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GC V6C124

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(124) Spirit shadows that gather at the swamp

Translator: Tseirp

I entered the forest. I had Stella guide me to locations where monsters often appear.

When I asked her what kind of monsters would appear, she said that the majority would be ghost-type monsters so I changed my jobs to the magic-inclined jobs.

I’ll confirm my status.

Job:Jobless Lv88 (9↑)Earth Magician Lv1Fire Magician Lv1
Alchemist Lv29Magician Lv64 (32↑)
HP:332/332 (10+19+19+105+124) (x1.2) (65↑)
MP:895/895 (8+58+58+201+421)  (x1.2)   (382↑)
Phy Atk:326 (9+11+11+123+91) (x1.2) (19↑)
Phy Def:294 (7+13+13+122+113) (x1.1) (28↑)
Mag Atk:916 (4+39+39+294+541) (x1.1) (311↑)
Mag Def:973 (3+29+29+252+498) (x1.2) (387↑)
Speed:222 (4+9+9+82+98) (x1.1) (2↓)
Luck:55 (10+10+10+10+10) (x1.1)
Cotton ClothesHide ShoesIron Light ArmorAsclepius’s Staff
「Sword Equip II」「Slash II」「Rotational Slash II」「Swordsmanship Strengthening (medium)」「Dual Wield」
【Acquired Titles】
「Rare Hunter」「Skill Maniac」「Job Maniac」「Labyrinth Conqueror IV」 「The Way of the Sword」「Peak of Apprentice Magician」「Peak of Hunter」「Peak of Apprentice Practitioner」「Peak of Pugilist」「Peak of Hammer-user」「Peak of Apprentice Blacksmith」
【Possible Job Changes】
Jobless Lv85Commoner Lv75Farmer Lv8Hunter Lv60★
Lumberjack Lv14Apprentice Swordsman Lv40★Apprentice Magician Lv40★Peddler Lv6
Apprentice Spearman Lv1Swordsman Lv60★Archer Lv1Apprentice Alchemist Lv37
Magician Lv64Axe-user Lv1Hammer-user Lv40★Pugilist Lv60★
Philanderer Lv13Magic Journalist Lv7Apprentice Practitioner Lv40★Alchemist Lv29
Dismantler Lv16Apprentice Blacksmith Lv40★Blacksmith Lv29Practitioner Lv48
Musician Lv1Singer Lv1Dancer Lv1Artist Lv10
Magic Swordsman Lv12Fire Magician Lv1Water Magician Lv1Wind Magician Lv1
Earth Magician Lv1Samurai Lv1Sword Saint Lv1Gladiator Lv1
Hammer Warrior Lv1
20x experience point acquisition
1/20 required experience points


Even though it was specialized towards magical power, my physical attack and physical defense were comparable to ordinary adventurers.

For the time being, my weapon was a staff.

We were inside a dense and lush forest so it did have the atmosphere where ghosts are likely to appear.


“It feels like they’re going to come out, Ichino! They’ll appear!”


Marina was excited and in high spirits. This girl is certainly the type to be in extremely high spirits during test of courage games which would end up ruining the event.


“Marina, I predict that Malina would be afraid of ghosts instead?”

“No, she’s not particularly bad with the souls of the dead. Since they won’t talk to her after all.”


That’s unexpected, Malina is also fine with ghosts too huh? Moreover, Carol was also calm.


“Carol is also not afraid of ghosts?”

“Since I’m a lot more afraid of my own power at night.”


… Please don’t say such sorrowful things. That’s right, night comes to mind when talking about ghost but to Carol, the fear of the night is an attack from monsters due to her ability rather than ghosts. Even if she’s in a sealed room, if air leaks out from anywhere, it would lure monsters to her. The fear of ghosts probably can’t compare to that fear.

Now that I look around, there aren’t any girls who look like they are afraid of ghosts.


“If the opponents are ghosts, Carol and Haru won’t get a turn for combat … eh?”


I looked at Haru who was walking at the rearmost ― Eh?

It looked like Haru’s feet were shaking.



” … What is it? Master.”

“No, it’s nothing.”


I thought that she was clearly afraid of ghosts but Haru was expressionless like usual. I thought it was just my imagination but when I looked at her tail, it was standing on end. She’s afraid.


“Haru, don’t tell me you are afraid of ghosts?”

“No, I am not afraid of ghosts but of what can’t be cut by these two swords.”


Haru said and drew her two swords.


“That’s why I will definitely show you how I cut a ghost.”

“Ah … okay. Try your best.”


In the first place, it’s my world’s common sense that ghost can’t be cut so it might not be the same in this world.

It might not be possible with a regular sword but Haru’s favorite sword, the Fire Dragon’s Fang is a fire attribute sword. It might be able to defeat ghosts.


“Stella, is it possible to defeat ghost with physical attacks?”

“It’s possible as long as it is an attribute attack apart from Darkness attribute nya. But multiple attacks are needed if attributed swords apart from those possessing light attribute are used nya.”


I see. They are invincibility towards unattributed attacks, have strong resistance towards other attribute attacks and are weak towards light attribute.


“I see. Then, Haru can defeat them too. Marina’s bow would play an active role too but I guess my light magic would play the largest role.”


Or rather, I would be troubled if that wasn’t the case.

If for example, Haru defeated a monster and that monster gives 200 experience points, the experience would be distributed as 125 to Haru, 25 to me, 25 to Carol and 25 to Marina.

But, if I defeated the monsters, it would give 20 times the experience points so I would get 2500, Haru would get 500, Carol 500 and Marina 500.

The difference is evident.


“Around where would ghosts appear?”

“Around the swamp ahead nya … be careful nya.”


Stella’s voice became serious.

Swamp ghost huh? I’m slightly scared.

But since all my companions said that they aren’t afraid, my men’s pride is involved.


“So would they be like people who drowned in the swamp?”

Is there perhaps a tragic legend involved?


“Ichino-sama, ghosts are not only humans but the embodiment of the miasma from slain monsters that gathered in a special environment. In a swamp, there’s a high possibility that the miasma is more related to something like fishes.”

“Ah, is that so, there is also fish type too huh?”


Fish ghost huh? It isn’t that scary when I imagine that. Yup.


“If it’s fish then it would turn into grilled fish under Haru’s sword ― Haru?”

“What’s wrong?”

“N, no, nothing’s wrong.”


Haru’s expression was calm but her tail was not only standing on end, it was trembling at about the rate of 30 tremors a second. How is it that she can still look at me and ask ‘What is it? Master?’ when she’s trembling that much? That sure is mysterious.

Well, Haru probably won’t be afraid after she defeats a fish ghost.

We headed to the swamp as I thought that.


There we saw, flying in the air ― a mouse ghost.


“Today’s a great success too nya. We always hunt down mice here so it is filled with nothing but mouse ghost nya!”


A large number of mice about the size of common rats were running around in the air. Doesn’t that number easily surpass the thousand mark?

Nevertheless, just how many did they hunt to make so many ghost mice gather?

While I was still taken aback, a single wind arrow penetrated a mouse ghost.


“So weak … become a messenger of the netherworld, I shall guide you to that world.”


Marina was enthusiastically shooting with her magic bow.

Very good, I can’t lose to her.


Just when I thought that, ―


I heard the sound of something collapsing behind us.


“Ichino-sama! Haru-san has fainted!”

” … Yup, just let her sleep like that. It would be pitiful for Haru if we wake her up here.”


Haru was pushing herself after all.

I’ll keep a look out from next time onwards.


Author’s note:

Regarding the status, I’ve been managing it fairly suitably but since this has novelized, I plan to introduce a status management software so that it can be managed precisely.

There might be alterations at a later date. I seek your understanding.

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