, it’s because half of my week is spent at the Special Healing District and having mock battles with Lionel-dono. Lately, we’ve not been able to distinguish the winner and the loser so I’m troubled. Hahaha.』

It seems like he’s been enjoying himself quite a bit.

It also looks like something like an arena has been constructed.

I’m glad that Ienith seems fun.

“Jais-dono, actually I contacted you this time because I have something to tell Lionel and the others.”

『What is it?』

“Regarding the rumors this time, there’s a possibility that I will be having a dispute with a portion of the Church so could you please tell Lionel and the others to come to the town of Meratoni? There’s also the thing about me becoming a Sage.”

『Easily done. I will immediately go tell them now.』

“Thank you.”

But there wasn’t any reply.


“ … It seems like he cut the communication.”

“It seems like it. Nevertheless, I’m relieved that Ienith is alright too.”

Granz-san took his hand off the magic communication bead and drank some alcohol before speaking.

“Currently, is it only the Church Headquarters that is your enemy?”

“I’m not sure. In the first place, I’m worried about the trust I built up in the Church.”

I’ve been in the Church for three years but I’ve not mingled much.


“ … Then, are you going to sleep a night before leaving?”

“No, the moon should be out tonight so I’ll be departing immediately.”

“Then will you eat something before leaving?”

“I’ll make sure to have a feast next time.”

I gave an amicable smile as I knew it would spell trouble if the pursuers came here so I decided to set off.


“Make sure to return safely.”

“Of course. Before that, here’s the request booklet.”

When Granz-san received the request booklet and began reading, he immediately returned nine white gold coins.


“For a request like this, there would be change even with this alone.”

“You sure aren’t greedy for profits.”

“The Adventurer’s Guild is meant for studies, to enhance each other and to fulfill requests. I don’t intend to receive benefits and there are no such Adventurers either … or that’s what I believe.”

Granz-san’s tendency to not be able to say it confidently came up.


“Okay. I’ll take up your offer.”

“Ou. Shall I send you off until outside the city?”

“It’s okay. There’s shouldn’t be any problems if it is this dark. Well then, if you’ll excuse me.”

“Luciel, work hard.”


I stood up from the counter chair, turned my heels and saw the Adventurers with wide smiles waiting for me.


“ … Everyone, what’s the matter?”

When I asked, a Swordswoman answered as representative.

“We’ve come up with some new nicknames for Deviant Saint-sama so if it’s okay with you, we would like permission to use them.”

“ … If that’s the case, then I’ve not given permission for the Deviant Saint nickname either …”

“If you fret all the small details, you’ll have many worries and you’ll go bald in the future. Moving forward, the first is …”

I plan to have my hair for a long time so I kept silent.

In my previous life, when I developed male pattern baldness, the shock was so severe that I even forcibly took a day of leave, I was that mentally cornered.

I don’t want to experience that twice.

It can’t be helped if it happens in the future but I’m still worried … If it’s Extra Heal, it should be able to recover even the hair follicles but I’ve not experimented it so what’s scary is still scary.


Leaving that aside …

“You said first, that means there are multiples of them?”

“There are three in total. The first would be Counterattack Sage.”

It was an impromptu naming session but it sounds quite cool.

However, counterattack comes with the assumption that I will be attacked so I’m very troubled by that.

Since it’s said that the name represents a person.


“The second would be Sa(Deviant Sage bound to Holy Attribute)int.” (TL: It’s a brilliant play on words in Japanese but it doesn’t translate well to English. Pretty much she’s saying Saint聖者but since Holy Attribute聖属性share the same first character as Saint and Sage 賢者shares the same last character as Saint, she was able to say it this way 聖(属性に縛られた変質賢)者.)

Eh? I think I clearly heard something between ‘Sa’ and ‘int’ but was it my imagination? But it is terrifying to be nicknamed Saint.

Well, it’s a lot better than Deviant Saint though …


“The third is “There he is.””

Just when I was about to hear the third one, the Priest Knights appeared looking disheveled.


I sensed hostility from them too but it was directed at the surrounding Adventurers rather than at me.

They were probably the knights that were put to sleep at the underground training area.

The two of them were still young and I’ve never seen them before.

They were glared at by the Adventurers and were frightened so I threw them a lifeboat since I don’t have any grudges with them.


“Can I help you?”

In response to my words, the two of them began speaking from the canteen entrance.

“There has been an arrest order for S-rank Healer Luciel-sama.”

“We’ll be truly grateful if you were to return to the Church together with us.”

The two of them stated their business while looking sorry.

I’m somewhat relieved knowing that there are also people like them who question the arrest but have to move due to orders.


“The charges were that due to God’s punishment, I’m no longer a Healer and can’t use Holy Attribute Magic?”

“Yes, that was the instructions.”

“The rumors have already spread for more than two months so you can no longer hide from it …”

I don’t recognize their faces but they seem like they know about me so I most likely met them somewhere before.

It’s impossible to know the full story but as a compromise, I thought of resolving their misunderstanding here and used Holy Attribute Magic.


“Firstly, I am able to use Holy Attribute Magic.”

With a snap of my fingers, I activated Middle Heal with No Chant and quickly healed the wounds on the two of them.

The two Priest Knights were startled that I could use Holy Attribute Magic and they knelt on the spot to apologize.

““We are terribly sorry. ””

“It can’t be helped if it’s because of orders. But unfortunately, could you turn a blind eye here? I have to catch the ones who tried to entrap me. Also, I’m not a Healer now, I’ve become a Sage.”

The two of them showed astonished expressions as they looked at each other, nodded and spoke at the same time.


“We will tell our colleagues that Luciel-sama can utilize Holy Attribute Magic.”

“I believe that Luciel-sama will definitely be able to resolve the misunderstanding one day.”

The two of them reverently bowed.


There are also people who believe in me inside the Church so I decided to first listen to Garba-san’s information and take that as a basis to decide on what to do with the Church.

Taking into consideration the time they’ve been captured, support might find it suspicious and be on the way so I will depart now.

“Well then everyone, till we meet again.”

After saying that, I departed from the Adventurer’s Guild.


Author’s note:

Thank you for reading.


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