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(123) Malina’s rampage

Translator: Tseirp

I don’t know what happened.

When Malina who suddenly went berserk caught Stella, she took out a foxtail grass from somewhere and was now playing with Stella.


“Malina is my companion but what’s with her being the devil? Stella.”


I figured that it would be faster to ask Stella instead of Malina. While playing with the foxtail grass, Stella had a docile expression. Even though she had that expression, she continued to mess with the foxtail grass.


“About a year ago, two Humes who called themselves peddlers came to our village nya.”


Stella said. Those two were most likely Malina and Kanon. Malina was initially Marina with her mask on, in other words, she was conversing normally as Marina but immediately after a Cat Sith removed her mask, she went berserk. After performing every single possible method of incapacitating the Cat Siths in the village, she continued to talk to the immobilized Cat Siths for three days and three nights.

Kanon tried but failed to stop her and she continued talking before her stamina ran out and Kanon carried Malina away.

However, the Cat Siths that Malina toyed with couldn’t move properly for two days after that so she was known as the devil.

After speaking until there, Stella was unable to continue speaking. She had continued to play with the foxtail grass until she no longer had the strength to speak. From there, Malina rattled on.


“It’s been a long time Stella-san. Not a single day has gone by that I’ve not thought about Stella-chan and others. I would think these clothes look like it would suit Stella-san when I go to a clothes store or that Stella-san would probably like this alcohol. Ah, of course, not only Stella-san, I also thought about the others too and I also thought about all the Cat Siths. Like for example, a straw hat would suit Foyon-san who does farm work or a fishing rod that I would like to give Piri-san who loves to fish. But, as fellow females, I still think of Stella-san the most after all. I gathered the courage and asked Kanon. For us to travel to the Cat Sith village once again. But Kanon refused adamantly with a drawn back expression. Don’t you think she’s horrible? Just last month we were nearby and I proposed to come here but she ignored me and didn’t do so. Even though I think about you all so much. Ah, but Stella-san is seriously cute. Stella-san, you like Silver Vine wine right. Ah, I would have prepared it if I knew I would be meeting Stella-san, what a shame. But that’s asking for too much right. Since it’s a godsend that I can even meet Stella-san. Eh? Has Stella-chan grown taller? About 3 mm. I prefer smaller types but Stella-san is still in her growth phase so it’s good that you have grown taller. Even though I prefer the petite Stella-san, even if you have grown taller, it won’t change your charm. Ah, that’s right. There’s a shop that sells delicious fish dishes at Ferruit. Maybe we can go there together next time? Don’t worry, I’ll pay. I’m sure even Stella-san would be satisfied. But it’s a shame that there’s only freshwater fish. But those freshwater fishes are cooked with sea salt that is rare around this region. That’s why it’s extremely delicious with a sweetness within the saltiness you know? It’s slightly expensive because of that though. Ah, it’s definitely not because I want to have Stella-san owe me a favor. I’m satisfied with just talking with Stella-san like this. Ah, Stella-san Stella-san Stella-san Stella-san Stella-san Stella-san Stella-san Stella-san, fufufu, I’m thankful just to be able to call Stella-san’s name. By the way, you ― ”


It … it’s not the usual Malina. Who is this? Stella was looking faint from that severe flood of words. She’s talking even more than when she was with Pionia. Now that I think about it, she did mention when she was talking with Pionia that her conversation buddies were only either dolls or the pet cat she owned.

In other words, Malina talked to Stella like she was talking to a pet cat she owned. A cat reacts differently compared to a doll so she was probably stimulated to converse more. But it’s more of a one-sided talk rather than a conversation.


“Master ―”

“Ah, er, Malina. Can I have a moment.”

“And you know, it was amazing. Ichino-san shot a spell at the monster herd and caused a huge explosion ―”


It’s hopeless, it looks like Malina doesn’t intend to talk to me at all. That’s right, Stella did say that Malina turned strange after her mask was removed. Then Marina should be alright.

Malina’s mask was peeking out from her skirt pocket.

I took the mask and placed it on Malina.


” … I’ve shown you an embarrassing side of me.”


Even with the mask covering her face, Marina looked like she was embarrassed as she bowed.


“Have you calmed down?”

“Yeah, looks like I’ve gone slightly crazy after seeing a nostalgic face. To me, Stella is an extremely close friend. She showed interest towards the plum wine I had and (it was karma how) her interest was aroused to the extent of changing her job to become a Silver Vine wine craftsman.”


I’d prefer if she stopped adding strange words here and there but I see, the part where she sold her soul to the devil that the Nyanto Six Stars talked about was probably how she was tempted by Marina into becoming a Silver Vine wine craftsman.


“And so, why is Ichino together with Stella?”

“Ah, about that ―”


I explained the situation. About how we received her request. About how the request had inadequate information. About how danger would be involved once we have to face a dragon and hence my decision to cancel the request.

I told her everything. And then ―


“Ichino. This is not somewhere I should butt in but could you accept this request (quest)? I can’t ignore a friend in need.”

“Marina, please be sensible.”


Haru said that.


“Dragons are strong foes. Even the Pochi-san that Suzuki-san rides on is a sub-dragon, a race that is inferior to dragons, in other words, dragons hold greater strength than the Pochi-san that Suzuki-san rides on, especially the Dragon King, even the Demon Lord-sama wishes to avoid combat with it, even going near it is a danger. The request content was for the harvesting of Silver Vine for the sake of Silver Vine wine production. Unless it concerns a person’s life, it is not a request that must be completed no matter what.”


Haru told Marina with a cool head. Marina couldn’t say anything against Haru’s sound argument.


“Everyone want to return to Ferruit and occasionally eat delicious stuff again right?”

“That’s right, maybe we can go to the freshwater fish shop that Malina talked about just now.”


Marina said facing down with a slight smile.


“We have quite some gold but we’ve been spending it frugally right? We also don’t spend luxuriously. But I occasionally want to let loose and spend a sum of money.”


Then, I said with a smile.


“Don’t you think dragon materials would fetch a high price?”


Marina raised her head to my words. Then, Stella who just got a hang of herself also understood the meaning,


“You’ll continue the request nya?”

“I would have canceled if Stella was an ordinary requestor. But since you are Marina’s friend, I wish to do as much as I am capable of.”


I also thought that it was a disadvantageous characteristic.


“I’ll say this first, we’ll decide after seeing the dragon. If it is an opponent that we won’t be able to beat no matter how hard we try, no, if it is an opponent that would cause us serious injuries, I would withdraw without hesitation. I’ll have Haru make that decision. Is that alright?”

“Of course nya.”

“Haru, are you alright with it too?”

“I will follow master’s words.”


Haru said subserviently. I hugged that Haru and warmly patted her head.


“Sorry, Haru. You’ve gotten an undesirable task because of me.”

“Those words are wasted on me.”


Haru said as her tail slowly swung from side to side.

Well then, shall we go earn the Dragon Slayer title?

Before that ― I’m still feeling uneasy after all so I want to go somewhere to level up.

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